TINA V8C225: Reunion

TINA V7C224: Mr. □□
TINA V8C226: You Smell So Good

Olivia smiled and looked at Mr. Veni.

“How does it feel to use your legs again?”

Mr. Veni tilted his head and his shiny green hair turned to the other side. Two little white birds curiously peeked out of his hair.

“En…it’s a weird feeling. Olivia, you are so small.” Mr. Veni was the taller one of the two.

“You’re just too tall! My height is the average height of an Imperial adult male!”

“Oh! It seems like I’ve grown taller again in the past few hundred years.” With a good-tempered smile, Mr. Veni looked at the soles of his feet, “It’s painful to walk.”

“That’s because you didn’t wear shoes. When we return to Bailu Star, I can recommend our best shoemaker to you.”

After speaking, Olivia generously extended a hand to Mr. Veni and sincerely said: “Congratulations, in the future, you can use these feet to find Miss Dora by yourself.”

After staring at Olivia for about a minute, Mr. Veni bent over and gave Olivia a hug full of the scent of vegetation.

“Thank you, thank you, Olivia.”

Letting the other party hug him for a while, Olivia raised his arm, put it on the other person’s shoulder, and pat it lightly: “After returning to Bailu Star, try Mu Gen’s walnut cakes. He had wanted to entertain you for a long time.”

Under his palm was Mr. Veni’s hard skin but Olivia remembered a scene with Mu Gen here from a long time ago.

“…when I become a big man in the future, I must find a way to make all the people on this planet emigrate.” As a teenager, Olivia made a promise to Mu Gen.

Then, hearing his promise, Mu Gen happily smiled: “Oli, you must become a big man!”

“En! I will!”

Now that Mr. World Tree can finally leave as Mu Gen thought, Mu Gen should be very happy, right?

Thinking of this, Olivia’s feelings of longing can no longer be restrained:

“The rescue of the last imperial civilian is complete.”

“Right now, set sail! Full speed ahead to Bailu Star!”

Everyone eagerly flew like an arrow!

However, the road home is not all smooth sailing. Along the way, they encountered several enemy attacks and rescued dozens of refugees, as well as incorporated dozens of armies…unconsciously, the fleet led by Olivia became quite large. It had far exceeded the number of troops that a Major General is allowed to control. But for some reason, Marshal Rothsay acquiesced to the formation of this powerful army, and Lt. General Argos also kept silent about this so it accumulated into a terrible number.

Nowadays, no refugees can be seen so the spread of news has been greatly hindered. When they heard about Bailu Star again, it was news that Bailu Star had fallen into a siege by the enemy.

When they heard this news, many people in the army felt a chill.

Along the way, they have seen too many planets under heavy siege by the enemy and the fate of those planets was terrible…

Some people kept asking to settle down on nearby supply stars as their rear base, but these voices were silenced by Olivia as soon as they came out.

As the power in his hands became more and more secure, he began to make no secret of the nature of his policy.

No second voice is allowed in his fleet; no opponents are allowed; violators are also not allowed.

This is a trait that a tyrant has, but this “tyrant” is deeply trusted. Bringing so many people along the way and escaping from troubles countless times, the young Major General who was originally set by the military as the new generation’s idol has already stepped onto the altar with one foot.

His will is the will of the whole fleet;

Where his black-gloved fingers pointed to is where all troops will advance!

Under Olivia’s perseverance, this mighty army finally killed their way to the legendary Bailu Star under siege by the enemy!

The moment when this terrifying fleet appeared outside Bailu Star, the white battleship in front instantly swallowed three enemy battleships!

Cansitaro is very powerful but it can’t withstand the enemy’s daily attacks. After a month of continuous guarding, Cansitaro’s defense finally had loopholes and five battleships broke inside. After Bailu Star desperately destroyed two ships, the remaining three made it difficult for them to fight and they were unable to hold on when the army led by Olivia appeared in front of them!

The shield in Sigma’s hand dropped with a “click” and the kitchen knife in Granny Maria’s hand was also removed. Immediately afterward, there was a huge cheer on Bailu Star!

Bailu Star took out the best food to entertain these soldiers from afar and what they brought out shocked the whole army!

Looking at the freshly picked fruits and tasting the yogurt, damn! The constipation that has plagued them for months is finally alleviated! Not to mention that this time, there are complete bathroom facilities on Bailu Star! These soldiers who were born in the peaceful era and were forced to quickly grow up after the enemy’s invasion were also crying and cheering!

On this night, Bailu Star became a sea of joy!

Olivia saw Mu Gen amidst this sea of cheering.

They’re obviously separated by a crowd with the noise so loud that nothing could be heard, but they still immediately recognized each other in the crowd.

Seeing Mu Gen smile at him, Olivia couldn’t help it anymore. He transformed in an instant and the huge black beast rushed in Mu Gen’s direction——

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TINA V7C224: Mr. □□
TINA V8C226: You Smell So Good

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