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Olivia’s arrival not only brought a huge number of troops but also a larger army of refugees.

Due to the huge population base, there are still a large number of refugees staying outside Bailu Star’s atmosphere, anxiously waiting to be resettled.

Olivia had a good night’s sleep and as soon as he got out of the bedroom the next day, he was surrounded by an army of officers who had been waiting for him all morning. These officers are the current commanders of various corps and now, almost every corps have a large number of people to be resettled: The resettlement of refugees, the resettlement of the army, and a large number of seriously injured people have been sent to various hospitals in Bailu Star yesterday. However, the lightly wounded are still unaccounted for…they looked for the people below and with no other way, they had to find Olivia on top.

Before Olivia could open his mouth, Mu Gen had put on his jacket and came out from behind him.

Facing these group of officers staring at him dumbfoundedly, Mu Gen just smiled and then said something:

“Let’s talk in another place.”

With composure, the dozen or so officers and soldiers were invited to the dining room to sit down. When the officers were seated, Sigma put the fragrant pancakes on the long dining table and at the same time, Robot A also came over with two huge trays. The moment the trays were placed on the dining table, all officers smelled the long-lost milk!

Just when they thought it’s over, another slender robot put a variety of jams on the table, while a huge robot put three large plates of fruits…the wooden table was filled and finally, a robot came over and placed a bunch of flowers in a vase in the center of the dining table.

Very fresh flowers with even dew on the petals.

The scene in front of them was familiar to every officer. In the empire, this is a very ordinary breakfast scene, regardless of race, the empire’s breakfast basically has pancakes and drinks, with jam on the side. If conditions permit, there’d be flowers. This is a traditional breakfast scene. However, the moment when war broke out, this scene has become everyone’s dream.

Many officers stood still, tears filling their eyes.

At this moment, Mu Gen stood on tiptoes, helping Olivia straighten the collar of his military uniform. He then smiled and told Olivia:

“Why don’t you have breakfast first?”

Olivia nodded, glanced at Mu Gen, then sat down at the head of the long dining table. After confirming that Mu Gen was seated opposite him, he made a concise announcement:

“Dig in.”

As if waiting for those words, everyone’s hands grabbed all kinds of food at the same time and the table was instantly chaotic.

As they ate, Mu Gen introduced them to the various foods they were eating. What he said was very detailed, starting with the unit that cultivated them, to the energy and nutritional value of this food, and finally focusing on the main production area and current reserves of this food.

Mu Gen’s voice was very steady from beginning to end. Slowly, everyone’s eyes focused on him.

While eating the long-lost natural food and listening to Mu Gen’s detailed introduction, the originally irritable officers who had been distraught calmed down a bit, especially when they heard the end. Hearing the huge numbers introduced by Mu Gen representing Bailu Star’s various food reserves, everyone was stunned! And then ecstatic!

“…the five academies, including the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, are currently Bailu Star’s main production units. Under the leadership of Professor Mu Lansha from the Life and Breeding Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, we have successfully improved all current crop seeds and land so the current food reserves are enough for everyone to eat for six years. As early as the beginning of the production plan, we considered the issue of food reserves after receiving a large number of refugees, so please don’t worry too much about food issues.”

However, the surprise that Mu Gen gave them continued——

“…in addition, the first batch of refugees who arrived in Bailu Star were the top mechanical masters of Pendra, including Master Kenda. After entering Bailu Star, they immediately participated in Bailu Star’s mechanical transformation project. In these eight months, they have completed the design of eleven new types of battleships, three of which have been put into mass production and the other eight are currently only samples. However, this is due to the lack of production personnel on Bailu Star that matches the works of the masters…”

“…don’t worry about this! Among the refugees we brought this time, there are many skilled workers from Pendra!!! We have counted that most of them worked in major mechanical factories of Pendra!” Just as Mu Gen explained the difficulties on his side, an officer happily stood up.

“Oh! That’s great! This group of people should be prioritized to stay in Bailu Star.” Mu Gen then smiled gratefully.

With a beating heart, the officer glanced at Olivia then quickly sat down. He suddenly became calm at that moment.

Seeing that the others were still staring at him, Mu Gen continued: “As for weapons, you don’t have to worry about it. The Empire’s top weapon master, Master Tortoni Cansitaro, is on Bailu Star, and the refugees from Black Star also came to Bailu Star with their treasured inventory. Since Bailu Star lacks a reserve of combat talents, these weapons are hardly used…”

“Don’t worry about this! All my troops are combat talents!” Before he could finish speaking, another officer stood up but before he could finish talking, several other legion commanders also scrambled to stand up.

What everyone wanted to express was only one thing: Hope Mu Gen will give them weapons!

“Please rest assured, we will do our best to do the logistics work. Please also go to Idoli Commercial Street outside after breakfast since it’s now the office of the State Council in Bailu Star. The name of each corresponding office is posted outside each store and there is special staff from the State Council who’d record everyone’s problems. We will definitely make the best arrangements for everyone.”

“Right, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Mu Gen, Bailu Star’s current Chief Governor. I’m very happy to meet everyone alive and I hope that we can cooperate happily in the days to come.”

Sitting among a group of military senior officers, Mu Gen, the only member from the State Council, smiled.

Officers: 囧! Mothereffer! Turns out this kid is from the State Council!

But at this time, it’s too late to be entangled with the other party’s identity. They had to ignore his identity since the other party made all the preparations, and…the other party came out of the same bedroom as Major General Olivia…

Blinking and a little tangled, everyone’s gaze turned back and forth between Mu Gen and Olivia. After Olivia smiled at them, everyone spontaneously sped up their meal. After the first person grabbed a piece of pancake and ran out, everyone did so and went outside.

In this way, with the arrival of a large number of troops from the military, the weak Mu Gen completely preserved his rights as part of the State Council. In the following days, the Military and the State Council successively arrived in Bailu Star. According to the division of labor, everyone immediately confirmed their position upon their arrival, and for a long time, with Idoli Commercial Street as the center, Bailu Star became the political and military center of the entire Empire.

Especially the small courtyard of Mu Gen’s house. This ordinary courtyard became a well-known attraction many years later.

Nearly five hundred years after the death of Louis I, the State Council and the Military Department once again had their office in the same place and the political power and military power of the country began to move under one person again. Scholars of later generations generally believed that: It was in this courtyard that the Emperor once again picked up his scepter.

But at this moment, the future emperor isn’t his goal. His goal is to climb to the highest possible position in the military and then protect his small home. He might have dreamed of being a Military Marshal in the future but felt that it’d be something that could only be realized after decades.

At this time, Olivia didn’t think that he’d become an emperor. He only saw his own small courtyard, his own robots, and Mu Gen.

“Oli, just do what you want, leave all the preparations to me, to us, Uncle Alpha and I will prepare everything for you.” The young man with black hair and black eyes stood upright beside Olivia. It was him who personally passed the method of obtaining the scepter to Olivia’s hands.

On the third day after arriving at Bailu Star, Olivia was appointed by Marshal Rothsay as the Commander of the Empire’s First Army, and on the same day, he was promoted to Lt. General.

The youngest Lt. General in the Empire was born from then on.

On the same day, Mu Gen was also appointed by Lord Nashkiel as the First Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Hydrangea Galaxy, obtaining the right to independently promote subordinate officials and, under special circumstances, preside over the plenary meeting of the State Council in Lord Nashkiel’s place. On the day of his appointment, Mu Gen immediately promoted all the staff who were in charge of Bailu Star’s affairs to official positions. It’s fair to say that each retained their right to continue to act in their original jobs. At the same time, regardless of the opposition from some government officials, Mu Gen formally issued work permits to all robots on Bailu Star who had formal jobs. All robots with work permits can continue to work for the empire on their posts and have the right not to be destroyed by humans for any reason.

As if to contend with the measures taken by the State Council, the Military Department also recruited from the refugees after the policy was issued. For the first time, the targets of the draft included robots.

Mu Gen’s nanny robot Stone officially became the first robot recorded in mankind’s history to voluntarily join the army.

The author has something to say:

Robot Stone: Master, Master! I’m back! (At the same time, Olivia flew!)

Robot Stone: …Master was taken away…

The touching meeting passed just like that

So, Robot Stone obediently went to the kitchen to make pancakes the next day.

He baked the pancakes the officers ate.

(Going home is so underwhelming.)

TINA V8C227: Hamra Syndrome
TINA V8C229: Much Anticipated

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