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This man was very miserable. His limbs were sprained and several holes were punched in his body.

He bled a lot and if the bleeding isn’t stopped, he will die.

Although he looked dead, the moment Stone touched him, he knew that this person is still alive, but there’s only one breath left.

As he was stuck in place, Stone suddenly felt his mechanical fingers being grabbed. Looking down, the person who grabbed him was the human male below who seemed to be dead.

The moment he held his palm, Stone felt the other person hand something over and took a look at his palm: It’s a blood-stained metal tag.

It’s engraved with the person’s name, blood type, and job title.

This is the identity information card that every imperial soldier has in their neck and there’s a chip inside to read more content. Stone didn’t know this but he froze due to this man’s action.

He remembered himself who had handed out his metal tag to humans countless times.

Then he picked up the man, put him on his shoulders, and took him away. After a few steps, Stone returned to his original position. The surrounding robots turned a blind eye to Stone’s movements and silently continued forward. Then they divided into the houses in front of them and the robots left to go to their current “dwellings”.

Stone returned to his current residence with the human he just picked up.

He habitually knocked on the door but no one responded. Stone finally entered according to the code.

Inside was an ordinary house, clean and tidy, but it seems a bit too clean.

“I’m back.” It’s a habit to say this sentence, but after Stone said this, several robots immediately emerged one after another from all corners of the room.

One, two, three…there are three robots in total.

“You brought back a human being.” The chubby robot said.

“This human being is injured.” This time, the one who spoke was a robot that was all squares.

“Meow~ He’s dying!” It’s a cat who’s talking now! However, although it has a furry appearance, it’s not difficult to see the black metal structure under the bald fur on its shoulder. This is a mechanical cat.

“Yes, he’s dying, so I brought him back.” Stone gently placed the human on the only sofa in the house and then went to find the medicine cabinet. The other three robots were not idle either and they immediately divided their jobs without communicating. The chubby robot is responsible for cutting the human’s clothes, the square robot is responsible for cleaning the wounds and the cat robot is…

Well, it really can’t help with anything so it squatted beside the man’s head and stopped moving.

Aside from the cat-shaped robot, the other three robots were obviously used to this kind of thing. They quickly worked together to deal with the human’s wounds but his wounds were huge. Obviously, it needs to be glued, but it’s not easy to have a medicine box here. Things like adhesives are not something ordinary people can get. Looking at the bleeding from under the bandage that had just been tied, Stone took out some sewing needles from the sewing kit.

“Yuanyuan, aren’t you very good at sewing? Sew his wounds.” Stone handed the sewing needle to the chubby robot.

“Uh——” The chubby robot got stuck: “I do have a lot of sewing procedures in my body, but those procedures are all about sewing clothes, not a medical robot’s wound suture procedure.”

“But if this human’s wound is not sutured, he will die.” Stone “looked” at Yuanyuan.

Yuanyuan got stuck. Finally, he took the sewing needle that Stone handed over and used the highest magnification lens, and used the most visible invisible pins. Efforts were made to treat the human on the sofa like a piece of clothing with a hole that had to be carefully patched up.

After closing the wound, the square robot and Stone immediately wrapped the man’s wound again and this time, he didn’t bleed anymore.

They used the temperature tester in the medicine cabinet to test the body temperature of the human being and found that the other person had a fever. They immediately used the injection in the medicine box to deal with it. For the nanny robots, taking care of humans is the same as doing housework, which was a necessary procedure in their body, so they worked skillfully.

Yes, the four robots present are all nanny robots.

Stone, as everyone knew, is the nanny robot in Mu Gen’s home responsible for cleaning the home environment and purchasing vegetables;

Yuanyuan, the chubby robot that just sutured the wounds of the human male, is a robot in the laundry shop next door to Mu Gen. Aside from sewing work, he’s responsible for all housework at home, naturally including daily purchases;

No. 21, the square robot, is also a nanny robot from the neighboring block. He’s a savings robot. The first robot that many children received was this kind of robot. Children can put their pocket money on these robots to cultivate the concept of financial management since childhood. No. 21 is such a robot but his master never took out the money and even upgraded the program. Aside from the piggy bank function, he’s also competent as a general nanny robot;

Little Black, the cat-shaped robot, is a companion robot made for humans with animal fur allergies. Although they’re also included in the nanny robot category, Little Black’s type can actually do very little and he’s only responsible for taking newspapers every day.

In Sigma’s words, Yuanyuan, No. 21, and Little Black are good friends of Stone. They will take the same public hover vehicle at the same time every morning to buy food and newspapers on the other side of the planet.

Then they were unfortunately trapped together on the other side of Bailu Star.

There were too many accidents that day so before the human affairs were dealt with, all the robots were locked together and left to be solved, even Stone’s little metal card was locked up before it could be used. Fortunately in the misfortune, Stone found some of his good friends among the imprisoned robots.

Then, the following development was completely out of Stone’s logical scope: That night, there was a terrible explosion outside the place where they were detained! The humans fled in a panic and amidst all that, Stone and the other robots boarded a spacecraft with the other humans to escape. It didn’t take him long to realize something was wrong, but Stone already found himself in the universe.

Bailu Star became a small white spot, farther and farther away from him!!!

Because they had been detained in the cargo warehouse, Stone and the other robots didn’t know what was going outside. After 30 days passed and another robot run out of energy, Stone tentatively crawled out of the cargo warehouse to find a human for help, but was surprised to find that there were no humans outside!?

Then the robots all crawled out. They had no driving procedures and they couldn’t drive according to the regulations. Just when they were about to crash with another spacecraft, they were rescued by a robot on another spacecraft.

The robot that rescued them was a Pendra robot.

Stone and his good friends were confused and taken to Pendra with the other rescued robots.


All humans who can escape have escaped and Pendra is now the world of robots. Only a small number of humans remain, but these humans have been strictly controlled by robots on the planet.

More and more robots were brought here and the waiting robots were asked to “work” the day after they arrived. However, the work here is completely different from their previous work on Bailu Star. The robots here actually want them to use weapons!!!

The nanny robots got stuck and the robot in charge of them also got stuck.

The robot in charge of them is a military model. In the eyes of this robot, using weapons is super simple, so he had never seen such a dumb robot!

Yuanyuan——only held a sewing needle and a vegetable basket with both hands, no other useful program in its brain!

No. 21——Fortunately, it’s too old and the materials are too poor. It could pick up the gun but only fired one shot before half its arm broke due to the strong recoil…

Then there’s Little Black…this….not even a hand…


Only Stone’s interview succeeded and a new program was installed in his brain. A set of weapons was also issued and Stone was finally selected as a robot in the patrol regiment. The salary of this job is relatively high and he could barely take care of the others while supplying his energy agent.

“This is today’s energy agent.” After dealing with the human’s injuries, Stone took out four energy agents. This is his salary for a day: The energy agent is enough to keep one robot full, but his salary has to support four robots, so they have to “starve” together.

Yuanyuan and No. 21 also took out their salary, each of them only has an energy agent. As for Little Black, he didn’t get a job at all and could only accept the assistance of other robots.

“Thank you.” After biting an agent, Little Black’s screen flashed.

“You’re welcome.” Stone also took an agent.

“Today, I saw 85231 when I was working and he seemed to have gotten a very good job.” While supplementing his energy, No. 21 suddenly said.

“En, I only knew he was good at making cakes but I didn’t expect that he could also use weapons.” Stone also plugged himself with an energy agent.

85231 is another good friend of several robots, who bought groceries together every morning. After dispersing during the chaos, they heard about the other party and discovered that the other party was already a high-ranking officer.

Several robots thought this is a good thing.

After charging up, several robots rested in their accustomed positions.

Yuanyuan and No. 21 skillfully hid in the storage cabinet, Little Black ran under the sofa and Stone sat on a chair by the dining table.

The cold moonlight spilled in through the window and on him.

Before entering the standby state, Stone carefully recalled the appearance of “home” in his head. Touching the metal tag on his chest, the light on his screen finally shrank into a quiet straight line.

At the same time, the seriously injured on the sofa opened his eyes in the dark.

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PS: It’s said that the first one is chick Oli’s child, this…this is Big Horn on Mu Gen’s backyard….ah! 囧!!!

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