TINA V8C244: Landing

TINA V8C243: His Real Name And The Sun
TINA V8C245: Grandpa Egg

However, the dazzling rays of light above his head, like a burst of sunlight, lasted only a few seconds.

As if absorbed by something in an instant——for an instant, Mu Gen suddenly had a weird idea in his mind.

With the passing of this thought, the light on top of his head completely disappeared! Instead, the sun star, which was about to set down on this planet, has a soft light that doesn’t burn the eyes.

The sky was quiet as if nothing happened just now.


Mu Gen stared blankly at the sky, shocked.

However, he didn’t mourn for a long time. After a short while, a small black spot fell from the spot where it just glowed. As it fell, the small block dot became a big black dot, then it became like a mecha——

“Sigma!” When he finally saw what that thing was, Mu Gen yelled, then quickly ran towards the place where Sigma landed. He can’t tell if it’s because of nervousness, expectation, or because he used his fastest speed, but with a beating heart, he passed through a large dense forest to where Sigma landed. Mu Gen happened to see Sigma falling into the sea with a thump.

And Mu Gen plunged in!

Chasing the large bubbles where Sigma fell, Mu Gen quickly swam towards him.

The tall Sigma lay quietly in the sea, his screen dark, looking like he’s turned off.

Half the screen had been shattered, and there are various scratches on his body. Sigma looks tattered…

With eyes wide open, Mu Gen stretched out his hand towards Sigma in the sea.

He grabbed him hard but he couldn’t lift such a heavy Sigma at all, but when he held Sigma’s arm again, he suddenly felt his heart settle down.

Accompanied by Sigma and falling to the bottom of the sea——Fortunately, it’s not too deep here. When Sigma sank to the bottom, Mu Gen almost couldn’t hold his breath. Memorizing the position where Sigma fell, Mu Gen swam back to the surface.

Wiping the water off his face, Mu Gen took a deep breath, then heard a sharp “cheep” from the shore. Mu Gen turned his head and looked: It’s Big White, Big White also followed him here!

“You wait for me on the shore for a while, I’m going to fish out Sigma from under the sea.” After shouting so to Big White, Mu Gen took a long breath and dived under again.

Since almost all members of his family are robots, Mu Gen always carries some essential tools with him, which was convenient in repairing the robots at any time. This habit was there since he’s in that barren star and after so many years, it has become a deep-rooted habit and this time was no exception.

Mu Gen’s hand touched the toolset in his jacket pocket.

Holding a sigh, he swam towards Sigma again and this time, Mu Gen didn’t act rashly, but instead, carefully looked at Sigma’s current structure.

For the second dive, he only loosened the screws on Sigma’s neck.

In such a small part, Mu Gen dived into the water 13 times before removing Sigma’s head. By the time he dragged the big head back to shore, he was exhausted.

“Cheep cheep! Cheep cheep!” Big White jumped around, curiously tilting its head to look at Sigma, which was now only a head.

“Uh-huh, it’s Sigma and Sigma is asleep now.” Wiping Sigma’s head dry, Mu Gen stared at the damaged half of the black screen blankly. Suddenly, panic was spreading in his heart again.

At this moment, Big White suddenly pecked him. Turning his head, Mu Gen noticed that Big White was pushing an egg towards him.

“Huh? Did you bring Grandpa Egg here?” Mu Gen didn’t understand Big White’s meaning at first, but soon, Big White pushed Grandpa Egg in his direction again. Mu Gen finally looked at Grandpa Egg…or the incubator outside.

“Oh! Are you talking about letting Sigma use the energy here?” The light bulb in Mu Gen’s head suddenly lit up.

Big White tilted its head and continued to look at him.

As a bird that didn’t have much intelligence, it actually doesn’t understand what energy is. It couldn’t understand people’s words but Mu Gen often talk to it, so its understanding was much higher than those of the same species, but it still didn’t know what an energy bar is. However, it knew that the machines and robots in the house “eat” this and it also knew that robots will shut down if they don’t have energy.

It didn’t actually understand what just happened, nor can it understand why Sigma only has a head, but seeing Sigma’s black screen, it thought it had found a solution.

There’s food for robots in the incubator!

Big White, therefore, offered the egg incubator outside of Grandpa Egg.

Anyway, seems like this thing is actually useless so just let Sigma eat it~


Mu Gen picked up the egg and carefully removed the incubator attached to it. This incubator has become a simple robot after some modifications, uh…but the intelligence was very low so it can only decide whether it needs to recharge, return home regularly, and do other simple things. However, these functions are very practical for the eggs that Big White carried around every day. At least, it can keep them warm and Big White no longer has to worry about losing an egg!

“Sorry, I need to borrow your energy source temporarily.” Gently touching the egg incubator robot, Mu Gen took out the energy bar from it, cautiously pressed it on Sigma, and then——

Mu Gen saw a light on Sigma’s screen.

This is the signal that represents “charging”!

The corners of his mouth slightly raised and rose little by little with the joy in his heart. Mu Gen made a big smile and the fear in his heart dissipated in an instant. Suddenly, his heart felt extremely full and bulging, as if it was about to overflow.

“Big White! You’re right!” Picking up the big white chicken on the side, Mu Gen gave it a hard kiss on top of its head.

“Thank you for your energy!” He also kissed the dead incubator robot.

“Finally, thank you!” And then, Mu Gen kissed the naked Grandpa Egg.

Sigma is not broken! As long as there’s energy, he can wake up as usual!

Realizing that this was a very likely thing to happen, Mu Gen was suddenly full of haste and vitality. It was getting late, so he didn’t venture into the water to continue salvaging Sigma’s body. Using logs to make a fire, he immediately took Big White to hunt.

He hadn’t hunted for more than ten years, so his skills were a bit rusty, but his physical fitness and accuracy are better than before. Big White’s eyes are also very good so it didn’t take long for Mu Gen to catch prey.

This evening, they ate snake meat.

However, the snakes on the first day are like a gift package for novices. In the following days, they didn’t have as much good luck. Since the food was poor, Mu Gen even followed Big White to eat worms for many days.

Most of the time was spent in Mu Gen diving over and over again.

One head today, one hand tomorrow, one foot the day after tomorrow…Mu Gen salvaged Sigma’s body from the sea, little by little. During the salvage process, Mu Gen automatically grouped the metal on the World Destroyer, and the ones that belonged to First Uncle were put in a pile and the ones that belonged to Second Uncle in another pile…

Sigma←because he had to help him make his ass since he was a child, Mu Gen was most familiar with Sigma and was also the fastest to assemble.

Sigma’s butt and legs can’t be found, so the robot lying in front of Mu Gen was the Sigma that Mu Gen is most familiar with:

A small robot with no butt and legs, only the waist up.

Mu Gen placed Sigma on the beach with the most sunlight and then began to concentrate on assembling his other robot family members.

On this deserted planet, only Big White was with him, so Mu Gen put all his energy on the robots, even forgetting to count the time. He didn’t know how long it took, but when all six robots were lying side by side on the beach, Mu Gen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Sigma “woke up” at this time.

The moment his screen lit up, he “saw” the blue sky.

Not the world of black, white, and gray lines in his dream, but the blue sky.

Accompanied by the cry of “cheep——cheep——”, a big white chicken flew across the sky above him.

Sigma sat up.

His “eyes” first fell on the grass mat under his palm: It’s a very thick mat, not lying on the sand, he’s lying on a straw mat.

He was very familiar with the craftsmanship of straw mats since he often used Mugen grass to weave this kind of straw mat. At that time, all the people in the family would sleep on this kind of straw mat.

Mu Gen? Family?

Sigma got stuck.

“Fragment the disk.” He gave himself an order.

With the reorganization of a large number of powder-type memories, the life of robot Sigma was restored in his “brain”!

“Brother,” Sigma suddenly said.

The screen pointed to the back of a human being squatting on the ground not far away. He stood up using his arms.

Two arms quickly fell one after another as Sigma jumped from the straw mat to Mu Gen’s side on the beach.

The big head attached to Mu Gen’s back and Sigma gripped his back tightly.


“Brother,” Sigma said coquettishly.

Looking back in disbelief, Mu Gen saw Sigma with half his screen shattered.

The author has something to say:

The part of the war is basically finished


In fact, everyone should have noticed

The author is not good at writing war scenes

But because of this…I have to practice~

(I’m the type that does whatever I’m not good at)

PS: When I was a student, my essay scores were very low~

After persisting at hitting the wall, now…I can also write novels (moved to tears)

TINA V8C243: His Real Name And The Sun
TINA V8C245: Grandpa Egg

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  1. A few chapters ago I remember commenting that I hoped Oli would come and save them… completely forgetting that the robot family members were military robots QAQ after seeing sigma (and the others) completely obliterate the enemies I suddenly remembered that in the dream sumei had of the past sigma was a villain so he must been pretty powerful. So happy the energy balls got destroyed and somehow oli was saved too!! Why did prungeli have to die tho 😿not sure who grandpa meng is tho I guess he did become the strongest! Thank you for the updates!

  2. the author must be a cruel one to be able to write silly cute notes even during tearjerking scenes and heartbreaking moments 🙂

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