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TINA V7C219: Side Story: Mid Autumn Festival
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Stone is a very ordinary nanny robot.

Like all robots of the same batch and model, his basic procedures are all caretaker-related procedures.

The sweeping program, washing program, shopping program…in short, all programs for caring for the elderly and young children.

Since everyone’s programs were the same, they’re all exactly the same.

The method of sweeping the floor was exactly the same, wiping sweat for the cubs was exactly the same, the cooked food is exactly the same. Precisely because of this, when humans replaced them with new robots, there’s no sense of disobedience. As long as the program version is the same, everyone would do it the same way. No robot is irreplaceable.

But because of this, the cheapest labor in today’s society is robots and artificial items are more expensive.

Stone sometimes thought of his previous owner. When he sat in a chair and enters a dormant state, he would think, maybe the former master doesn’t remember him anymore, then he’d quickly cut off the idea and begin to think about tomorrow’s purchase list.

Unlike the previous situation where humans would assign him some work to do, in the new owner’s house, he had to find something to do on his own. Every robot was very busy, some of their work has nothing to do with each other, and some inherited it from the other. Stone’s work is mainly procurement. On the one hand, the supply target is the steamed bun shop at home and the other targets are Mu Gen, the Crescent Dragons, and Big White. By the way, there are also small saplings in the yard.

After he accidentally bought ingredients that the owner liked and was praised, Stone felt very special in his heart, then he bought the ingredients the next day, and then the third day…

After Alpha told him about the Master’s food eating problems, Stone quickly changed to a new recipe. In this way, the purchasing behavior of Robot Stone changed from “acting by the program” to “figuring out the owner’s preferences” and finally evolved to “reasonable configuration according to needs”.

A simple thing for humans, but unimaginable progress for robots!

Stone noticed this situation himself. He was a bit confused and a bit frightened, but after discovering that the owner didn’t seem to notice anything wrong, he calmed down a bit. After discovering that he could better serve the owner, Stone accepted such a change.

Robot Stone that always said the word “understood” quickly began to assign tasks and quickly calculated the enemy’s firepower value based on the damage caused by the enemy’s attack just now. Stone reported his own conclusion as usual:

“Can’t resist.”

“Flee before the opponent starts chasing.”

Stone is a robot, so he instructed “escape”.

“Escape? How to escape?! The enemy will destroy all our spacecrafts——” The human Commander who had just been deprived of command in the cockpit couldn’t help screaming in despair!

“No…It’s not that there’s no way, but someone must be…” The Deputy Commander standing next to him was pale and stopped halfway through his words.


“To escape, someone must be cannon fodder.” Stone said the unfinished part.

Just like wildebeest during the migration period. To chase food and to survive, they must cross the river. Across the river is a lush grassland and under the river are terrible hunters. To successfully cross this crisis-ridden river, the method they chose was to cross the river collectively, sacrificing a small number of companions in exchange for the hope of the vast majority of their companions surviving.

Now they’re the “wildebeest”, the only thing going for them is the number of people and the number of ships. If they want to escape from the hunter when their force is completely unable to match the opponent, there’s only this way.

“Are you joking? To find someone to be cannon fodder——” The former ship Commander yelled upon hearing this.

“Yes, we only have 6 minutes to schedule this. Any longer and our number will not be enough to support this plan.” Stone continued very honestly.

“What!!! You mean, our lives are now in the hands of a robot, so you’ll decide who’ll be the cannon fodder?” The man stared at the nanny robot in front of him fiercely.

Stone glanced at Argos, who nodded: “Yes, according to Mr. Ar, I’m now in charge so the cannon fodder candidates will be assigned by me.”

Without waiting for the man in front of him to blow up, Stone continued: “There are a total of 52 robots on the spacecraft, the work of covering the retreat of humans is up to us.”

Stone said his decision.

There was silence on the spacecraft.

“Mr. Pilot, please inform the other spacecrafts of this decision. 6 minutes later, all humans on the spacecraft will be evacuated. The robots will stay as a cover and all have to stay in place before the humans leave.”

The voice of Robot Stone was the same as usual. As he said, they quickly worked out the placement table for all the personnel in the spacecraft. He knew the names of every human in the spacecraft and now, he wanted to assign these people to other spacecrafts in the principle of reasonableness. It won’t affect the humans already on the other spacecrafts, and will also ensure their safety as much as possible. At the same time, he had to evenly distribute the robots on the empty ships. Right now, most of the robots here are nanny robots with no driving programs in their bodies. Stone decided to pass a basic driving software that Sigma passed him a long time ago to every robot. Now that there’s no internet, they could only do this in the form of a chip carrier, and out of the 6 minutes Stone just estimated, 2 minutes are left for this step.

The humans in the cockpit were all stunned——

Even the former Commander who almost jumped up to beat Stone was stunned. Argos also opened his eyes, raised his body slightly, and looked at the robot with his usual expression.

“Mr. Phil, please turn that order into a signal and send it to other spacecrafts as soon as possible.” Seeing that the driver was only looking at him with his mouth wide open for a long time, Stone politely urged.

As a nanny robot, polite language is already the standard configuration. Even when he became the Commander, Stone still couldn’t learn the commanding tone of a human Commander.

“You…you know my name?” The young driver was stunned and stuttered for a while.

“En, yes, all the robots here remember the names of the humans we greeted.”

“…” The driver named Phil went silent.

The robot remembered the names of humans but he didn’t remember the names of these robots until now! For example, this incredible robot in front of him…what’s his name?

For a moment, he wanted to ask the name of this robot.

But he soon stopped this behavior.

Asking his name in front of the other party, didn’t that mean he didn’t pay attention to what they’re called before?

Phil didn’t notice that these emotions are what he used when facing other humans. Now, facing a nanny robot, he would actually consider the other party’s thoughts——

Stone’s instructions were quickly turned into signals and sent out. The transfer plan proceeded in an orderly and tense manner. At the same time, the robots on the spacecraft also knew the command it was about to execute.

The performance of the robots once again exceeded the expectations of human beings. Unexpected, but still reasonable: None of the robots expressed objection to Stone’s instructions. After downloading the basic driving program through the chip, they bid farewell to their owners.

The scene of human owners crying while holding their robots unexpectedly made the eyes of the soldiers on the battleship hot.

“I’m leaving.” Just like “hello” and “goodbye”, “I’m leaving” is also one of the standard service terms of robots. They will say this whenever they go out to buy groceries or perform other orders given by the owner.

Stone looked around in silence, then lowered his head.

His master is not here, so there’s no need to say this.

“Meow~ My claws are too small and inflexible, I should be the first one to be destroyed.” Little Black took a close look at his paws.

“Haha.” Robot Yuanyuan touched him lightly.

Robot No. 21 looked at Stone in a puzzled way.

“No. 21, stay with Mr. Ar to take care of the seriously injured Mr. Ar.” Stone explained: “The most severely injured in the fleet is Mr. Ar and No. 21’s program is too old to perform driving tasks.”

He paused: “And——”

“No. 21, as a savings robot, has the hardest shell. When necessary, he can provide the most rigorous protection for Mr. Ar.”

This is a little bit of “selfishness” from Stone.

The departure time set by Stone arrived and the robots filed out. Although their appearance was still a nanny robot with different heights and weights. There are many robots whose appearance was even modified to cater to the special aesthetics of human beings. However——

The moment they left the sight of human beings, every robot looked like a hero.

Stone, Yuanyuan, and Little Black are leaving too.

“You guys…” Looking at the robots who were about to leave, Argos stood up with difficulty.


Without saying goodbye, he saw Stone wave his hand at him, then a smiley face symbol appeared on his screen.


Goodbye, Mr. Al, thank you for teaching me how to fly a warship. Driving a warship is not fun at all, but thank you anyway.

Goodbye No. 21, please don’t tell my master this news, just let him think I’m still on my way home.

Bye now…


If robots can have an afterlife like humans, I hope they can go home in their next life.

To buy groceries every day, take care of the livestock, serve the master seriously, and then…

Never leave home again.


Robot Stone stepped out of the hatch.

The author has something to say:

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone

While writing, I cried…


TINA V7C219: Side Story: Mid Autumn Festival
TINA V7C221: Precious Group Photo

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