TINA V8C242: Oli And Mu Gen

TINA V8C241: The Keeper
TINA V8C243: His Real Name And The Sun

The World Destroyer flew through the universe at a very high speed.

Different speed levels correspond to different dimensions. So when the speed of a moving object exceeds a certain critical point, the World Destroyer is already in another dimension.

Another world that ordinary people can’t imagine.

Because of being in it, Mu Gen also saw this wonderful scene.

He’s not in a place very much like a mecha operating room. The console inside is the one Mu Gen was most familiar with, the one he’d played in Uncle Epsilon’s body. There’s even a brain docking device here and through the docking device, Mu Gen can share Sigma’s vision at this time, but the difference from Uncle Epsilon’s belly is: There are no buttons on this console. Since there are no buttons, it naturally cannot be operated.

Through Sigma’s “eyes”, Mu Gen saw countless dark shadows slowly sliding past them. Those dark shadows have no eyes, no noses, and no mouths, wandering like ghosts among the stars, like the ghosts in legends.

He saw a very strange bird at the same time, is it a bird? Snow white and with eyes the same color as rubies, they flew together in groups of three or five, and this scene is not on any planet. However, they are now in the universe so it looks very strange.

Finally, Mu Gen saw the “route”.

Those are dark green threads. If it weren’t for the white birds attacking them, he wouldn’t even notice the lines that were so thin that they were almost imperceptible.

The dots of light quickly moved on a dark green line and perceiving those dots, the very docile white birds in Mu Gen’s eyes rushed over fiercely. Almost every bird pecked two or three light spots and swallowed them. Mu Gen saw their mouths open in triumph.

They are probably calling the others.

But Mu Gen couldn’t hear them.

It’s not just this white bird that captured those light spots. The ghostly shadows that Mu Gen saw before are also very interested in these light spots. They’re larger and can take in more light spots at one time. When they hunt, their speed instantly increased, and Mu Gen lost sight of them several times. Mu Gen knew it was because the opponent’s speed increased to a speed higher than that of Sigma in an instant!

Mu Gen remained silent.

Since Uncle and the others shut down their brains and their bodies were broken down into Sigma’s components, he was completely silent.

Just like how Uncle and the others always respected any of his decisions, Mu Gen also respected their decisions.

Even if this decision made him feel very hesitant.

He figured out a lot of things.

For example, the uncles insisted on seizing Sigma’s butt and legs and not returning them;

For example, even if their body material changed, there’s basically no change in the design drawing. The overall design drawing only has a little change and all were things that Sigma changed;

Another example…before Marshal Rothsay left, First Uncle talked to him for a long time…

“Target locked, cleanup task start.” Just as Mu Gen quietly watched this scene of the universe, Sigma’s voice sounded again.

Then, Mu Gen was surprised to find that Sigma also shot at those light spots! At this moment, a thought flashed through Mu Gen’s mind with a spark. Only then did he realize that these light spots were actually the Uabisi who had escaped before! It was at this moment that he realized these dark green lines were actually their travel routes!

The Uabisi laid so many routes in the starfield of the Empire——this is the first thought in his mind!

Then he became scared. Following this logic, these Uabisi are unkillable since they can escape through these routes at any time, then one day, they’ll make a comeback again.

This is the gap between Level 7 and Level 4 civilization!

However, the experience of this Level 7 civilization with energy forms has not been smooth sailing. Those unknown black ghosts and white birds can pose a threat to them!

Mu Gen’s guess was correct.

When the Empire was invaded by the Uabisi from a Level 7 Civilization, the central intelligence brain system of the entire starfield was paralyzed. But in this situation, they have resisted until now and even achieved quite a few victories during this period. While these victories were gratifying, they also made many people wonder, they…can they actually win against a Level 7 civilization?

Due to technological limitations, the Empire cannot see them so they cannot know, what really helped them stop the Uabisi was the energy eaters in the starfield who feed on energy bodies. These energy parasites living in the cosmic environment at extremely high speeds are the real contributors to stopping the aggression of the Uabisi!

While Mu Gen was thinking about these questions, his eyes still followed Sigma. The blazing rays precisely shot into the enemy routes at a very high frequency and a large number of light spots on the route were instantly wiped out! During Sigma’s pursuit, Mu Gen even saw the Imperial army.

Their movements were completely still in Mu Gen’s eyes who’s moving at a high speed.

The battleships were stationary, and the rays they emit were also stationary. Mu Gen could even see that a certain battleship in the middle was about to be hit by a ray from the enemy!

Mu Gen’s eyes widened——

He recognized it at a glance: That’s Marshal Rothsay’s battleship! Although it looks no different from other battleships in appearance, Mu Gen recognized that it’s the battleship under Marshal Rothsay’s command!

“New targets appear, quantity: 3328, destruction mission start.” Accompanied by Sigma’s rigid voice, Mu Gen saw Sigma taking out his weapon while moving at high speed.

“Scavenger System——Alpha, ready.”

The white ray of the muzzle appeared from nothing in an instant and his line of sight became dazzling. Due to the excessive glare, Mu Gen instinctively closed his eyes and when he opened them again, the world was peaceful.

All the enemies in front of the Imperial army were gone, only countless spots of light rushing towards the route.


Another burning light cannon shot and that part of the route disappeared.

Ignoring the Imperial army, Sigma quickly chased the enemies on the remaining routes.

Sitting in Sigma, Mu Gen saw many familiar people. He subconsciously looked for the shadow of the Eighth Army here. Mu Gen had seen the other seven armies but he didn’t see the Eighth Army until the end! He carefully looked at the battleships in the Eighth Army, but he couldn’t find White Cloud Duoduo’s figure.

They crossed one starfield after another at an extremely fast speed.

The thin routes finally merged from all directions into one, and Sigma jumped forward, flying in parallel above this route, increasing his speed again, and then——

Mu Gen saw a door.

At the end of countless routes converging, Mu Gen saw a door.


The moment this thought flashed through his mind, Sigma had already taken him to the door.

There, Mu Gen saw an unexpected person.

“Oli?” Looking at White Cloud Duoduo at the end of the route, Mu Gen called out Olivia’s name in disbelief.

In fact, the White Cloud Duoduo at this moment is very different from its previous appearance! Afraid no one would associate this huge battleship with the hideous appearance in front of him right now, which looked like a transport ship, but Mu Gen recognized it at a glance!

No matter how the appearance changed, the small clouds on the outer surface are always there and Mu Gen can see it at a glance!

The moment Mu Gen arrived, White Cloud Duoduo had already sent a full blow towards the end of the enemy’s route——

Wherever the ray goes, the enemy’s route collapsed. Mu Gen saw the whole process of the opponent being defeated.

That’s Olivia! It’s Olivia’s heavy blow at the enemy!

A long distance away, Mu Gen seemed to see the cruel expression on Olivia’s face.

However, he immediately saw a scene that utterly made him crazy: The power of the collapse of the entire route is too great, the energy bodies, in their death, burst out with great energy and formed a terrible storm, sweeping towards Olivia’s direction——

“No——” Mu Gen called out loudly.

However, Sigma didn’t seem to have seen this scene.

“There are still 87 targets left. Pursuit mission continues.”

The voice was cold, without any emotions, the only target in his eyes are those whom he judged to be “enemies”.

Oli…is going to be overwhelmed…

When the scorching white light was about to overwhelm Olivia, Mu Gen’s brain seemed to be overwhelmed by the white light.

At this time, he didn’t discover: The white light at this time was not what he “saw” with his “eyes” with the help of Sigma’s eyes, but a white light that’s reflected in his “brain”!


He moved.

Sigma, in the form of the World Destroyer, flashed out.

At this moment, Mu Gen didn’t notice that he had completely controlled the World Destroyer Mecha. At this moment, turning around at will, he completely dominated all the actions of the World Destroyer!

He is not a light, but his speed is faster than light.

Because of this speed, he looked invisible.

Before the white light arrived at White Cloud Duoduo, he forcefully knocked it out of reach.

Mu Gen and White Cloud Duoduo just brushed past the white light that represented death.

He turned his head subconsciously and saw that all the stars within the range of the white light instantly disappeared, the huge space suddenly becoming empty.


Fortunately, I caught up!

Mu Gen sighed slightly. He couldn’t wait to go in and see Olivia.

He thought so and did so.

Skillfully entering from the docking bay of White Cloud Duoduo, he walked in.

There was no one else inside and Mu Gen found Olivia in the core cockpit in the southwest corner.

At that moment, Mu Gen felt his heart tighten!

“Oli…” With Olivia’s name whispered from his mouth, he walked over gently, bent over, and helped Olivia, who was covered in blood, up. Uncovering the bandage that had been stained red with blood, his lips pressed into a straight line. Then he found the medicine box and used the last remaining bandage inside to firmly cover the wound for Olivia. When he stretched out his right hand and wanted to touch Olivia’s face one last time, he noticed that it wasn’t his hands that were just used to bandage Olivia’s wounds, but a pair of mechanical hands!

A red left hand and a silver right hand, this…this is Sigma’s hand!!!

With a painful groan, Mu Gen bent down in pain in the small control room.

Because of the momentary stimulus, he instantly took over the control of the mecha, but when he realized this, his brain was no longer enough to support the high-speed operation burden just now!

“There are still 87 targets left, pursuit mission continues.” Sigma’s cold voice sounded again.

Mu Gen watched Sigma fly out of White Cloud Duoduo and behind them was Oli, who was seriously injured and unconscious. As Sigma’s speed went faster and faster, the distance between them went farther and farther…

White Cloud Duoduo was quietly suspended in a starfield with no people and no planets,

Like it’s the only planet there.

With Olivia quietly sleeping.

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