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There was a painful roar from the earth as the ground was blown up. The thick smoke instantly enveloped Bailu Star and the only thing that can penetrate this layer are the rays…the red and white ray weapons that intertwined into a splendid light web.

The shadows of the Uabisi’s battleships appeared in the thick smoke from time to time. They have shadows but they can’t even see their enemy’s shadow! Just coping with the attack of the Cansitaro defense system already devastated them. Their enemy is only one, but they can’t see it at all!

“Use the strongest firepower to attack, hurry!” The system on the battleship faithfully reflected the actual battle situation. Seeing that there are fewer and fewer battleships on their side, the Commander decisively gave up the idea of annihilating the enemy. He just wanted to leave this place.

It doesn’t matter if his body is destroyed, as long as his “nucleus” can go out, there’d be a chance to return to his home planet!

Then a noise——zi…zi…


The force of thousands of battleships rushing in one direction at the same time finally surpassed the defensive capability of the Cansitaro defense system. With a loud noise, the Uabisi rushed out of Bailu Star. However, when they thought so——

“Scavenger System——Alpha, ready.”

The Uabisi, who fled, instinctively glanced back. With just one glance, they saw an enemy they’d never seen before!

The huge sickle weapon had disappeared and replaced by a gun turret larger than its body. At this time, the turret was glowing and it was obvious: The opponent is charging the weapon.

“Report sir, the other party wants to——” This Uabisi instinctively reported the matter to the Commander but even during this reporting process, his gaze never left the enemy behind them. He watched the opponent’s figure completely become hidden in that dazzling white light, but it’s still getting brighter and brighter and larger and larger——


Shot in their direction!

The Uabisi melted in an instant along with their companions. Since there’s only one exit where they penetrated, all Uabisi battleships were in a straight line.

As if there had never been an intruder, Bailu Star’s sky was clean.

“Hahahahahaha! Do you think this will destroy us? We are higher creatures in the form of energy bodies. As long as our nucleus remains, we will not die!”

The world that humans saw was quiet, but in a space composed of another kind of energy, the Commander whose body was melted by a shot of Mecha Sigma was laughing wildly.

All Uabisi who lost their bodies in the first hit turned to their original forms of energy cores and began to flow at a faster rate. However——

“Energy Scanning System——Pi, ready.”

They heard that stiff and cold voice again.

The world in front of the mecha who activated another scanning system changed again. In the darkness, he saw a thin light.

This is a “route” on which people in the form of energy cores flow.

“Enemy target confirmed, pursuit mission continues.”

Accompanied by that stereotypical mechanical sound that made the Uabisi people feel dread, the silver-white mecha leaped lightly and instantly entered a state of energy travel.

The silver-white figure only flashed in people’s eyes before disappearing without a trace.


Sithili stared blankly at the huge black Kantas propped on him.

It was this Kantas who had just blocked all shocks for him.

Before he was hit.

This is an extremely young Kantas. He wasn’t proficient in opening his wings just now, which means he hadn’t even tried to fly.

His scales are also new with few lines on them.

There was even a pinch of hair on his forehead that hadn’t had time to fall off.

It’s gray.

“Prunguli…” Sithili tremblingly called out the name of the young Kantas.

Then, the young Kantas’ big golden eyes narrowed.

“Roar…” He roared very weakly.

He wanted to “chirp” and act like a baby to his dad, but the voice that came out of his mouth was a low roar.

“Prunguli!” The palm of his hand touched the black scales of the young Kantas. It was wet and when he realized what it was, Sithili’s voice changed its tone. Quickly and carefully moving out from under him, he saw the Kantas’ back and his palm trembled uncontrollably.

“Roar…roar…” Just like when he was chatting with his dad in bed when he was young, Prunguli whispered in a low voice, talking to Mr. Sith.

Dad, I just found out that I’m bigger than you——he said softly.

“Y-yes…I…I didn’t find out before.” Sithili forced himself to control the trembling of his voice and calmly answered Prunguli’s question.

While talking, his hands touched the back of the giant beast, wanting to help him stop the bleeding, but…

But there are no injuries at all!

Looking at it clearly, he could just see all the organs that were crushed by the explosion and the white powder mixed in with the flesh and blood.

This is Prunguli’s bones——

The spine had turned into powder and Prunguli can’t move at all, and even…can’t feel it at all!

Standing stiff beside Prunguli, Sithili felt helpless!


Mr. Sith, please don’t worry about me.


I’m doing great now.


I’m very happy.

The young Kantas, who didn’t feel pain, yelled softly, using his last moments to tell Mr. Sith his thoughts without leaving any regrets.

Mr. Sith, I haven’t been able to become a human form, maybe it’s for this day, right?

Being able to protect Mr. Sith, I don’t want to miss such an important opportunity because of timidity or fear.

After all, if I become human, surely I can’t help you if I’m in human form this time, right?

Mr. Sith, Prunguli is a coward, you know.

He even teased himself.

However, his voice became weaker and weaker.

He opened his eyes wide with his last strength and his big golden eyes looked at Mr. Sith’s position seriously, then let out a low roar.

Mr. Sith, I….can I call you Dad?

Mr. Sith raised a lot of cubs but the cubs have always called him just “Mr. Sith” and he never let them call him Dad.

Fragile tears flowed from the eyes of the State Council boss who had always been known for his iron fist.

However, no one can see his fragility.

There was only one person in front of him at this moment, but this person’s eyes could no longer see.

Even if Prunguli kept his eyes open, his vision was completely blurred.

His five senses are gradually leaving him and he’s about to fall asleep.

“You can.” In his usual tone. Sithili only said these two words.

Then the young Kantas in front of him roared coquettishly.

This is a very soft “Dad”.

Sithili tremblingly placed his hand on Prunguli’s head, touching it lightly in his favorite way.

However, this little fatty could no longer feel his father’s tenderness.

He had already left.

Perhaps Prunguli didn’t become the Emperor as his father expected and defend the entire Empire, but he protected his most important person, he protected the residents of Bailu Star who were hiding behind the gate, and finally died in his father’s arms.

For him, this is a very happy thing.

So he left with a smile.


When Marshal Rothsay led the eight armies to return to Bailu Star from the Hengyang Galaxy, he happened to see the disappearance of the silver mecha.


Rothsay’s heart tightened.

Many people saw this and then their eyes fell on the battered Bailu Star. Someone on the battleship soon called out:

“The enemy has already come! Bailu Star lost! Oh God——”

“Go down and enter Bailu Star.” After suppressing all discussions, Rothsay ordered the eight armies to continue their advance according to the original plan.

The tattered battleships landed on the tattered Bailu Star.

The earth was devastated with no trace of vitality.

A low cry came from the army behind Rothsay and those cries grew louder and louder.

Marshal Rothsay was also stunned.

Closing his eyes and pressing down on the anxiety in his heart, he led people to see Area A. When he saw the spacecrafts parked there intact, his heart went cold.

Then they sped up and ran towards Area C. There——

He saw Sithili.

Sithili, who was covered in blood, was carrying out the injured and sick from the shelter one by one with the others.

Looking back at Rothsay and the tattered Imperial soldiers behind him, Sithili was very calm:

“You’re back.”

But though he’s calm, the Bailu Star people behind him aren’t.

The moment they saw the soldiers, the crowd around Sithili, don’t know who’s the first to roar out a name, and someone ran out immediately crying and laughing, shouting each others’ names. At this moment, manners are not important, nor is the location, the two people hugged each other tightly as if they only have each other in their eyes.

That’s just the beginning. After that, more and more people found their family, friends, and lovers.

Standing alone among the excited crowd, Sithili saw Rothsay running towards him.

He actually ran while crying, not like a Marshal at all——He thought to himself, and then…

Sithili saw Rothsay pass him and hug the man standing beside him while crying.

“Sagei!” Rothsay cried and hugged the man.

“Aiya! Your snot is coming down…” The man whispered but his actions didn’t seem disgusted at all. Stretching out his arms, he hugged Rothsay tightly.

Seeing these two people, Sithili quietly watched them for a long time and finally walked away slowly.

But he didn’t get far as a group of fluff balls instantly rushed over and drowned him.

Seeing so many people huddling together, the cubs who had just promised Mr. Sith to sit on the side could no longer sit still!

His palms trapped in the soft fur of the cubs, Sithili thought of another cub.

His eyes were filled with sadness at first but gradually became clear and finally became extremely firm.


Due to the excessive number of deaths, the State Council held a common funeral for everyone who died in this war.

Prunguli’s funeral was also among them.

The entire funeral ceremony was simple and solemn, and everyone’s remains were burned at the same time and finally spread among the stars.

However, there is only one exception.

Sithili used a time-space capsule that had been banned and put the gene fragment of Prunguli into it. Another thing was also put in, and then he threw the capsule into the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb as Prunguli’s urn.

And then——

After a long, long time, when Sithili was already gone for a long time, when Mu Gen and Olivia had also gone away, and when Sigma had also left, when countless original stars in the universe died out and a large number of new planets began to form…

On a brand new planet, between a piece of ice and snow, an egg hatched!


Without parents and with no other eggs around, he just broke out of the eggshell alone~

Then, his stomach became hungry.

Then, he saw a square box beside his eggshell.

(⊙o⊙) Ah!

The sharp little yellow mouth smashed the box and happily ate the meal inside.

Turns out this is actually a bento box!

This, this, this is actually a cub who’d bring lunch when he comes out of the shell!!!!!


The cub born with a lunch box ate his lunch and his eggshell. After eating a few bites of snow, he left his birthplace without nostalgia.

The cold wind blew on his soft body and he shrank his neck because of the cold.

There’s a blizzard so there are no plants and no animals. He was born in an extremely difficult environment.

But the little guy didn’t care at all.

Step by step, one paw mark at a time, he walked very firmly.

In this unknown place, this cub created one miracle after another.

Then, he grew up slowly and grew to become the strongest Kantas in the world.

He raised a cub with red hair and then saw two cubs in black and white, then had two more later.

He became the Kantas with the most cubs in the world!

What a blessing!


The author has something to say:

Originally, the last paragraph should be placed at the end

But to not be attacked

I put it here first


Xiao pang = Grandpa Meng

Someone guessed it right~ but there’s only one


As the last bento recipient, the author chirped

Then, Grandpa Meng brought his lunch when he was born

Then, ate it fiercely

Oli, who should have been released, will be discussed in the next chapter

Translator’s Note:

Okay, so I haven’t read the first book of this one, so I don’t know what the timeline of the other books is since I’m also confused. There’s one talking about Emperor Louis hundreds of years before Mu Gen and Olivia, and then there’s this Grandpa Meng who’s born millions of years after Mu Gen and Olivia.

This is just the author making me read the other one.

Also, as you now realized, bento recipients are those who died or those who exited the stage.

TINA V8C238: Then, Wave Down The Sickle
TINA V8C240: I'm Back

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