TINA V8C247: Sigma’s Promise

TINA V8C246: His Name
TINA V8C248: Don't Take The Yellow Road

Unlike the strong adult Kantas Oli, the cub Olivia is particularly weak.

He caught a cold on the second day of his birth.


“Didn’t they say that only idiotic Kantas will catch a cold?” Watching the little ball sneeze again, Uncle Beta got jammed.

All the robots were silent.

Because of a cold, the little ball’s cries change to this: “Chirp chirp cough! Chirp chirp cough!”

It’s a bit funny but more pathetic.

The little white chick, with snot, looked at his parents pitifully, so Mu Gen couldn’t hold back and picked him up. Feeling the warmth, the little white chick immediately hid all of his body in the warmest place. He went in so anxiously that his whole ass is exposed! Worried that this would hurt him, Mu Gen had to help him turn around. The little head came out, revealing a small furry face with snot.

Mu Gen wiped his nose amusingly.

Uncle Alpha and the others acquiesced to Mu Gen’s actions. To be honest, they have no better way. Thinking about it now, being able to raise Mu Gen to such a big age on that barren star must be because of Mu Gen’s good health.

He drank plenty of hot water to sweat it out and even hid in Mu Gen’s arms at normal times. Uncle Pi even knitted a small vest for Olivia with the wool contributed by Big White, but even then, he still had a fever. After two days of this, the fever finally subsided on the third day but the hair on the body looked a little less.

But even with very little fur on his body, Olivia is always a happy cub.

He is very smart and knows the difference between bitter medicine and delicious little worm, so it’s not easy to trick him into eating some herbs, but if you touch him and talk to him, he’d still eat some unwillingly;

Though he’d become listless and want to be spoiled~ Truly a chick that almost had the “Gou (Dog)” character in his name. His discerning eyes immediately distinguished everyone’s family status and he likes to bully Sigma the most! The most common thing he’d do is pee on Sigma. Sigma couldn’t beat him and finally figured out a way that’s not really a way: Taking out the high-level materials he treasured in his stomach, he completely upgraded the shape of the incubator into a simple version of a robot!

Uh huh~ that chubby look makes it look like a bully.

“Look after him.” This was the first and only order Sigma gave the robot.

Since then, the incubator robot followed the little white chick’s butt.

“But when did Sigma have plastic in your collection?” Looking at the newly made robot, Mu Gen curiously asked Sigma.

There’s no particular reason but why does this robot look like a plastic robot!

“Not plastic, but! ¥!%%……%¥%!#¥#!¥#¥ ultra-light liquid metal that’s very expensive and it costs Sigma and Mu Gen a year of pocket money!” Sigma monotonously said, but Mu Gen heard the grievance in his voice.

Sigma is very distressed that it costs his….and his brother’s allowance…

But…why Sigma and Mu Gen’s pocket money for a year. Sigma, so the last time you borrowed money to buy a long list of precious materials, it had this metal that looked like plastic?

Mu Gen glanced at Sigma and Sigma lowered his head embarrassingly.

But even so, he continued to count his small vault.

“Ah! Sigma’s blue stone is gone.” With this inventory, Sigma made some amazing discoveries.

“Don’t you have a lot of blue stones? There’s still a lot.” Sigma’s hobby of collecting blue stones is known to all robots, so everyone didn’t take his fussing seriously.

“It’s Sigma’s most important blue stone.” Sigma panicked.

“I’ll help you find it.” Mu Gen immediately knew which stone it was.

Sigma has many blue stones, but there’s only one that he’d call “blue stone”, the one he first found. Thinking of where he fell, Sigma dived into the water. Mu Gen jumped right after and the other robots got jammed before finally diving down too.

But even after searching for a long time, they never saw the shadow of the stone on the seabed.

“Can’t find it,” Alpha said.

Alpha then took the other robots to do other things. They’re very busy right now. First, they must use the existing materials to prepare enough energy, then, they had to find a way to leave this place.

“Mu Gen, come and help too.” Seeing that Mu Gen was still planning to continue searching with Sigma, Alpha’s cold voice sounded again.

With no other way, Mu Gen had to help.

Sigma was stunned and for a while, he continued to look for it on the surrounding grass. The little white chick, wearing a small vest, chirped happily behind Sigma, mistakenly thinking that Sigma was picking up rocks. The little guy then searched with him until Sigma came back empty-handed again. When the quiet screen was low and dark, he suddenly felt his palm, which was hanging on the ground, lightly pecked twice by something.

It’s Olivia.

Holding a small colorful stone in his mouth, Olivia gently placed it in Sigma’s palm.

Then the little cub looked up to see Sigma’s reaction but still found that Sigma had a black screen, so he grabbed another red stone, and every time he grabbed a stone, he watched Sigma’s reaction. In the end, he put all the stones he had just found in Sigma’s palm!

Sigma’s palm was not big, so several stones rolled onto the ground.

Looking at the unsightly stones in the palm of his hand, then at the little white ball with a runny nose watching him.

“^_^” Sigma was finally happy again.

Looking at this little cub with big eyes, soft green wavy lines flashed over Sigma’s dark screen. At this moment, his emotional program got upgraded again.

No longer a “junior” being taken care of by the whole family, in the face of this weak, little hairy, and not good looking (←hey!) cub who loves to pee on him, for the first time, the mentality of an “elder” sprouted in Sigma’s heart.

His “brain” was covered with an extremely complex emotion as Sigma picked up the chirping little ball.


The little chick peed on him again.

 ̄▽ ̄

Wiping the little chick’s butt clean, Sigma didn’t dislike him this time and put all the stones that the little chick gave him into his stomach.

“We also want to help. You are still so young and you can’t grow on such a planet. You have to go to a big planet. There are many Academies there and if you go to a good Academy, you can find a good job in the future.” Carefully putting the little cub on top of his head, Sigma walked towards Alpha and the others.

From this moment, Sigma officially became an “adult”.

He glanced at the sky, remembering his last memory of his blue stone, then walked towards Alpha and the others without looking back.

Somewhere he didn’t know, the blue stone that had absorbed all the explosive power and stored energy of the World Destroyer had already passed through time and space at this moment, and flew to a remote corner of the Empire at a very fast speed.

With the huge energy that can destroy worlds, the blue stone slammed into a small planet.


A galactic explosion, a rare occurrence in 10,000 years, occurred.

The Emperor and his guards, who happened to be passing by, were all submerged in this explosion that affected the entire universe. In addition, the most famous idols in the interstellar also disappeared in that explosion. After that, countless explorers and pilgrims went to worship here in an endless stream, eager to find clues of the past, but the majesty of the emperor might have made it untouchable as the poisonous fog and the planet fragments produced after the explosion filled the entire area. None of the expedition teams who went here could explore even a little deeper. After countless heroes’ expeditions, no one wanted to approach anymore.

Hereafter, it was referred to as——the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb.

Then, after many many years, after finally consuming the last drop of energy inside, the blue stone that was the culprit turned into an ordinary stone and wandered in the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb.


Sigma looked out the window for a while and noticed a small blue stone on the edge. The young robot was very happy and carefully put the stone into the storage space under his belly.

In time and space, the world has made a complete circle.

The author has something to say:

I read everyone’s comments today

Thanks to everyone who comforted me so that I can stick to it

Also thank you for pointing out the unreasonable points with logic

I thought about it carefully, but I will stick to some of them

Although it might not meet your ideals, it’s what I wanted to write in the beginning.

As for the others, I do feel that what I’ve previously written was problematic and might cause an unpleasant reading experience so I decided to modify it

I made this decision very carefully because any modification is bound to discomfort some readers who have accepted the previous ideas, but please believe me that this is for the completeness and continuation of the story

I hope, more than anyone else, that Oli and Mu Gen’s story can begin and end successfully.

^^ So the order needs to be fine-tuned and the other parts will be more fleshed out

TINA V8C246: His Name
TINA V8C248: Don't Take The Yellow Road

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