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That night, Stone, along with three robots, snuck into the place where the humans are being held. They intended to release all the human beings imprisoned and also rescue the human being who had a tag. At the same time, they’d create chaos so that they can run away.

Yes, Stone intends to escape. He intends to escape back to Bailu Star with his own power.

The other three robots came with him. As nanny robots, they had never done such an exciting thing. Stone and they analyzed their possible fate if they failed but thinking that this would allow them to return home, the three robots still decided to do it without objection.

They all knew this would be a tough battle.

The streets without humans are quiet, there are only four robots cautiously advancing to where the humans were imprisoned.

They’re getting closer and closer to the detention center.

If they were humans, their hearts would have thumped out of their chest by this time, right?

However, they are robots.

Even a nanny robot that had never done anything other than housework since it was turned on was still very calm at this time. Even when they suddenly ran into another robot at the next intersection, the four robots were still very calm.

“Hello.” Due to his programming, Stone instinctively greeted the other party.

“Hello.” The robot immediately replied with an amiable voice.

Stone recognized this nanny robot at a glance.

After the greeting, both parties got jammed. Just as they froze in place, another nanny robot came from behind and then another. Many robots suddenly appeared strangely on the empty streets, all of which were nanny models!

The nanny robots finished their greetings and froze at the intersection.

This scenario was very common in the past. Before the disaster, nanny robots would run around the streets and alleys, even in major stores. Their encounters were very frequent, however——

This is Pendra after the robot riot! It should have been a quiet night!

There’s only one place at the end of this road and that’s the temporary cell where the humans were held. There’s no doubt that the destination of these nanny robots was the same!

After silently standing on the spot for a few seconds, there was no more conversation between the nanny robots. They swiftly moved forward according to the original plan. This time, they were no longer a lonely march of one or two robots, but a crushingly large number of robots!

In the dark, the nanny robots silently move forward, a faint sense of killing intent on them.

Robot Stone’s original plan of secretly letting go of the imprisoned humans and creating chaos before leaving has been completely shattered. With so many nanny robots coming, their actions tonight directly led to a fierce battle.

A fierce battle between robots!

The nanny robots rushed to the guard robots as if they were seeking death——

Their materials are not as good as military robots and there’s no decent defense program in their bodies, so they could only rely on their numbers to overwhelm the guards. When the nanny robots in the front row overwhelmed the military robots responsible for guarding the humans, the nanny robots behind them took the opportunity to swarm in! They quickly opened the door of the detention room to release the humans inside. The roaring of men, the screaming of women, and the crying of children——

With the human beings’ participation, this chaos was no longer silent.

Some robots successfully reunited with their masters while others were destroyed before they met their masters.

The four robots in Stone’s group had better luck since their positions were closer to the center. After releasing several humans one after another, Stone discovered the human male he had brought home before.

Among the human beings running out and crying, only this human being was quietly leaning against the wall. No one cared about him and everything around him seemed to have nothing to do with him.

Going in front of the man among the crowd rushing out with difficulty, Stone bent down and after his screen was even with the man, Stone said:

“Human, I will go home after this, back to Bailu Star, do you want to come with me?”

The man’s brown eyes, as transparent as glass beads, quietly stared at Stone for a moment, then a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth for a while.

(Question: Please raise your claws if you guessed who this human male is! ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿)

Stone took this smile as agreement to his suggestion so, with the man on his back, Stone also joined the fleeing army of mankind!

This night, the nanny robots paid a huge price: The nanny robots who went to the rescue lost a full two-thirds of their number! But they also achieved their goals, and all the human beings imprisoned were released. They fled to Pendra’s largest arsenal where they unlocked a large military spacecraft and finally drove it away from Pendra.

The nanny robots that had rescued the humans returned to their original state as soon as they boarded the spacecraft. They’re either treating the wounds of their owners as best as possible under the existing conditions or picking up the crying children and gently coaxing them…if the owner didn’t reveal other needs, they will find a place that is sufficiently concealed and not obstructive in the shortest time to fold and hide.

It didn’t take long for the robots to disappear.


“Report sir! The other party finally retreated!” As the main control room door opened, Voge strode in with an excited expression on his face. He loudly spoke to Olivia, who was sitting in front of the screen in the main control room, but as soon as he entered, he felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right. His voice instinctively became smaller and smaller, almost muted at the end.

The man sitting in the center of the control room was naturally Brig. General Olivia Augustus and the man sitting on his left was Lt General McCaw. Sitting on his right was Jopson while Todd was standing next to Brig. General Augustus as always, sorting through the electronic papers on the desk.

Everyone’s expressions were heavy and Voge almost didn’t dare to come in.

One of the people in the room was a professor in his school days, and the rest are his classmates. However, they have one thing in common: everyone here has a higher rank than him.

“Come and talk.” Until he saw Chief Augustus, no! Brig. General raise his chin at him, only then did Voge walk over tremblingly and tell everyone about the battle report.

“…according to the plan, Lt Colonel Ivan drove the mecha from the right to outflank and hit the other party.”

“The damage to the opponent’s mecha exceeded 50% so they retreated. However, our mecha also received 30% damage and Lt Colonel Ivan fractured his right arm.”

“The medical department must send the best medical officer to treat him, and the mechanical department must complete the repair of Ivan’s mecha within two days.” Olivia immediately told Voge.

Before Voge could be happy, Todd suddenly spoke up. As soon as he opened his mouth, he poured cold water on everyone:

“Sir, please allow me to remind you, two of our medical officers are exhausted and the remaining repair fluid in the fleet is at warning levels. Also, 20 kinds of medicines have been used up. In addition, our mecha materials aren’t enough.” As Olivia’s right-hand man and logistical material manager, Todd is very clear about the fleet’s material reserves.

“Didn’t we just pass Acmedo Star yesterday? Is there no supply there?” Jopson frowned.

“The two administrators on Acmedo are vying for the highest management authority. Seeing the supply list I passed over, they said that they couldn’t even manage their planet so there’s no way to spare part of it for military supplies.” Todd replied.

“What about the 15 black rail forts I applied for yesterday?” Jopson looked at him.

“Unfortunately, I have already signed the rejection to your application form.” Todd blankly said.

“What!? You——” Just now, when Jopson stood up, Olivia suddenly spoke up.

“Stop sending them the supply list. Todd, send someone directly to their warehouse and pull only the materials on the list, and don’t touch the rest. Remember to pretend to be a star thief.” Olivia calmly ordered Todd.

His gaze then moved to Jopson on the other side: “After Todd leaves, you take our people to calm the scene, bring Yorkson and Lando over. The Empire is now in a crisis, compared to Acmedo Star, our fleet needs them even more.”

Yorkson and Lando are the names of the two people with the highest authority in Acmedo. Among them, Yorkson is from the State Council while Lando is from the Military. As the two high-ranking officials stationed on an important military supply star of the Empire, after the disaster broke out, the two quickly assembled their own forces to stabilize law and order while also working on their own. A small part of the current chaos in Acmedo was caused by these two people’s struggle for power.

As if not realizing what a scary thing he just said, Olivia continued:

“Isn’t Ivan hurt? Let him recover in Acmedo during this period. His management ability is not inferior to his mecha operation so let him take care of Acmedo while healing.”

“Yes, sir!” Without any expression of surprise, Jopson respectfully accepted the task assigned to him by his boss.

“Then, Voge, you are responsible for the follow-up of this matter.” Olivia’s last order was given to Voge.

“Yes.” Voge immediately understood what his boss meant.

Everyone didn’t think there was anything wrong with Olivia’s order. Instead, Lt General McCaw, who was sitting on Olivia’s left, raised his eyebrows: This…what does it mean to seize power directly by force and send troops to suppress it? Even pretending to be a star thief?

He was slightly surprised by the boldness of this young colleague who was once his student, and what surprised him more was the loyalty and mission execution of these younger colleagues.

These young people dared to do everything and they have a sharp spirit that’s not afraid of tigers.

However, it’s this loyalty and fearless spirit that allowed this young fleet with an average age of 33 years to stand out from the rest while facing enemies with unknown details. They’re the first fleet to actively attack the enemy!

Not only that, they succeeded!

And, even when they succeeded, they didn’t have a trace of pride——

Looking at the calm youth in front of him, Lt General McCaw’s eyes were full of appreciation.

So, waiting until everyone left, after only him and Olivia were left in the room, Lt General McCaw finally said his intentions:

“Brig. General Augustus, this time I came…to inform you of bad news and good news.”

“Oh?” Olivia graciously raised his head as if he was listening. This instructor, whom he knew from his academy days, suddenly came to him as an officer some days ago. He didn’t bring a large number of people, just brought a supply ship but this ship did help him a lot. However, the one who escorted supplies for a Brig. General was a Lt General which was too extravagant. Olivia has long been waiting for him to say what he really wanted.

“You should have noticed that I’m not here to escort supplies this time.” Sure enough, Lt General McCaw began then said: “I’m here for assessment.”

“Brig. General Olivia, from this moment on, on behalf of Marshal Rothsay, I announce that you have passed the military assessment. Starting today, you can have an extra star on your epaulets.”

“Major General Olivia, congratulations.”

He smiled and even applauded.

Olivia was stunned, but he didn’t lose his head because of this promotion. After thanking Lt General McCaw, Olivia suddenly said: “Is there…something wrong with the military? What do I need to do next?”

The ambitious and utilitarian Olivia is very clear about the military’s promotion system. Therefore, he’s also very aware that the military merits he had accumulated so far are not enough to be promoted to Major General. At this time, being suddenly promoted can only represent one thing——

“You are really smart.” Lt. General McCaw clapped twice before his expression became very serious: “After the good news is announced, the next thing is bad news.”

“Ten days ago, Lt General Argos disappeared during a sneak attack on the enemy commander. Currently, no one can take over his army, but, before performing the task, he proposed that in the event of an accident, he hoped that you would take over.”

“Marshal Rothsay accepted his proposal, but there are still doubts within the military’s high ranks. They unanimously decided that I would do the final supervision and now, you have passed this test.”

“Then, on behalf of the high ranked military officers, I will give you the first order after being promoted——”

“Immediately go to Roa Galaxy to take over the army under Lt. General Argos.”

Olivia was stunned.

When saluting and accepting the order, he frowned: This is really bad news…

Roa Galaxy is farther away from home.

The author has something to say:

Did you guess it?

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