TINA V8C233: Chirp Chirp Chirp

TINA V8C232: Kala Prison
TINA V8C234: Mu Gen's Discovery

After nearly a hundred large computers were destroyed by the other party, the experts of the Research Institute finally cracked some information before the other party self-destructed. This information was not good news for the Empire. Once exposed, it will cause unnecessary panic and weakness among a considerable number of people. While the two, the Military and the State Council, argued about whether to publish this information, the Chief Executive of the State Council, Sithili Rho Nashkiel, against all disagreements, decided to publish this information to the public.

“These invaders are the Uabisi, a seventh-level civilization. According to the cosmic civilization rating scale recorded by the other party, our civilization level is approximately between the fourth and fifth civilization levels.”

When the level difference between the two sides was announced, all the people waiting in front of the screen booed at the same time: They knew that the other party’s more technologically advanced than their own, but they don’t know it’s that advanced!

This…how can they fight with this? Just as some people worried about, quite a few people panicked!

At this moment, Nashkeil continued to speak:

“The Uabisi are living entities that have escaped their forms and live in the world as life energy entities. According to records in the captive’s brain, in many advanced civilizations, humans exist in this form.”

“They are immortal, and as long as they have a carrier, they can resurrect no matter how many times we destroy them. To some extent, they have achieved immortality…”

If the civilization level just now made many imperial people feel the gap, then, Mr. Sith’s current words crushed the people’s fighting spirit!

Immortal? Doesn’t that mean that the enemy can’t be killed at all?

Fighting with this kind of enemy…is there any hope?

Many people’s brains went blank.

Amidst the panic, the battle between the imperials and the invaders continued.

Starting in Month 6, Year 406 of the Starlight Calendar, battles of all sizes between the Empire and the invaders became more frequent. The two sides entered a delicate phase of stalemate.

In Month 7, Year 406 of the Starlight Calendar, the Second Army crossed paths with the invaders in the Roa Galaxy. Facing the fierce attack from the invaders, the Second Army, under the leadership of Lt. General Fraffetal, guarded against and attracted most of the enemy’s firepower. At the same time, Lt. General Argos led a small number of elite troops to attack the enemy’s rear. With the cooperation of the Eighth Army, they severely damaged the opposing command fleet.

In Month 9, Year 406 of the Starlight Calendar, the Fourth Army defended Burgada, an important energy star. At the cost of more than 3000 casualties, a major victory against more than 5000 enemy battleships was achieved. The short duration of the battle, the large number of enemy battleships, and the small price paid were all unprecedented records since the beginning of the war! In this battle, the Eighth Army quickly came from the Roa Galaxy and assisted in annihilating more than 1000 enemy battleships.

In Month 10, Year 406 of the Starlight Calendar, the Empire changed strategies for the first time. Their tactical policy of “dividing troops to destroy the enemy one by one” changed. The Second, Third, Fifth, and Eighth Army joined together in Binan Galaxy. With a concentration of their superior forces, they first attacked the enemy’s aid forces and then attacked the enemy’s remaining forces. This was the first time the Empire wiped out all the enemy forces in a galaxy.




In the frequent battle reports, almost all have something to do with Lt. General Olivia and the Eighth Army under his leadership. This new group army, which was temporarily formed during the war, finally become a powerful strategic mobile force of the Empire through experiencing countless battles. Like a shadow following the body, they’re always ready to ambush the enemy.

The successive good news also calmed the uneasy hearts of the civilians in the Empire.

“…the reason why those invaders choose to live in the form of an energy body is that their bodies are too weak!”

“It’s said that the strength of an adult Uabisi can’t even beat a five or six-year-old dinosaur cub!”

“…with such a weak body, they could only live differently!”

More and more invaders were captured and the mysterious veil of the Uabisi was lifted bit by bit.

At this moment, Mr. Sith gave a speech for the second time.

“…yes, all Uabisi people live in a virtual world and only a small number of people can go outside in a mechanical form. If they invade enough territory, they can liberate all their people from the virtual world.”

“It’s their choice to break free from the shackles of their body and gain eternal life, and as everyone knows, when they chose this way of living, they’re destined to live forever in a virtual cage!”

There was an uproar outside the screen——

“Before the previous speech, when I decided to publish the enemy’s information, many people objected.” Mr. Sith suddenly said:

“They worry that when I announce the enemy’s information, our people will lose confidence and lose the courage to fight against the enemy.”

“But I don’t think so.’

“We have powerful bodies that our ancestors gave us. The blood of our ancestors is passed down to the present through our genes and unions, and in the process of inheritance, weak genes die out. The evolution of well-adapted genes is more in line with the development of the times, and generation after generation, we are becoming stronger and stronger.”

Mr. Sith’s voice was conveyed to everyone’s ears through the screen. His tone was not agitated at all, and just like that, it slowly penetrated everyone’s heart. The different colored eyes calmly looked straight ahead, and all the people in front of the screen instantly felt that they were sitting in front of a great figure from the government and listening to his teaching.

“Even among seventh-level civilizations, the Uabisi are a very powerful race. It’s said that they’re invincible and all places where their battleships arrive will become their territory.”

“However, such a powerful Uabisi didn’t have smooth sailing with us.”

“We defeated them, and, we’ll continue to win.”

“Maybe one day, there will indeed be compatriots among us who exist in mechanical forms, however, those compatriots will definitely not be these Uabisi.”

“Maybe we will die in the struggle, however, there are always people who survive, inherit our will, and continue to fight. If the enemy is immortal, then our will to defeat the other side is immortal!”

“We will fight the invaders to the end.”

Mr. Sith on the screen clenched his fist tightly! And off-screen, countless imperials also clenched their fists.

“The Empire will win!!!” Words that Mr. Sith didn’t say, but outside the screen, countless imperials roared out——

Sithili stood up and walked out of the room.

The slogan “The Empire Will Win” overflowed from the streets outside, which showed their excitement.

His goal was achieved.

The enemy’s information must be disclosed to the people, and official disclosure is better than secretly spreading various news among the people to shake the military’s spirit. But after the disclosure, several consecutive victories must be won to restore the confidence of the people——on this matter, Sithili and Rothsay had the same idea, so the former was completed by Sithili, while the latter was arranged by Rothsay.

Coming out of the room, Sithili saw Rothsay talking to his subordinates in the yard at a glance. Stopping, Sithili nodded slightly at him.

But Rothsay just waved his hand, then turned his head and continued to talk to his subordinates.

Although neither spoke, they understood the meaning in each other’s eyes.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

It’s like a long, long time ago when they were still cubs and have tacit understanding when playing together.

The long legs stepped out and Sithili walked past Rothsay. Immediately, another large group of people swarmed him and all kinds of work quickly overwhelmed him.

And at the same time——

“Chirp chirp chirp!” Affected by the roar of the people on the streets, the colorful little fat chicks chirped.

“What are they saying?” Mu Gen still couldn’t fully understand the language of these Kantas cubs, so he had to look to Olivia for help.

“They’re saying——The Empire Will Win.” Grabbing a cub who jumped on his knees, Olivia squeezed the cub’s small mouth.

“Haha——they really understand what the adults are saying~” Smiling while watching Olivia interact with a group of cubs, Mu Gen saw a cub voluntarily jump on his knees. Then, with a “chirp chirp chirp”, the little wings also flapped.

“En! The Empire will win!” Looking at the serious little cub, Mu Gen repeated it too.

So in the following time, Mu Gen was surrounded by a group of fluff balls, a group of “chirping” little fluff balls that were patriotic. Mu Gen didn’t want to discourage their enthusiasm, so he had to accompany them to say it over and over again, relieving Olivia. Lying on his side, the corner of his mouth was slightly raised as he watched Mu Gen interact with the group of Kantas cubs.

During the war, this was their rare time together.

Both Mu Gen and Olivia cherish this short time very much.

“Mu Gen, thank you for your hard work.” After staring at Mu Gen for a long time, Olivia suddenly said so.

“Huh?” Holding a yellow furry cub in his hand, Mu Gen turned his head and was stunned.

“Thank you.” Olivia looked serious.

Olivia’s Eighth Army was the most difficult due to assuming the responsibility of a strategic mobile fleet. The supplies they need are the heaviest and to achieve the best effect, Olivia spared no effort in using various resources in the battle, and these resources were all prepared by Mu Gen.

The more he wastes, the more Mu Gen had difficulties in supplying it. To balance this pressure, it would be passed on to other army groups. As a young official from the State Council, Mu Gen must be under great pressure.

But Mu Gen never said it.

Tomorrow, Olivia will set off again. He already read the list of supplies sent by his subordinates and all was provided.

Mu Gen had already readied it early this morning.

Olivia looked at Mu Gen intently. His gaze was too direct that Mu Gen was a little embarrassed, still, Mu Gen never escaped.

“…no thanks, because…”

Putting the little fluffy chick in his hand to his knees, Mu Gen suddenly raised his fists like the people on the street still yelling the Empire Will Win, then he quietly and firmly said: “Olivia will win!”

After speaking, he put his fist to his mouth and smiled at Olivia.

So Olivia smiled too.

Mu Gen blushed as he looked at Olivia and Olivia also looked at Mu Gen. A sweet smell in the air was fermenting, and then…

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp!”

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp~ chirp!”



The nemesis of romance is always children. When the atmosphere was right, a group of cubs “chirped” again! After “the Empire will win”, they learned a new slogan: “Olivia will win!”

The cubs, who are in the stage of learning words, liked to repeat the sentence they have learned the most, so this evening, Olivia and Mu Gen were submerged in a large swath of “Olivia will win” as they fell asleep.

In his sleep, Mu Gen vaguely felt that Olivia said something to him. It’s a pity that he was too sleepy that he didn’t hear it. By the time he woke up the next day, Olivia had already set off again.

The author has something to say:

These two are already at the stage of old couples with children…


TINA V8C232: Kala Prison
TINA V8C234: Mu Gen's Discovery

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