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After attacking the Imperial Capital Ifadia at lightning speed, the invaders from foreign civilizations then invaded the rest of the imperial galaxies through the main routes.

Starlight Calendar, Month 9, Year 402.

With high-end munitions far higher than the current civilization level of the Empire, the invaders’ armies were invincible and quickly occupied large areas of the Empire. After that, on one hand, they sent people to stay behind and occupy the land, on the other hand, they quickly besieged the Tuskalan galaxy with lightning speed.

With 38 star gates, the Tuskalan Galaxy is the transportation hub of the Empire! And also the Military’s headquarters!

In the process of covering the retreat of civilians and resisting the attack of the invaders, the Five Star Imperial General Condon, was sacrificed.

As well as soldiers from the Third Army and the Second Army.

No…it can’t be said that they’re all sacrificed. At the moment of life and death, a cooking soldier in the cooking camp of the logistics department of the Third Army drove a mecha and used perfect blocks and Akimota’s Head Twist to perfectly defend against the enemy’s attack. With several officers and soldiers, including Colonel Willard, they escaped from the enemy’s encirclement. Together with the other Tuskalans who didn’t have time to escape, they retreated to the last fortress——inside the Korunda military fortress.

This is the most useless fortress in the Tuskalan galaxy. Except for its incomparable defense, the Korunda military fortress seems to have no other merit. In their language, “Korunda” meant “transit station”, which means it’s a fortress that provides rest services before transit for battleships and spacecrafts. This fortress happened to be at the entrance of five star gates. If you want to reach the five galaxies, including the Brownstone Galaxy, the Korunda Fortress is the only way to go.

The star gate leading to the Hydrangea Galaxy is in the Brownstone Galaxy.

However, they didn’t have the authority to open the five star gates and before they could decipher the opening method, Willard and the others could only hide in the Korunda Fortress.

Relying on the heavy tortoise shell of the Korunda Fortress, the enemy didn’t attack because they’re worried about the star gates behind it. So Willard and the rest of the Tuskalan soldiers and civilians became one united force able to withstand the enemy’s invasion.

Then, 21 days later, the patience of the invader was exhausted.

Just when they locked their guns on the Korunda Fortress, one of the star gates suddenly lit up. The Eighth Imperial Army led by Lt. General Olivia Augustus slowly exited from the star gate.

After appearing on the stage, this army suddenly re-entered another star gate and disappeared!?

These invaders who had invincible force immediately chased after them and what greeted them was an empty galaxy and…huge bugs.

Olivia led them to the galaxy he was most familiar with——the new galaxy Tortland Haida.

It’s still under development so no one had settled in and it even has dangerous creatures with unknown attributes…there’s no other galaxy more suitable for hosting these advanced civilization guests than in Tortland Haida!

In the case of having weapons and equipment levels far below the opponent, the fastest way Olivia can think of to bridge the gap is to use the terrain and to suppress the enemy in numbers!

It only took 3 days to form the Eighth Army, and 5 days to cross the star gate to Tuskalan and rescue the refugees. He spent all his remaining time on the star gate construction and battlefield preparation. Finally! Olivia succeeded in introducing the enemy into a battlefield he had prepared at the last moment.

The Eighth Army and the remaining Second Army all hid in this vast and desolate starfield, using the terrain to cut the enemy’s army little by little, digesting them in the strange Tortland Haida Galaxy.

White Cloud Duoduo is the battleship that contributed the most to this battle. Equipped with an anti-scanning system far exceeding the average level of the Empire, this system was simply the natural enemy of the intruders! Coupled with its indestructible capture tools, in the first hardest days, the Eighth Army relied on White Cloud Duoduo to lure and capture the enemy. At the same time, the scholars of the Research Institute also worked overtime to study the enemy’s weapons and White Cloud Duoduo also contributed its “pure white and flawless” (←what he said) body for human research. In this way, they divided the more superior civilization and annihilated the enemies one by one. In half a year, the Eighth Army and the Second Army wiped out all the invaders trapped in this galaxy!

This battle was called the “Blue Sea Battle” by later generations, and it’s the first famous battle in the Empire’s defense!

The Blue Sea Battle was a turning point. From defense to counterattack, it changed the momentum of the two sides. During that battle, the Empire destroyed 980 enemy battleships, thus severely damaging the population base of the invaders who entered the Empire. In half a year, the Empire captured a total of 360 enemy battleships, with 1300 robots. In the process of studying the enemy, the military technology of the Empire advanced for 200 years!

The benefits of this battle were obvious, but the price paid by the Eighth Army headed by Olivia is also heavy: The Eight Army paid a total of 2,333 battleships in this battle and more than 3000 soldiers died. And Olivia himself was seriously injured in the middle so that after the battle, he was carried back by his subordinates.

“Fortunately, not insulting my life.” Olivia only had time to say these words before fainting.

After successfully regaining Tuskalan and rescuing the remaining civilians in the galaxy, he returned with the ashes of General Condon and the sacrificed soldiers of the Second Army.

Olivia’s victory in this battle proved that he was capable of serving as the Commander of the Eighth Army.

The long-term fatigue of war put Olivia in a deep sleep. After sleeping for three days and three nights, he woke up from endless darkness.

Moving his fingers, he gently sniffed the air.

Without the smell of blood and energy oil that can be smelled everywhere on the battleship, Olivia smelled the scent of sun-baked sheets.

This is Mu Gen’s scent.

“…the eye cream was used up as early as 3 months ago. Olivia often doesn’t sleep and the dark circles came out again~” This is Mengmeng’s loud voice, “You rub it more. My wings are broken so I can’t rub it on him until it’s repaired~”

“En.” Then, this is Mu Gen’s voice.

Olivia opened his eyes at once.

With just a glance, he saw Mu Gen’s enlarged face appear directly above him, and Olivia’s eyes suddenly became hot.

Mu Gen’s eyes widened suddenly!

“Olivia is awake! Mrs. Bayati! Olivia is awake!” Seeing Olivia wake up, Mengmeng jumped and walked away.

Olivia and Mu Gen were left in the room.

Looking at each other, both of them were dumbfounded.

Olivia looked hard at Mu Gen. From his long hair to the slightly dry lips, to Mu Gen’s uniform and that brown tie.

Reaching out and grabbing the tie, then pulling it down——

When Mu Gen sat up again, his face was flushed.

“That’s nice.” Licking his lips, Olivia closed his eyes contentedly. Opening his eyes again and seeing Mu Gen still as red as an apple in front of him, Olivia smiled: “Almost thought I was dreaming.”

“After being injured, I had a dream.”

“There’s Mengmeng in the dream, then the orphanage, Argos, the Imperial Military Academy, and many others…however, there’s no you.”

“In my dream, I went to the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb.”

“Like a bystander, I stood beside myself in the dream and shouted for a long time to not leave, to stay in place for a while, but I never saw you come. Then I left.”

“…I encountered White Cloud Duoduo and was taken to the Imperial Military Academy. I met a lot of people, but…there’s never you.”

“Without you, there’s no First Uncle, Dad Xiao A…”

“Without you helping me bribe Argos, I was bullied by bad boys in the Academy.”

Staring at Mu Gen, Olivia quietly told him his dream. Mu Gen saw tears seep from those golden eyes.

“And then?” Mu Gen softly asked.

“Then…I was still victorious and I knocked down those who bullied me.” He actually killed them and killed them by cruel means.

When Mu Gen’s face was in his eyes, Olivia didn’t elaborate.

“And then?” Mu Gen urged him to continue.

“Then I became a big villain that everyone hates.”

“Mengmeng died and then, I’m really the only one left.”

The tears finally condensed into a big teardrop, rolling down from the golden eyes and landing on the back of Mu Gen’s hand.

“I want to leave that dream, but I can’t no matter what. After too long in that dream, that dream became too real, as if you’re just a dream I had.”

“Living in a world where you’re not there, I wanted to die every day.”


Olivia wanted to continue, but suddenly felt a dull pain in his fingers.

Beyond his blurry tearful eyes, Olivia saw that his finger was picked up by Mu Gen from some unknown time, and at this moment, Mu Gen was biting his index finger between his teeth.

After grinding hard, Mu Gen released Olivia’s finger. Looking at the tooth print on it, Mu Gen seriously asked:

“Does it hurt?”

“…not really…maybe take another bite?” Olivia hesitated.

“But my tooth hurts.” Speaking solemnly and looking down to see Olivia still looking at him stubbornly, Mu Gen stretched out a finger and gently placed it on Olivia’s mouth.

“If you don’t believe I’m real, you can bite me.”

After staring at Mu Gen’s finger for a long time, Olivia wasn’t willing to attack it in the end, but he was unwilling to let it go so easily, so he stretched out a hand and firmly held that finger. Then Olivia closed his eyes.

The author has something to say:

I wrote this chapter twice, and finally decided not to describe the invader

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    1. Mu Gen died or was never born in the past so the alphabet series robots didn’t meet him. Basically, he never existed in that reality.

      1. Nope. I just read between the lines since the past timeline wasn’t clearly explained and only described through Sumei Ge and Olivia’s dreams. This is just the conclusion I came to since the other robots surfaced but Mu Gen didn’t.

      2. But if the alphabet series still went to Mu Gen’s planet and Mu Gen never existed, all of them would have self-destructed. How come Sumei Ge knows Sigma? So, I’m thinking it has to be the alphabet series. 😅 Unless you actually said a spoiler that’s revealed in the later chapters.

    2. I imagine that in the original timeline, they missed each other. Mu Gen still met the alphabet robots, but because they never met oli, they never knew of the ghost ship and never met baiyun duoduo. Because of that, they would never go and meet Ms dolai. without meeting Ms dolai, alpha and the other robots would be destroyed on the way to sending mu gen to school. Sigma, being mu gen’s little brother, wasn’t dismantled to a large extent so while the other became completely insalvagable, he stayed with mu gen.
      as for how they lead their future school life, without his uncles helping, mu gen probably never got to the comprehensive academy, and because he was still innocent, he was vulnerable to others’ schemes and etc. 🙁
      in other words, mu gen had a tough life too

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