ACDWL 083: Starting As A Healer

ACDWL 082: In Omileo
ACDWL 084: Miracle

I left the monster subjugation to Rodo and from today, I will work as a healer.

Like during sports festivals, I asked Rodo to build something like a tent with only a roof and four pillars, then a large cloth to cover the three walls, making a simple room.

This will prevent the wind a lot.

This equipment wouldn’t do if there’s surgery to be done but that has nothing to do with healing magic.

And I’m not only seeing soldiers.

But soldiers, magicians, and townspeople.

The salary differs depending on the type of job so there are only a few townspeople who are extraordinarily rich.

Therefore, the healing for the townspeople is at a wait-and-see.

…well, they have a lower chance of getting injured enough to require healing compared to soldiers and magicians.



(…too free.)

The soldiers and magicians at work never came, and Omielo seemed to be full of workaholics.

As for the townspeople, I heard that it’s rare for them to get treated with healing magic.

If the pain is bearable, they won’t get it examined.

Some people may have old wounds, but no one wanted to heal the light ones.

──rather, many people think that it cannot be cured.

As Noma said, minor old wounds are difficult to heal.

I thought those who lost their limbs would come by now, but…no one even came to ask for the price.

(Is it better to go around and advertise?)

Maybe heal the old injuries of various people and call it healing practice. Is that why there are no patients?

…I’ve practiced healing those injured and those who had old injuries only in the towns I’ve been to, so I’ve never used my healing power in Omileo.

Did they think it’s shady?

I haven’t even said what kind of healing I’ll give…

Or did they think that…a child used the power of Rodo to set up a healing ground?

…that could be it.

Many things make it seem like I’m borrowing Rodo’s power.

I’m studying now, but I couldn’t even use honorifics before because I couldn’t understand the language.

Even when I was taken to the conference room in the Castle, I couldn’t understand them if they spoke too fast, but I was told that I could spend my time as I like, so I just continued with my studies.

When I told Ren what happened, he taught me some.

Usually, it’s disrespectful to mix up polite and casual language in such a place, so I might seem disrespectful…

I’m Rodo’s mate so they might think I’m arrogant.

But since I can’t understand it, should I just pretend that I understand?

Roku told me that I only had to show my face.

He also said I could go home early.

He said he would just introduce us.

(Am I so great I just have to show my face?)

I’m studying honorifics, but I still can’t use them.

If I try my best to speak it, the pronunciation will go wrong for some reason.

According to Rodo, I seem to be lisping again.

I’m sorry to degenerate.



Rodo appeared.

Is he on his lunch break?

(No one came.)

Well, I also think it’s nice that no one came because that meant there were no injured people.

Is it a lie when they said there are people with old wounds in every town?

Or did they not come because it’s expensive?

…or is it because they don’t think they can be cured in the first place?

(…as expected, it seems faster to walk around town and advertise.)

If I gather a few injured people and heal them…I don’t like it because it makes them feel exposed.

I heard that people who are seriously injured won’t go out much, so I wonder if I should go to their homes to heal…


“Kou. Let’s eat.”

While I was thinking about that, I was picked up before I knew it.

(I’m being picked up and carried more often these days…)

I thought like it’s happening to another person.

…well, I know it’s increasing because I don’t resist.

I don’t say “I’ll walk by myself” anymore.

And Rodo openly spoiled me without caring about other people’s eyes.

While princess-carrying me, he’d make a happy face when I put my arms around his neck.

──that’s cute.

I want to kiss him.

…as expected, not here.


“Did anyone come?”

“Nope. No one came.”

When we entered the cafeteria, Ren called out.

But if you think about it, few civilians would go to a healer for healing.

Both soldiers and magicians have a healer in the barracks or the tower to heal them.

It also doesn’t cost money.

That’s why it’s natural for me to have free time.

“If Kou heals me, there’ll be no trace left.”

“…because, trace, look painful.”

They don’t sew it because it’s just a scratch, so the marks are clear with the meat completely visible and just covered with thin skin as if left like that after the blood stopped.

Therefore, I want to cure it as cleanly as possible.

I don’t feel like I’m losing magical power like everyone else. I’ve also never healed then get tired, so I just want to do what I can.

It’s okay if it’s free, but that way, I’ll have disagreements with the other healers.

I also don’t want to rob someone else’s job.

I’m sure I’ll take some away, but that’s why I focused on people with old wounds that other healers won’t touch.

…but no one came.


“Because it’s healing, isn’t it supposed to hurt?”

“[Ouchie]! Looks, that way.”

When asked “isn’t it normal?”, it’s not normal for me, who had never seen a raw injury until I came to this world.

“If I get injured, I’ll have Kou heal me.”

“…I’ll cure you, but, if you go crazy, I’ll get angry.”

“I don’t know. I hate pain.”

“If so, fine.”

Since I’ll heal it anyway, I don’t want to be told anything unreasonable.

But when I think about it, that’s how Rodo fights.

He won’t defend because most magic won’t work.

Is it possible to put up barriers for others like in games?

For example, strengthening defense power…

When you think about it using game logic, the settings are a bit vague.

The difference between what I can and cannot do is the same, but the world itself has a rough idea…

Not many people would think deeply about an event.

Like someone who wants to find out why they can and why they can’t do things.

Everyone has long lives, so I think they have a lot of time to think about that.

Rodo doesn’t pay much attention to things he doesn’t care about, but even the others seem the same.

Don’t they care?

…however, they do care about me and Rodo, so many people ask me various things.


“Kou is still the same.”


When I was thinking, Ren spoke to me again.

Moreover, he looked amazed.

“What did I do?” I wondered but then realized how my body had already moved unconsciously.

Because I had Rodo to feed me.

I was unconsciously eating.

That’s probably why the Fifth Corps with Rin and his friends turned surprised faces towards us.

I’m not sure if they’re surprised Rodo is serving someone, or they’re surprised that I’m using Rodo.

However, is it that surprising to eat with my married partner?

As expected, is it because the other party is Rodo?

But I don’t think it’s surprising since it’s his sweet overprotection for me.

If it were someone other than me, then I’d be surprised.


(Will I have nothing to do until it’s time to go back?)

I have to assume that no one will come.

Since I got permission from the King, I don’t have to pay rent so it doesn’t matter if no one comes.

It’s boring, but this is something I can’t force.


In the end, I had Rodo eat the leftovers, then I was picked up again and taken to the healing place.

“Kou, be careful.”

“Rodo too.”

I won’t move until Rodo comes to pick me up again, so I don’t have to be careful.

What about going to the bathroom?

The barracks is next door so I could just go there.

If I raise my voice from here, Rodo will hear me.

But when he’s not in the barracks subduing monsters, he probably won’t hear it.

…but since his hearing is excellent, I won’t be surprised if he heard it.

Even at home, he could hear my muttered soliloquy and reply.



“Kou, let’s go back.”

Nobody came until Rodo came out.

No one needed healing.

A kid came from somewhere, but he just wondered why something he didn’t know was built here.

He went home after talking a little.

Aren’t the parents worried about their children going out alone?

Isn’t there anyone who’s kidnapped around here?

Do I think that way because I think they’re “nyanko”?

Rodo said he went out alone before he even humanized…but if I had a child, I’d be overprotective.

I didn’t even realize I’m overprotective of my younger brother, Sou, but my mother often said it was “sweet”.

I didn’t hate children though.


When I was having dinner with Rodo at the cafeteria, the one who approached me was…someone from the Fifth Corps?

“Is it true that old wounds can be healed?”

Is there an old wound?

“Yup. …that’s not it. Yes. Kou, can heal. A bit, remain, can.” (Yes. I can heal it if just a little remains.) (T/N: ‘Yup’ is casual but he changed it to the more polite ‘yes’.)

I have to tell them that there are some things that I still can’t do.

“I know a person who has lost his arm, but he sometimes says it hurts. No other healer could do anything about it. …can you take away the pain?”

Seems like old wounds hurt in this world as well.


“Arm, reset, wrong…am I wrong?” (Can’t they just put back the arm?) (T/N: The ‘wrong’ is casual and he changed it to ‘am I wrong’ to be more polite.)

Can the other healers only relieve the pain?

Or is the pain mental?

Mental pain can’t be removed by a healer though.


“…[reset]!? Can you regenerate the arms!?”

It was Rin who barged into the talk.

…by the way, haven’t I shown it to Rin?

“Regenerate, a bit, wrong…mistaken. In truth, reset, difficult. Bruise, and, what was there, bring it back, unreasonable. Kou, the state I thought, just make.” (Regenerate is a bit wrong…mistaken. In truth, resetting is difficult. Any bruise or marks from before can’t be brought back. I’m just making what I can imagine.)

As expected, if I speak for a long time, it’s difficult to use honorifics.

I still have to study.

“One, left, return, still easy. …no, one left?” (If one is left, it’s still easy. …there’s still one left, right?)



For some reason, he replied with honorifics.


“I beg you! My older brother still wants to hold a sword. It doesn’t matter how much it costs as long as the arm returns. I can also borrow money from my parents and friends if I can’t afford it. Please put my brother’s arm back!”

According to his story, the injured person seems to be his older brother who was a former soldier.

“Yes. I will do my best.”

“Right away! I’ll bring him to you right away!!”

When he heard my reply, he ran away in a hurry.

That “brother” is probably still of working age.

Does the fact that he still has some regrets mean that he hadn’t gotten a new job yet?

However, this world is not kind to people who lack limbs.

Why not create an environment where anyone can work?

Even I know some people will die on their own.

(Payment by installments…there’s no such mechanism in this world.)

Probably because it’s likely to be trampled.

Many people lose their jobs when they get seriously injured, so I don’t know if they will be paid a fixed amount every month or every year.

I think it’s okay to apply the installment payments to me, but I don’t like worrying if they’ll pay or not…this is difficult.

Are there any good ideas?

T/N: It’s hard to express polite speech in English. I tried hard to show it, though I don’t know if you guys can spot it. 

ACDWL 082: In Omileo
ACDWL 084: Miracle

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