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TINA V8C237: Death Is Coming
TINA V8C239: Announced

“The new part——Pi, has been installed, restarting the scanning system.” Just when everyone was stunned by the sudden variable in the battlefield, the mecha under everyone’s eyes opened its “eyes”.


That’s not Sigma’s voice.

It’s more like the sound effect of a combination of several robots talking at the same time.

Not conforming with any human voices, this voice sounded unusually mechanical.

The mecha calling itself the World Destroyer stood up and when it moved, there was a crisp metal sound from inside its metal shell.

Its body is still changing!

Countless pieces of metal continuously spliced, buckled, split, and then reassembled on the surface of its body until they found the most suitable position and softly merged then fixed in place.

During this “puzzle” process, the appearance of this mecha became quite strange. Because of its unstable center of gravity, it looked like it’d stumble, and even more, the surface of its body was so colorful, looking very funny!

However, no one dared to make fun of it.

That’s a very dangerous thing...the people instinctively became afraid of it.

“Circular scan.” It said.

Along with a green light brushing on its screen, its scanning range quickly and evenly expanded outwards. Three seconds later, the entire Bailu Star has been shrouded in its scanning range.

So far, this planet has no dead ends for it!

What does this planet look like in the eyes of humans?

The world in the eyes of most humans is colorful, the visual angle of the naked eye about 120 degrees. When they concentrate, it would drop to less than 20 degrees. When they transform, due to their different races, these would change somewhat, but no matter what race they transformed into, it wouldn’t exceed the general scope. In short, the world in the eyes of human beings is made of colors, sound, movement, static patterns, etc. It’s the direct feeling their sense organs gave them.

But the world in the eyes of robots is completely different.

Especially military robots.

They don’t have eyes but scanners. The world in their “eyes” is made up of all kinds of real-time data, points, and lines, a 360-degree angle without any blind spots.

At this moment, in the “eyes” of this mecha, the whole world is a kind of wonderful gray with the space densely covered with countless dark green horizontal and vertical lines. These lines divided the world into countless tiny grids and all objects in the grids have a clear custom coordinate. As the target object moves, the coordinates attached to it will change rapidly and as long as this coordinate is there, the object in this coordinate point will always be within the attack range of the Destroyer, with nowhere to hide!

“Enemy target confirmation complete, a total of 110,345 units.” Another green light flashed on the screen as the mecha reported the answer. This number far exceeded the number of Uabisi standing on Bailu Star at this moment. It actually scanned even the sniper warship lurking outside Bailu Star’s atmosphere and using the highest anti-scanning technology!

“What!!!” Accompanied by the huge astonishment of the Uabisi, the mecha moved——

It’s obviously such a heavy and huge metal form, but its movements are so light and agile. Its speed surpassed the speed range of the Uabisi’s target tracking system so it’s completely impossible to see what happened. The people could only see twinkles of white light flashing among the enemies who were calm and prepared to take down Bailu Star in one fell swoop!

The Uabisi robots desperately resisted, but their resistance seemed to be in vain! These arrogant enemies exploded like in the movies!

“This mecha is the enemy’s secret weapon! Quick! Concentrate all firepower to capture it!” The originally rampant attackers instantly changed and quickly adjusted their plans. All their firepower was concentrated on the erratic mecha but when the intruder’s attack finally worked and seemed to hit the target——

“Shield system——Eta, ready.” The mechanical sound was stiff and cold as the shape of the mecha quickly changed in an instant! A huge black shield was quickly split from the surface of its body and several huge shields appeared on the side of the mecha accompanied by a strong impact sound.

“Attack invalid, defense successful.” It coldly said words that made the enemy’s hearts instantly chill!

In the following period, the Uabisi hit it several times but all attacks were blocked by the black shield and the mecha inside was unharmed——

“Attack invalid, defense successful.” Hearing the mechanical sound from the opposite side again, the Commander of this Uabisi fleet coldly ordered:

“Use battleship weapons and destroy it.”

The enemy finally used the warship that had been staying in the air and at the same time——

“Defense system——Epsilon, ready.”

As the target of the battleship’s muzzle, the mecha stiffly gave the next command!

Even bigger and more rigorous than Eta, which is a flexible protective shield, is the strategic defense system of the mecha called Epsilon!

Combining defense and attack, this is the ultimate offensive and defensive weapon that’s not inferior to the Cansitaro defense system!

Following the issuance of this command, the mecha’s body shape drastically changed again:

Its size quickly shrank and the metal on its body quickly split. Three pairs of wing-shaped shields quickly stretched behind it and when it opened at the same time, the mecha’s body was completely enveloped in it. Dense black dots are also exposed from the wing bones of the shield. When the gunfire of the enemy battleship came, countless rays emitted from those black dots——

In one blow, the sky and the earth broke apart and countless rays enveloped the land. The ground that just cleared up was once again filled with smoke.

The Uabisi finally met its opponent!

No, not right! With just one mecha against so many warships on their side, the opponent’s level is undoubtedly far beyond their own!

A mechanical product that’s much higher than a Level 7 civilization——

The Commander of the Uabisi waved his palm.

“We don’t want this planet, retreat!”

A retreat order!

He actually gave the order to retreat!

After this command, he quickly added another:

“Connect to the offensive and defensive system of the opponent’s planet and be sure to trap the opponent in the system before leaving.”

“Destroy this planet.”

This order was quickly executed, and when the enemy began to evacuate from Bailu Star, the imperial people on the ground was happy at first, but they quickly noticed something wrong:

Through the heavy dust and gunpowder smoke, someone vaguely saw the sky glowing.



Someone finally recognized what the luminous thing was!

“It’s the Cansitaro Defense System!” Bailu Star had activated this system at the most critical time so they naturally recognized the appearance of a fully activated system!

“Not right! This time, the net is red, not white!” Among the remaining Bailu Star residents, many were experts from Pendra and they quickly discovered the difference this time.

In Cansitaro’s defense system, white light represents defense and red light——

“It’s the self-destruct system——” Someone finally yelled out the meaning of the red optical net!

After a final glance at the robots under the red light net, Sithili resolutely turned his head and let out a long howl.

The cubs who had been hiding on the side during the war immediately followed the sound to find him and climbed onto his back very obediently. After the cubs grabbed his scales, he immediately flew.

He flew very low, on the one hand, to take care of Prunguli, who still can’t fly, and on the other hand, to drive everyone to flee in the right direction. When he encountered someone who fell behind, he’d pick them up and threw them on his back.

“Quick! Go to Area C! Quickly——”

There were crazy roars of people everywhere.

Humans have created extreme weapons to protect themselves, but while enjoying the sense of security it brought them, they’re destined to bear the other effect at one point.

“Quick! Area C is here. Go in through the door, don’t squeeze, all become humanoids, come on! Quickly!”

In the ultimate showdown against the mechanical life created by humans, as their creator——humans can only hide in the ground.

“Bad! This dinosaur is so badly injured that she lost consciousness, and she’s not in human form!” Someone screamed.

“Maria!!!” This is the cry of an old lady. No matter how strong a person is, when the lives of their loved ones are threatened, they’d always feel a strong sense of helplessness.

Sithili also noticed these sudden changes.

Not only the dinosaur named Maria, but many other severely injured dinosaurs couldn’t transform into human forms. Like this, the space in Area C is not enough. According to the plan, there shouldn’t be——

However, the plan has been lost.

When he turned into a human form, Sithili found that a little cub had come with a robot.

The robot was tattered with only half its head remaining.

But even so, that little chick still stubbornly dragged the robot. In the chaos, Sithili didn’t even notice that he’s carrying a robot on his back.

Even a dead robot.

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp~” This is the small robot that usually feeds me delicious food. He’s injured so I brought him over.

The young Kantas cub made many friends on Bailu Star and no longer taking it for granted, they learned to thank and reciprocate.


“He is dead, there’s not enough space inside, you can’t take him in.” Sithili refused him mercilessly.

In spite of the fierce protest of the little cub, he dragged the robot out and the people who stayed at the door and couldn’t get in were stuffed inside.

“Take care, everyone.” Taking a deep look at the people inside the door, Sithili didn’t hesitate to press the door switch and then pressed the code to lock the door.

This way, no one can open the door except for others who knew the password.

He sat heavily at the door.

The sky——

Had turned red.

Then, a flood of red light went in his direction——

Sithili transformed at the last moment.

Even if it’s self-defeating, he wanted to put a shield on this door till the end.

However, just as he was about to spread his wings, a black shadow larger than him enveloped him.

The other Kantas appeared in Sithili’s pupils instantly!

Wanting to call out his name, Sithili’s mouth opened, and then——

They were overwhelmed by red light.


Facing the red light wave, the silver mecha rose into the air.

Levitating above the sky, its left arm straightened up and grabbed upwards. A red light was constantly gathering in the air beside its arm. In a moment, a huge scarlet sickle appeared and with a light grasp, the handle of the sickle instantly stuck to its palm!

“Weapons system——Beta, ready.”

The silver-white God of Death waved its sickle in the air.

A six-winged grim reaper.

The attack that they expected to come in their direction didn’t happen as the mecha actually hit the red light net!

“This…this…what is it doing? Is he looking for death?!” This scene stunned the invader’s Commander who had always been calm.

But at this second, he suddenly heard a voice beside him.

“I am not a human being.”

“Since I’m not human, there is no life.”

“Since there’s no life, there is no fear of death.”

“And without fear of death, I am fearless.”

The voice was rigid and blunt, and the volume not loud, but it’s like a shadow——

“What, what’s going on?” The Commander was frightened for the first time.

Even though they’re life forms in the form of energy, he’s still a human being after all. As long as you’re human, you’ll inevitably have a sense of fear that all human beings have!

He was not the only one who heard this voice, all the Uabisi people heard the same words.

Like a shadow following the body, close to their ears.

Then a scene that horrified all Uabisi people happened: The Cansitaro defense system, which had been under their control, suddenly became inoperable. Not only inoperable but the defense range had also greatly expanded! Even blocking them!

Only a few battleships escaped before the blockade and the rest were locked within the attack range of the Cansitaro defense system!

Then they heard that voice again——

“We are weapons.”

“Weapons are used to kill people.”

Cold, ruthless, and without any pause.


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TINA V8C237: Death Is Coming
TINA V8C239: Announced

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