TINA V8C240: I’m Back

TINA V8C239: Announced
TINA V8C241: The Keeper

The war is not over yet. After a brief celebration of reunion and crying for their departed relatives and friends, everyone became busy again.

The intense attack pierced all the soil forty meters below Bailu Star’s surface. The mountains have become plains, the oceans became flat grounds. In just one day, Bailu Star was devastated. The buildings on the surface were gone, razed to the ground in the gunfire, and covered with thick dust and rubbish.

Even if there’s no more buildings, the people still relied on their memory to return to the place where they once lived. In the ruins, they quietly cleaned up.

Idoli Commercial Street was also buried. After simply treating the wounds on their bodies, a group of old men and old ladies started digging pits just like everyone else. However, after they cleared the thick soil, they were shocked:

They actually saw an almost intact Idoli Commercial Street!!!

Although part of the roof was crushed, although the house was full of rocks and mud, about 80% of the building structure was almost completely undamaged.

This is simply a miracle!!!

However, there’s more than this miracle waiting for them. In the back kitchen of Boss Tony, just when everyone was ready to collect his body, they saw Boss Tony trying to crawl out. Although his body was stained with blood, and he’s still panting, he’s alive!

“When the invader attacked me…strangely, it avoided a deadly strike. Although I passed out, I didn’t die. Now that I think about it, at that time, Cake should still be there?” Lying on the stretcher, Boss Tony suddenly said this to Mrs. Bayati who was giving him first aid.

“En, in the place we can’t see, Cake must have fought the enemy for a long time.” It’s because of this that even though the first robot was invaded, Cake didn’t explode immediately. During that time, he must still be working hard, right?

Boss Tony stopped talking, looking through the sky with half of the roof missing. He watched the smoke gradually disperse, slowly revealing a touch of blue behind.

It’s bright.

People found all kinds of things under the ruins: Photos, paintings, books——these are precious objects that carry memories; they also found some food and water——in the next period, before new food is produced, these are important materials that they can depend on to live; they also found the bodies of their companions, humans and robots alike, under the ruins.

Just like treating fellow human beings, this time, they dug out the metal bodies of those robots very carefully.

In this war, people have fully realized the contribution of robots to mankind. Although they might not have a clear conscience in their hearts, many people have already treated these robots as intelligent beings equal to themselves.

The body of robot A was also dug out under this situation. Because of the great care in the excavation process, aside from the original damage, his body wasn’t injured by the people’s excavations. After someone tentatively charged him, Xiao A, who stood up again, surprised the nearby humans.

“Please don’t worry, I wasn’t invaded by the enemy, probably because my model is too old.” Knowing what human beings are worried about, Xiao A explained very consciously. After taking the initiative to be checked, he bowed deeply to the people who helped him, then he limped and left.

His left arm and right foot were shattered in the battle, which made walking difficult.

“Ah! I know him! That’s a robot in Sir Mu Gen’s house!” When Robot Xiao A struggled forward, someone recognized him.

“Right! I know him too! He’s the robot who raised Sir Mu Gen!” More and more people recognized his identity and then someone suddenly yelled:

“Thank you! Thank you for raising such a good officer like Sir Mu Gen!”

“Sir Mu Gen is the most powerful young man we have ever encountered!”

“Right right! Thank you!”

At this moment, Robot Xiao A became the most eye-catching “person” in the ruins. Countless humans thanked him simply because he raised a human named “Mu Gen”.

At this moment, the brain activity of robot Xiao A is wonderful. He can’t find any suitable words to describe his mood at the moment so Robot Xiao A could only bow to everyone at the end before leaving.

Then, he stood in front of his house.

Facing the empty house covered with dust and mud, he said softly: “I’m back.”

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TINA V8C239: Announced
TINA V8C241: The Keeper

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