TINA V8C234: Mu Gen’s Discovery

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TINA V8C235: Omen

Removing his palm from the fluffy belly, Mu Gen woke up from his sleep.

He subconsciously look at the pillow next to him, but only saw a shallow dent with no hairs on it. Kantas hair is very strong, even these little hairy chicks in the bed. Except for those who like to wet the bed, they’d normally not shed any hair.

With the corner of his mouth slightly curled, Mu Gen gently got out of bed. While putting on his clothes, he habitually looked out the window: There was only a faint light on the horizon——

The sun star is about to rise.

After staring for a long time, Mu Gen fastened the last button and hurriedly left the bedroom.

Since taking over this position, he had risen early every day. Now that the entire army’s logistics preparations are all on his shoulders, Mu Gen is very busy every day.

War is the most money-burning thing, no matter how sufficient the materials prepared before are, it cannot withstand such a huge consumption. Every time an army goes out, Mu Gen will never be mean to the other side with military supplies. After so many battles fought, the things previously saved on Bailu Star have basically been exhausted. Nowadays, the people who don’t fight have to work overtime every day. If they don’t, they will starve to death. Mu Gen felt like he’d returned to the barren star where he would go hungry if he didn’t hunt.

As soon as he arrived at the office, Mu Gen’s subordinates immediately sent a thick stack of electronic paper. With a glance, he knew that these are all material application lists.

“Sir Mu Gen, these are the application letters from the Third Army, Sixth Army, and Seventh Army. Please be sure to approve today.”

“En, alright, put it here.” Smiling at his subordinates, Mu Gen temporarily stopped eating.

When Olivia went home these few days, he never noticed: The only time the family will prepare sumptuous food was when he comes back. Mu Gen’s usual three meals have now been changed to two meals and it’s basically all nutrient solutions.

Without censuring military supplies at all, Mu Gen could only squeeze the cost from the non-combatants. In this case, one or two days are fine, but the pressure would be great when it’s prolonged. So Mu Gen had to think of various ways to divert the attention of the people. In the face of continuous battles in front, Mu Gen knew he must ensure stability in the rear.

“Uhm…for you.” The young civil servant with yellow hair took a look at the nutrient solution that Mu Gen was taking and took a red fruit from his pocket after a while. After placing it on Mu Gen’s table and without waiting for Mu Gen to refuse, he quickly left after bowing.

Staring at the tomato, Mu Gen suddenly smiled.

These days are much better than those days in that barren star! At least he still has tomatoes to eat. While on that barren star, Mu Gen only ate tomatoes a few times and it’s even from the precious collection that Sigma put in his stomach…

After eating the tomato that represented goodwill, Mu Gen began to work seriously.

Right now, he’s responsible for the overall planning and distribution of all available materials. During these years of war, the importance of this position can be imagined!

What everyone can eat every day and whether they can eat is all subject to his approval. The application submitted by the military was filtered through him and after signing and approving it, the next level is Marshal Rothsay and Lord Nashkiel, without any other checks. It’s not that no one objected. Quite a lot of people wanted to get involved, but all opinions were strongly rejected by Marshal Rothsay and Lord Nashkiel. Supported by two big figures, he reluctantly sat in this position.

From the beginning to the present, Mu Gen encountered various problems. There are some difficulties but they’ve been cleanly resolved by him in various ways since he has the highest authority. In this period, no one dared to offend the person who holds the power of material distribution, plus, he conducts himself with integrity ←after a long time, even those who opposed him at first thought this guy was truly likable!

Over time, Mu Gen’s popularity in the Military and State Council improved to the point that it’s easier to deal with the problems of all parties. Although he looked really young, no one treated him like the kids his age.

As long as they have a position in the Military and the Council, they knew: This little known young man is now the third most powerful person on Bailu Star and someone who’s trusted by Marshal Rothsay and Lord Nashkiel.

After reading several application forms, Mu Gen drew a form on paper. Thinking of the two batches of forms he had seen before, he added a few more to the paper. The application time of several batches of forms, application materials, the total number of soldiers and warships… combining all the conditions, a very complicated table appeared from Mu Gen’s pen.

If someone with knowledge of material distribution stood here at this moment, they would immediately see that this is a strategic schedule! And a very sophisticated one at that! The relationship between the characters is clear as well as the combination of related materials. Whether it’s the mission of which group army and which two teams are in collaboration…all are connected by arrows. If analyzed into text, it’s almost the same as the arrangement made during the secret meeting of the Military Department a few days ago!

Don’t underestimate this logistics arrangement position, this is a position where you can get a glimpse of the overall situation!

Well, not everyone can see as much as Mu Gen where he can infer 70-80% of the military action plan just based on the material application forms, which even Marshal Rothsay and Lord Nashkiel didn’t know.

After carefully reading the results of his analysis and modifying two of them to make his inference more reasonable, Mu Gen’s face sank:

War is about to begin.

Without the people’s knowledge, the military headquarters are almost all dispatched.

The paper in Mu Gen’s palm trembled slightly with his thoughts. Finally, he glanced at the form he drew, then destroyed it.

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TINA V8C233: Chirp Chirp Chirp
TINA V8C235: Omen

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