TINA V7C210: Mr. Sith’s Choice

TINA V7C209: Three Flowers Bloom
TINA V7C211: Paradise

A total of 1, 2, 3…128 small hairy cubs came down from the huge battleship.

The little hairy chicks surrounded Mu Gen. They looked at him seriously and at first, they just looked from a distance but they probably felt that Mu Gen was not threatening, so they came closer. As they tentatively got closer, they sniffed Mu Gen.

With a sniff, the Kantas cub at the front almost couldn’t hold back and squatted!

Across their fluffy little faces, Mu Gen seemed to understand their horrified expressions and their evasion. Tilting his head, Mu Gen cautiously raised his arm and sniffed, then awkwardly smiled:

“That…my family had stinky tofu at noon today. Although it’s smelly, it’s actually delicious.”

Mu Gen squatted down, keeping his eyes level with the smallest cub. This is a very good action to reduce the sense of threat. Probably because this action played a role, the cubs that retreated hesitantly came back and cautiously sniffed Mu Gen again.

In fact, Mu Gen got it wrong. The reason why these cubs retreated was not because of the smell of stinky tofu but because Mu Gen has another rich smell of Kantas!

It was from a robust Kantas. The smell on this person indicated that this person belongs to that Kantas and the cubs were scared so they took a step back at this warning smell.

But it’s also because of this smell that they felt that they’re finally safe.

There’s a very powerful Kantas here so they didn’t find the wrong place.

Once it was confirmed that Mu Gen was “one of them”, the cubs began to pull Mu Gen’s clothes with their mouths and took him to the spacecraft. In the cockpit, Mu Gen was surprised to find Prunguli almost dying on the ground. The hair on his body had fallen off in several places and two robots were torn apart beside him. In the driver’s seat not far away was a tall man in a driver’s uniform, but he’s been dead for a long time.

The leading cubs immediately explained to Mu Gen, but unfortunately, their chirps and Olivia’s accent were very different. Mu Gen was confused when he heard it, but it didn’t affect him from knowing what he should know. Looking at Prunguli’s figure on the ground, he immediately went out and called Sigma over.

Unexpectedly, when Sigma came over, these cubs showed a vigilant look at the same time and a few cubs even rushed over and pecked him.

“?” His hands quickly grasped the cubs who leaped over and holding them upside down, a question mark appeared on Sigma’s screen.

Mu Gen then pointed to Prunguli on the ground and…the broken robots.

He hadn’t understood what the little guys were saying just now, but judging from their alertness to Sigma, they most likely encountered attacks from robots on the road. The cubs obviously brought their hatred of robots to Sigma, who is also a robot.

“I’ll introduce him. He is Sigma, my brother.” Grabbing a little hairy cub who still wants to jump up, Mu Gen said: “He’s here to help me take Prunguli.”

At any rate, the cubs finally didn’t continue to attack Sigma but they watched all the way. This obviously made Sigma feel a bit at a loss.

At this critical moment, they have to rely on First Uncle.

Finding that Mu Gen and Sigma had been out for a long time and hadn’t come back, Alpha came over to find them. Seeing these hostile little chicks at a glance, Alpha immediately dispatched Epsilon to replace Sigma, then squatted down, and…

“This is stinky tofu just out of the oven.” A plate of steaming stinky tofu appeared on Alpha’s hand.

“A traditional delicacy from ancient Earth, fermented soy product, once offered to the Imperial court as a tribute in a certain dynasty and was loved and praised by the royal family.” Holding the plate, Alpha commented on the strangely-smelling food with a monotone mechanical voice.

“The food itself is delicious enough but with the special sweet sauce and salty sauce made by Robot Stone, it’s even more special.” Immediately afterward, Alpha took out two small plates. He then put the black and white sauces in the two saucers and took out a small fork. Then, Alpha forked a piece of stinky tofu, dipped it a little in the black sauce, then stretched out his hand:

“So, who wants to taste this delicacy called stinky tofu from Earth?”

The chicks were shocked by the aura of Robot Alpha!

They froze for a moment. They hadn’t risen their alertness yet when they were stunned by the smell of stinky tofu. Then they heard Alpha’s statement and when they heard that this smelly food was actually a royal delicacy, the curiosity of these little cubs was lifted to the highest point.

After a neat sound of gulps, a little fat chick finally jumped out tremblingly and bit the fork that robot Alpha handed over…he chewed on the stinky tofu, then swallowed it bravely.

“Is there an unspeakable feeling?” Before he could speak, Uncle Alpha spoke again.

“…” Tilting his head for a moment, Xiao Fei finally nodded.

“Do you want to eat another piece and feel it more?”

Chirp…chick Xiao Fei nodded again.

“Please come with me for a taste.” Handing the plate and saucer in his hand for Sigma to carry, robot Alpha straightened his back and turned around. The hairy cubs behind him hesitated, then turned to look at Mu Gen.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of Prunguli.” Mu Gen smiled and waved at them.

So the little fluffy chicks safely ran away behind Alpha and Sigma. Looking from a distance, the robots with a bunch of fluffy balls behind them looked very happy.

“You just tried the salty sauce so I suggest you try the sweet sauce for the next one.” From a distance, Mu Gen heard Alpha’s voice. He seemed to be introducing the food to these Kantas cubs and the cubs chirped in reply. The distance between the robot and the cubs became closer again.

“First Uncle still has it, he really has a few tricks against cubs.” Lifting Prunguli’s paw, Mu Gen said emotionally to Uncle Epsilon.

“Haha…” Robot Epsilon made a string of laughter with his mechanical voice.

The Kantas cubs were all taken care of by Uncle Alpha and the spacecraft was accepted by the current staff of Bailu Star’s Transportation Administration. After the long-dead driver was properly handled, the remains of the robots were also sent to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy for inspection while Mu Gen took a whole afternoon to take care of Prunguli.

Mrs. Bayati came over to see Prunguli in person. According to her: Prunguli’s injury is only a skin injury, the real trouble is his genetic disease.

“Many races pursuing the so-called pure blood will have this kind of problem. They will not die but their genes are somewhat degraded.” After taking a sip of tea, Mrs. Bayati immediately glanced at Prunguli’s belly: “Besides, he’s overweight.”

“Let him take medicine during this time, and then, you cook more food for him.”

Mu Gen nodded gratefully.

So when Prunguli woke up, what greeted him was a bowl of bitter medicinal soup, plus a bowl of dishes that smelled scarier than the medicinal soup.

“Take the food first, then the medicine.” Mu Gen smiled and helped him straighten up by putting a pillow behind him.

“Chirp…” Prunguli weakly said hello to Mu Gen and ate the dishes made by Mu Gen.


He threw up.

Then, when he drank the medicine, for the first time, Prunguli felt that medicinal soup was delicious~

After drinking the medicine, Prunguli handed a paper letter to Mu Gen. When he opened it, he discovered that it was a letter written by Mr. Sith. It’s the first time Mu Gen saw Mr. Sith’s handwriting, which was cursive writing that no one has used for a long time. Very elegantly, Mr. Sith very kindly asked Mu Gen to take care of the Kantas cubs including Prunguli during this time.

The letter was very short and ended with only a few lines but Mu Gen turned the paper over. The second page had an electronic passbook embedded on it and the amount in the card was indicated on the page. Mu Gen couldn’t help but freeze because of the large number. He then opened the third piece of paper. The content of this one shocked him more than the second page: This is an appointment letter signed by Mr. Sith officially appointing Mu Gen as the Chief Governor of Bailu Star, responsible for all government affairs on Bailu Star. There are three official seals on it, one of which was even from the Military. With this official seal and the contents of the appointment letter, Mu Gen can even dispatch military forces on Bailu Star in the future!

This is truly incredible!

As soon as this letter of appointment came, Mu Gen’s position on Bailu Star was completely secured! If Olivia were here, he could probably explain to Mu Gen a bit more clearly. There are a total of three official seals on this letter of appointment, which meant that the letter of appointment passed a clear road. If the system can be used now, Mu Gen would definitely be the youngest consul of a planet in the Empire right now!

There’s also a seal that arrived with the appointment letter. This is the official seal only available to the highest consul of each planet. Since then, every document signed and issued by Mu Gen will be stamped with this official seal, and the legality of any official document with this seal will be thoroughly recognized.

Not being overwhelmed by this sudden appointment letter, Mu Gen immediately looked at the fourth sheet of paper, and the content on this paper truly shocked Mu Gen.

He finally understood why he got this letter of appointment.

Bailu Star’s former Chief Governor was discovered in Ifadia. At the time of the accident, the spacecraft the consul was riding on happened to be in space. Abandoning his jurisdiction and the people in it, he chose to take refuge in Ifadia with the others.

After finding out what happened, Mr. Sith ordered him to be executed immediately.

“I have prepared five letters in total with the same appointment letter. If God destined that Prunguli finally found you, if fate chooses you, please take care of them for me. Take care of the land under your feet and the other people on that land.

——Sithili Rho Nashkiel”

The author has something to say:

Mrs. Bayati checks Prunguli’s body

She touched the hair then picked out a large piece of metal in the hair

She touched Prunguli’s face and told others that Prunguli had a fever.

Then she touched Prunguli’s belly.


Touched again.

Looking at serious-looking Mrs. Bayati, Mu Gen suddenly felt nervous.

Mu Gen: Mrs. Bayati, what happened to Xiao Pang’s belly? Is there a wound inside?

Mrs. Bayati was silent (with a serious expression).

“No, it just feels good.”

Actually, Mrs. Bayati is a plushy fan, and she loves Xiao Pang’s belly the most~

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

TINA V7C209: Three Flowers Bloom
TINA V7C211: Paradise

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