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Pendra’s craftsmen revised the design drawings overnight and once the design drawings were finalized, next was scheduling the working hours of the skilled workers. Only skilled workers who are also from Pendra can complete Pendra’s top craftsmen’s designs with the highest quality. Under their concentrated efforts, the scarred Imperial battleships quickly got a new look and then got equipped with the high-end weapons from Black Star.

When Mu Gen took out the list of weapons provided by Black Star, all military officers on the scene almost jumped on him! Then, when Mu Gen announced that this batch of munitions would all be armed on the Imperial ships for free, everyone’s blood boiled!

The arms that the Black Star brought to Bailu Star were all fine pieces that even the most luxuriously equipped Marshal’s direct army can’t compare. Normally, the military can’t assemble weapons of this scale——it’s too expensive!

To thank the Black Star people for their selfless dedication, Lord Nashkiel approved the cancellation of the wanted order for the Black Star people wanted for non-injury crimes and granted them legal resident status. At the same time, Marshal Rothsay and the representative of Black Star signed a 100-year vegetable procurement contract.

Uncle Roroya was the first Black Star resident to get an Imperial Resident ID card. This rough man who appeared in front of everyone as a tough guy burst into tears the moment he got the ID card.

“My dad dreamed of getting an Imperial Resident ID, and then officially buying tickets to watch the football game in Ohad! He always told me this until he died…”

Tears wet the thin chip card. Behind Uncle Roroya, countless Black Star people reacted like him. Their ancestors, who have been black households for generations, have been waiting for an official identity for too long——

Because of their illegal business, they became black households, and because they’re black households, they could only continue to engage in illegal business. For the Black Star people, it was a vicious cycle that they can’t walk out for a long time. They are very wealthy but they don’t have a bank card to open an account in their name. Their children can’t go to school, regardless of their suitability, and can only stay on Black Star to learn about arms trading. Someone with such blood can’t join the army. In the end, most of these people became star thieves, and their names were listed on the wanted list…

“Dad, can I go to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy in the future?” Just when the adults looked at the ID card with complicated eyes, a Black Star child asked his parents in a low voice——a considerable number of Black Star residents are arranged to live in various Academies and this child was one of them. Living in the Academy every day, the little children have beautiful dreams in their hearts.

His parents didn’t react, but Mu Gen, who was in charge of issuing the ID cards, bent down with a smile:

“You can!”

“Whether it’s the Imperial Comprehensive Academy or the Imperial Conservatory of Music…as long as you have enough points in the future, you can go wherever you want.”

The little boy immediately smiled.

“But…the prerequisite for all this is that the Empire continues to exist.”

Touching the soft brown hair of the little boy, Mu Gen smiled. Then he stood up and his sight finally fell on the battleships that could be seen everywhere behind the high walls.

To accommodate the arrival of a large number of battleships, Bailu Star worked overtime day and night to transform the original spaceport. Today, military battleships can be seen everywhere on Bailu Star along with Imperial soldiers wearing black military uniforms.

There are many indications that it’s now a time of war.

“For our children to enjoy all benefits of the Empire in the future, we old guys can fight!” After wiping away the tears, he carefully stuffed the ID card into his pocket and zipped it. Uncle Roroya smiled broadly and waved his hand. He greeted the group of people behind him: “Now that we finally have an ID card, let’s go! Sign up to join the army!”

“Go go go!”

“My mother’s dream was always for me to join the army!”



Amidst hearty laughter, Uncle Roroya left with a large group of people. Watching him winking before leaving, Mu Gen remembered, Uncle Roroya once said a long time ago that his dream was to join the Imperial Military Academy. When he knew that Olivia was a student of that Academy, his eyes were full of envy.

When he was young, he wanted to join the army but can’t and became a star thief. In the middle, he became a vegetable merchant for nearly ten years. Uncle Roroya, who’s about to retire, finally joined the army after getting his ID card.

Facts proved that Uncle Roroya was born to be a soldier. After joining the army with his friends when he was a star thief, he soon emerged from his first mission. After that, he performed every mission very well and quickly became a small Captain who could lead a fleet of spacecrafts by himself.

Uncle Roroya is mainly responsible for search and rescue missions. Relying on the various hidden routes that were memorized when delivering vegetables, he successfully led three fleets back to Bailu Star (←almost got caught by the opponent as a star thief, but fortunately, he immediately showed his ID card  ̄▽ ̄). He also rescued many civilians trapped in the middle and even brought back people on a few remote planets.

Dobby was brought back by Uncle Roroya.

When the incident happened, Dobby was on vacation in his hometown. Due to the extremely low degree of mechanization in his hometown, Dobby’s home planet was basically not affected by any disasters, but it’s because of this too low mechanization and too remote location that they’re trapped and almost died on their planet.

Thanks to Mu Gen who introduced Dobby to Uncle Roroya when he was introducing business to him and because he would go to Dobby’s hometown to deliver vegetables from time to time, Uncle Roroya thought of him on his first rescue mission.

The people on the entire planet, and the cows on it, Uncle Roroya brought them all back!


Not long after this, when the seven armies of the empire gathered together on Bailu Star, with Hydrangea Galaxy as the rear base, the defensive battle against the foreign invasion officially started.

Including the newly discovered Tortland Haida, the empire currently has a total of 79 galaxies. The garrison of each galaxy is called a “legion”, and every ten legions are called a group army. The largest unit of the Empire is the “Group Army”!

Commander of the First Army: Imperial Marshal, Rothsay!

Commander of the Second Army: Five Star General, Condon!

Commander of the Third Army: Four Star General, Tramm!

Commander of the Fourth Army: Four Star General, Joshua!

Commander of the Fifth Amry: Three Star General, Emily!

Commander of the Sixth Army: Two Star General, Lin!

Commander of the Seventh Army: Five Star Lt. General, Yolan!

These talents are the real senior officers of the Military Department. These great men immediately went to the galaxy they were stationed as early as when they were appointed. Under normal circumstances, they will only return to Ifadia during the debriefing meeting held once every ten years, and only the residents of Ifadia can withness their figures. Most would never see them in their lifetime!

And now, these people appeared on a remote countryside planet——Bailu Star.

Mu Gen was one of the planners in charge of preparing this meeting. As Bailu Star’s Supreme Governor and Chief Secretary of Lord Nashkiel, the Supreme Governor of the State Council, Mu Gen was able to welcome these high-ranking military officers at the spaceport as a representative of the Government Ministry.

Battleships full of traces of war docked at Bailu Star’s spaceport, followed by big figures wearing stars on their epaulets walking over. For the first time, the senior officers of the State Council were silent.

The best stage for the State Council was always in the era of peace, while the era of war is the world of these black army ruffians——a large number of the government staff thought so.

The representative of the State Council who was originally responsible for the introduction was overwhelmed by the other party’s oppression and forgot what he should do. Mu Gen then smiled and stood up from behind Mr. Sith. He turned his head slightly, and lead everyone toward the venue without being humble or overbearing.

However, after everyone was seated, Mu Gen discovered that the seat originally reserved for the Commander of the Second Army was empty.

Before he could match the Commander of the Second Army with his name, suddenly, the middle-aged man sitting in the position of the Commander of the Third Army spoke:

“General Condon sacrificed himself.”

“To cover the smooth evacuation of the civilian spacecrafts from the Tuskalan galaxy, he died together with all the soldiers of the Third Army under his command.”

“I was too late. There was only time to escort all the remaining spacecrafts and battleships away, there’s no time to save General Condon.”

After speaking, the Commander of the Third Army lowered his head.

“The galaxies under General Condon’s jurisdiction were the first to be besieged by the enemy after the capital’s galaxy. Under the command of General Condon, 80% of the residents in his territory have been evacuated, and are currently evenly distributed in the spacecrafts we brought. Tuskalan has fallen——”

One by one, bad news slowly came from the generals.

“What about the remaining 20%?” Marshal Rothsay suddenly asked.

After a full three seconds, the person reporting the situation realized that he was asking about the remaining 20% of the civilians who hadn’t successfully evacuated from the galaxies under General Condon’s jurisdiction.

He paused, then finally whispered: “A part of the people died when the planet exploded, and the other part…should be prisoners.”

The meeting room went silent for an instant.

At this moment, the sound of a heavy object falling suddenly sounded. It was Marshal Rothsay who threw away the crutch in his hand.

He stood up slowly and stared sharply ahead. Slowly sweeping his gaze across all the soldiers present, he began to issue orders word by word:

“From now on, Lt. General Argos is promoted to become the Commander of the Second Army, taking over all military affairs left by Condon. Lt. General Fraffetal will be his deputy and is responsible for assisting Lt. General Argos.”

“Lt. General Yolan will have another star on his shoulder and his rank changed to a One Star General of the Empire.”

Facing the news of General Condon’s sacrifice, no period of mourning was announced. Without ordering any assessments, Marshal Rothsay immediately promoted his staff to fill the vacancy!

However, this promotion was within reason. According to seniority, no one was surprised by the promotion of these two people. What surprised them was what Marshal Rothsay said next:

“Every ten galaxies’ legions can form a group army. Today, the total number of galaxies in the Empire is 79, which is suitable for the emergence of the Eighth Army.”

Marshal Rothsay’s speech was still very slow, but what he revealed in those words was a surprise: If they heard correctly, Marshal Rothsay actually wanted to form a new army at this juncture!

For an instant, everyone in the huge conference room focused on Marshal Rothsay, then, sure enough——

“I declare that the Eighth Imperial Army will immediately begin its formation. It’ll be completed within ten days. Regarding the Commander of the Eighth Army, I already have someone in mind and his name is…”

On the stage, Marshal Rothsay was not in a hurry to open his lips.

In the audience, all the officers who thought they were competent for this position all squeezed their fists nervously!

Then, Marshal Rothsay’s lips closed together and said the name:

“…Imperial One Star Lt. General, Olivia.”

The dust settled.

After becoming the youngest Lt. General in the Empire, Olivia once again became the youngest Commander of an Imperial Group Army. Under the attention of everyone, the blond young man just nodded slightly and immediately looked ahead, He knew: Marshal Rothsay’s words didn’t end.

“Commander Olivia, after the formation of the Eighth Army, your first task is——”

“To fight back.”

“Take your army, take back the galaxy that Condon lost, and rescue all the Imperial people trapped there.” Staring at Olivia with piercing eyes, Marshal Rothsay’s expression was unprecedentedly serious.

“Tell me your answer…”

“Guaranteed to complete the task. Yes, sir.” Raising his right hand, Olivia gave a standard military salute.

The author has something to say:

About the empire, Olivia and Mu Gen are two great figures.

This story tells it from their childhood to adulthood.

When they’re ordinary cubs.

When they still don’t have a reputation.

Bit by bit.

They will go higher and become historical figures recorded in history books.

All this is inevitable under countless accidental transitions.


Maybe Olivia just wanted to be an ordinary rich officer who has the power to protect his family, but his destiny is to have more than that.

Maybe Mu Gen’s wish was just to be a teacher or a cook on Bailu Star, but he couldn’t.

They are constantly revising their goals and adapting to the changes of the times.

In the eyes of the God of Destiny, they were nothing more than small waves that were getting bigger and bigger.

TINA V8C228: Change
TINA V8C230: Dream

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