TINA V8C248: Don’t Take The Yellow Road

TINA V8C247: Sigma's Promise
TINA V8C249: Olivia Is Home

“I accidentally discovered that I can connect to the network, and then accidentally logged in.” The robot who most liked to do this is Pi! Unlike the other robots, he can’t wait to stay on the network all day long. If he’s a human being, he’d most likely be the legendary internet NEET.

Or a robot NEET.

“I first logged in with the account I usually used, but the system prompted that the account is being used, so I immediately changed to another account to log in.

And I logged in smoothly this time.

Like all robots, the first thing I did is to calibrate the time. But after calibration, I suddenly found that the time was Day 19, Month 13, Year 370 of the Starlight Calendar.”

Robot Pi raised a finger and motioned everyone to look at his screen. At this time, the current time is displayed there:

Starlight Calendar Day 19, Month 13, Year 370, 14:12.

All the robots immediately checked the time on their bodies.

“My time is 14:12 on Day 19, Month 13, Year 408 of the Starlight Calendar.” Alpha immediately reported his results.

“Mine and Alpha have the same time.” This is Robot Beta.

“Same.” Robot Eta said.

Mu Gen subconsciously glanced at the antique mechanical watch on his wrist: No date, only the time: It’s 1…3 minutes after 14:00.

When Mu Gen looked, the minute hand just moved a space.

“It’s because Sigma’s speed is too fast. It’s said in the “Relative Theory of Time and Space” that when the speed exceeds a certain critical point, it will break away from the constraints of space.” The most knowledgeable robot Pi in the family immediately said.

“It’s also possible that the huge energy distorted time when it exploded.” Beta retorted.

When the robots were talking, the head of the family only said these words.

“We must leave here as soon as possible, otherwise, Mu Gen will disappear.”

All the robots went quiet after hearing only the second half of the sentence.

“This…” Mu Gen stood up and looked at the starry skies outside the observation window. Quiet and vast, looking no different from the starfield of the Empire during peacetime, but it’s this tranquility that reminded Mu Gen: It’s not like the Empire that has been messed up by the foreign invasion.

“I think we traveled through time.” Alpha’s voice continued to ring in his ears: “We must go back to our time right away. This year is the year you’ve been born, and the same person can’t exist at the same time for a long period, so either you or the young you, one of them will have an accident. Your juvenile body is more likely to have an accident, but if something happens to him, you will disappear with him.”

“If we want to go back, we must unite again. Only Sigma’s power and engine can reach enough speed for us to go back.” Robot Beta said.

“But Sigma’s butt and legs can’t be found——” Mu Gen was only halfway when he stopped at what Sigma took out from his storage.

What Sigma took out were his legs and butt.

When Mu Gen told him that he couldn’t find it, Sigma had said, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t find it.”

“I secretly put it away.” Sigma’s screen flickered: “…Sigma wants to go home and bury it next to Kappa.”

After speaking, Sigma suddenly lowered his head, and when he spoke again, his volume dropped by one level:

“This time, Sigma can control himself. Brother, don’t be afraid to sit on Sigma.”

His voice was an inorganic mechanical sound, but Mu Gen immediately heard Sigma’s fear and panic.

So he tightly hugged Sigma.

“Of course I won’t be afraid. Didn’t we make a promise when we were young? When I was young, I’ll carry you and when I’m old, you’ll carry me, right?”

Then Sigma looked up again.

“^_^” He smiled.

But before Sigma can become a World Destroyer with the speed to travel through time, the existing energy of Epsilon can be used, but it’s completely impossible to support the World Destroyer. As a matter of urgency, they must land somewhere and find a place to replenish energy.

“This starfield is very remote, and even in our time, it’s a remote countryside planet. We landed on this planet named Emma, which is the largest planet nearby. There are many agricultural tools here so there should be a lot of energy stations. When necessary, we’ll store energy separately and assemble at this location.” Alpha said, pointing to a coordinate of a planet on the map: “Also, this is where Olivia was born.”

If it’s the usual time, they might be interested in Olivia’s hometown, but it’s not the right time. With no time to waste, Alpha immediately finalized the charging locations and then quickly worked out a plan of action.

“Pi has deposited an unlimited amount of virtual currency to this electronic card, so you must swipe it when you go buy energy.” He immediately took out a few cards and handed them to the robots. When they were put in Sigma’s hands, he added an extra sentence: “Energy can only be purchased at energy stations and can’t be used elsewhere.”

Buy energy to send back Olivia.

“Your task is to take this cub…and go to the hospital,” Alpha said the last instruction. After speaking, he stretched out his fingers stiffly, and…poked, yes, just poked the little cub.

Olivia has a fever again.

This time, he had a very serious fever and he could feel it through the fluff on his body. The fur on the small body quickly fell and then weakened, making people almost think that he’s out of breath.

Half the reason Alpha chose this place as the landing site was because of this cub, whose situation cannot wait any longer, and the other half was because Planet Emma is the only agricultural star nearby with a large hospital, while all the other planets only have small clinics.

Putting an electronic card in Mu Gen’s hand, Alpha said:

“This card can be used in hospitals and pharmacies.

He paused, then said:

“Buy him some diapers along the way.”

After speaking, Alpha left. However, Robot Alpha, who had always been quick to act, hesitated to leave at this time. Sure enough, just as Mu Gen was about to leave with Olivia, Alpha added:

“This card is different from Sigma. It can be used anywhere, so for him…buy a ball, maybe a green one. Green is good for the vision development of the young.”

After saying this, Uncle Alpha had nothing else to say, so seeing him leave without looking back, Mu Gen smiled. Looking down at the little cub in his arms, his brows wrinkled again.

“Let’s go, let’s take him to the doctor.”

At first, Mu Gen thought the cub only have a normal fever, but things were far more complicated than he thought: Don’t know if the doctors in this hospital aren’t good enough, but even after checking for a long time, they can’t find out what was wrong.

“But he obviously has a fever!” Mu Gen was a little anxious.

“Yes, we also think it’s weird. There must be a reason for the fever but from this test report…I’m sorry but we can’t see the cause of this cub’s illness.” The doctor in a pale green coat shook his head.

Their current level of technology can detect the cause of almost all diseases, and starting with the cause, they can treat and cure it. But now, the doctor himself said that he couldn’t determine the cause?!

Mu Gen was stunned.

“Well, I will test again with another instrument.” Seeing the pitiful-looking little cub, the doctor probably couldn’t bear it anymore. He asked Mu Gen to grab Olivia’s small wings and the doctor carefully drew a little blood from Olivia’s ass and then left.

After the doctor left, Mu Gen’s face suddenly turned pale.

His fingers rested on the cub’s white fur, and Mu Gen’s fingers were trembling slightly.

Those fingers that can operate the mecha with extremely precise movements…are now trembling.

He pulled a small piece of fur from Olivia’s left butt. As the little guy recently suffered severe hair loss, a hat-shaped birthmark was easily exposed there.

“Oli…” Mu Gen softly sighed a name.

However, the little guy can’t hear Mu Gen’s call at all. His small body was hot, a proof of weakness.

“You are…Olivia.” At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly understood everything.

He suddenly understood why Grandpa Egg, who had always been considered a dead egg on Bailu Star, could hatch when they ran here. Oli once told him that when he first saw this egg, he clearly felt that there was life in it.

Because this egg is Olivia himself!

Although in disbelief, Mu Gen was very sure of this guess.

The same two people cannot exist in the same era at the same time.

Grandpa Egg = Olivia, so they’re destined not to exist in an era. Grandpa Egg can only incubate in the era he belonged to.

“By the way, this is his hometown…” When Uncle Alpha’s previous words rang in his head, it only confirmed Mu Gen’s idea.

“…Mengmeng still remembered that before Oli was born, Mengmeng spoke to Mu Gen, and Olivia’s name came from Mu Gen!”

He also remembered the messy sentences that Mengmeng said when he first restarted.


Olivia’s name…giving a boy a girl’s name so that he can grow up healthy, isn’t that the habit of Ancient Earth people?

Growing up to this age, the only Ancient Earthling that Mu Gen knew…is himself!

At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly had an epiphany!

He also suddenly understood the reason for Olivia’s high fever.

Right…it must be because he’d been by his side, someone who’s not from his time. The “field” around them must be problematic. As long as he stayed with him and the others, Olivia will continue to weaken, and if they took him away and bring him to their time…

“I’m sorry.” Mu Gen gently lifted the little white cub, watching him get weaker and weaker, he strode towards the door.

The orphanage was just across from the hospital, and it’s like this in many places.

When giving birth to an unwanted child;

When a child has a serious illness that they can’t afford to treat;

Many people think of orphanages.

And Mu Gen would think of this, only because Olivia told him that he grew up in this orphanage.

Although he’ll be bitter, although he’ll be bullied, this is the only place that Mu Gen knew would “allow Olivia to grow up smoothly”.

Following the path, Mu Gen hugged Olivia and walked towards the orphanage.

The incubator robot followed him step by step, dumbfounded:

But Mu Gen knew at this time: This is the embryonic form of the future Mengmeng.

“You and Olivia will live here in the future, and you must take good care of Olivia. Before meeting me, take good care of him when he grows up.” Mu Gen entered his only command to the simple robot.

Then, he gently handed Olivia from his arms.

And then, Mu Gen stepped away from the robot holding the cub standing stupidly at the door of the orphanage.

He left while walking backward.

As he walked, he carefully watched the reaction of the robot and Olivia.

Mu Gen noticed that when he was about ten meters away, the ups and downs on Olivia’s chest gradually became normal!

He stepped back two more steps and Olivia jumped out of the robot’s arms.

“Chirp?” The little guy looked at Mu Gen.

“Stand there obediently, don’t move.” Mu Gen told him very sternly.

“Don’t move, just stand there, Olivia, don’t move.” He said this to Olivia repeatedly, and also to himself. Seeing the little white chick, who stood still obediently, Mu Gen felt it hard to breathe for a moment.

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and then ran with huge strides.

Only then did he notice: At this moment, the road leading to the orphanage…is actually yellow.

“Mu Gen, don’t take the yellow road!” This is what Mengmeng told him that day.

Regarding this sentence, Mu Gen thought about it for a long time: However, he didn’t expect to understand the true meaning of this sentence at this moment!


All of Mengmeng’s memories are related to Oli.

“Don’t take the yellow road!” It’s not so much Mengmeng’s memory as it’s the memory of him and Olivia?

Don’t take the yellow road——

Turned out to be…

Don’t send me to an orphanage.

Mu Gen ran, his ears filled with the sound of the wind, not hearing Olivia’s voice at all, but Olivia’s voice instilled through his ears from a sentence that Mengmeng said!

Chirp chirp chirp~ Please don’t leave me!

Chirp chirp chirp~ Please!

That cub must be very scared now, right?

Olivia must be terrified now, right?


But he must do this.

Mu Gen wiped away his tears.

When he ran back to the meeting place set by First Uncle, his arms were empty.

“Where’s Olivia?” Sigma ran up to him holding a red ball: “This ball was not bought with the money in the card. Sigma bought enough energy so the owner gave it.”

He wanted to give this ball to Olivia.

“He…I sent him to the orphanage.”

“Why?” While Sigma was still ignorant, Alpha grabbed Mu Gen’s head and gave him a powerful hug.

“Sigma, we’ll go back now.”

“But, the ball?”

“When you go back to see Olivia, you can give it to him yourself.”

Not explaining much, under the strong command of the Patriarch Alpha, they completed the combination at a remote place, and like a shadow, the World Destroyer flew straight to the sky.

The author has something to say:

My mood has been affected a bit these days, and I began to force myself to regain my mood today

Thank you all.

PS: 美树,měi shù, protect your mood.

TINA V8C247: Sigma's Promise
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