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So the chick appeared before the uncles and the others. He can’t be called an elder and he’s too young to be an elder brother or even a friend.

“Chirp~” Sitting in the middle of Mu Gen’s palm, the little white chick is trying to open his eyes. The hair on his body was wet and his eyelashes are also wet so opening his eyes became a difficult thing.

“His eyelashes are so long!” Mu Gen was a little surprised and said that for a Kantas cub, this little one’s eyelashes are the longest he’d ever seen!

He can’t even open it!

“His hair is 20% shorter than other cubs and there’s 40% less hair.” Uncle Alpha hit the nail on the head.

Looking at the weak little white chick on his palm, Mu Gen nodded.

First Uncle is right, this little chick’s hair…is so little…so little that he’s shivering.

“Don’t cover him and don’t give him any help, let him adapt to this environment.” Realizing that Mu Gen wanted to cover the little cub with his clothes, Alpha immediately stopped him and Uncle Beta took the opportunity to put the jacket back on Mu Gen.

So the only one who felt pity for the little fluff and wanted to help him was gone.

The trembling little cub pressed most of his body to Mu Gen’s palm as if it could extract as much heat as possible from Mu Gen.

After being looked at by Uncle Alpha’s screen, Mu Gen hurriedly placed the little cub on the ground, and in this way, the little guy had no one else to rely on!

He laid down on the ground unwillingly for a while and then tentatively tried to stand up.

The cold sea breeze was blocked by several robots so only a very comfortable breeze fell on the little chick. Not hot or cold, it can just slowly dry the wet hair on the little chick’s body.

Mu Gen stared at the little chick slowly turning from a just-born chick with hair clinging to his body into….uh…the hair is not very fluffy, but though it has a smaller amount of hair, it’s still quite cute.

His eyelashes were also blown dry, so he opened his eyes.

Those are a pair of big brown eyes and with those long eyelashes, it looks so cute!

“Chirp!” The little guy saw where they are this time and then stood up tremblingly. Two little paws stumbled and ran in Mu Gen’s direction, then accurately buried himself upside down between Mu Gen’s legs ← a good gap for shelter from the wind and rain that he saw at a glance.

“Haha!” The dullness and hesitation that had been suppressed in his heart were wiped away by the cute performance of this newborn cub, so Mu Gen laughed loudly.

“This is a Kantas’ wild instinct. They will instinctively look for their elders or companions and gain shelter from them.” Alpha made a serious analysis and finished speaking. He looked at his legs imperceptibly…uh…he has no legs now, orz.

Uncle Alpha was in a bad mood for a moment, so he took another look at Sigma——the little screen stared at him intensely.

“Ba-dump”——feeling threatened, Sigma stuck to his brother’s back, instinctively looking for shelter.

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄?

In any case, in this place where birds don’t lay eggs, they brought an egg and the egg hatched.

Sometimes, even when the mountains and rivers are exhausted, you don’t even want to worry about it since many people can often explode a more tenacious survival awareness by caring for the weak.

Besides, the Mu Gen family had always been tenacious like Mugen grass.

Uncle Epsilon immediately set up a nest for the little cub. (←Hey! Isn’t it just a nest for the little fluff?)

Uncle Eta made a food bowl for the little cub. (← Isn’t it just a bowl…)

Uncle Beta…with a blank face, used “internal force” to dry green grass until it became fluffy and soft hay, then put it into Uncle Epsilon’s nest.

As a result, Mu Gen was dumbfounded as he watched the full set of raising equipment at home copied here (← for the little white balls that Mr. World Tree brought before).

The little cub, who stood up firmly with his strength, was rewarded and is now lying comfortably in his nest! There’s even soft hay under his ass~

Then, Big White fed him the other worm under his claw, so the little guy’s first meal in this world was over.

Worm’s smell~

A cub can only poop and eat, so after eating, he started to poop and they noticed that he tended to discharge everywhere. First Uncle immediately ordered someone to dig a toilet on the ground and then called the little chick over.

Then, a group of a human and robots surrounded it like a tent, watching the little chick squat.

Not minding being watched by a group of people, for the cub, nothing made him feel safer than having a group of people around to protect him!

The adults watching the cub squat were not idle, they’re discussing the major events of the cubs’ life!

“The cub’s body is not very strong.” Alpha immediately judged.

“According to the customs of the Ancient Earth, a child with bad health should have a very popular and humble name.” Uncle Pi was particularly proficient in Ancient Earth culture.

“Mu Gen is a good example. Because it takes the name of the best grass, he now grew so strong.” Uncle Epsilon laughed.

“So this cub must use a popular and humble name.” Uncle Beta coldly said with a blank face.

“Gou Sheng (Dog leftovers).” Uncle Eta immediately flipped through the corner of his hard drive and picked out a name, shocking Mu Gen.

“A total of more than 600 million have used this name in several dynasties before and after, so the information is reliable. More than 400 million of the people who used this name have survived the average age of the dynasty at that time, and 100 million people have become celebrities of that era. Another 1836 people became great men of the times.” Uncle Eta read.

“What a magical name.” Uncle Alpha reservedly nodded.

Mu Gen looked 囧: Hey…how about no?

“However, another name is also good.” While Mu Gen was worried about the little cub’s name, Uncle Beta coldly made another suggestion, but if you think that the little cub can escape the tragic fate of being called “Gou Sheng”, then you’re wrong!

“Gou Dan (Dog Egg).” Uncle Beta gloriously raised his head.

“This is a more popular and humble name than Gou Sheng. With more than 800 million users, it’s a well-deserved king of nicknames on Ancient Earth. Before the age of science and technology, under this name, 2353 people became great men of the times. In addition, 200 million people became celebrities in their era and even three people have legends of them ascending.”

“Ascending?” Question marks appeared on the other robots’ screens.

“Ascending means cultivating to become an immortal. It’s said that the lifespan of immortal cultivators on Ancient Earth can be the same as the sun and the moon.” Unknowingly revealing his little secret ← the cold-hearted Uncle Beta is actually a fan of various popular novels. He especially likes Ancient Earth’s cultivation novels, even stallion novels!


So in the next period, Mu Gen’s robots are divided into the “Gou Dan” faction and the “Gou Sheng” faction. Everyone’s screens then aimed at Mu Gen.

“Uh…” Mu Gen felt that none of them were good.

Such a pretty (←although a bit bald) cub is so pitiful to just be called “Gou Dan” or “Gou Sheng”~

He picked up the little cub who had finished pooping and wiped his butt carefully. Seeing the little guy’s eyes full of trust, another bald little chick suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Olivia…” When they first met, he was a bad boy. The first time he showed his true form, he had a bald tail and small hair. Olivia is also a little white chick~

His body is not good, but under the joint treatment of Idoli Commercial Street and his uncles, he still grew into such a strong Kantas where no Kantas is stronger than him…

And now…

He will most likely never see him again.

Or rather, he didn’t know how long it will take to see him.

“Call him Olivia.”

“Olivia is a girl’s name. In Ancient Earth, raising a boy as a girl is another way to keep him healthy and live longer.” Mu Gen softly said.

Putting his lips on the little cub’s forehead, he kissed him gently: “Little guy, from now on, your name is Olivia, do you like it?”

“Chirp?” In response to him, the little guy gave a faint chirp.

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So this explains why Olivia said he had many people around him when he was young but then only Mengmeng was left in the end in the earlier chapters. I was wondering about that since it was never mentioned.

Wait, is he the royal blood that Tortland Haida is supposed to be transporting, or is he the child of that Commander Kantas?

TINA V8C245: Grandpa Egg
TINA V8C247: Sigma's Promise

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  1. I think chick oli is the commander guy on tortland haida’s child
    I remember somewhere in the story it said the commander was some royal bloodline or something
    no wonder chick oli was able to activate the defense system of the ship!

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