TINA V8C235: Omen

TINA V8C234: Mu Gen's Discovery
TINA V8C236: The Ones Leaving and The Ones Left Behind

For the ordinary people of Bailu Star, this time’s expedition was no different from usual.

There was still good news since the battleships coming back for replenishment were still in an endless stream and everything seemed very peaceful. Only Mu Gen became more and more nervous.

The locations of all battles in the victory report and the things he calculated based on the supply configuration were almost the same. Through frequent small scale battles, the Empire began to form a net and it’s about time to close that net——

As more and more enemies were captured, more and more were known about the technological and civilization level of the enemy. Defeating the invaders as soon as possible and quickly ending the war has become an urgent choice for the top of the Empire.

The technological level of a Level 7 civilization is terrible! And there will be support soon——

The Empire must be ahead of the opponent and take the lead in a decisive battle while they still have the number advantage!

In Month 6, Year 407 of the Starlight Calendar, following countless small battles with victories and losses, the Empire won six important battles and the remnants of the invaders were rushed towards the Hengyang Galaxy.

The Empire’s Second, Third, and Fourth Army, under Argos’ command, chased and intercepted them, then the Empire launched a decisive battle aimed at “eliminating the invaders”.

On the fourth day after entering the Hengyang Galaxy, the Fifth and Eighth Army also arrived and participated in the encirclement and suppression of the invaders. The next day, the Sixth and Seventh Army came along with another batch of invader ships…

This is the battle with the most group armies participating when fighting against the invaders from foreign civilizations. It’s also the battle with the longest duration and the highest firepower specifications!

This battle lasted a total of 12 months! As early as the beginning of the battle, when the other army groups were pursuing the enemy in a targeted manner, the Fifth and Eighth Army had already entered the Hengyang Galaxy ahead of time to crush and destroy all routes going out of the galaxy! The entire Hengyang Galaxy became a closed battlefield and the imperial military made full use of the complex terrain in Hengyang Galaxy for guerilla tactics, breaking them up in pieces and destroying each piece. These elite armies concentrated on first destroying the weakest battleships of the enemy. After a fierce encirclement and suppression, the invaders were finally weakened to the Empire’s technological level, and the two sides formally entered a stalemate.

The entire stalemate phase lasted about a full eight months, and it’s the longest stage in this battle. During this phase, both sides avoided large-scale battles at the same time, and when the stalemate entered the eighth month, the First Imperial Army led by Marshal Rothsay finally arrived!

Although it’s a group army in name, this army personally controlled by Marshal Rothsay is the most luxurious in the Military in terms of organization and weapon configuration. Before the formation of the Eighth Army, all excess soldiers were placed under the First Army.

The emergence of the First Imperial Army was like a heavy bargaining chip. After it appeared, the power balance of the two sides tilted and finally entered the final stage: The cleaning up period.

With the Hengyang Galaxy as a prison, the eight imperial armies all appeared on the same battlefield for the first time, vowing to end the steps of the invaders here——

During the final battle, it was daytime on Bailu Star.

Across the distance of many light-years, everyone on Bailu Star saw the dazzling red light suddenly flash above the bright sky. Then, the Bailu Star’s sky showed a wonderful golden red.

Everyone ran to the streets to watch this weird celestial phenomenon and Mu Gen was no exception. But when he got up, he suddenly felt pain in his heart and Mu Gen stopped, covering his left chest, his brain suddenly blank.

At this moment, he heard the horrified shouts of the people outside the window.

“It’s an intruder! The invaders ran to Bailu Star——”

Regardless of the dull pain in his heart, Mu Gen opened the door to the office——

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TINA V8C234: Mu Gen's Discovery
TINA V8C236: The Ones Leaving and The Ones Left Behind

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