TINA V8C231: Gifting Arms

TINA V8C230: Dream
TINA V8C232: Kala Prison

Olivia fell asleep sweetly.

“He’s just too tired. The physical injury is nothing, just soak in the repair liquid for a day and it’ll be better. Prepare more food, he’ll be very hungry when he wakes up again.” After opening the quilt and examining Olivia’s wounds, Mrs. Bayati immediately covered him with the quilt.

Olivia was pinching Mu Gen’s small paws under the quilt.

Looking at the hands of the two young men then looking at Mu Gen: “As for you, do you want me to prescribe some medicine for the wound on your mouth?”

Covering his upper lip with his fingers and coughing softly, Mu Gen embarrassingly said: “Don’t waste it…”

Mrs. Bayati smiled and walked away.

There were only two of them left in the room. Mu Gen lowered his head and quietly stared at Olivia.

When he fell asleep this time, Olivia obviously slept better than before. He slept so good that his mouth opened and a drop of saliva appeared on the corner of his mouth.

So Mu Gen laughed.

Reaching out, he gently pushed Olivia’s sweaty bangs to the side. Just when he was worried about how to pull his fingers from Olivia’s domineering palm without a trace, the door was suddenly knocked open.

Yes, “knocked” open. The solid wood panel, which was rarely seen these days, hit the wall with a bam.

Mu Gen hurriedly turned his head and at a glance, he saw the fluffy little chicks at the door. Several pairs of eyes blinked at him and Mu Gen realized that it was time for the group of cubs to take a nap.

“Come.” He waved to the little chicks. When they walked to the bed, Mu Gen familiarly picked up a little red-haired cub at the lead, quickly pulled his finger back, and then stuffed the little red wings into Olivia’s palm.

Putting the other little cubs into the quilt, Mu Gen patted the little heads with different colors.

“Be obedient and sleep with Brother Oli, okay?”

Then, the little chicks agreed.

Smiling gently at them, Mu Gen pressed down the quilt for the Kantas and left the bedroom immediately.

As he stepped out, Mu Gen’s expression quickly changed.

“Sir Mu Gen, the rehabilitation of the wounded soldiers in my team is about——”

“Sir Mu Gen, Lt. General Argos seized our resources!”

“The new refugees…”




Countless people immediately surrounded him, those in military uniforms, and those who aren’t…

He’s not like Olivia who got promoted at such an astonishing speed, and he didn’t make great contributions once he got promoted, but Mu Gen penetrated the core of the two departments with a very soft approach.

Although he’s young, he can now be called “Sir” (←Note: One of the honorary titles for senior officials of the Government Administration Council).

“Don’t worry, why don’t we talk slowly while drinking tea?” With a slight smile, Mu Gen glanced at the side. Robot Beta was already on standby along with Dad Xiao A with a heavy tea tray.

All their attention was caught by the smell of tea and the group of officials immediately followed Mu Gen to the backyard, dazed. The location of the original tea room has now become a large meeting room, where most of Mu Gen’s daily official duties are carried out.

A group of officials sat on both sides of the conference table while Mu Gen sat in the middle. Robot Beta sat behind Mu Gen as his secretary and bodyguard. Since Mu Gen was threatened at a previous meeting, Uncle Beta took over this task very consciously.

But now, no one dares to throw a table at Mu Gen.

Under the misty fragrance of tea, Mu Gen began to answer the visitors’ questions one by one. Behind him, Robot Beta’s pen flew and carefully recorded every sentence of their conversation.

While Robot Xiao A returned with the tea tray after placing the tea.

The little Life Tree in the yard was now a bit bald.

Seems like I will have to add a bit of Mugen grass to the tea in the future, Mu Gen said that Mugen grass tea is also delicious——Robot Xiao A thought, and then saw Sigma and Stone next to the one-horned beasts.

There are more than the two robots over there, but Xiao A knows only two of them. He didn’t recognize the remaining robots with missing arms and legs.

At this moment, Robot Stone is dumbly standing to the side while Sigma, with a full set of tools next to him, is busy working on a robot with no arms. Several one-horned beasts were lying lazily on the side, looking at them.

These robots are the robots that joined the military with Robot Stone. After Stone became the first to sign up for the military, don’t know if he became the role model, but later, some robots also joined the military. Due to their small number and special identities, they’re organized into a small team. Stone became their Captain and they were grouped into a small team on White Cloud Duoduo.

Unlike Stone who had been replaced with the highest grade metal, most robots still had their original shells. In addition, many robots were installed with military programs after joining the military. During the half-year battle, many robots were inevitably injured. As the Captain, Robot Stone brought them all home. With the two masters busy managing things every day, and one even fell into a coma after an injury, Stone found Sigma (← Sigma has always been responsible for replacing the bulbs in the house as well as replacing all kinds of broken machines).

Sigma, who was cleaning the poop of the dragon brood, was just pulled out to be a doctor ~\(≧▽≦)~

“The screw inside your arm should be replaced, otherwise, it will easily break next time.” Often watching Mrs. Bayati’s medical treatment and occassionally working as a nurse, Sigma learned very well.

“Yes.” It’s a pity that his sick patient is boring.

“But I don’t have new screws.” The robot added later.

Unlike Mu Gen’s robots, the other robots have no property of their own. What they have is their own body and in many cases, their body is not their own.

Unlike Stone, these robots that joined the military were all robots that “have to join the military”.

They’re either robots of public institutions (←the place where they worked before was destroyed in the disaster), or robots that have lost their owners (←separated from the owner, abandoned by the owner, or the owner has died). Aside from joining the military, there’s no better place for these robots.

Although Robot Stone has learned to drive a spacecraft and even managed it through a unique operating procedure, he’s still a robot after all. Facing other humans who are striving to win various resources for themselves and their subordinates, the only way he could think of was to bring his “subordinates” to his home and find the unlicensed doctor Sigma to “see” them.

But because of this, these robots can’t even take out a replacement screw.

Sigma got stuck. After hesitating, he decided to take out the good screws he treasured. The things that can be cherished by Sigma are all good things ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿ and those screws were given to him by Boss Booney when he was still alive!

Thinking of the long-gone Boss Booney, Sigma got stuck again.

Right now, there are only three screws made by Boss Booney, and he needed one…

Just as Sigma was about to open his belly and take the screws from it, an officer in the conference room came out after talking to Mu Gen.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of officers coming in and out of the house every day, so the robots from Mu Gen’s house are now familiar. However, this human officer walked straight towards them after looking at them for a while!

Taking a look at the robot being repaired by Sigma, the officer suddenly asked: “What happened?”

“His arm is broken and the screw inside is old. It needs to be replaced, but he doesn’t have spare screws.” Sigma replied cleverly in place of the “wounded” robot that hadn’t reacted yet.


The human officer was gone!

After leaving, Sigma continued to turn his belly. Just when he finally found the correct screw, the officer came back from outside.

Reaching out his hand, the officer revealed a metal box with military packaging in his palm. Sigma took it and opened it, and there was a row of brand new screws inside! There are various sizes neatly arranged according to the size of the model! It’s even a military model!

“For him.” The officer bluntly said.

He then took out another metal box from behind and placed the box directly in front of the robot. The human officer said again: “This is for you too.”

After saying that, he turned and left.

The robot without an arm stood blankly for a while, then opened the box on the ground. Inside was a large piece of Locke metal inside. This is one of the best materials currently available for military robots!

“You can make two arms and one leg with this!” Sigma immediately estimated: “Do you know that person?”

He immediately asked.

The robot without arms thought about it seriously and then nodded: “Yes, he’s a human officer on the same battleship as us.”

After a long period of half a year, the army inevitably faced a shortage of food. It’s fine for robots but the humans had to eat. In this case, Olivia’s logistics material distribution officer had to minimize the food ration for each officer and soldier.

The human officer was a “senior officer” and didn’t command the robots. They usually wouldn’t meet but once, the robot had an intersection with the aloof human officer:

When the food ration was at its lowest, the officer gave his food to his hungry subordinates, and then one day, he fainted.

The robot just passing by saw this scene and stuffed a piece of candy hidden in his body into the man’s mouth.

Then it left.

This memory was quickly recalled in the “brain” but the robot without an arm didn’t tell the story.

“He’s a good man.” So Sigma, who didn’t know the truth, sent a good person card to that human.

“En, a good human being.” The robot with the broken arm agreed.

“Now that you have such good metal, I’ll rework it for you, okay?” Sigma immediately became busy: “Big Horn, can you lend me a cut of your nails?”


“Thank you.”

The scene that happened in the small courtyard of Mu Gen’s house was very inconspicuous but it meant that the robots and humans in the military had begun to accept each other.

Using the nails contributed by Big Horn and the other scraps from the other one-horned beasts, Sigma made the metal that the human officer sent to the robot stronger and more durable. The robot looked very happy after installing the new arms.

“It won’t break even if you use it for ten years!” Sigma promised at that time.

The robot nodded and waved two arms to bid him farewell.

Then, after the second expedition, he never came back.

To cover a human about to be hit by enemy fire, he sacrificed himself.

The two brand new metal arms were intact, however, the enemy hit the chest.

The author has something to say:

How to say it, I hope to describe this war from a side perspective.

I want to pass every ordinary person who is deep in the war and from their perspective, tell what they have experienced.

I want to let everyone think about what might have happened in that war.

Fierce and tragic

I want to write the shadows behind it.

TINA V8C230: Dream
TINA V8C232: Kala Prison

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