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Things didn’t go according to plan and Lt. General Pei Nan broke an entire tea set when he was alone.

When Alruf was seriously injured, he successfully obtained command by virtue of rank and prestige, yes, but it wasn’t smooth from the beginning.

When fleeing Ifadia, more than half of the supply ships of Alruf’s army was blown up! As soon as he took over, Lt. General Pei Nan immediately realized that what he received was a mess. Fortunately, the Gods didn’t abandon him and they soon encountered a wave of…en, almost perfect fleet of refugees: Although they’re on the run, they’re not in a panic. There are no troublesome people and no big people, basically, they’re all ordinary people and the most important thing is——they have quite a lot of supplies on board.

This is what solved his urgent need!

It didn’t take him too long to understand this information because this fleet had already done the work for him. The staff statistics table is so beautifully done that he even wanted to compliment it.

This is a very docile flock——Lt. General Pei Nan thought.

The only imperfect aspect of this group is the number…

There are too many refugees.

As Argos analyzed, the Lt. General wanted to receive these precious materials and fleet, as well as an appropriate number of refugees, but there are too many here.

So he immediately thought of a solution, which really worked at first but a thorn soon came out and messed up everything. The refugees on the ship were no longer as obedient as they were at the beginning, so Lt. General Pei Nan had to give up.

But this is only temporary, and he still has a fallback.

The destination of this fleet is Bailu Star——Lt. General Pei Nan felt his lips twitch as soon as he heard the name.

In recent years, the reputation of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy has grown. It’s clearly a Comprehensive Academy but why does it like to participate in the competition between Military Academies? Participating when they want to participate, what do they want to do after suppressing other veteran military academies?

The most important thing is that Daolan Aofa Military Academy has been pressed down to the bottom by the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

Since Lt. General Pei Nan was promoted to Dean, the situation of Daolan Aofa Military Academy seemed to have gone all the way down, especially when compared with an ordinary academy like the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. The people’s evaluation of Daolan Aofa was getting lower and lower. Since the year before last, Daolan Aofa lowered the score for the first time, and last year, more than 10% of graduates were unable to find employment for the first time. Although they’ve arranged reception units for these undesired graduates using some means, this is just whitewashing it.

If he can’t gain any merits, Daolan Aofa might have to change the Dean this year——at the beginning of the year, Lt. General Pei Nan heard this secret message.

Just as he was desperately moving towards nowhere, disaster broke out. Rejecting the offer to take refuge at the Grando Military Academy in the next galaxy, he took Daolan Aofa’s students and boarded Alruf’s fleet. When trying to take refuge in Ifadia, they became desperate to find that Ifadia was captured by the enemy and could only escape with one-third of the fleet, but a large number of soldiers became cannon fodder to protect the students. The most heavily burdened supply ships were cut down to less than half.

Although these people have achieved great merit by doing this, it also made the remaining people’s situation more difficult: Most of the people who survived were students from the military academy and senior military officers. The remaining ones are mid-level officers and low-level soldiers and the actual battle depends on these people!

After taking over, Lt. General Pei Nan had a headache for several days and couldn’t sleep.

Although he obtained command power nominally, his opinions can’t be implemented like a commander who is formally awarded. All his instructions need to obtain the consent of others before they can be implemented.

As a result, Lt. General Pei Nan’s wish to change to another planet was rejected as soon as he said it.

“Just go to Bailu Star, I heard that it’s the safest place right now.” Alruf’s mother——Mrs. Delia gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes with a handkerchief and voted against it in a cold tone.

As soon as she said this, Lt. General Pei Nan didn’t need to say anything more.

This mother, who loves her son very much, brought a full ten high-end munitions supply ships to her son. After all, this lady’s surname before marriage was Sumei——

Lt. General Pei Nan froze and then glanced at the young man sitting next to her——this young man was with Mrs. Delia. Lt. General Pei Nan knew that his surname was Sumei and he seemed to be a direct descendant of the tycoon Sumei.

Now there are only two civilians without any military ranks on this special class battleship, one is the former Ms. Sumei and the other is this Mr. Sumei.

At the beginning of fleeing, he treated these two people the least, but it happened that these two people were the first to stand up and not support him.

“Bailu Star is a very barren planet. Aside from the Comprehensive Academy and several other elements that have combat effectiveness, the other academies are all art majors. Nowadays, when a large number of people seek refuge in Bailu Star, sooner or later, that planet will be——” He tried to struggle and looked at the young man again.


“Just go to Bailu Star. This time, no place is safer than there.” The pale youth once again rejected Lt. General Pei Nan very firmly.

In that terrible dream, Bailu Star was the first to fall.

No one would have thought that the robot named Sigma was hidden so deeply. After losing the system’s monitoring, he immediately took control of all mechanical products on Bailu Star and then blocked Bailu Star. To fight him, Bailu Star used the extreme weapon “Cansitaro”. Only after the explosion did the people understood how much the Empire valued the top Academies, especially Bailu Star!

“Cansitaro” is an extremely offensive and defensive weapon and has only ten sets in the entire Empire and there’s actually a set placed in Bailu Star——

After the huge self-destructive attack, the entire Hydrangea Galaxy was destroyed, even affecting two neighboring galaxies, but the robot called Sigma “survived”.

Although tattered, it “lived”.

And then——

Sumei Ge shuddered!

The advent of those robots was simply a mistake——

However, some things in his dream were completely different from the actual situation.

He watched things in vain time and time again, sometimes in fast forward and sometimes slow, countless times in a daze. It might be just a dream but every time he thought like this, the next second, he would see the characters that only appeared in his dream, those he’s sure he had never seen before, appear before him alive, and reality would tell him it was not a dream.

He successfully left Pendra with enough equipment before the disaster, and then…he still unavoidably became a member of the persecuted by the disaster.

“You must go to Bailu Star where one of the ten sets in the entire empire is located——the Cansitaro.” Tightening his lips, only after a long while did Sumei Ge say one of the reasons why he insisted on going there.

“What?!” Both Mrs. Delia and Lt. General Pei Nan looked shocked!

“Comprehensive Academy…I mean, how could Bailu Star have such a high-end weapon?” Lt. General Pei Nan’s lips trembled.

“The extreme weapon on Daolan Aofa Military Academy is still under construction. The reason why they proposed to take refuge at the Grando Military Academy is that they also have a set of Cansitaro there.” Looking at the man, Sumei Ge smiled sarcastically.

“But you didn’t listen and have to ask Alruf to go to Ifadia for help. I also said at the time that something must have happened in Ifadia.”

“Yes! Yes! You did say those things at the time…” Standing up excitedly, Mrs. Delai clutched Sumei Ge’s hands tightly.

Lt. General Pei Nan’s face went ashen——now they’re overwhelmed.

The first time he gained command, Lt. General Pei Nan had to go through hoops one after another.

No longer gesticulating, he just ordered the entire fleet to move quickly along the originally planned route. However, doing this didn’t mean that everything will be smooth sailing:

The terrible invader finally appeared in the starry skies beyond Ifadia.

When that distinctive-looking fleet first appeared in front of the refugees, most people didn’t realize their identity at all.

Since the opponent’s ships were not many, the star thieves weren’t afraid and immediately tried to rob them, but they immediately found that something’s wrong when the opponent opened fire. After a while, without being able to tell what weapon they used, all those star thieves were knocked down?!

The refugees in a wait-and-see mode were taken aback at first, then became overjoyed.

They wanted to approach!

Lt. General Pei Nan also wanted to approach, but Sumei Ge felt defeated as soon as he saw those warships. He loudly stopped his command and said they should retreat——

Lt. General Pei Nan originally wanted to convince the other party but soon there was no need: In the channel ahead, the refugees’ spacecrafts that had been approaching the fleet, in the blink of an eye, unexpectedly…

All became broken ships?

It’s the invaders——at this moment, Lt. General Pei Nan finally understood why Sumei Ge was so frightened!

At the critical moment of life and death, his greatest weakness was exposed:

He first wanted to resist. For a moment, the idea of using the refugee fleet as a shield to temporarily resist for a while appeared in his mind but his sense of morality and other standards suspended this behavior. After the best time for retreat passed, he found that he had been locked on by the opponent——

One after another, ships exploded in the distance, silently turning into wreckage floating in the universe. While witnessing all this, Pei Nan saw everyone in the command room looking at him.

Wait! Why are you looking at me like this? Want to see me make a joke?


His mind was blank.

At this moment, the signal light of a battleship not far away suddenly flickered regularly. Someone immediately noticed it was a message and translated it.

“I, Argos, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Guard, hereby declare: The job of Lt. General Roald Pei Nan as the temporary Commander has ended and the Imperial Guard will retain the responsibility for the failure of Lt. General Alruf Grigley. From now on, all fleets will look here for a command.”

No tokens, no real people, but with just a message from the signal lights, all the panicking battleships instantly had a backbone.

After having the officer in charge of driving finish typing this message, Argos looked a little pale.

He had been supported by people just now to watch the situation outside and even standing for a long time is still a great burden for him. After taking a deep breath, he immediately moved his icy gaze to the driver who had just finished signaling.

“You, keep driving, however, from now on, I’ll give the command rights to my assistant robot Stone. What he wants you to do, you’ll use signals to communicate it to the others.”

After speaking, Argos sat down with the support of Yuanyuan and No. 21. Little Black laid docilely on his knees. Although his body was a bit stiff, the fur was very warm and Argos slowly touched Little Black’s fur.

He is very calm.

But the people around him couldn’t calm down at all!

Especially the human in the driver’s seat!

“But…but..it’s a robot!” Pointing at Robot Stone, the driver trembled.

“Just obey.” Argos only said these two words.

After a while, he heard a few extremely low voices of compliance.

The last “compliance” is a mellow mechanical sound, which is Stone’s voice.

The author has something to say:

Robot Stone is about to reach the pinnacle of his robot life

What is Sigma doing at this time?

Sigma (his screen flickering and flashing): Feeding chicks.

Kneels on the ground——

————————Although I understand everyone’s feelings about wanting to see the protagonist and Mr. Sith, this section is still necessary. Be patient.————————

PS: For the convenience of the students who can’t remember the names, I and General jiezhanpao contributed our notes to class~

1. Mu Gen, Mù gēn,one of the protagonists of this novel, was born in an unknown galaxy in the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb, a test-tube baby of Earth descent, graduated from the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the Chairman of the Cooking Department (appears in Chapter 1)

2. Olivia Augustus, Ào lì wéi yǎ Ào gǔ sī dōu: One of the protagonists in this story, was born in a satellite rural orphanage in the Imperial Capital, from the royal family of Kantas, graduated from the Imperial Military Academy, Chief of the Academy (chapter 20)

3. Alpha: Mu Gen’s First Uncle, leader of the Alphabet Series Robots (all Alphabet robots appear in the first chapter)

4. Beta: Mu Gen’s Second Uncle, one of the Alphabet Series Robots

5. Epsilon: Third Uncle, Alphabet Series Robot

6. Eta: Fourth Uncle, Alphabet Series Robot

7. Pi: Fifth Uncle, Alphabet Series Robot

8. Sigma: Mu Gen’s brother, Alphabet Series Robot

9. A: Mu Gen’s father, the first coolie robot (chapter 3)

10. Mengmeng: Olivia’s family, an egg hatching robot from a hundred years ago, has many secrets (chapter 20)

11. White Cloud Duoduo: the ghost spaceship, a child created by Miss Dolai (chapter 29)

12. Sumei Ge: reborn, like a villain of the villain???? was killed by Oli in a previous life (chapter 36)

13. The beautiful Cullen Sea (name meaning): Three-headed man, Falorian, red spacecraft mobile restaurant waiter (chapter 37)

14. Dolai Z. Romrabiso: the famous mechanic born in Pendra, creator of White Cloud Duoduo, referred to as Miss Dolai (chapter 40)

15. Jimmy: M7 white planet resident, grandson of Old Kenny (not very important) (chapter 40)

16. Dobby: brontosaurus, Mu Gen’s classmate, master of cow herding (chapter 50)

17. Doug E. Grumman: Pendra resident, Mu Gen’s classmate, a face blind patient

18. Robot Hercules: the game robot in the amusement park that was repaired by Mu Gen.

19. Kurno: three-headed person, Chief Professor of the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy (the following professors of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy appear in Chapter 52)

20. Ode: Dean of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, unknown race, black hair, and black eyes, looks to be good friends with Dean Argos

21. Lan Fu: examiner from the Department of Mechanical Engineering

22. Blue: Professor of Medicine Department

23. Geller: Professor of the Battleship Command Department

24. Miss Li: Professor of the Mecha Department

25. Tong: Examiner from the Department of Economics

26. Goldman: Professor from the Department of Medicine

27. Mu Lansha: Professor from the Life and Breeding Department

28. Argos: Dean of the Imperial Military Academy, Kantas (chapter 53), has blond hair and brown eyes, looks to be good friends with Dean Ode 23333

29. Big Horn: the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon hatched by Oli, their child 2333 (chapter 53)

30: Tony: pastry shop owner (58)

31. Grove: the leading mecha maker in the Mecha Manufacturing Section of the Mechanical Engineering Department (58)

32: Holland: bullied Big Horn, dead

33. Gaia: bullied Big Horn, dead

34. Abil: Leicester giganotosaurus, bullied Big Horn, dead

35. Paolo: bullied Big Horn, dead

36. Sagei Yin: Head of the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, vegetable person, wife of Marshal Rothsay Tangula

37. Bray: brontosaurus who was bullied and committed suicide

38. Todd: brontosaurus, Oli’s classmate and subordinate

39. Mulland: Professor Mu Lansha’s robot

40. Levi: Secondary professor of the Cooking Department, a tree person

41. Brut: Secondary Professor of the Cooking Department, a tree person

42. Salen: Secondary Professor of the Cooking Department, cow person

43. Kerry: Chairman of the Music Department, Mu Gen’s schoolmate

44. Godot: Chairman of the Fine Arts Department, Mu Gen’s schoolmate

45. Mei Lan: proprietress of a clothing store

46. Granny at the cold drink shop

47. Brad: Chairman of the Battleship Command Department

48. Corder: military training instructor

49. Sorom: Head of the Battleship Command Department

50. Doma: Chief Secretary of Dean Ode

51. Floren: Head of the Mecha Department

52. Domra: Chairman of the Mecha Department, tyrannosaurus

53. Qiu Lin: Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department

(Turns out I wrote so many people! And this is only a part of it…)

TINA V7C217: Persuasive Argos
TINA V7C219: Side Story: Mid Autumn Festival

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