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In Month 3, Year 403, after a short rest, Olivia led the army again. At this point, all the remaining group armies have been dispatched except for the First Imperial Army left behind on Bailu Star responsible for daily defense. This time, robot soldiers were also added to the Third Army and Fourth Army.

Starlight Calendar, Month 5, Year 403.

The invaders who had their first defeat in Tuskalan quickly counterattacked and used super weapons to destroy important routes in the Fanila Galaxy. The Third Army, which was performing a recovery mission in Fanila, suddenly turned from superior to extremely disadvantaged! The officers and soldiers of the Third Army fought bravely against the invaders, unafraid of sacrificing themselves. After all the food and energy were consumed, they sacrificed their lives to defend the country with their flesh and blood!

The Commander of the Imperial Third Army, Four Star General Tramm, died in this battle, along with his bodyguards!

All the remaining soldiers of the Third Army persisted for three months after this extremely bad situation. During these three months, a large number of human officers and soldiers suffered numerous casualties. In the last month, only the robot soldiers in the army are still capable of fighting the enemy.

It was under the brave resistance of these robots day and night that the Third Army finally received rescue!

Under the ambush attacks of the Second Army and the Eighth Army, Fanila’s invaders steadily retreated. The empire annihilated 80% of the enemies in this starfield, and the remaining remnants fled into other starfields using the star gates.

The Empire’s loss in this battle was enormous. The number of soldiers killed in the Third Army exceeded one-half of their total number. Their Commander was also killed and the Empire lost an important route.

However, the benefits of this battle were also huge.

This battle called the “Battle of Fanila” lasted four months. During these four months, due to the stubborn resistance of the Third Army, the invaders sent reinforcements three times. The enemy fleets originally planned to attack the Second and Eighth Army of the neighboring galaxy were also temporarily dispatched here. And because the Third Army successfully attracted the main enemy force, the Second and Eighth Army evacuated all the trapped civilians in the four nearby galaxies in those precious four months, then rescued the last viable force of the Third Army, finally winning the Battle of Fanila.

Starlight Calendar, Month 8, Year 404.

After occupying the Kalalion Galaxy, the invaders implemented genocidal destruction of all humans in the galaxy.

The invaders cut all routes behind Kalalion Galaxy at the same time and with that, the Fourth and Seventh Army lost contact with the Empire.

This day became the National Humiliation Day of the Empire.

Starlight Calendar, Month 11, Year 404.

The weapons master Cansitaro and mechanical craftsman Kenda joined forces to create an extreme weapon aimed at mechanical life. After being verified to be effective, a large number was produced and assembled to the sniper fleet of various army groups for the first time.

Starlight Calendar Month 13, Year 404.

The Empire’s Second Army, Fifth Army, and Eighth Army fought the invaders in the Kalalion Galaxy. In this battle, the Empire used the new weapons for the first time. The battle lasted for 43 days and annihilated 2342 enemy battleships. Kalalion once again became part of the Empire.

After this battle, the enemy’s strength fell for the first time to a quarter of the Empire’s strength. Even when the technological level of the enemy and theirs was very different, the combat power of the Empire surpassed the enemy for the first time! At the same time, after taking back the territory, the Fifth Army stayed at Kalalion. The Second and Eighth Army merged smoothly with the Fourth and Seventh Army behind the star gate. The four armies then cooperated to achieve a victory at the Battle of Angef later!

It was because of this great victory that the invaders were torn apart in the Empire’s starfields and the enemy’s strength was further weakened.

“Hey! Why are you running so slow!? Go to your place!!!” On a small battleship of the Fifth Army, a human Captain was shouting. The target of his roar was a robot, a very tall robot.

Many human soldiers are running around this robot, but he’s the only robot.

There are reasons for this: After the Battle of Fanila, almost all armies were equipped with robot soldiers. After the appearance of the first robots who sacrificed themselves to cover for the human officers, the interaction between human soldiers and robot soldiers began to increase. To ensure balance, human soldiers and robot soldiers are no longer separately cataloged but mixed. However, since there aren’t as many robots as humans in the army, it’s already good to have one robot in a fleet.

“Hurry up! Quick! Quick! Quick!” The human Captain yelled, but it’s not just aimed at this big robot, uh…his character was probably originally like this.

“You bastards! Don’t think I only mentioned him!” He kicked the human soldier sitting next to the robot fiercely. The human Captain didn’t mean to stay still at all.

But it’s no wonder that he’s so anxious. This is a weapon supply ship loaded with new types of shells specially designed to deal with the enemy. Because this shell is extremely sensitive, it needs to be filled with some ingredients manually before launching so a firepower supply battalion dedicated to filling weapons came into being.

This human Captain is not only scolding others but also doing it himself. Moreover, though he looks tall, big, and thick, his hands are very dexterous.

In contrast, the robot next to him seemed even more sluggish.

“Huh? What’s the matter with your hand?” Soon after filling the ammunition in front of him, the robot’s Captain frowned and looked at the slow robot beside him, but his sharp eyes saw the traces of erosion on the pair of mechanical hands.

“This…” Before the slow robot had time to explain, the human Captain immediately understood.

“Right! This kind of weapon is specially designed to deal with mechanical species, and you’re also considered a mechanical species, so this kind of cannonball affects you too.” Talking to himself, the human Captain squeezed the robot aside and sat in his place, replacing him.

“I…” The tall robot stood by helplessly.

“What? This thing is bad for you but I didn’t think about it, so this is my fault. Go and find a mechanic at the back to help repair your hands.” The human Captain didn’t avert his eyes as his hands quickly filled the shells.

“…yes.” Standing in place for a while, the robot trotted to the back. After repairing his hands, he ran back and had nothing to do. Unable to access the filler, he stood aside and helped pass the gun barrels. Humans could tire but robots won’t, so he had been standing here and taking charge of passing the gun barrels like this until the end of the battle.

Then they won.

All humans were very happy, but the robots feel nothing. It doesn’t matter if the humans drink and celebrate, the tall robot has to stand alone.

“Hey! We won, why aren’t you reacting at all?” But the drunk Captain came over to talk to him.

“I…” The robot got stuck.

“Oh, forgot you’re a robot, don’t you know what happiness is?” He patted his head, and the human Captain immediately understood the reason.

So the tall robot stopped in place again.

He thought, this person must be leaving again.

But to his surprise, the human officer didn’t leave. After two more sips of wine, he shook his head and said:

“What’s your name? I remember it’s very long.”

“Report, my name is cisso78000156947.” The robot who only got scolded every day had someone to chat with for the first time, so the tall robot immediately said his name.

“Damn! What name is that? Is it the model?” The human Captain spat out his sip of wine: “If I want to scold you in the future, do you want me to shout such a long list of numbers? That’s too cunning okay?”

The tall robot: …

He’s a robot that had just left the factory and encountered an unprecedented disaster before being sold. He chose to join the military since he had no master, so in this case, no one would name him at all. This human being is right, this string of numbers is simply his model.

But even so, he wanted to be called by his name.

Having been in the army for so long, no human had ever called him by name.

It turned out…his name was too long?

The robot dropped his big head.

“Your name is too long to call out, can I change your name?” Just when the robot was silent, the human Captain suddenly spoke:

“Isn’t this the Battle of Kalalion? Then I’ll call you Kala from now on, simple and easy to remember.”

The robot hurriedly raised his head, and the human officer’s bold smile was immediately reflected on his screen.

Since then, a robot named “Kala” has been added to this battleship. Probably since the name was really simple and easy to remember, gradually, everyone on the battleship knew his name. There are also more and more human soldiers chanting his name on the battleship every day.

“Kala! Come and help me with this!”

“Kala, see if there’s any coagulant in the warehouse!”



He was commanded to go round and round every day, but the robot Kala finally merged into this large group of humans.

They chased the enemy together and ran away together. Kala helped several soldiers withstand an attack and was repaired by humans after his body was damaged.

During the long battle, there were several scars on his human companions and also several colorful patches on Kala’s silver-white body.

But they’re always together.

New soldiers would join in but Kala had become a “senior”.

Although every day is dangerous, every day is also very “happy”.

Yes, Kala now knows what “happiness” is.

From the ignorant robot who understood nothing, Kala is now a robot with a lot of knowledge and familiarity with human emotions. Occassionally, when they reorganized in Bailu Star and he went to the Robot Soldier Repair Center for maintenance, he could also teach newcomers to the military the relevant experience of “how to integrate into the human group”!

Kala, who was overhauled and returned to the barracks, was very happy.

For Kala right now, compared to the robots in the maintenance department, the humans he’d been with on the same battleship for this long were even more like his companions.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t have a master, he has a companion, many, many companions.

Together with his human companions, Kala once again boarded the battleship that was on the expedition.

“Every time you go out, it’s like drawing a ghost card. We might die if we draw the ghost card.” This is the mantra of the human officers on the battleship, and Kala had listened to it many times.

Kala’s luck has been very good. Although he had many patches on his body, he had never died.

But this time, his good fortune seemed to have come to an end——Kala won the “ghost card”.

Kala suddenly couldn’t move.

It was an extremely strange feeling. His body was clearly moving, but it’s like he can’t control it.

Is this what the predecessor robots say “infected with a virus”? The robot Kala thought, but he thought it was strange: “Infected with a virus” should be an accident that could only happen when robots could freely connect to the central brain so how could he have a virus in this situation?

Until he heard another voice in his “brain”.

“Oh~ Are you an indigenous robot here? You’re obviously a more advanced life form, why should you help these lower life forms to fight?”

Kala finally realized: I was invaded.

What the Empire had been fearing finally happened.

In Month 6, Year 406 of the Starlight Calendar, the first case of mechanical life invading a native robot occurred in the Empire.

This is exactly what the empire had been worried about for a long time and because of this hidden danger, there were so many large-scale robot destruction incidents in the beginning. However, when this event really happened, it’s not as extreme and intense as the imperial people had once imagined.

When Kala, the first robot to be invaded, discovered that he was invaded, he destroyed his body and with only just his chip, he used his body as a cage to lock the intruder firmly in it.

For the first time, the Empire caught these invaders who claimed to be “only spiritual that can live forever”.

The robot Kala disappeared and at the cost of his own existence, he made the greatest contribution since joining the military. With his sacrifice, the Empire finally vaguely grasped the correct way to fight these invaders.

The author has something to say:

Only robots can fight these invaders with mechanical lifeforms.

But robots are a double-edged sword.

TINA V8C231: Gifting Arms
TINA V8C233: Chirp Chirp Chirp

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