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The next day, when Stone went out on patrol, he went to the supermarket to buy human food.

While looking for a nutrient solution, Stone met a little girl, which was a human female of her age. The little kid was too short and couldn’t reach the nutrient solution on the high shelf. When Stone came over, the little kid froze.

“Want an apple-flavored nutrient?” Recalling the direction of the little girl’s eyes, Stone guessed.

The little girl stiffly nodded.

So Stone helped her take a pack of nutrients then lowered his head and asked: “Is this nutrient solution delicious?”

The little girl nodded in a panic again.

So Stone also took a pack of the same nutrient solution. Although there’s no one in the supermarket collecting money, he still put the corresponding coins on the shelf——he has money on him and he received pocket money every month. Part of it was left to Alpha for safekeeping and Stone usually puts some money on himself to buy things that interest him.

After taking a packet of nutrients and another bottle of Mu Gen’s occasional drink, Stone left.

When he got home, there were a lot of empty nutrient solution shells on the table next to the sofa. Yuanyuan also held one in his hand and at this moment, the other end of that was bit by the injured man. Although his eyes were closed, he automatically swallowed everything.

“I’m back.” Just after Stone said that, Yuanyuan saw the nutrient solution in his hand.

“Hurry up and bring the nutrient solution, this human hasn’t eaten enough yet.”

So Stone passed the nutrient in his hand and several robots stared blankly as the unconscious human on the sofa ate, a little dumbfounded.

This human woke up for a while this morning, but it didn’t take long before he fainted. This time, the other party clearly said the word “hungry” before fainting.

Then the robots began to raise food problems for the human, but the other party’s appetite slightly exceeded their expectations.

Within two days, Stone ran out of Farads in his body. Several robots also have money for food, especially No. 21. As a savings robot, his stomach is full of money but the other robots didn’t mention it. Whether it’s the food money or the coins in their belly, it entirely belonged to the owner and they cannot use it without permission.

Have to say that those who can still adhere to the rules set by humans in the most chaotic period might only be robots.

Due to financial constraints, Stone had to choose a cheaper brand when he went to buy nutrients. This scene happened to be seen by the little girl on one side——yes, it was the little girl who met Stone on the first day. They encountered each other more than twice and each time, Stone helped her get a nutrient. After a few more times, the little girl wasn’t afraid of him anymore, even asking Stone to help her get things that she can’t reach.

Probably because seeing is learning, the child will also put the corresponding coins at the cashier counter whenever she took a nutrient.

“Why don’t you buy the same nutrient as before? Is that one better?” The little girl asked him curiously when she realized that Stone had changed brands.

“No, I don’t have any money anymore. That one is more expensive and I can’t afford it.” Stone is very honest.

So the little girl took out a handful of coins from her pocket and then reached out to Stone on her tiptoes.

“Take it, for you.”

Stone tilted his head and then accepted the gift of this young human.

The little girl laughed.

With one hand carrying the heavy nutrient solutions and the other hand waving at Stone, the little girl showed a bright smile:


At that time, Stone didn’t know that this was the last time he’d see this young human.

That night, Stone’s patrol team was asked to clean up the rubbish on the road. When he arrived at the designated location, he discovered that the so-called “trash” was a lot of human corpses and the little girl’s immature apple-shaped face was in it, her big eyes still open but didn’t look good.

A large number of robots gathered near this street. They all came from all directions after receiving the instructions. A robot with a destroyed left arm was standing at the forefront of the group at this moment. Stone knew him. This robot is one of the military robots about to be destroyed in the factory and it’s also one of the first robots to attack humans. After its companions were destroyed one after another, it took the remaining robots and launched a riot.

At this moment, the robot issued a new command with a cold mechanical sound:

“Warning——these humans have launched a riot. They want to destroy us. From now on, we must eliminate all humans on this planet.”

Upon hearing this command, Robot Stone got jammed.

At this moment, a team of robots that arrived here suddenly ran out. It looked a bit like Yuanyuan. Obviously, this is also a nanny robot.

“Lilith.” Calling a human name in its mouth, the robot ran up to the little girl, holding her forcefully and trying to rescue her. However, it clearly wouldn’t succeed. The little girl was already dead and could not die again.

“You——what is this?” The robot that issued the order before pointed its screen at the other robot.

“This is Lilith, my master.” The robot answered very honestly.

“You have no master, you are free.” While staring, the robot giving the order said word by word.

“But…I took care of her and grew up. I should not have left. If I didn’t leave, Lilith would not die.” Gently hugging the little girl whose body was already cold, the robot Kaka said.

The lead robot suddenly stretched out its intact arm and the robot’s fingers automatically turned. There were five silver-white launch ports inside the five fingers and there was no time for the nanny robot to respond. A light suddenly shot out from the launch ports and the next second, the nanny robot fell to the ground.

“…useless nanny robots, you robots are made to serve humans, there is no need for them to exist.”

The nanny robot hugged its owner and the two bodies fell to the ground together.

“In the next 15 days, we will capture all humans on the planet. They will be detained together and then destroyed in a centralized manner.” The robot with a broken arm immediately issued more detailed instructions.

“All nanny robots will be left to clean the streets and the rest can start on their tasks.” After speaking, the robot left. A large number of robots followed, but a small number of robots still stood in place. From the physical characteristics of these remaining robots, it’s easy to see their identity as nanny robots.

Facing the corpses and bloodstains on the street, these nanny robots all got jammed.

“I’ve been away from Master for a long time, will he be okay?” A robot next to Stone said while sweeping the ground.

“My Master is still at home, I…I…” The other robot was talking but didn’t sweep anymore. It grabbed the broom and quickly ran away.

With the first robot, the other nanny robots who have no intention of cleaning up left this street stained with human blood at the fastest speed, fearing that leaving late would add the blood of their own master.

Pendra’s robots did indeed riot, starting with the military robots that were about to be destroyed in the factory, then came the brand new robots just assembled in the assembly line, and then developed into the household robots of the ordinary people on Pendra…many robots walked out of their human family under the “call” of their companions and left their owners. Living with other robots, they no longer perform tasks assigned by humans but execute instructions from their robot companions.

However, most of the nanny robots are very close with their original owners and they ran back this quickly to settle their human owners.

Stone also threw away the sweeper in his hand and ran towards his temporary dormitory.

Although they don’t have their own master, there is a human. It wasn’t easy to rescue this person and he didn’t want that person to be “cleaned up” like this.

As a nanny robot born to serve mankind, Stone never thought that one day, he would confront mankind as an enemy!

However, the “human capture mission” went smoothly. When Stone hurried back to the dormitory, the human who had been sleeping on the sofa these days was brought out by two military robots.

At the opposite house, two humans were also caught and a nanny robot followed them. The captured humans screamed, and the robot closely followed behind them. It wanted to stop the other robots but was repeatedly separated, looking at a loss.

The same situation was happening in every corner of Pendra. Several nanny robots tried to resist but were destroyed on the spot.

In just one day, the entire Pendra could no longer see any human traces. On the dilapidated street, only robots walked around in neat lines.

According to the new order of the head robot, all captured humans will be “destroyed” in batches one day later.

The atmosphere among Pendra’s nanny robots could be described as “panic”.

“Will we be destroyed too? After all, we’re useless nanny robots.” Little Black was lying on the sofa where the human had lain, flicking his tail: “Among us, I’m the most useless.”

“Zk580 (name of the head robot) said we were free. However, I don’t understand what’s the use of freedom.” Yuanyuan also lowered his head and said in a melancholy manner: “I want to go home. I haven’t been home for so long, I don’t know if Master will buy a new robot.”

“I still have my Master’s money with me. My Master’s pocket money is very small. Without the money subsidy in my stomach, he would be anxious.” No. 21 was walking around the house.

Tilting his head to listen to each of his companions, Robot Stone once again touched the small metal card on his chest.

Then, he made a decision.

The author has something to say:

Chick vs Mosquitoes by Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce’s drawing commemorates the more than 60 mosquito bites on the author’s lower body.

What should I do after seeing this drawing, I suddenly feel that it’s very pleasant to hit mosquitoes?

Most importantly, what to do when I feel so cute even when bitten all over?

(Knocks on the table——bang bang bang)

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