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The experience in life is so wonderful.

Argos once thought that he would enter the State Council when he grew up but who knew he’d join the military. He even became subordinate to Rothsay who had always been at odds with Mr. Sith.

He didn’t like to study at all, but he became the Dean of the top military academy of the Empire.

He likes white, but he has to wear a black military uniform all his life.

Argos found that Fate’s true love was against himself.

After ordering the large-scale destruction of various military and household robots, he was rescued by a robot.

As a very traditional Kantas, Argos never had experience with robots. However, after he was seriously injured and unable to move, it was a few robots who cared for him day and night every day, uh…specifically, nanny robots.

They can cook, they can find food for him, they’ll stitch up his wounds like sewing a bedsheet, then hide and shut down when he’s not working at night.

They even talk, worrying if their owner will buy a new robot to take their place…

Argos never imagined that the most family-like life he’d experience was actually with several nanny robots.

This will probably be his most embarrassing experience.

After pursuing the enemy all the way, Argos came to Pendra.

Before the opponent could become a more terrifying mechanical form, Argos preemptively transformed. The huge Kantas with a body length of 15 meters firmly grasped the hostile mecha and no longer relying on any modern technological weapons, he used his most primitive weapon——sharp teeth and giant claws, to severely tear the enemy apart.

When he woke up again, Argos felt severe pain that he hadn’t felt in many years. The body that has always been strong became extremely weak and any slight movement was like being torn apart.

There are many severe fractures all over his body and also a large number of wounds outside. Under normal circumstances, wounds of this degree would send him to a special hospital to use the highest-level repair fluid for at least one weak to heal. But in this situation, he could only rely on a few robots.

The situation was more complicated than people thought. There are star thieves and complicated road conditions, so without the star map provided by the system, the Pendras on the ship were dumbfounded:

Unlike Master Kenda and the others who left Pendra long ago, these groups of people who were left behind in Pendra were ordinary people. Although they also enjoyed the pride brought by the name Pendra, their abilities are relatively ordinary. Still, they’re much better than ordinary people on ordinary planets, but it’s not enough to make them proficient in the operation of various mechanical products.

Not long after leaving Pendra, the Pendra man in charge of driving was sweating.

As a factory technician involved in the production of this spacecraft, he is familiar with this model and could indeed drive it, but right now, the road conditions outside are far beyond his control. When he realized that he could no longer undertake the work, he asked for help.

However, what made everyone more dumbfounded was: At present, the only person in the spacecraft who’s the most proficient in driving was this technician!

Argos was helped out by Stone in this situation. He didn’t state his identity but he knew how to pilot this spacecraft. It’s just that he’s currently severely injured so he could only provide technical guidance, not hands-on operation.

The Pendras were overjoyed! They immediately sent a few people into the cockpit with Argos to learn how to drive, but things didn’t go well at all. The people sent to learn were just ordinary skilled workers. They might know how to make the parts of this spacecraft, but they had no talent for driving complex machinery, not to mention that it’s now purely manual operation without the intelligent brain’s assistance!

In this case, Argos suddenly had a very bold idea.

“Stone, you go sit in the driver’s seat.” Turning his head slightly, Argos told the Robot Stone, who had been listening attentively to his explanation.

“But, I’m a nanny robot and there’s no driving program in my body.” Tilting his head, Stone reminded very cautiously.

“It’s okay, sit there,” Argos said. The Pendra who was sitting in the driver’s seat hurriedly got out and under everyone’s eyes, Stone released the mechanical arm holding Argos and sat in the driver’s seat.


A miracle happened.

The combination of movements that Argos explained several times before that could not be successfully implemented was successfully displayed. Then, following Argos’ instructions, the robot in the driver’s seat strictly executed it, and the spacecraft finally recovered its stability!

The Pendras were relieved and after watching for a while, they left the cockpit, leaving the driving to the robot.

Still, Argos’ body isn’t well so after explaining the driving points, his spirit couldn’t stand it anymore and he fell asleep. When he woke up again, the first thing he saw was the back of the robot Stone driving the spacecraft attentively.

The moment he woke up, the robot happened to drive the spacecraft to make a difficult maneuver, smoothly avoiding the impact of an asteroid out of orbit.

Argos didn’t speak as he stared at the back of Robot Stone, his eyes growing deeper and deeper:

Why didn’t I notice it just now?

This robot is not driving while following the instructions of humans. It quickly grasped the main points and even performed different combinations of actions according to different situations. Its behavior was already “learning” and “applying”.

A robot with a learning ability that humans can’t match, can it be just a machine?


This group of lucky Pendra people who took the military spacecraft driven by Robot Stone marched towards Bailu Star without any risk.

At the same time, on Pendra, the nanny robot 85231 looked at the disappearing shadow of the spacecraft and was silent for a moment.

Four robots came from Bailu Star with him. Now, those four robots were all on the spacecraft and he’s the only one remaining in Pendra.

Robot 85231 knew that the four robots always wanted to go back, go back to the so-called “home”. He had no comment on their thoughts and robot 85231 didn’t join them either.

Just that——

When the four companions left, he didn’t stop them.

By the way, starting today, those four robots are no longer his companions. Starting today, his companions are no longer the nanny robots, but the military robots here.

However, the biggest reason for not stopping the spacecraft was not because the four robots he knew were in it and not because of his compassion for the humans on the spacecraft, but because the cost of hunting them down was too great.

After taking a final look at the direction of the escaping spacecraft, robot 85231 turned around and returned to normal.

After returning, he went to rest alone. Now he no longer needs to put himself in the storage compartment under the floor but can occupy a large house alone. Probably due to habit, he still stayed in the smallest room in the house every day.

Robot 85231 cleaned his shell carefully as always, unlike the owner of Stone who’d clean it himself. Unlike Yuanyuan’s and the other’s owners who’d send them to the store to be cleaned, robot 85231 had always been self-sufficient.

While he was scrubbing the metal shell of his calf, robot 85231 suddenly froze——

His screen instantly became dark and all movements stopped, looking like it was broken. Then, it took a full minute before Robot 85231’s screen turned on again. However, different from the blue light before, what’s flashing in robot 85231’s screen was a very complicated color…

“Teach you how to make Barrini-style food? What the hell is this?” While muttering, the robot 85231 stood up and threw away the cleaning rag in his hand.

After grabbing the enemy’s mecha and self-destructing, the enemy’s mecha also fell apart. However, the other party didn’t “die”.

These invaders from a higher civilization are entities that have broken away from their forms. They can appear in any electronic flow in a virtual form, on TV, on the internet…they can exist in any mechanical form and are omnipresent.

They are “undead”.

They can invade the “brain” of any mechanical product, read their data and replace it, this is the secret of their immortality.

“It’s actually a nanny robot, what bad luck this time…” While murmuring, “Robot 85231” walked out of the narrow room.


A few days later, a huge, tattered battleship stopped in midair of Bailu Star.

Bailu Star’s traffic observers connected the short wave connection signal with the other party as soon as they were found.

Bailu Star’s location was too remote and no one had come since Pendra sought asylum last time. After they arrived, everyone on Bailu Star knew that something was wrong outside. Star thieves and refugees are everywhere, so in this case, the sudden emergence of such a large battleship is indeed very noteworthy.

“Hello, this is Bailu Star, is there anything I can do for you?” The young observer cautiously asked.

Then, he heard a reply from the other end:

“Chirp! Chirp chirp chirp! Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!!!”

It wasn’t a human voice but a weird chirp that came from the other end.

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TINA V7C208: Still Wandering Stone 3
TINA V7C210: Mr. Sith's Choice

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