TINA V8C237: Death Is Coming

TINA V8C236: The Ones Leaving and The Ones Left Behind
TINA V8C238: Then, Wave Down The Sickle

“Don’t forget, we are military robots!” The robot Eta smiled.

Yes, he’s really smiling. Among his robot parents, his character was the most lively! He’s also the most willing to try various new programs and to better express his feelings, he asked Pi to write a new program for him. It’s a very simple program with various states of human eyes that can be simulated on the screen.

For example, crying is TT, speechless is ==.

Then smiling is ^^.

As a result, Uncle Eta now displays “^^” on his screen.

Beta simply took off his apron while Epsilon, who was accustomed to helping him keep all kinds of things, took it into his stomach.

Looking at Mu Gen, who froze in place, he noticed that his collar was a bit messy so Robot Pi stood on tiptoe and helped him rearrange his collar.

When Mu Gen was very young, Uncle Pi often helped him organize his collar, but at that time, Mu Gen was very short and as a scout robot, Pi’s height is the shortest among all Alphabet Series Robots, but still much taller than little Mu Gen.

“Your height surpassed mine on the morning of Day 13, Month 8, Year 392 of the Starlight Calendar.” There’s no vague vocabulary in the memory of robots, and everything about Mu Gen from childhood to adulthood is all in their hearts.

“I like Bailu Star.” Realizing that Mu Gen wanted to say something, Alpha spoke first.

This is the first time this serious robot clearly expressed what he likes, and then——

Mu Gen saw a “^^” pattern suddenly flash on Alpha’s dark screen.

He smiled.

So Mu Gen also smiled:

“En, I also like Bailu Star.”

“This is my home, I don’t want to leave it.” Walking away from the spacecraft and standing among his robot family members, Mu Gen’s hesitating heart suddenly settled.

It was very very firm.

Stretching his arms towards his elder brother, Sigma expressed his wishes with actions.

“Ah…you’re not leaving either? Shall we go back then?” Just as Mu Gen fell into “warm” memories, Mr. World Tree Veni also walked out of the spacecraft.

“I also decided to go. There’s still a cub in the yard.” He’s referring to the small Life Tree.

Mr. Veni smiled gently.

Since Mr. World Tree came down, don’t know why but Big White also rolled out, and because Big White rolled out, a group of guinea fowls also flew out while chirping. Then came the bunch of chicks headed by Prunguli…

And then, Mu Gen discovered that the spacecrafts that had already left also ran back.

“We decided to stay!” The people on the spacecrafts jumped down.

“En, leaving a bunch of old people to fight while all the young people ran away, what the hell is up with that?” It’s a wrinkled uncle who said that. Uh…although most that remained were old people, you don’t look like a young man though?

“Fight together! This old lady still has weapons I’ve previously hidden away!” This time, the one speaking is an elegantly dressed lady. This lady called Mrs. Delia has a big background. Mu Gen hadn’t been in contact with her but from her manners, he knew she’s a typical noble of the Empire.

And this lady actually called herself “old lady”?!

“All weapons are packed in this folding space, go get it in a while!” Saying so, Mrs. Delia threw away her expensive fur cape and those slender arms grabbed a huge rocket launcher from the folding space!


Well, the woman who can give birth to Lt. General Alruf is not a vegetarian dragon~

Mrs. Delia’s words set off a climax. After she finished speaking, everyone gathered around to receive weapons. But with so many people, no amount of weapons is enough so those with confidence in their bodies simply transformed and rushed through the tunnel first! Those who ran slowly rode on the people who ran fast, and no one cared.

“Big Horn, please!” Mu Gen and Sigma rode on Big Horn and Big Horn gave a happy “moo”. Behind them, the one-horned beasts roared which infected more people so everyone shouted!

When Bailu Star was in its most critical time, no one escaped and everyone ran back——

Sigma tightly clung to his brother’s back and like the strongest little vest, he blocked all possible attacks for Mu Gen.

But in fact, he didn’t need to. The Alphabet Series robots firmly guarded Big Horn with Mu Gen on his back so no one can hit him!


Brother is so amazing! His hit rate is higher than the robots——

A robot is a robot even in such a crisis, so Sigma’s “brain” can still clearly calculate everyone’s hit rate.

Regardless of whether he actively collects it or not, everything on the battlefield is quickly refreshed in his “brain” in the form of data.

Sigma had never felt that there’s anything wrong with this.

He thought that all robots are like this.

The hit rate, dodge rate, number of enemy troops, number of friendly troops for each unit…

Everything! All were in the “brain” of this little robot!

At this time, if he can possess the enemies from the Level 7 civilization, he’ll be surprised to find: Not only do all robots in the Empire lack this function, but even the robots of the Level 7 civilization don’t have this function!

Such a powerful computing power, such a wide scanning range, such——

Sigma has no idea what a special robot he is!

“Nangma, don’t just hide behind your brother! Hurry and help your brother fight!” The person talking to him now is Boss Joe, and seeing Sigma look like “I am a bulletproof vest”, this old man was a little anxious.

“It’s not Nangma, it’s Sigma.” Even if he’s about to crash, Sigma still didn’t forget to refute.

Boss Joe’s Alzheimer’s disease is getting worse and he’d often call them by wrong names recently.

But even so, he knew them instinctively.

“Ah? It’s Sigma…ouch! I was shot…” Boss Joe was in a daze, and suddenly, an enemy’s cold light cannon shot him.

Sigma got stuck, but soon…

“Hurts a little.” Boss Joe just shook it off and then got up again.

All thanks to Boss Joe, this old man’s thick skin!

“Nangma, you don’t have a weapon? Grandpa will give you a gun!” Boss Joe, who got up again, was the first to care about the unarmed Sigma. Although he forgot his name again, he still wanted to help him in this difficult battle…

Antique guns?!

Sigma took a close look at the gun in his hand.

Boss Joe’s figure was gone and there are too many people around, enemies and allies alike…this…

“Sigma has never used weapons…” Sigma murmured, holding the gun in his hand tightly.

He was defined as a military robot when he was born, but Sigma has always been raised as a human cub, uh…although it’s incidental, his brother and all the people he knew treat him very well, so he often forgot that he’s just playing the role of a little brother.

Sigma’s definition of himself was a “companion robot”, just like Little Black.

However, for the convenience of employment, he also worked hard to learn the skills of “nanny robots”.

He even went to work in various shops on Idoli Commercial Street to get more pocket money to buy what he wanted.

He’s one of the very few robots who get pocket money every month and can earn extra wages through part-time work.

Sigma’s belly still has that dark light cannon Olivia gave him when they first met. In recent years, as he got promoted, Olivia would always give him various increasingly prohibited weapons as gifts from time to time, but Sigma kept putting those weapons away as gifts and never used them once.

This is a military robot that has never used any weapons.

“Sigma…never used guns.” Sigma was in a strange situation.

“Sigma, you can’t use weapons…”

“Violation of the rules…”

At this moment, a huge one-horned beast suddenly appeared in Sigma’s vision that has no blind spots. An enemy robot rushed over and cut it with a huge weapon——

“No…Xiao Hua…Xiao Hua…” Sigma remembers the name of every one-horned beast, especially the two that came here with them. The person who feeds them, bathes them, and rode on them the most was always Sigma——

Sigma’s screen began to flicker very quickly with red lights, Sigma’s “eyes” looked red!

At this moment, there was an earth-shattering explosion in the southwest corner. Even without looking back, Sigma knew that the explosion over there came from a robot, and it’s a robot on their side.


He even knew the name of that robot!

“As early as the moment we discovered that the enemy could invade our brains through the network, all robots on our side had installed bombs beside their chips.” Just when Sigma became sluggish, Alpha’s voice came into his head.

“Sigma doesn’t know, Sigma is not installed with it.” Sigma became even more confused, his appearance looking more and more sluggish.

“Because you don’t need it.” Alpha’s voice sounded the same as usual.

“The enemy is generally unwilling to use our bodies except in certain circumstances. One of them is when there are no other available carriers.”

“When their bodies are about to be destroyed and no other carrier is available, they will invade our robots, so more robots will explode next time.”

Alpha’s voice was cold and merciless, sounding like it had nothing to do with him, but——

“…is it installed in your body?” Sigma looked at him.


“That…” Sigma was about to fall.

“Are you willing to keep all of our copy chips?” Alpha suddenly said.

“The contents of the chips of all robots with bombs in their bodies have been copied and are currently kept with me. Then, can I ask you to keep it?” Even as he attacked the enemies, Alpha still talked to Sigma.

This is the first time Alpha “asked” him.

It’s not “please don’t make trouble” or “please go to the side to shut down”, this is a solemn request.

Sigma got stuck and then reached out to Alpha, then Alpha put a chip very carefully into the palm of his hand.

Sigma put the chip in his most secret place.

Just as the two robots finished handing over the chip, Sigma heard a huge and terrifying scream from the crowd:

“Gods! Here comes another enemy——”

He was right. A huge and ferocious battleship with guns drawn quietly appeared from the corner——

Not caring about their people on the ground, this warship aimed its muzzle to the ground the moment it was discovered.

A purple light came out…

And swept all the creatures on the ground.

Mr. Sith, who stood in front, was drowned in it, as well as Granny Maria, and then Miss Maria, Grandpa Joe…

Finally, Sigma and his brother Mu Gen was also submerged in that purple light.

But when he was submerged, Sigma didn’t feel anything and just instinctively protected his brother’s body.

He heard Mu Gen calling his name loudly, and then——

“Mu Gen, sorry, we can only accompany you here.”

“The next journey, Sigma will finish with you.”

“Please look after him.”

“Remember, the secret word for awakening the god of death is…his real name.”

Alpha’s voice came in an orderly manner in their ears.

“Sigma, you’re a little more reliable now, so we decided to return your legs and ass to you.”

Alpha’s voice was getting weaker and weaker, and got replaced by a brand new voice.


“Beep——Program starts.”

The moment when the purple light roared in an attempt to harvest everyone’s lives, this huge light was suddenly blocked.

After the smoke passed, a huge mecha suddenly appeared on the messy battlefield.

“Military Mecha World Destroyer, the first mission is about to commence, starting now, determine the enemy target.”


The author has something to say:

This is why the uncles are determined not to return Sigma’s ass and legs

He’s a robot that can’t be easily activated.

In addition

In this story, all those named will have a story, so please don’t feel sad since you have already seen a happy future where they all come back


Love you guys


TINA V8C236: The Ones Leaving and The Ones Left Behind
TINA V8C238: Then, Wave Down The Sickle

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