TINA V8C245: Grandpa Egg

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Mu Gen looked at Sigma eagerly.

Sigma looked at Mu Gen eagerly.

Then, the brothers quickly hugged each other!

Mu Gen felt distressed at Sigma’s cracked screen.

“Fortunately, Sigma is a robot so it doesn’t hurt at all.” Sigma “smiled”. For many years, this is the first time he clearly stated he’s a “robot”.

Mu Gen then hugged him again and beside Sigma’s cold big head, Mu Gen softly said:

“I’ll make it up for you when we get home.”

“Okay.” Sigma nodded.

“But what happened just now? You suddenly fell.” Mu Gen suddenly thought of the previous scene.

“I don’t know, suddenly it’s gone.” Sigma tilted his head.

“What’s gone?” Mu Gen didn’t understand.

“Energy, the energy is gone.” Sigma’s answer was still vague: “When I was about to explode, Sigma shut down, and then…Sigma woke up and saw Brother.”

Regarding this wonderful change, the brothers were puzzled but simply didn’t think about it.

“But what is this place?” Mu Gen asked Sigma——this place was chosen by Sigma.

“I don’t know. This is the only planet nearby that can provide a living environment for human beings.” It was too late when he woke up, so Sigma knew he was about to explode, but before that, the only thought in his “brain” was to send Mu Gen to a safe place. He quickly shuttled between planets and finally landed on this barren and primitive planet.

However, he wouldn’t tell Mu Gen about these things.

What happened before was like a “dream” and Sigma felt as if he had a “nightmare” just like humans.

But now, he woke up from the dream.

After Mu Gen went hunting, Sigma decided to help his brother do what he could.

He first glanced at the poop that Big White put on the ground. It’s bad to urinate and poop indiscriminately, so Sigma gathered the poop, dug a hole, and buried it carefully.

In the process of digging a hole to bury the poop, Sigma noticed a round object in the grass.

What a big, white, egg!

The egg is white and crystal clear, and it looks nutritious.

Sigma decided to make a loving boiled egg for his brother.

As the fire rose, Sigma began to look for utensils that could be used as a pot and noticed the incubator on the ground at a glance.

You’re the only one——Sigma immediately took the incubator like a treasure and after scooping a lot of seawater in it, he put the big white egg inside.

Then he saw the Alphabet Series Robots on the side.

Alpha and the others don’t have energy——Sigma tilted his head.

Sigma dashed over while using his arms.

So when Mu Gen came back, the home (←actually the camp) was swept clean, and there’s a smell of cooking in the air, as well as a very tall machine!

Several wires are connected to that machine and the terminal of each wire was connected to one, no, half robots…

Mu Gen opened his eyes unbelievably:

That’s the Alphabet Series Robots at home. Although they’re lacking butts and legs, their upper body is indeed the uncles. He couldn’t get it wrong!

“First Uncle Alpha…Second Uncle Beta…” Muttering the name of each robot, Mu Gen rushed towards them.

He ran too fast that he didn’t pay attention to the road conditions so Mu Gen fell when he was about to reach the finish line! He didn’t care about this embarrassing scene at all and when he raised his head again, the tears in Mu Gen’s eyes were visible.

Then he saw his uncles unplugging their cords and walking towards him.

Reaching out his hand, Alpha gently hugged Mu Gen and a bit awkwardly patted him. Mu Gen then heard his First Uncle bluntly say in his ear:

“Good boy, you’re a man, don’t cry!”

This sentence…are the words that Mu Gen taught the Alphabet Series Robots when they first met.

Alpha’s tattered shell was reflected through the tears in his eyes. Although they’re broken again, although they almost couldn’t wake up, although half their bodies were missing——

They’re back!

Although their bodies were broken, their memories came back completely undamaged.

Unable to hold back the tears, Mu Gen hugged the robot Alpha tightly.

The robots next to him joined one by one and finally, the family formed a big group.

While Mu Gen was hunting, Sigma decided to contribute to the family as much as he could, so after helping his brother cook a loving dinner, he decided to show his filial piety to the uncles who were in an off state, so——

Sigma removed all the buttocks and legs of the Alphabet Series Robots at home.

 ̄▽ ̄

And built an energy converter from the dismantled parts.

 ̄▽ ̄

Although it sounds very filial, the cause and effect, the butt and legs…always make people feel there’s a bit of revenge…

The screens of all robots aimed at Sigma at the same time.

At this moment, Big White also came back.

Big White came back with prey in its mouth, which was three thin insects. Big White generously distributed one of the worms to Mu Gen while the other two were pressed under its claws.

After discovering that Sigma woke up, Big White yelled twice in delight and was about to distribute a worm to Sigma when it suddenly noticed the “pot” over the fire and the big white egg inside…

“Cheep cheep! Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!!!!!” There was a harsh chirp in its mouth as Big White rushed over like crazy and knocked over the bubbling cauldron.

“Uh…that…it was the egg that Sigma found in the grass, and it was for Brother to eat.” Sigma weakly said.

“Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!!!!” What awaited him was a relentless beak attack! While he was being chased by Big White and running around, the rest of the robots were charging and watching the excitement. Even after removing the butt and legs from the others, Sigma is still the lowest “person” in the family and even the big white chicken he raised loved to bully him~

Looking at the scene in front of him amusingly, Mu Gen’s mouth was raised in a smile.

Picking up the incubator that was knocked over by Big White, Mu Gen took out the big white egg inside. It was hot, almost ironing his palm, as if there’s life in it.


Mu Gen carefully looked at the egg in his hand and realized that the egg was very different from the original: The eggshell is no longer gray and dead. The egg now looked white and moist and there’s even a ray of light on the eggshell!

Like…like there’s life in it…

For a moment, this idea appeared in Mu Gen’s mind.

But his sanity immediately denied this idea: Long before Xiao Tao brought Grandpa Egg back to Bailu Star and even took the egg for inspection, all the statements given by the hospital said that this was a dead egg that has been petrified, confirming that there’s no hope of salvation. This egg was then placed under Big White’s ass, like a toy, as it flew around every day.

But now…

No matter how he opposed it in his heart, the feeling in Mu Gen’s palm was very real. This time, he felt the trembling from this big white egg very clearly.

It first trembled slightly, then more and more severely. Mu Gen then heard the sound of something hitting the eggshell from within.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sound was small and not very powerful, but it was very firm. Mu Gen couldn’t help gently tapping the point where the sound was made, and then——

The shell under his finger cracked and Mu Gen felt his finger be lightly pecked by something.

Pulling back his finger in surprise, Mu Gen looked at the cracked eggshell without daring to blink. In the dim gap, Mu Gen vaguely saw a small yellow mouth. With a firm peck, the gap in the eggshell became larger and larger until it finally cracked.

A wet little white chick sat on Mu Gen’s palm just like that.

“Chirp!” The immature cry came from the little white chick’s mouth, and Mu Gen was stunned.

“First Uncle, Big White, come and see…Grandpa Egg, he…he hatched?!”

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TINA V8C244: Landing
TINA V8C246: His Name

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