TINA V8C243: His Real Name And The Sun

TINA V8C242: Oli And Mu Gen
TINA V8C244: Landing

Mengmeng was the first to start up. Uh…although he said his internal programs are not very developed and the possibility of being invaded by the enemy is very small, Olivia still forced him to shut down, while White Cloud Duoduo automatically shut down his brain in the process of being invaded by the enemy.

Getting up from the floor of the storage room, Mengmeng glanced out the window first: Empty…

Huh? What about the enemy?

He was stunned.

Mengmeng ran to the control room and just opened the door when he saw Olivia lying on the floor at a glance.

“Medicine cabinet! Bandage the wound!” Mengmeng’s mind quickly reflected the next series of things he needed to do, but this plan was soon stopped due to the empty medicine cabinet above the ground.

So he turned to press the button to raise the bed under the floor, and then forcefully dragged Olivia onto the bed. After covering him with a quilt, Mengmeng went to boil a pot of hot water.

Then he sat quietly beside Olivia.

Such a scene often happened when Olivia was young. When Oli fell ill and sick in bed, the only one who took care of him was this cute little chicken.

Stretching out his little wings, Mengmeng gently touched Olivia’s forehead.


His wing was forcefully grasped.

Olivia suddenly opened his eyes.

Not like a person who just woke up after a serious injury but like a person waiting to kill someone!

Seeing Mengmeng, he seemed perplexed, but only for a moment. He soon wanted to sit up but while sitting up, he noticed that the wound in his waist had been remedied. The bandage was also changed and Olivia clearly remembered that the bandage had been soaked with blood before.


I just saw Mu Gen.

He wanted to say that but quickly rejected the idea.

How is that possible?

Mu Gen should be safe in Bailu Star, so how could he appear here? This place, this place where he didn’t even know whether he can go back——

The thoughts in Olivia’s mind stopped abruptly when he lifted the quilt and looked at the bandage on his waist!

Olivia lifted the quilt and stood up. The huge pain made him frown slightly but he didn’t care and strode out of the control room, randomly finding a room with a mirror and looking sideways.

Thinking that Olivia was going to do something dangerous again, Mengmeng hurriedly ran out with him. Unexpectedly, he just saw Olivia looking at the mirror intensely.

“Olivia, please look in the mirror again after you’re healed. No one is around now so no one will laugh at you for having disheveled clothes!” He knew how much his ward pays attention to his appearance, but seeing him still worry about it when he almost lost his life, Mengmeng was a little worried.

Turning a deaf ear to Mengmeng’s nagging, Olivia still looked at the mirror carefully to observe the bandages on his body, and he finally affirmed:

“Mu Gen has been here.”

It’s not a question, nor was there any hesitation. His tone was very firm and certain.

“How can that be? Isn’t Mu Gen supposed to be in Bailu Star right now?” Mengmeng tilted his head.

“So Bailu Star must have a problem, we have to go back now.” Gently touching the knot at the end of the bandage, Olivia recognized at a glance that this was a standard of Mu Gen, and he would never get it wrong!

If he just subconsciously felt Mu Gen’s breath before, then this knot on his body at this moment is like a piece of evidence that confirms his thoughts!

Olivia’s face instantly showed a fleeting tenderness, quickly replaced by a chill on his face.

Mengmeng got stuck.

His brain couldn’t figure out why Mu Gen would be here but he’s very obedient. Since childhood, he accompanied Olivia in whatever he wanted to do, and this time was no exception.

So when Olivia obtained the highest level of driving rights on White Cloud Duoduo and saw those intruders fleeing in the form of energy, then immediately decided to pursue the enemy, Mengmeng resolutely stayed behind.

When all the humans on the spacecraft were ordered to disembark by Olivia, White Cloud Duoduo and the robot Mengmeng accompanied him to the end!

Mengmeng even knew that Olivia had actually written a suicide note.

When tracking the opponent into the high dimensional stargate, Olivia was ready to not go back.

Not out of noble ideas and purposes. At that moment, only Mu Gen was on his mind along with Alpha and the other robots, their home in Bailu Star, and the bosses of Idoli Commercial Street.

The light weapons fired at the opponent were the last full firepower of White Cloud Duoduo. With that one blow, there’s no more energy to make him resist any possible backlash!

But at that time, his consciousness was blurred and he was already very weak after being seriously injured. Chasing them here and firing the last shot consumed his last energy.

When his consciousness was about to become nothingness, he saw a white light.

As well as…

Mu Gen at his side before he was overwhelmed by the white light.

Although he couldn’t see what that person looked like, he knew it was Mu Gen.

Knowing that in the last moments of his life, Mu Gen was by his side…for Olivia, these are enough.

At that time, Olivia really thought so, but when he regained consciousness, all these thoughts were overthrown by him.

“What happened on Bailu Star? Why did Mu Gen appear here…damn it! Really…I can’t believe in anyone other than myself. That bastard Rothsay, I’m going back to find him after this!

Duoduo, quickly wake up! We have to hurry back to Bailu Star——” Murderously checking the damage on the spacecraft, Olivia immediately prepared for the return journey.

Olivia, who was anxious to go home, didn’t realize that at this moment, he finally climbed the mountain named Marshal Rothsay that had been insurmountable subconsciously.

Although he didn’t realize it, there was always this mountain deep in his heart.

But he’s not the only one like this. This mountain named “Rothsay” has been standing in the Empire for a long time, so long that everyone had no intention of offending it, and even Argos, who had always been daring, never wanted to replace him.

After standing there for a long time, he had become a coordinate of the times.

Even if he didn’t want to stand there.

Marshal Rothsay himself had been waiting for someone to surpass him for a long time.

After all, he was old, and he had to wait for someone like that before he left.

And now, there’s finally hope!


Still worrying about Olivia, who is seriously injured and unconscious, Mu Gen is now far away.

He can’t even tell where he is now.

Sitting in Sigma, he and Sigma chased down the enemy and crossed several star gates together.

They’re getting farther and farther away from home.

However, this is not the reason why Mu Gen is worried.

He is in Sigma’s body right now, along with First Uncle, Second Uncle…everyone is here, so there’s no fear in his heart.


This is the first time he saw such a Sigma.

There’s no communication in the whole process, and Sigma was just following the instructions step by step. No matter how the enemy escapes, his goal was always clear. Sigma now looked like a precise machine.

Not a robot, but just a machine.

Mu Gen, who is always paying attention to Sigma’s actions, discovered: As time goes by, Sigma’s accuracy is decreasing. To achieve the maximum destruction effect, he began to attack at a large scale!

Not only attacking the escaping Uabisi, but Sigma also began to attack all energy bodies blocking him at the same time!

Even more, in the process of pursuing his target, Sigma started to ignore his damage!

Mu Gen watched Sigma lose a foot from the enemy’s backlash but didn’t care at all. The speed didn’t weaken as he chased the escaping enemies frantically——

Mu Gen couldn’t detect it at all.

At this moment, he suddenly heard this:

“There are still 20 minutes before the self-destruct program starts. Please complete the task within the specified time.”

At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly heard Sigma speak again.


Self-destruct program?

He was stunned.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of what First Uncle told him a long, long time ago:

“…Military models all have self-destruct programs inside and the operating conditions for the programs are different. No master is the prerequisite. In the absence of restraint, the self-destruct program of military models will run 100% automatically.”

That was the conversation they had when they first met. On that conversation was the serious Robot Alpha and the toddler Mu Gen.

Even though Mu Gen was very young at that time, Alpha still carefully explained the problems he might face when claiming them.

“And for higher-end weapons, the moment they started, the self-destruct program in their bodies will start.”

“Ah? Doesn’t that mean you’ll die at birth?” At that time, he seemed to ask First Uncle in such a rhetorical way.

Then his First Uncle continued:


“The final hunting target of all ultimate weapons will always be itself.”

With his eyes widened, Mu Gen stood up in horror!

“…there are 10 remaining targets, time limit: Five minutes.” At this moment, Sigma updated the instructions again.

As Mu Gen recalled the past, Sigma had already hunted down the enemies to only ten!


Mu Gen immediately focused on the surveillance screen, concentrated all his attention, and began counting the remaining number of enemies.

“1…2…3…4…5…” Almost every time he counted one, the number of energy points representing the enemy will decrease by one! That was an attack from Sigma, and Sigma was speeding up his mission!

Finally, Mu Gen counted to 9.

At this moment, the enemy had completely disappeared within his field of vision. However——

“One target left, time limit: One minute.” Sigma updated the instructions for the last time and then raised his cannon muzzle to himself.

“No! Sigma! Stop! I’m Mu Gen! Your brother! Sigma, Mu Gen wants you to wake up quickly——” What’s your real name? Isn’t Sigma your real name? Isn’t Sigma’s name Sigma? Regardless, Mu Gen yelled out Sigma’s name——

However, ignoring his roar, World Destroyer Sigma aimed its muzzle at its core.


He suddenly stopped.

After a few seconds, he aimed the muzzle at himself again;

Then a few seconds later, moved it away again.

He seemed to be broken and repeated the same action many times.

Then he suddenly flew up.

With his heart beating, Mu Gen noticed that Sigma’s speed suddenly rose to the highest. The star gates turned into stars in Mu Gen’s eyes, and in the end, a blue planet appeared in front of them!

Breaking through the atmosphere without hesitation, Sigma flew down with Mu Gen.

Don’t know what mechanism Mu Gen triggered in Sigma but light hit his eyes. Fresh air poured into his nose and then he touched soft…


Only then did Mu Gen realize that Sigma had taken him out of his body.

There was also a big white chicken taken out with him. Mu Gen discovered that at some point, Big White was also installed in Sigma’s body.

Sigma looked at Mu Gen condescendingly.

Mu Gen looked at him blankly.

Then Mu Gen saw Sigma “smile”.


A very cute emoji appeared on Sigma’s screen.

“Brother, Sigma is finally taller than you.” Sigma bent down and slowly said.

“Sigma…you…” You’re awake?

Mu Gen’s eyes were full of doubts.

He only called Sigma by name just now and he called it too many times, so how…

At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly thought of something:

No…perhaps he didn’t only call out Sigma just now.

“…Sigma! Stop! I’m Mu Gen! Your brother! Sigma, Mu Gen wants you to…”

Sigma Mu is the real name that Sigma recognizes in his heart.

Because he’s a child from Mu Gen’s family.

For a moment, tears filled Mu Gen’s eyes.

Then he saw Sigma smile again.


“Brother, Sigma feels a little hot.”

Finished speaking, after giving a final “look” in Mu Gen’s direction, Sigma jumped up and rushed straight into the blue sky.



The sun…Mu Gen saw the sun explode above his head.

At the same time, the sun in his heart also exploded.

The author has something to say:

Um, First Uncle and the others will be resurrected

Don’t send razor blades, there’s no shortage at home


TINA V8C242: Oli And Mu Gen
TINA V8C244: Landing

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