TINA V8C226: You Smell So Good

TINA V8C225: Reunion
TINA V8C227: Hamra Syndrome

Just like the Kantas in the center of the national emblem in the era of Louis I, Olivia in his beast form state has wide wings, thick shoulder bones, and black scales that shone with a healthy glow in the sun. This is a very strong Kantas.

He has grown up.

The newly mature glands naturally revealed his little secrets after he transformed. The moment he transformed, the strong pheromone suddenly burst out, and the female dinosaurs closest to him immediately transformed under his influence. The females trembled and released their pheromones uncontrollably, echoing the powerful male motivating them, and the strong female pheromones immediately seduced the males to transform——

All kinds of dinosaurs of different races appeared instantaneously.

Their high and low roars sounded from a corner of Bailu Star, then expanded until the entire planet.

Prinst was also one of the dinosaurs bewitched by this atmosphere and accidentally transformed. He was stunned and hung his head down, then saw Tatarin trapped between his legs at a glance.

Looking at Tatarin who had a dark face, Prinst couldn’t figure out what was going on either. He lowered his head and sniffed Tatarin. He suddenly felt that Tatarin smelled good, then his head became hot and he licked Tatarin.

“Ahhhh! You shameless guy!” After Tatarin’s roar, one after another, yelling and cursing mixed between the dinosaur’s roars, and the place became messy.

The people of Bailu Star were stunned by the changes before them, and at the same time, the initiator of all this quickly fell in front of Mu Gen. Without waiting for Mu Gen to speak, the newly adult male Kantas picked him up in one mouthful and with his powerful wings, took him to the place where he’s most familiar.

Even though the column on his hometown always says “Bailu Star”, for Olivia who has been away all year round, the most familiar and safest place on Bailu Star is always at home. Flying cautiously with Mu Gen, Olivia flew to the door of the house and then changed back into human form while putting down Mu Gen.

The humanoid Olivia is already a standard adult and more than a head taller than Mu Gen. Due to the legacy of his childhood, he’s destined to be a man with no strong muscles, but after good conditioning coupled with proper training, although he’s tall and slender, no one would think that the thin layer of muscle on his body is just decoration.

Olivia stood naked in front of Mu Gen, his golden eyes intently looking at him. His eyes were so enthusiastic that Mu Gen’s mouth opened and closed until he finally bowed his head with a red flush.

Rubbing his nose, Mu Gen suddenly sneezed.

“Is it cold?” Olivia immediately looked around and noticed that Bailu Star is probably in winter right now. Thinking that Mu Gen was freezing, he immediately picked up Mu Gen, kicked the door open, and entered the house.

He didn’t notice at all that he’s the one wearing less.

But…okay, Kantas is not afraid of the cold.

It’s said that the ancestors of Kantas were born in the extreme cold zone a long time ago so their genes already had extremely strong cold tolerance.

However, not being afraid of the cold didn’t prevent Olivia from throwing Mu Gen to the quilt and then covering him.

After Olivia came in, he immediately tucked in the corners of the quilt and shrank under it like when they were children. Olivia’s nose moved slightly. The quilt is full of Mu Gen’s smell and Olivia felt his heart beating faster and faster.

His mouth was a bit dry and his head a bit dizzy, but this didn’t affect his attention to Mu Gen’s situation:

“It’s not cold anymore?”

Olivia whispered.

“N-not cold.” Squeezed under the quilt by Oli, Mu Gen struggled to show his head. However, he found that Olivia quickly got in and carefully pressed the four corners. With no other way, he had to change his position and lay under the covers.

He’d been too busy recently that he hadn’t changed the sheets for nearly a month. Will it smell bad?

Ah…Oli’s voice became lower, sounding like a stranger…

And Oli is so heavy——

Inexplicably nervous, Mu Gen cautiously pushed Olivia, but instead of leaving, Mu Gen felt Olivia put his head in his arms.

Then, the hairy head slowly rubbed against Mu Gen’s arms.

Oli’s hair is already very soft but it became even softer. Don’t know why but feeling the hair rubbing against his skin through the clothes, Mu Gen trembled. He felt the hairs on his back stand up one by one.

It was a weird feeling. Mu Gen felt his heartbeat getting faster and faster, his face getting hotter and hotter, and for a moment, he felt suffocated.

This feeling is really weird. Just when he’s at a loss, he suddenly heard a low voice in his arms.


Olivia suddenly “chirped” with a low voice that was clearly from an adult man.

The sound was not loud, almost a whisper.

However, Mu Gen’s heartbeat was inexplicably appeased by this “chirp”.

He thought of the past when Oli was still a big fluff. He’d put his head in his arms every night before going to bed and chirp.

Those “chirps” have no meaning, he just wanted to act like a baby, or just to show that he’s comfortable.

With his heartbeat slowly returning to normal, Mu Gen stretched out his hand, then lightly stroked Olivia’s hair and inserted his fingers. Starting with the gentlest force and increasing it bit by bit, from the top of his head to the back. Slowly, Mu Gen felt Olivia’s muscles relax.

“Chirp chirp chirp~” Mu Gen heard Olivia whisper again. That sound expressed satisfaction and comfortableness and then turned into a low man’s laugh.

That low voice made Mu Gen’s scalp a little numb.

Must make a glass of honey water for him to drink, Oli must be dehydrated——Mu Gen thought.

“Finally home~” Putting his head heavily on Mu Gen’s chest, Olivia lazily said.


“Finally lying on my bed.”

“…en.” At first, Mu Gen wanted to say that this isn’t his bed, but when he thought that this guy had never slept in the room next door, Mu Gen still agreed.


“I can finally hold you!” Olivia said and then, Mu Gen felt his waist tightly held by him.

“En!” Mu Gen also hugged Olivia’s head tightly.

The two stayed quiet for a while and closed their eyes at the same time.

At this moment, both of them felt extremely safe and everything was great and comfortable!

“Oli, your smell is so strong.” The person who broke such a good atmosphere was still Mu Gen.

“I haven’t taken a bath for a long time, is it smelly?” Olivia said without care but didn’t mean to let go of his hands.

“Not really, Oli, you have a…very weird smell.” It makes me weird.

Mu Gen didn’t say the second half.

Olivia paused and finally, he loosened the hands that bound Mu Gen’s waist and got on top of Mu Gen. Mu Gen felt him move a bit and then got pressed down again. This time, Mu Gen felt Olivia’s mouth close to his ear.

“Smell it again, is it this smell?” Mu Gen immediately smelled a stronger scent since Olivia took the initiative to move his neck to his nose!

Warm, flexible…realizing that Olivia’s neck was in front of his nose, Mu Gen couldn’t help holding his breath. After a while, he realized what Olivia just said and took a deep breath, then there was nothing in Mu Gen’s mind for a moment. After a long time, he exhaled.

Then he heard Olivia’s smiling voice in his hear:

“Mu Gen, the breath from your mouth is so hot…”

“You, yours is also very hot.” Olivia talking in his ear made his ears itchy. Mu Gen uncomfortably stretched out a hand to scratch it but just after he did, he felt something cold.

He seemed…to be licked.

Mu Gen’s fingers suddenly froze.

“Mu Gen, I always feel…like you have an incredibly good smell…” Olivia seemed to be mumbling to himself. His voice was inaudible but with his mouth by Mu Gen’s ear and licking his fingers, Mu Gen became stiff and reluctantly said in a calm tone:

“I, I took a bath yesterday, use, using the soap given by Miss Maria…right, the soap smells good, right?”

Mu Gen must not know that his voice is trembling so much——thinking of this, Olivia laughed again.

“It’s not the smell of soap, it’s your own. From when you were 20, I always think you smell good.” In this dark and hot quilt, Olivia finally told the truth.

For instinct-driven beasts, “scent” is a very mysterious thing.

Some people will not find a scent that can attract all their attention at once in their lifetime, while some people will find it when they’re still young.

Olivia clearly remembered and probably from that year, he bought his first bottle of perfume.

Not only for him but also for Mu Gen.

Such a good smell…no one else can smell it…it’d be great if it could be hidden.

Many times, Olivia really thought this way.

“It’s all in the bed, and it smells so good…” Sniffing deeply behind Mu Gen’s ear, Olivia buried his head there.

“There’s a smell in the quilt because, because I haven’t washed the quilt for a month, and there’s…” Stuttering, Mu Gen flushed with embarrassment. He wanted to explain but before he could finish, he heard Olivia’s breathing become gentle and regular behind his ears.

Oli fell asleep.

He couldn’t move. Mu Gen, who was crushed by Olivia, grabbed the quilt with his other hand with difficulty and after finally poking his head out of the bed, he took a deep breath.

Then, he heard a few small “chirps”.

“Chirp?” It was a little redhaired cub, and also one of the first few cubs who began to sleep in Mu Gen’s bed every day. When the enemy invaded, they were locked up by the adults. Now was their bedtime and the little guys timidly pecked the door and ran out. This little red fluff and his friends ran to Mu Gen’s room familiarly, tilting their heads and looking at Mu Gen. They were very curious about the big thing bulging out of the bed.

“Shh——” Putting a finger up, Mu Gen motioned for them to not wake up Olivia.

The little fat chicks who thought they could not go to sleep were instantly depressed. Not bearing to see them like this and thinking that there’s still some space in the bed, he struggled to vacate some space on the bed and motioned for the cubs to come over.

The dull hair on their heads instantly stood up and the little fat chicks immediately jumped on the bed. Going into the bed one by one, the little guys rolled to Mu Gen’s side familiarly. With this drilling, they collided with Olivia, who was sleeping. But the smell of Olivia on Mu Gen has long made them no stranger to this adult Kantas so the little guys just looked at Olivia curiously with wide eyes.

“Get down there and sleep, quickly!” Mu Gen urged in a low voice and the little guys fell to the ground obediently.


Taking a deep breath, Mu Gen adjusted the heavyweight on his body. He looked around for a while and saw the cubs rolling wildly on the floor. He silently smiled then his eyelids became heavier and he fell asleep.

Whether it’s Olivia or Mu Gen, they’re very tired, especially Olivia. He hadn’t slept well for nearly a year so his sleep was peaceful and sweet until he was awakened by a stream of heat.

Squinting and getting up from Mu Gen, Olivia raised his hand. He was about to scratch his head when he suddenly realized there’s something in the quilt. Stretching out his big hand, he grabbed it from the bed…

“Kantas?” Olivia frowned, his sleepy eyes moving from the dull hair on the cub’s head to the little butt, and a scream suddenly erupted from his mouth: “He actually wet the bed!”

The little guy with a wet ass was immediately thrown out then caught by Mu Gen.

“He’s still a cub…the smell is particularly strong in the bed…because of these little guys often wetting the bed!” Mu Gen explained with good temper, skillfully getting a wet tissue from the side and wiping the little cub’s buttocks. Then he wiped the tail hair again. His movements were quite skilled. During the whole process, the little cub didn’t even wake up.

Olivia was completely speechless.

Looking blankly at Mu Gen dealing with the small fluffs on the urinated bed, he suddenly discovered something. Olivia fiercely lifted the quilt and when he saw a bunch of snoring fluffs inside, he moved his eyes from the bed to under the bed. When he saw the fluffy balls all over the place, he could no longer control his mania!

But he didn’t get mad for long: Mu Gen passed a wet tissue on his hand.

“Wipe the green-haired one, that one also urinates. Wipe first with wet paper towels, then dry paper towels, finally use this small dryer…”

While guiding Olivia to help, Mu Gen explained the origins of these cubs to Olivia. Just like every time they had a long separation, Mu Gen always tells him all the things that happened when Olivia was away. Every detail and every person. After listening to Mu Gen, Olivia felt like he’d never left.

This time was no exception.

After Mu Gen finished speaking, Olivia had a clear picture of what had happened on Bailu Star during this period. Thanks to his genius learning ability, he is now dealing with the cubs who wet the bed, even as skilled as the experienced worker Mu Gen!

“Since we helped him take care of the cubs when he was away, now that he’s returned, we should return the cubs to him.” Olivia, who had regained his composure, had that gentle and polite look again. After wiping the ass of the last cub, Olivia threw the cubs over his shoulder and then changed the sheets.

Mu Gen fully agreed with Olivia’s proposal.

So, on the first day Olivia went home, these little fluffy balls, which Sigma had protested for a long time, were quickly thrown out of his room.

Olivia smoothly returned these little fluff balls that were in the way to their original parents: Sithili.

So when Sithili woke up, he immediately felt the familiar heavy heat.

“Luins…you little villain…you’re wetting the bed again…” The throat that hadn’t spoken for a long time was extremely dry, and his voice was very unpleasant.

After nearly half a year of being in a coma, Sithili Rho Nashkiel, who was treated with good medicine after arriving in Bailu Star, finally woke up.

Seeing the little fluff balls by his pillow that had gained weight, he smiled.

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TINA V8C225: Reunion
TINA V8C227: Hamra Syndrome

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