TINA V8C236: The Ones Leaving and The Ones Left Behind

TINA V8C235: Omen
TINA V8C237: Death Is Coming

Dense numbers of robots are suspended above Bailu Star, and each robot is an Uabisi.

The enemy is already coming down.

Did they lose?

The first thought that came to Mu Gen’s mind when he saw these invaders was these words.

No, not right.

If the Empire was defeated, these invaders wouldn’t be so intact, this looked more like…a sneak attack…

Mu Gen pursed his lips.

In a way, he guessed right.

The neatly organized invaders did come over and attack but they’re not the invaders forced into the Hengyang Galaxy by the imperial armies. They’re the “enemy reinforcements” that Marshal Rothsay has been worried about.

Marshal Rothsay learned from the report submitted by the Research Institute that the reinforcements were already on the way. Knowing that a new enemy was on the way, he took the risk and decided to take the initiative to provoke a decisive battle!

He wanted to end the wave of battles before the reinforcements arrived, but unfortunately, the opponent arrived too fast.

He miscalculated.

People aren’t Gods, and the reinforcements of the Uabisi went to the rear camp of the Empire.

But fortunately, they also have the Cansitaro defense system, this weapon made by Boss Tony is amazing! It’s not inferior to the seventh level civilization which is three levels higher than them. Last time, the enemy consumed thousands of battleships and only five battleships got in, not to mention that during this period, Boss Tony upgraded the defense system of Cansitaro again…

But why does the enemy not look nervous at all?

A thin layer of cold sweat broke out on Mu Gen’s forehead as he squeezed the “key” of Cansitaro that he was carrying close to him.

When everyone on the ground looked up at the sky, a robot suddenly walked over from behind the crowd.

When everyone else was in a static posture, any moving objects will become particularly eye-catching.

Especially when he looked very tattered.

There are large tear marks on his shell and the wires inside half his body were all outside, with even a lot of solidified blood and white powder on his metal surface.


Blood? White powder…

Flour——After instinctively identifying what that thing was, Mu Gen felt the only heat from his body fade.

He recognized this robot.

It’s the nanny robot named “Cake”. Mu Gen knew him well because he’s the robot of Boss Tony!

He and Sigma even bought this robot with Boss Tony!!!

“What happened to Boss Tony?” What Mu Gen can think of, Sigma can also infer. With the advantage of being small, Sigma grabbed the robot’s foot when it passed by!

The robot named Cake lowered his head slightly and the half-torn head was reflected on Sigma’s screen.

This originally mellow and lovely robot felt very hideous at this time.

“He’s dead.” “Cake” calmly answered his question.

“Dead? How did he die?” Sigma was reluctant and still clung to his ankle.

“I killed him.” Robot Cake said one last sentence then raised his head indifferently and walked straight forward.

Sigma got stuck.

“Business is very good today. Mr. Tony said he wanted me to order more flour, but it’s too late to buy at another shop and they might be out of stock. Sigma, can I buy a batch from your shop?”

“Sigma, this is a yogurt flavored energy liquid, try it!”

“After I joined the military, please help me take care of Mr. Tony. His waist is not good and he can’t make dough for a long time.”

“Yo! It’s little Sigma! Do you want to work for me? I’ll give you 100 farads an hour as a salary~”

Sigma’s hard disk has a very large capacity, so large that it can record all the things he experienced in detail. When he wants to retrieve information about relevant people, these records will either be a video, audio or a picture…all will appear in his “brain” in various forms, just like what’s happening right now.

For the robots, this is their memory.

In Sigma’s hard drive, there are many memories labeled “Boss Tony”.

Those pictures quickly refreshed through his mind with extremely fast frames and finally froze on a scene:

“Little Sigma is so sweet! I haven’t thought of using a robot for most of my life, but now I really want one.” Boss Tony smiled toward his screen.

It was dusk. After Sigma stood at Boss Tony’s counter for a day and while handing over Sigma’s wages, Boss Tony had a whim.

It happened that Mu Gen had just come over to pick up Sigma so the three of them checked the largest department store on Bailu Star. It happened that they’re having a sale where they could get a good deal when buying a robot, so they went there happily.

The robot “Cake” was chosen by Sigma and its name was also chosen by Sigma!

Such a robot now has its whole body covered with blood and even said he killed Boss Tony?!

When Sigma got stuck, the robot had already gone some distance. Staring at the blood on the ground, Sigma quickly ran with both hands.

“How did you…kill Boss Tony?” With no program on how to deal with the situation, Sigma could only keep asking.

Being stopped by someone again, a red light representing a warning flashed on the screen of that robot.

Stretching out a hand, the robot vigorously pulled Sigma!

“Like this——” Sigma was lifted high and then thrown heavily forward——

Sigma rolled down in the middle of the road, motionless, looking like he’s broken, but just when others thought he was really broken, he got up again.

Sigma, who got up again, continued to chase after that robot.

But this time, he was unsuccessful. He just ran two steps before being picked up by Epsilon.

Everyone could only watch the tattered robot slowly walk to an open space some distance away and then speak to the sky.

“Report sir, I have successfully interfered with the Cansitaro defense system from the inside. We can enter safely now.”

Said the Uabisi man wearing robot Cake’s shell.

“Very good.” Accompanied by a cold mechanical sound in the sky, the Uabisi who originally hovered in the air, quickly landed——

“Now, you are our captives.” Then, the cold mechanical sound said.

With the sound of heavy landing, the Uabisi finally stood in the last pure land of the Empire——Bailu Star’s land.

“Ahhh!!!!” Someone made the first scream of despair.

“Roar——” Immediately after, don’t know who made the first roar.

Just as the Uabisi walked towards the crowd on Bailu Star, a huge and ferocious red beast suddenly appeared among the crowd. With a huge mouth, it fiercely bit the nearest Uabisi!

That…what kind of monster is that? Bailu Star was stunned!

But they soon recognized that this ugly monster of unrecognizable species was an ally and even so powerful! It actually bit off half of the opponent’s body in one bite.

Not long after the beast appeared, one after another, giant dinosaurs appeared. They used their bodies to block the crowd in Bailu Star and roared at the enemies made of metal!

“Oh, looks like I have to transform. This is just great, now everyone will know my original form, and it’ll be more difficult to find a partner.” Mu Gen heard Miss Maria sigh softly.

Then, another ugly red monster appeared beside him! Before Mu Gen could speak, the beast dragged its long tail and ran towards the other red monster.

In just a while, the orderly scene on Bailu Star disappeared and was replaced by chaos! The vast majority of the people who stayed here are ordinary people. Encountering this kind of scene, they panicked and just followed the people in front of them to transform, as if they also can’t wait to get into the melee. More and more people completely panicked and don’t know which direction they should go——

Mu Gen stared at the small red-haired cub poking its head out from the wall and unable to stand still. Seeing that he’s about to be trampled to death by the chaotic crowd, Mu Gen hurried over to grab him.

The little fluff didn’t know what it had just gone through, but seeing a familiar person, he rolled in Mu Gen’s arms and chirped softly.

The voice was soft, full of trust.

He was still young and couldn’t understand what was happening in front of him.

Hugging the little cub in his arms and feeling the heavy weight, Mu Gen quickly climbed up the wall: “From now on, everyone will go to Area A! Retreat in order as we did in previous exercises! Quickly!”

Among the crowd, Mu Gen saw Mr. Sith with a glance.

He’s always so eye-catching no matter where he is and he always has a way to make people notice him at first glance.

Mu Gen saw Mr. Sith smile at him with satisfaction.


Mr. Sith turned into a black Kantas and resolutely joined the ranks of those blocking the enemy.

Mu Gen also resolutely ran to the small courtyard of his house——

He let go of the brood of one-horned beasts along with Big Horn and then went to the house to find the little hairy chicks one by one. Counting them and running with his robot family in the direction of Area A.

These one-horned beasts raised by Mu Gen’s family wouldn’t run around even if they weren’t locked out. Seeing their masters so busy, they lined up sensibly. During this time, they got used to being with the little fluff balls and understood that the master seemed to suffer from these disobedient little fluff balls, so these one-horned beasts took the initiative to carry these little fluff balls and then ran quickly after the owner.

Today, these one-horned beasts are quite big. Mixed in with the crowd, no one recognized that they’re a rare and precious species and only thought they’re humans in their original forms as everyone rushed towards Area A.

After more and more people came to Bailu Star to take refuge, with the help of Dean Ode, Mu Gen had been expanding the refuge on Bailu Star since long ago. After the Pendras arrived, this place was transformed into a secret tunnel. Countless small spacecrafts are docked here with enough food and clean water prepared inside for the escape that might come one day.

There are several spacecrafts and a list was also established.

According to the list, the panicked people were placed in the spacecrafts in batches. Mu Gen looked at the spacecrafts driving out, his heart more and more confused.

The one-horned beasts carrying the cubs were squeezed around him, scared in front of so many strangers. Their big eyes looked at him, waiting to enter a certain spacecraft with the owner.

Although they’re also afraid of the spacecrafts, as long as they’re with the owner, they could bear it.

Finally, when the last little fluff ball boarded the spacecraft and looking at the expectant eyes of the one-horned beasts behind him, Mu Gen froze——

In the end, there are only a few positions left. But there’s still Granny Maria and the others resisting the invaders behind, as well as Mr. Sith and his robot family, also…

There’s no place for these one-horned beasts!

“Miss Maria isn’t here yet and Boss Joe hasn’t come.” Sigma pulled his sleeve.

Mu Gen heard the cubs chirp, seemingly asking him why he still didn’t come?

At the same time, he heard the low moos of the one-horned beasts.

Finally, he heard the voice of Uncle Alpha.

“Mu Gen, you go up, and you guys go up too.”

First Uncle’s voice was as calm as ever.

“What about Sigma?” Sigma raised his head in confusion.

“…you go up too.” Although Alpha thought about it for a while before answering.

Then, he counted the remaining vacancies and then picked up a few one-horned cubs.

“These are spare food,” Alpha said with a cold face, but he was extremely gentle when putting down the few one-horned beast cubs.

“Then…what about uncles?” Mu Gen had a bad feeling.


“We’ll stay here, as well as all other military robots.” Alpha calmly said.

Mu Gen was stunned.

The author has something to say:

I’ve written this three times, and this is what came out

Otherwise, it’d be earlier

I’ll try to have it earlier tomorrow.

TINA V8C235: Omen
TINA V8C237: Death Is Coming

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