TINA V7C221: Precious Group Photo

TINA V7C220: Goodbye
TINA V7C222: White Cloud Duoduo

The humans orderly completed all the transfers in silence. The spacecrafts selected as cannon fodders are now empty, with one robot in each one.

For nanny robots, “no humans” is probably the most unacceptable situation.

They are born to serve humanity, whether it’s children, the elderly, adult men, and women…they’re just a part of human life, just like furniture. From another perspective, human beings are also part of their lives.

However, being alone, for the robots, is also to better serve humanity.

The robots started the driving program in their body——

There’s no resentment, no terror, no fear, and…

No pain.

Two spacecrafts burst apart…

With a flickering screen, Stone said Little Black’s name silently in his heart.

Then the third, fourth…

The seventh battleship that was bombed had robot Yuanyuan on it.

So far, the companions from Bailu only had one robot left, No. 21 who’s with Mr. Ar.

They should be able to return to Bailu Star, right?

As long as he could block these chasers from here——

There are countless kinds of thoughts in his “brain” but the operation movements of Robot Stone’s hands are as smooth and rapid as ever.

His driving ability is the best of all robots, but he didn’t deliberately get hit to cover the humans like the other robots.

Their task is not to protect each other, but to cover the humans who are escaping quickly from behind!

As cannon fodder, the longer they dragged it out, the more time humans will have and the safer they will be.

He’s very clear about what he had to do and what his ultimate goal is, so Robot Stone took the driving skills he learned from Argos to the extreme.

What he needs to avoid is not only the enemy’s artillery fire but also the splash attack from the wreckage of the other spacecrafts that shattered after being hit by the enemy! As more and more spacecrafts were hit, Stone had to think about intercepting the fragments that were about to hit the fleeing humans——

The radiation range of the pursuer’s weapon suddenly turned this place into a battlefield filled with light and stardust!

Large pieces of the bombed spacecrafts drifted in the universe and more were blown into dust. The visual effect of nearly a hundred large spacecrafts shattering at the same time was extremely shocking! The diameter of the wreckage splattering area stretched for five light-years, plus the area covered by dust, this range was even more terrifying——

The smoke became the best cover for human beings to escape. With the help of this smoke, the last spacecraft of mankind also left the scanning range of Stone.

With a final glance at where the humans disappeared, Stone then piloted the spacecraft to “swim” deeply into the depths of the stardust.

There is the wreckage of spacecrafts and his companions around him.

Stone kept using weapons to blow up the wreckage of the spacecrafts a little bit and break it a bit more. The more smoke, the longer it’ll confuse the chaser.

Then, a small part of the fine dust around Stone, which he exploded using the weapons of the battleship he piloted, made a small spark.

If the smoke is the sea, and his companions’ bodies are in that sea, then Robot Stone is the only living being in this sea.

But, do robots have a life?

Robot Stone blasted the larger pieces to powder smoothly.

When the launch button was pressed again, there was nothing.

The firepower reserve is gone.

So he stopped attacking.

Passing through the pieces of debris, he began to collect the broken body remains of his companions.

Stone picked up Robot Yuanyuan’s right hand and Little Black’s tail.

Then Stone got jammed.

He stopped driving the battleship and stood up. Like when he’s washing clothes for the master, Stone moved gently to clean Yuanyuan’s right hand and Little Black’s tail. After making sure that they looked the same as usual, Stone took out a camera from the hidden compartment under his stomach.

With one hand holding Little Black’s tail and the other hand holding Yuanyuan’s hand, Stone used the camera’s selfie function to take a group photo of the three robots.

Pretending this is a group photo.

Look! In the photo, there’s Stone’s head, Yuanyuan’s right hand touching his big head, and Little Black’s tail appearing at the corner!

Who would say that this is not a group photo?!

The three nanny robots took a group photo in the cockpit of a battleship, with the background of a stardust-filled cosmic starry sky. This is truly amazing!


With a smile, Stone put the camera away, then placed the wreckage of his companions in a free space next to the camera.


The pilots in the cockpit raced against time and retreated nervously, while the ordinary people in the cabin were all paying attention to behind them.

The humans who were evenly distributed were all concentrated on several spacecrafts since there wasn’t enough space and they have to squeeze tightly in the aisles, like a stack of people. The air is not good, but no one cared about it right now. The people by the window looked out desperately, not seeing any people outside.

“The seventh ship…seven spacecrafts were blown up…” The person at the window in the stern trembled and broadcasted what he saw to the others.

“The 13th ship…”

“The 23rd ship.”

There were obviously many people but the cabin was very quiet with only the voice of the man counting.

Every time he reported a number, the spacecraft piloted by the robot will explode one more. Whenever he spoke, the hearts of all the humans on the spacecraft will jump.

“Mama, where’s Grey Ear? Didn’t Grey Ear go to drive the spacecraft? Is he following us?” In the silent cabin, a little girl suddenly asked a question.

The location of their family is not good. They’re squeezed in the middle of the corridor and there’s no window in sight.

Grey Ear is the name of their nanny robot, which replaced the parents who need to go to work in the factory every day. The one who accompanied her for the longest time every day is the robot that her family bought 5 years ago.

Five years ago, it happened to be the year the little girl was born.

Grey Ear got turned on the same day as the little girl.

In the little girl’s mind, her robot has the same birthday as her.

But whenever the little girl eats cake for her birthday, Grey Ear couldn’t eat the cake but he can buy groceries, scrub the floor, buy decorations, and make cakes…

The little girl didn’t understand very much. Why is Grey Ear not allowed to rest on his birthday, he also can’t invite other children to play at home and can’t receive gifts.

Her parents were very helpless, knowing that this is because the child is too young and can’t tell the difference between a robot and a human, but they still followed the child’s intentions and also prepared a gift for Grey Ear every year.

Some time ago, before the disaster broke out, their family just finished the fifth birthday for their daughter and Grey Ear.

“Grey Ear has to work. He, he can’t come over.” The little girl’s mother wanted to comfort her daughter but she didn’t know how to explain it to her.

“Huh, I don’t understand, Grey Ear is only five years old like me, why is he so busy? Wouldn’t it be nice to play with dolls at home with me? However, Grey Ear doesn’t like playing with dolls.” The little girl sighed like a little adult, but thinking of Grey Ear, she smiled.

She’s smiling but her mother couldn’t hold it anymore, her eyes became hot and the woman’s tears rolled down.

Yes, the same five years old, living in the same world for only five years, her daughter is still receiving protection from everyone, including robots. But Grey Ear has to bear the lives of other human beings. He gave up his life for the sake of mankind.

It’s obviously not the first spacecraft destroyed by the enemy, but this was the first time they realized the weight of the word “sacrifice”.

It’s not that the spacecraft hit by the enemy just now was due to its location or improper command of the commander since the pilots on these spacecrafts are all robots! The robot that accepted the cannon fodder task willingly!

They are doing it for mankind and sacrificing their lives!

They’re not dead objects that are just an accumulation of plastic or metal. For the first time, human beings realized that the group of robots driving the spacecrafts behind them to block the enemy from chasing and killing them were also an independent lifeform!

“Mama? Mama? Why are you crying?” Seeing her mother’s tears, the little girl panicked. Her father hugged his wife and daughter tightly and the family just silently hugged.

And the neighbors around them, who had been occupying this place because the place was too small, gave them some space to make the family more comfortable.

Not everyone on the spacecraft has robots, but these robots not only sacrificed themselves to protect their masters but also for all the humans on the spacecraft!

There’s no doubt that all the robots behind them are heroes!

On this day, everyone on the spacecraft silently remembered the robots behind them.

They might not be able to remember the appearance and name of every robot, nor where they came from, but this still affected their inherent impression of robots. This change of concept is passed on by them and since then, it had dominated their future views in many aspects.

While most of the humans on the spacecraft were in collective mourning, a burst of discordant laughter came from the main ship.

“Hahaha! We finally escaped! How many of the spacecraft piloted by those robots are left? I remember just seeing six or seven ships left, great! That’s great! They’ll hold on for a while. Tell the others to drive faster, this way, the enemy’s scanning equipment can’t catch up to us no matter how advanced they are.”

After experiencing extreme fear and realizing that he was about to escape, Lt. General Pei Nan was overexcited for a while and said all the things in his mind.

“At first, I was worried that this kind of dust would have a bad effect on us but how could the spacecraft be blown into powder? This kind of power is highly toxic. My mother said that if this kind of dusty and garbage-filled area is not treated, it’ll be harmful to the human body for a whole century! But thinking about it now, this is a good thing! The more broken they are, the better! The enemy should not like this pollution source since it’s not easy to enter, right? Ah…I forgot that they’re mechanical beings, but mechanical beings are still afraid of the wreckage impact, right?”

“Looking back, I want to propose to the Research Institute that all future spacecraft should be designed like this. If it can automatically turn into dust after disintegration, it can confuse the enemy’s sight…”

Lt. General Pei Nan had lost his mind.

Just as he kept nagging, the officer standing next to him suddenly moved.

He threw a fierce punch at Lt. General Pei Nan’s incessant mouth.

Immediately afterward was the second punch and by the third punch, he beat Lt. General Pei Nan to the ground.

The author has something to say:

The moon cakes I bought arrived, one day late.


Why give a blade with the moon cake gift box…

Buying moon cakes and getting eyebrow trimming blades…this…


TINA V7C220: Goodbye
TINA V7C222: White Cloud Duoduo

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