TINA V8C241: The Keeper

TINA V8C240: I'm Back
TINA V8C242: Oli And Mu Gen

They rarely locked the door because there are always people in the house. Even if there’s no large group of one-horned beasts, the house is always lively. When Robot Xiao A came back from outside, all the robots and one-horned beasts will always notice him.

“You’re back?” Alpha always wore an apron when he’s at home, and it’s even a white lace apron.

“I’ll help you carry the things.” The powerful Epsilon is always the first robot to reach out to him.

The group of robots was busy making buns, selling buns, preparing food for the human Mu Gen…there’s a clear division of labor and they happily worked. Then Mu Gen and Sigma would come home. Even though they couldn’t eat, the family likes to sit together and do things, and if there’s nothing to do, they just watch Mu Gen eat.

Sometimes when Olivia’s home, it gets even more lively!

Because of his dad’s presence, Big Horn always wanted to eat under the table and many other one-horned beasts would come to the house and lie down to stare…

It’s always lively here and always clean and tidy. Robot Stone will always tidy up the house, ready to welcome guests.

And now…

Robot Xiao A opened the door.

He didn’t use much effort but the sturdy door panel collapsed.

Lifting the door panel up and leaning it against the wall, Robot Xiao A began to remove the large pieces of rubble that were on the house bit by bit.

He carefully moved the large pieces of rocks outside the door and in the process, he also found his own vegetable basket.

He looked at his familiar vegetable basket for a long time, and then Robot Xiao A tied it to his back preciously and worked even harder.

It’s okay to be alone. He wants to restore the house the way it was before, clean it up then wait for the others to come back.

At this moment, there is only this instruction in Robot Xiao A’s head.

This is his order to himself.

On a dead quiet street, a crippled robot worked hard in the rubble.

At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from among the ruins. Robot Xiao A raised his head and the shadows of his neighbors from Idoli Commercial Street were reflected on the quiet screen.

When they saw Xiao A, the neighbors were stunned, until Robot Xiao A whispered a “Hello” to them.

As usual, he softly said:


It’s just an ordinary word, but——

After hearing this word, the neighbors in Idoli cried and laughed. They rushed over to surround Xiao A.

After so many years of getting along, their relationship is no longer that of ordinary neighbors. The robots of Mu Gen’s family are no longer ordinary robots, but rather their old friends.

The surprise is not over yet. Just when the neighbors in Idoli embraced each other and cried, the ground under their feet trembled slightly. Accompanied by a long “moo”, they were surprised to see a huge beast galloping here not far away.

That is…

“It’s the Crescent Dragons! The Crescent Dragons are also back!”

The scarred Crescent Dragons have also gone home! The movement of these big beasts was too loud and a group of humans was also chasing them.

Xiao Hua, with a cut belly, leaned weakly on her partner. It first gave a docile “moo~” to Robot Xiao A and when she looked back at the pursuers, it gave an extremely fierce “Moo!!!”

Translated into human language, this female beast was saying: “Go away! This old lady will die at home and all the flesh on my body will be left to the owner to make steamed buns! You want to eat privately, no way!!!”


It was…a sacred and inviolable female.

“Ai! Is this group of Crescent Dragons from your family? This is a protected animal! Just now, it had made outstanding contributions to protect the country in battle, and we were ordered to heal their wounds, especially the most injured ones. When it was found, it was almost cut in half and we used the most expensive cell repair solution for it. As a result, this big guy woke up halfway and ran away!” The lead pursuer explained while sweating.

Uh…so these aren’t arresters but doctors rushing to save the wounded?

“Moo!!!” I won’t give you my meat even if I die!

Mrs. Xiao Hua, who didn’t understand what he was talking about, was still yelling.

“However, for the spine to completely heal itself after only ten minutes of treatment, the Crescent Dragons are indeed legendary creatures!” Seeing Xiao Hua so energetic, the medical staff showed their occupational disease.


If you’re sick, you must be cured.

Xiao Hua was forcibly sent to treat her belly by Robot Xiao A, and the injuries on the others were also dealt with. Boss John also took the opportunity to ask the other party for some cell repair solution for himself and removed the scar on his forehead. Boss John was very happy.

While healing the injured, the remaining people continued to rebuild their homes.

This time, Robot Xiao A was no longer alone as the neighbors of Idoli are all by his side. The one-horned beasts in the family also took the initiative to help everyone carry the stones so the cleaning progress suddenly sped up.

They chatted as they worked:

“Old Tony was sent to the emergency center. His injury was a small matter but during the inspection, they found a big tumor in his stomach, which had to be removed, alas…it’s a blessing in disguise.”

Later, go to the emergency center to visit Boss Tony——Robot Xiao A recorded in his head.

“Boss Komi and his wife have acquaintances in the claim center. Once they find Stone and Cake, they’ll send them to us immediately.”

Go to the claim center to retrieve Stone and Cake’s body——Robot Xiao A continued to record.

The war is not over yet and many things are waiting for them to do, but it’s okay. If they do it one by one, there’ll always be one day when they finished.

There was a clinking sound on Idoli Commercial Street. For a long time, this sound was everywhere on Bailu Star.

The soldiers of the army also joined the cleanup army, which speeded up the cleanup for the entire planet.

The Idoli Commercial Street also ushered in the support of the military, especially Mu Gen’s house. Marshal Rothsay personally brought his bodyguards to help and Mr. Sith also came along with a group of child laborers.

The little chicks are also here.

But though the chicks are small, they have great strength. They could lift a couple of rocks and play at the same time. The little fat chicks are working hard!

By night, Mu Gen’s small courtyard had been completely cleaned up. The little Life Tree in the yard was also found and it was smashed to pieces. Its canopy of delicious tea leaves was gone and the rest of the tree had fallen. However, its roots are firmly under the soil.

Everyone lifted it and covered it with thick soil. After the one-horned beasts provided a peeing of love, the branches of the young sapling seemed to be alive again.

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TINA V8C240: I'm Back
TINA V8C242: Oli And Mu Gen

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  1. the best lines:
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