TINA V8C227: Hamra Syndrome

TINA V8C226: You Smell So Good
TINA V8C228: Change

“…the blood vessels, stomach, liver…have signs of serious damage and there’s also blood congestion in the organs…” With the photo taken just now, Mrs. Bayati explained the current situation of the patient to the patient’s family.

Mrs. Bayati spoke very seriously even if what stood in front of her at the moment was a big fluffy chick and a bunch of small fluffy chicks.


That’s right, at this moment, sitting in front of her as the family members of the injured Sithili is a group of Kantas cubs. Olivia didn’t know anything about medicine so to save people, although he cut off the metal rod outside, he didn’t dare move the one inside. During the long process of returning to Bailu Star, to stop Mr. Sith’s bleeding, Olivia used a special medicine made from Big White’s chicken saliva and the leaves of the Life Tree. Although this medicine made Mr. Sith no longer bleed, it also allowed the metal rod to grow with the skin and flesh in his body. Due to the lack of medicine, it also became inflamed and Olivia had to save Mr. Sith using freezing technology from the last era. This made him insist on seeing Mrs. Bayati.

Hearing what Mrs. Bayati said, the little cubs who could understand were very nervous.

“But these are all cured and if you take medicine on time every day, it will be better.” Glancing over the heads of the little chicks, Mrs. Bayati pushed her glasses: “If you can lick him every day, he’ll be better sooner.”


After understanding Mrs. Bayati’s words, the little fluff balls immediately shook their bodies. The ones that had originally been around Mr. Sith’s bed licked harder.

While licking, the cubs chirped. Gradually, there’s a trace of blood on Sithili’s pale face.

Mrs. Bayati looked at this scene with elderly wisdom in her cold eyes.

His current injury is not trauma, so the licking of these cubs is useless for his illness. However, the reason why Mrs. Bayati told this to the cubs just now was to arouse the patient’s will to survive.

After the cubs licked him all over, Mrs. Bayati immediately asked Olivia, who had been standing by, to act as an interpreter and drive the cubs away.

“Throw away those shoes on your feet and put the new shoes in the closet by the door.” Before Olivia went out, Mrs. Bayati didn’t forget to remind him.

“Okay.” Olivia then went out with a smile, knowing from Mrs. Bayati’s expression that she would probably talk to Mr. Stih about some serious things. Glancing at Mu Gen, who was still in the room, he realized that Mrs. Bayati had no intention of asking him to go out so Olivia closed the door.

“Let’s talk about your condition below.” Mrs. Bayati stood up and removed the picture originally on the wall. She took out another picture from her bag and hung it up.

This picture is much more complicated and Mu Gen can’t understand it at all, but Mr. Sith next to him clearly understood. He was startled and then slowly sat up straight.

“Your Hamra Syndrome has reached its end, right? Have you not done any treatment in the past ten years?” Mrs. Bayati said coldly. Others might think such an old lady is a bit unkind, but Mu Gen knew that she had always been like this and she’s actually very kind.

Sure enough, Mrs. Bayati immediately noticed that Mu Gen didn’t understand so she explained it to him: “The more powerful the race, the easier it is to get it. It’s a serious genetic disease.”

She then explained a lot of technical terms which Sith could understand but after a while, he couldn’t keep up at all, and then he heard her tell Mu Gen: “According to the results of my researched, 70% of those who get this disease are old virgin men and women.”

Sithili & Mu Gen: 囧!!!

“How can you say this to a child?!” Sithili’s always serious face flushed.

“Child? Mu Gen is almost ready to marry and give birth okay? So is Olivia. They should understand this premarital physiology.” Mrs. Bayati sternly and righteously refuted him.

“Hmph! Every day on TV, it’s always advocating that young people should marry earlier and have more children. A lot of welfare policies have even been formulated. Have you not figured out the benefits of getting married?”

Realizing that Mrs. Bayati’s toughness made Mr. Sith unable to back down, Mu Gen hurriedly intervened between the two and acted as a peacemaker: “Marriage is good for both parties, especially the union of dinosaurs. There are so many species in the universe and one of the main reasons why everyone chose human evolution is actually to deliver better genes. Any gene chain has the possibility to produce rubbish chains after repeated duplication. With the platform of a common humanoid form, races that could not be combined can be combined freely. They will fix the defective genes in each other through combination and the offspring of the two will therefore get more evolved genes, so that one generation will continue to reproduce better generations…”

His robot parents had already planned it out. They will designate different courses according to the different stages of their children. Realizing that Mu Gen was about to enter puberty, they formulated relevant courses but they’re not humans themselves, so they solemnly entrusted this part of the course to the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street.

Whether its Boss Booney’s textbook for love action movies or Mrs. Bayati’s class on the advantages and disadvantages of marriage…it’s all part of the course.

“Mrs. Bayati said to believe in your instincts.” Mu Gen continued: “The choice of a marriage partner is the most instinctive thing.”

“The human sense of smell is much more powerful than humans imagined. People can quickly judge whether they like the dish just by the smell, and can also immediately judge whether that person is the right one through scent. Some people like the smell on their bodies, while others find it irritating…this is the why.”

“A person who smells good can breed them a good next generation and a person with an unpleasant scent might give birth to genetically defective offspring. All of these are possible but hard to find, so most noble ladies don’t want to marry.”

Suddenly thinking about something, Mu Gen’s cheek slightly flushed but he quickly looked at Mr. Sith.

Mr. Sith’s expression was a bit strange, he looked…dazed.

“I, because I knew I was a carrier of this genetic disease, I have never married.” Mr. Sith suddenly spoke: “I…don’t want to leave defective offspring. The Kantas’ genes are already getting weaker and weaker…”

“…so you used the gene bank to produce so many so-called genetically excellent Kantas cubs?” With a sigh, Mrs. Bayati raised her eyes to look at him.

“If you do this, you’re doing it wrong from the source.” Mrs. Bayati shook her head.

“Abandoning the human instinct of naturally combining pheromones, but using cold machines to screen a pair, the offspring bred through this method will definitely not be the best.”

“This approach violates the laws of nature and you’ll be punished in the end.”

Mr. Sith’s face turned pale in an instant.

“You might not remember, but when you and Rothsay were young cubs, I treated your illness.” Holding her glasses in her hand, Mrs. Bayati carefully wiped the lenses with her apron: “The doctor who diagnosed you two as carriers of this genetic disease is me.”

“You…” Sithili dazedly raised his head, and just happened to see Mrs. Bayati taking off her glasses: ‘You are…”

Thinking of a person’s name, his eyes slightly widened.

“It’s fate to meet you again after such a long time. I dealt with the injuries on both of you this time and checked your bodies along the way. Your genetic disease used to be about the same level but Rothsay’s are a bit more serious than yours. However, when I checked again this time, his has deteriorated and had almost healed.”

Mrs. Bayati put her glasses back on and quietly looked at the pale Sithili.

“Because he chose a partner that suits him while I worried about my shortcomings, I wasted my best opportunity to treat myself.”

“Then these cubs, these cubs of mine being so poor, is all because of me…” At this moment, he completely forgot about his condition. The first thing that came to mind is his cubs!

Mrs. Bayati pushed her glasses: “No, most of them are actually in good health, you’re just raising them too delicately.”

Hearing this answer, Sithili was stunned.

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

“Then, care less about those little guys outside and care about yourself more!” Mrs. Bayati stood up, grabbed the photos on the wall, and threw them into the shredder——this is a habit developed when treating senior officials and distinguished persons.

“Although you’re not a good patient, you’re a good Prime Minister. Live long for this country.”

With those faint words, Mrs. Bayati left with her hands behind her back.

Looking at Mrs. Bayati’s back in a daze, Sithili touched his injured body after a while. After confirming that the current pain wouldn’t affect his activities, he raised his head to look at Mu Gen: “Can you help me take a look outside?’

With a bright smile, Sithili was gently held by the young man and with his help, Sithili walked out of the ward he’d been sleeping in for several days for the first time.

Only then did he realize that this place was Mu Gen and Olivia’s home, where he’d been to before.

There was heavy rain a few days ago and the rain absorbed the gunpowder smoke in the air. The sky regained the blue sky of the past before the battle.

The weather is nice today.

Although it’s winter, Mu Gen’s backyard is still lush. A tall tree stood in the middle of the yard, very eye-catching with a group of white birds chirping and playing among its branches.

There are small white fluffs flying on the tree and a group of colorful big fluff balls running under the tree.

The Kantas cubs were chasing and playing with each other under the tree while Olivia, who is surrounded by this group of fluff balls, was barefoot. The old shoes stained with mud and blood were thrown on the grass by him and at this moment, it became a toy for a red cub.

Besides Olivia, Sithili saw Rothsay, and not far from him, Sithili also saw Argos!

One of the two was covered in bandages, while the other was soaking his feet, but both were alive.

While standing there, Sithili saw a few soldiers in military uniforms come in from time to time, and according to their reports, they’d walk to Rothsay, Argos, or Olivia before hurriedly leaving after receiving instructions. At the same time, many people in suits and uniforms also found Mu Gen. After listening to them for a while, he learned that these people came to Mu Gen to ask about the placement of the next large number of troops.

“You go work.” He smiled at Mu Gen and made it clear that he didn’t mean to intervene, so Sithili stood aside, feeling it’s a wonder.

The military headquarters and government affairs council that was once head to head are now working in the same yard?

As a result, the scene that Sithili once thought impossible to see in his lifetime was suddenly realized in this ordinary small courtyard.

And the reason for all this is——

Sithili’s gaze shifted to Mu Gen, who was standing in the house while listening to his subordinates report problems, then he’d turn to Olivia, who was talking to his subordinates while changing diapers for the cub.


They’re old and the former children have grown up.

Sithili saw another tree in the yard, the Life Tree.

The fruit tea he’d been drinking for several years is produced in this tree.

Sithili walked towards the rocking chair under that tree, but he overestimated his unhealed body. Just after two steps, his body swayed and he fell back immediately.

But he didn’t land on the cold ground, but on a warm body.

Sithili looked back slowly and then saw a pair of familiar big eyes.

“Chirp~” And also a familiar chirp.

“Prunguli, you’ve worked hard these days.” Amusedly watching the child gently support himself, Sithili, who stood up straight again, gently patted Prunguli’s big head.

Life in Mu Gen’s house these days was obviously very good as Prunguli had grown up in size. At this time, his appearance was that of a sub-adult but his hair was still very messy. Most of his body was covered with black scales but there’s a piece of fur on his belly like when he’s a cub. This made this big man look very funny.

“Chirp~ Chirp! Roar!” The soon-to-be adult cub tried to explain how he missed Mr. Sith and the reason why he didn’t visit him these past few days: The room is too small! Prunguli can’t get in!

Sithili wanted to laugh but then got sad again.

“It doesn’t matter, then I’ll often come out to accompany Prunguli.” Gently touching the lowered head of the huge cub, Mr. Sith softly said softly.

Then, Prunguli happily called out.

The author has something to say:

This chapter tells us that, in fact, Oli’s instinct chose Mu Gen (←you can give birth to great cubs with this guy!)

So the first time they met, they became good friends very happily (←Hey!)~

Conversely, it can also be understood that when little Mu Gen also saw Oli at first sight, he…smelled him, this chapter also explains this reason~

In addition, it provides a strong background for Mr. Sithili’s possible future partner——Mrs. Bayati

The old bachelor Mr. Sith was criticized

TINA V8C226: You Smell So Good
TINA V8C228: Change

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