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A large number of refugees swarmed toward the legendary Bailu Star from all directions. Even though the road was full of obstacles, there were still quite a few refugees who finally arrived on Bailu Star.

Although these refugees fled to Bailu Star with the mentality that they can be safe from now on, there will inevitably be disagreements when there are too many people. Mu Gen once encountered refugees who tried to capture Bailu Star. The other party came with heavy weapons prepared and while they were being relocated, they kidnapped the Bailu Star people who led the way for them in an attempt to initiate a riot!

But their riots were ruthlessly suppressed before they even started.

“How can there be no military protection in the places where the best children in the Empire study, and where the best professors in the Empire nurture the future talents of the Empire?”

Headed by Dean Ode, the deans of the five top academies also presented unimaginable heavy weapons from the Academy! The huge black cannon emerged from its original hiding place and white light appeared at the base of the cannon. White cold light came out from the pipe and when it reached a certain height, it suddenly split into several rays. That cold ray emitted from all the ducts interweaves into a dense net in the air and all people standing on the ground were surprised to find that the originally normal sky was instantly enveloped by a white net-like light! At this moment, if someone looked at Bailu Star from space, they’d be surprised to find that Bailu Star was like a huge white light bulb at this time. The light of this “bulb” was too dazzling and staring for a long time will bring a stinging sensation of burning in the eyes.

“This is the Empire’s current top-notch one-piece weapon——the Cansitaro Defense System.” Dean Ode quietly explained to Mu Gen: “Integrating attack and defense, this system can intercept various attacks while simultaneously attacking any designated area inside and outside the net. When the system determines that an intrusion from outside has caused irreversible damage to objects within its protection range, the Cansitaro Defense System will automatically turn on the self-destruct program to destroy all targets within and outside the range of its optical network.”

Black eyes met the pale face of Dean Ode, and Mu Gen gulped.

He, he never knew that the place where he grew up hid such a terrible weapon!

Dean Ode continued: “Didn’t you study the distribution map of the five Academies? The distribution is very scattered, isn’t it? This is precisely for the arrangement of the defense system since the launch ports must be distributed in designated locations. In this way, the optical network can smoothly interweave into an effective defensive network.

“Ah…” Then, Dean Ode suddenly smiled. For so many years, this is the first time he saw him smile so clearly. For some reason, Mu Gen felt danger when he saw this smile.


“The ports of the five Academies are just transmitters. This set of devices must also have an activation device. Mu Gen, do you know where the activation device of Bailu Star’s Cansitaro Defense System is?”

Then, Dean Ode smiled:

“The most important starter is in Idoli Commercial Street.”

“Boss Tony is the last keyholder.”

Mu Gen was startled.

“Are you surprised?” Dean Ode no longer smiled as he turned to look at Mu Gen.

Scratching his hair and glancing at the dense white net in the sky, Mu Gen frankly said: “It’s a bit unexpected, but…I don’t think so now.”

Cansitaro is the complete last name of Boss Tony.

Idoli Commercial Street is a very famous place with many old shops. There’s a lot of public flow every day and many new merchants wanted to set up a store here.

Before the arrival of the Mu Gen family, there was indeed a spare shop on Idoli Street but this one was cursed. It’s clearly in a good location but any shop that did business here would soon change owners. They might be selling groceries today or selling fruits tomorrow, it’s always changing and no shopkeeper can deal with the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street. When they left, they can’t even tell the names of their neighbors. Of course, they can’t let their neighbors remember their names.

Until the Mu Gen family moved here.

In that evening, a tall robot rang the landowner of the commercial street——the door of Tortony Cansitaro’s house.

“Hello, are you Mr. Tortony Cansitaro? Can I still buy the remaining empty store from you?”

This was the strangest buyer that Tortony Cansitaro had ever encountered but at that time, he was interested because no one would stay here for long.

Then, when the human teenager passed by the next day, he happily greeted Boss Tony with a good morning. He introduced his name and remembered Boss Tortony Cansitaro’s name;

Then, the second day, the third day…

Teenagers appeared in Tortony Cansitaro’s shop, traveling together and greeting together…

This big family of eight robots and two humans finally became a member of Idoli Commercial Street.

Looking at the tall young man in front of him, Dean Ode moved his eyes back. He took out a card from his pocket and handed it to Mu Gen.

Mu Gen took the card puzzledly, and Dean Ode’s calm voice sounded again: “This is the key. There was no Commander in the system before so it’s controlled by six people including me. Now that you got the official appointment letter from the Empire, and it’s in emergency war mode, the control of this system is officially entrusted to you from our hands. Rest assured, this is the result of a joint discussion by all of us, not my decision alone.”

Mu Gen looked at him in surprise.

Dean Ode smiled again: “Sanctions and protection, the final decision-making power is in your hands.”

Looking at the thin card in his hand, Mu Gen’s expression was naive at first but then, with a firm expression, he finally calmly put away this extremely important card.

With the deterrence of such a high-end military force, the resettlement of the refugees proceeded very smoothly.

During this period, there was still some unpleasantness. For example, when many refugees discovered that the log-in worker was a robot, they expressed great opposition to this, but the opposition was invalid. If they want to enter Bailu Star’s protection, they must accept the fact that they will live with robots every day from now on. Before they could produce enough daily necessities for their food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, every grain of Bailu Star’s green rice, every cup of milk, and every grid of energy they enjoyed…they’re all produced under the joint efforts of Bailu Star’s robots and local humans.

Mu Gen severely punished the humans who had rioted before.

For Mu Gen, this is probably the first time he has done something “hated” and his mood was a little depressed.

That night, Mu Gen and Sigma lay in the middle of a pile of little fat chicks.

After discovering that they had no opposition to them sneaking over, these little guys took the initiative to go to their respective positions after dinner and sleep.

“Today, a total of 20 cubs peed on Sigma.” The two brothers told their experience of the day.

“…they like you. Aren’t the habits of many beasts to use their scent to mark the things they like?” Mu Gen had no choice but to explain it this way to comfort Sigma.

And at that moment, Mu Gen felt a rush of heat in his belly. While in a bad mood, he lifted the quilt and met with big round eyes inside.

“Chirp…” The little fluff, who had done a bad thing, chirped weakly, his eyes a little scared and a little nervous.

“He likes you, he peed on you.” Sigma immediately judged.

Holding two small wings, he hugged the little fluff. Seeing the little guy downcast, Mu Gen suddenly smiled.

“Chu——” with a sound, Mu Gen kissed the little cub’s head very loudly.

“I like you too.”

At this moment, Mu Gen’s bad mood due to the “sanctions” disappeared and his heart regained firmness.

Sanctions and protection, Mu Gen finally began to understand the meaning of the words that Dean Ode said.

Looking at Sigma who was earnestly helping the little cub wipe his ass and touching the other little cubs who were still snoring in the quilt, Mu Gen finally transformed his mood and psychology from being protected to being the protector.

This night, Mu Gen and Sigma didn’t sleep a wink. Together, they drafted a total of 200 relevant regulations on the asylum of refugees, humans, and robots alike.

50 of these initially drafted clauses were retained, which became Bailu Star’s asylum criteria. It laid a solid foundation for Bailu Star to become the largest and most stable rear base of the Empire.

Thanks to a night of discussion with his brother, the next day, Sigma also drafted 300 codes of conduct to restrain the increasingly disobedient cubs in the family.

Because the age of the constrained targets was too young, only one of these codes of conduct was finally implemented.

This code…laid the foundation for Sigma to become the principal of Bailu Star’s largest kindergarten…a relatively solid foundation.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿


Bailu Star became a paradise for all refugees——this incident was unexpected for Olivia.

“I heard that Bailu Star’s current Chief Governor is very young and seemed to be called Mu Gen. This is also considered a talent in the chaos of war.” In the conference room, a newly joined Colonel whispered.

Although their means of communication were blocked, as long as there are people, there’s always a way to spread all kinds of news from afar.

“But the name Mu Gen is so strange, it sounds like some kind of unpalatable food.” He also expressed his opinion. As a newcomer who just joined the small team of Olivia from Argos’ command, he tried to chat with his colleagues as much as possible to promote feelings.

However, the topic he raised this time was not right.

“Shh——” The other Colonel sitting beside him raised a finger at him.

“Chief Augustus’ fiancee is called Mu Gen!” This is a young military officer who has been behind Olivia since the Academy. Regarding some household matters of the Chief, he knew more than his colleagues who just joined their fleet.

“Ah?” The newcomer was stunned.

The next second, he saw Major General Augustus, who was sitting at the far end of the long table, smile at him.

“Mugen is indeed the name of a plant and it’s really not delicious.” The young and handsome blond Major General spoke slowly, moving his gaze to a pot of decorative potted plants on the table. In there was a pot of Mugen grass: “However, it has a stronger vitality than all plants. At critical moments, it’s food that can save lives.”

After traveling in space for too long, all potted plants in the spacecraft died. Only the Mugen grass potted plants that Olivia brought from his home were left. Although their leaves were yellow, they were extremely strong.

After chatting with his subordinates with a few words, Olivia immediately announced the official start of the meeting.

The topic was very clear: Their firepower is not enough so what should they do?

Olivia moved his gaze to a dark dot on the star chart.

In there was a black castle, the lair of the Empire’s largest munitions black market for weapons, which had a very vague existence in the Empire’s territory.

The author has something to say:

Boss Tony has lost his disguise, he’s a big landlord! Even a weapons master~

And some past events

TINA V7C211: Paradise
TINA V7C213: Golden Throne

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