TINA V7C219: Side Story: Mid Autumn Festival

TINA V7C218: Obey
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…Calendar, Year 15, summer.

Because Mr. Mu Gen, the Dean of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, is off for summer vacation, Emperor Olivia I also ushered in his happy summer vacation.

Taking off the gorgeous and heavy emperor clothes, Olivia changed into a shirt and trousers, then took out a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator and drank it.

Note: Coke, a drink of unknown origin, the ingredients are syrup, water, and carbon dioxide (soda water), just a junk drink——by Alpha.

But even for junk food, the sales of this drink are surprisingly good! Ten bottles of soda that cost only two farads have now entered the major star-rated restaurants in grandeur, and it became a craze in the Empire with Bailu Star as the center.

Even the Padros (←enemies who invaded them) like the explosive feeling of this drink. They paid the price of a new channel just to obtain the agency rights of this drink.

This soft drink was made by Sigma and Olivia together. The reason is that Mu Gen suddenly saw the name of this drink while looking through the ancient books from his hometown one day and suddenly felt a craving for it.

Mu Gen is a very capable person so he wanted to make it. He immediately remembered his desire to revive the cuisine of his hometown and then immediately started working on it in the kitchen.

A week later——

Mr. Mu Gen successfully developed a new gas weapon and successfully applied for a patent. Aside from mechanical manufacturing and operation, as well as command and organization building, he has evolved a new talent.


To satisfy Mu Gen’s wishes, Sigma and Olivia secretly studied this traditional drink after him. Using the leftover materials from Mu Gen, they managed to make a delicious drink in just one hour.

It’s sweet and full of gas, and when they took a sip, they were instantly refreshed——fully in line with the description of the cola drink in the book!

Mu Gen’s wish was satisfied and Mu Gen’s bun shop had an extra item.

Alpha didn’t take this junk food seriously at first. After analyzing the composition of this drink, he immediately strictly restricted the amount of Coke consumed by his family but didn’t reject Sigma and Olivia’s proposal to sell Coke in his store.

Knowing the low cost of this beverage, Sigma and Olivia initially set a retail price of only 2 Farads. The reason for this price was because the Empire has no coins lower than 2 Farads!

However, veteran businessman Alpha rejected this price and increased it to 100 Farads (←Sigma & Olivia: Profiteer!)

In Olivia’s eyes, their Coke wouldn’t sell much.

Sigma’s pocket money is very small. Because Coke is a patented product shared by him and Olivia, Alpha promised to give him 10% of the sales revenue and the other 10% was Olivia’s. The remaining 80% are public funds for the family which Alpha and Robot A are jointly in charge of. Sigma is happy (←Hey! Don’t you think there’s something wrong with this distribution method! It’s obviously a drink that you and Oli researched how to make it. Are you satisfied with only 10% of the profit-sharing rights? You, a robot without ambition!!!)

Sigma became very sad again, thinking that his drink wouldn’t sell.

But what he didn’t expect was: In just six months, the drink “Coke” became the most famous drink in the entire Empire! A while ago, the dignitaries even felt proud of having Coke at their banquets. Coke is a limited product that raised to 10,000 farads per bottle in remote areas!

Don’t underestimate remote areas, remote areas also have local tyrants pursuing fashion!

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Even when Sigma was eagerly waiting for the price of Coke to increase so that he could have a bit more pocket money, Alpha insisted on keeping the original price. No matter how much Coke was sold, the price was always 100 coins, but privately, he contacted a manufacturer to expand the output.

His partner was Roroya. After the disaster, Olivia increased the control on high-end weapons. Now that their business is not easy to do and after that terrible disaster, everyone also realized that this business will continue to be like that so it’s time to change.

Just at that time, Alpha handed out an olive branch and Roroya immediately accepted it on behalf of the entire Black Star people.

The supply of Coke immediately caught up and those who had previously speculated high Coke prices immediately became unlucky. Today, Coke has become a popular drink. Although many experts have issued opinions stating that this kind of drink is not good for the body at all, it’s not bad if your body can stand it, right?! Didn’t you see how much His Majesty the Emperor likes this drink?

As a result, Coke became a popular drink that’s suitable for all ages and is still loved by people even though they knew its junk food.

After the disaster, the State Treasury was extremely empty and the Empire’s GDP extremely dropped. The appearance of Coke was very timely and its appearance brought a new route to other civilizations for the Empire. A large number of Imperial products were exported to other civilizations and at the same time, high-end products from other civilizations also entered the Empire via this route, laying a solid foundation for the empire’s economic recovery.

At the same time, it also filled the private treasury of the Emperor, letting him get rid of his image of “relying on his wife’s salary” as quickly as possible.

There’s no helping it, the Emperor has no salary and as we all know, the salary of the Dean of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is very high.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Cough! Sorry for digressing——

After telling the story of the drink in His Majesty’s hand, His Majesty went out.

Not long after, he heard the noisy cacophony of children. He saw a group of little dinosaur cubs and a group of humanoid children in front of him. Then he remembered: Today is when the kindergarten visits the Palace.

To strengthen the patriotism education of the cubs, and to increase the ticket income for the Palace to fill the huge expenditures, Olivia agreed to the proposal of the Ministry of Education. Therefore, every Wednesday and Friday, during summer vacation, the Palace is full of children’s twittering voices.

Today is the first Wednesday of this summer vacation and this group of cubs is the first ones to visit the Palace this year.

“Palace Visitation Day”——this is a very popular summer group activity in kindergartens today.

“Children, please be quiet, this is not the kindergarten, but a place where the great emperor works! Don’t disturb His Majesty.” The leader is a beautiful female teacher. She’s very petite with red eyes, looking soft and cute like a little rabbit. The voice was also as thin and soft as a bunny. Olivia amusedly noticed that many of the staff passing by in the corridor looked at the teacher, unable to look away for a long time.

This weak and lovely teacher spoke very well. After that, the little cubs didn’t say anything and raised their heads one by one, looking like they’re attentively listening to the lecture.

“This is Bergborg, the summer residence of His Majesty the Emperor. Every spring and summer, the Emperor will work here. It’s completely different from the classical Palaces of previous Emperors, Bergborg is a postmodernist Palace. Do you know what postmodernism is?” Teacher little rabbit asked with a smile.

“Chirp! Chirp!” Among the little cubs who answered the question enthusiastically, one jumped very high. Without seeing who it was, Ms. Rabbit immediately pointed in his direction.

“Chirp! Chirp chirp! Chirp chirp chirp!” The little guy can’t speak yet, but this didn’t affect the teacher’s understanding of what he’s saying. Today’s kindergarten teacher qualification certificate is very difficult to obtain. The cubs at this stage can’t transform into human form and their inability to become humanoids meant that they can’t speak the lingua franca. To communicate smoothly with those little cubs who can’t speak the common language, the Imperial Ministry of Education stipulates that teachers of this stage must master 80 languages.

It sounds a lot but it’s not as difficult as you imagined. After all, there aren’t many cubs at this stage!

But this cub is not that big and she still can’t understand what he’s saying…

The little guy, with black lines on his head, kept chirping. Finally, he had to turn on the built-in translation system on his smart brain before the female teacher could understand what the cub had just said:

“Postmodernism is packing with holes! Afro! There are also many holes in the ears!”

The little guy said in detail~

“Roar!!! Roar!!!! Roar roar roar!!!!” After the little cub, who was too short to see his head, spoke, the cub next to him couldn’t help but retort enthusiastically.


Here comes another cub with a particularly large vocabulary!

As a last resort, the female teacher turned on her smart brain this time. After understanding what he said, the black lines on her face increased.

“My mother said that the great emperor is a special fan of postmodernism, and that’s why the Palace is built like this! I have seen the portrait of the great emperor and he’s not like that at all!” The little guy paused, remembered for a moment then continued: “His Majesty the great emperor doesn’t wear holes, nor does he have an explosive head. There’s only one hole in his ear!”

This little friend is obviously a fan of His Majesty the Emperor so he strongly protested! Then he got a stronger rebuttal from the little cub next to him.

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!” He’s like that at home! He has a lot of holes!

The two cubs, who chirped and roared at each other, soon, their language went beyond the scope that the smart brain can decipher and the female teacher can’t understand anything.

But if the adults couldn’t understand, that didn’t mean that their little friends couldn’t, so it flowed out enough for them to argue. The cubs gathered in a circle and watched their two companions quarrel with relish.

The quarrel quickly developed into a fight.

The charm of the female teacher is useless no matter how great it is. Hearing the movements here, the Palace guards walked over and indulged the students in the Palace to fight——this is something to be recorded in the file!

The young female teacher’s face grew darker and darker, and finally——

With a long roar, the female teacher suddenly turned into a giant beast.

The chirping chicks didn’t chirp anymore and the roaring cubs didn’t roar anymore.

The cubs quickly lined up in front of the beast drooling at them←this is obviously not the first time they’ve done this.

“Roar…” Be obedient——

The eastern giant red dragon is the largest, most ferocious, and cruelest of the existing megalodons. Among the existing dinosaur species, it’s also the second-largest and one of the best carnivorous beasts.

The original form of that little rabbit-like female teacher…is like this, huh?

This person didn’t look like it——Olivia stroked his chin.

However, time has passed.

Thinking so, Olivia walked over. Among a group of trembling cubs, he immediately took out his little white chicken.

“Why did you come here? Even fighting with other kids. If Mom knew, he’s going to spank you~”

While talking, he smiled and patted the little guy’s butt, thinking sadly: It’s over. This kid is like me, with so little hair on the butt, must eat walnut oil!

After taking a picture of the little guy’s ass, Olivia saw another cub under his feet looking at his cub with bright eyes, uh——it’s the little guy who just fought with his cub!

So Olivia touched the other cub’s head.

This little dinosaur, who was touched by the Emperor, fainted happily.

Olivia smiled and touched the heads of several other cubs. Finally, he smiled at the female teacher who finally answered with a drooling smile (her teeth are too big to completely close), then hugged the little white chick and left.

“Roar roar!” His Majesty the great emperor!

“Howl! Howl!!!” Wearing holey pants!

It turns out that His Majesty the Emperor likes to wear holey pants——the cubs realized a terrible fact and after they entered the second stage of secondary schooling, many people liked to wear holey pants~

The author has something to say:

A long time later

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone

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Oli, will you come?

TINA V7C218: Obey
TINA V7C220: Goodbye

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