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When Mu Gen came home, the house smelled really bad!

Taking a deep breath and making mental preparations, Mu Gen pinched his nose and walked on. The originally tidy home was full of fluffy chicks. Although they weren’t spotless when they came, they’re all small chicks with clean fur, but now, these furballs have changed a lot! Their bodies were covered with black and white sauce, and some even have it in their claws. To eat, they should have fought.

Uncle Alpha stuck a huge pot to his waist ←it’s the one that Big Horn used to eat! Whenever a little fluffy chick jumped up to ask for stinky tofu, he’d swiftly fork out a piece and feed it to the little chick’s mouth.

He needed to be fast here so the cubs moved even faster! If they slowed down, the food will be snatched away by the other cubs——there’s competition so there’s motivation. Unconsciously, the fluffy chicks’ bellies are now bulging.

Seeing this scene, Mu Gen couldn’t say what he originally wanted to say.

He was holding a stack of thick papers with detailed information on each small chick. On the way here, Mu Gen quickly and carefully scanned the information. According to the information in the data, 90% of these cubs have severe partial eclipse disorder (being partial to some kinds of foods), so they shouldn’t have much appetite, but…

Why does the scene in front of him look different?

Uncle Alpha, who was feeding the cubs, was very content but Sigma, who was cleaning the mess, was very unhappy.

As a “home squatter” who hadn’t succeeded in employment so far, Sigma now has no status at home and he basically does all the chores. Washing dishes (what a nanny robot does?), mopping the floor (isn’t this what a nanny robot does?), showering the one-horned beast (isn’t this the job of a nanny robot?)…it’s all his job!

At this moment, Sigma is working hard to clean up the grass that was messed up by the little fluffy chicks, but it’s a pity that the destructive power of these little chicks was too great. Often when he cleans up a place, they’d get it dirty again. Seeing Sigma struggling, Mu Gen hurriedly rolled up his sleeves and went to help.

After cleaning, they also cleaned up every fluffy chick. This is a big project. To bathe them, Sigma had to change the water time and time again with Mu Gen. These cubs were fairly well behaved in front of Robot Alpha but in front of Sigma, they were very troublesome. They made trouble when Sigma washed their fur more than once and Sigma was covered with water before finally falling into the bath.

Wiping away the fluff in their hands with great effort, the Mu Gen family then sent these cubs to the temporary bedroom together ← their home is too small so they had to clean up the original lair of the one-horned beasts to make a temporary shelter for the cubs.

After everything was settled, Sigma and Mu Gen then returned to their room.

The cubs were clean but Mu Gen and Sigma were extremely dirty. The brothers walked to the bathroom together and soaked in the bathtub. The other was sitting outside silently wiping the stains on his metal shell with cleaning oil.

“Those cubs are not cute,” Sigma concluded.

Mu Gen had to soothe him by scrubbing his back.

After the bath, Mu Gen fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow. Sigma also shut down frustratedly.

Then, the next day when they turned on and woke up——

When he touched something soft in his hand, Sigma jerked and immediately took off the quilt…a fluffy little chick?

“Oh my God!” Mu Gen was stunned by everything in front of him: The Kantas cubs that were placed in the old lair of the one-horned beasts in the backyard yesterday somehow sneaked into the house and slept all over the floor! There’s some on the quilt, on the table, on the chair…the floor was filled with fluff and several others even squeezed onto the bed. These little guys squeezed against each other and snored.

Mu Gen lifted the quilt and looked inside. As far as he could see, there are three cubs! Besides, Sigma also held one in his hand.

This, this is really an unexpected way to get up!

“What happened?” Carrying the cub’s tiny legs, Sigma turned to look at Mu Gen.

“Probably…they were scared last night?” Grabbing his messy hair, Mu Gen quickly put the quilt back on.

“Chirp~” The little guy who was carried upside down by Sigma probably felt uncomfortable and chirped softly in protest. Sigma immediately put the cub on the quilt. Even in his sleep, the little guy still didn’t give up looking for a heat source. While being put down by Sigma, the little cub immediately got into the quilt, but there are three other fluffs inside, so the little guy could only stick his head in, leaving a chubby butt exposed outside, the little tail twisting.

Sigma tilted his head then stretched out his fingers to poke the soft butt sticking out of the quilt.

“Very soft.” Turning his head, Sigma expressed his thoughts about the butt he just touched to his brother.

“Also very warm. No wonder last night I dreamed of being held down by Oli and couldn’t turn over. That should be the fault of these little guys.” Stretching, Mu Gen briskly jumped out of the bed. Normally, Sigma would get out of bed with him, but this time, Sigma didn’t move.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Gen looked back at Sigma and saw that Sigma was stiff. Mu Gen found it strange.

“Legs…hugged by the cub.” Sigma’s screen flashed with a red curve of help (←for the convenience of doing things yesterday, Sigma was fitted with legs).

“Haha!” Then Mu Gen laughed.

Lifting the quilt, the two people watched the cub sleeping underneath holding Sigma’s leg: This is a yellow cub and shouldn’t be that old. At this moment, he was sleeping with Sigma’s mechanical legs with a trusting expression on his face. He slept so soundly that his saliva came out.

Sigma carefully observed for a while and finally, he separated his legs from his upper body again, leaving his legs for the sleeping cub. Sigma then proficiently used both hands to walk and started his day.

With the letter from Mr. Sith, the Kantas cubs lived in Mu Gen’s house. At the same time, Mu Gen’s appointment letter was officially announced.

In Month 11, Year 400 of the Starlight Calendar, Mu Gen officially became Bailu Star’s Chief Governor.

Thanks to the participation of Pendra’s top craftsmen, Bailu Star’s self-sufficient construction work was in full swing! A large number of manually operated mechanical products were manufactured and at the same time, safer flying tools were also researched and developed. In the 12th month of the same year, Bailu Star dispatched a fleet to search and rescue the surrounding satellites, rescuing the residents of three planets. These three planets were all agricultural stars and while being rescued, the original Governor on the planet immediately established an affiliation with Bailu Star’s Chief Governor. From then on, they’re willing to join Bailu Star’s construction system but needed Bailu Star to provide the necessary assistance and technical guidance.

This year, the students of Bailu Star’s five major academies confirmed their employment units before they graduated. They were evenly distributed to the four planets including Bailu Star and contributed their power to the construction of each planet.

Today, Bailu Star (specifically Bailu Star and its affiliated planets) produced food and energy that far exceeded the needs of the locals, and the excess has been properly preserved by Mu Gen. Even so, the people of Bailu Star is still working hard every day, just like hamsters preparing for the winter, they tirelessly prepared food for the winder. Fearing that there’d be a slight shortage of supply, they worked hard day and night.

If Mu Gen provided the current reserve data of Bailu Star, people will find surprising data: The seemingly infamous Bailu Star now has a reserve capacity far surpassing any logistics supply star!

At this time, the first real refugees finally arrived.

Remember the planet that Pendra’s fleet passed through during their escape? From the planet named Farol, the refugees from that planet are now arriving.

There’s no longer a planet called “Farol”. Due to poor management, serious riots broke out and after the whole Farol fell apart, the first to suffer was the later refugees, who had to embark on a journey again to find a new place of asylum, but this time, their journey was much more difficult than before.

The reason why they found this place is that some of these asylum seekers had a relationship with the Pendra fleet. Remembering the name Bailu Star, there’s always someone who knew the route. After groping around with difficulty, they actually arrived! However, compared to the number of people at the beginning, the number of survivors who arrived was only a quarter of the original number.

The Pendras were grateful that they made the most correct choice of their lives. During the crisis, they gave up on any planet on the way and finally arrived on Bailu Star.

Here is simply the last piece of paradise in the Empire!

Where there are humans, there will be legends.

In this catastrophe, Bailu Star finally became a new legend!!!

The original Bailu Star was remote and was only known as an Academy Star. If not for their family going there to study, people would rarely pay attention to this place with even some people never knowing this in their lifetime. But in this catastrophe, Bailu Star’s name quietly spread among the refugees.

Not as an Academy Star, not as a barren countryside planet, but as the last piece of pure land for mankind. Bailu Star has become the dream paradise in the hearts of all refugees!

Finally, Olivia in another galaxy heard people talking.

“What happened to Bailu Star? That is my hometown.” Upon hearing Bailu Star’s name from several soldiers, Olivia stopped.

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Little fluffy chick, who was sleeping sweetly on Sigma’s legs, woke up, blinked, and saw the legs he’d been sleeping on.

Looking up: Only legs, no body?

Little fluff chirped: Chirp chirp chirp! Chirp chirp chirp! (Eating only the upper body and leaving the thighs, it’s broken!)

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