TINA V8C249: Olivia Is Home

TINA V8C248: Don't Take The Yellow Road
TINA V8C250: The End Of History And A New Beginning

Olivia, who finally returned to Bailu Star after all the hardships, was welcomed by the people and the military. His face was terrible, but people thought it was caused by his serious injuries.

Instead of going to the hospital to treat his wounds, he directly participated in the military meeting. When he stood up and walked towards Marshal Rothsay, everyone thought he’d be debriefing like before, but who knew——

“Bang——” Olivia walked over with a serious face and then punched Marshal Rothsay’s cheek!

“You bastard! Where’s Mu Gen?” Not holding back, the young Kantas slammed with all his strength. His power was so great that Rothsay was beaten and even backed away a few steps.

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Marshal Rothsay wiped the corners of his mouth with his cuff then slowly stood up straight again.

“…this time, I apologize to you for the poor placement in the rear.”

“In this case….there’s no if.” Golden eyes fiercely stared at Rothsay before Olivia walked away in full view of the others.

Jopson followed closely behind Olivia and told him all the things that happened in the past few days. Todd tried to help Olivia treat his wounds several times but was waved away.

When he walked to the corner of Idoli Commercial Street, Jopson’s report was almost done, then Olivia waved, and Jopson and Todd immediately stopped.

The next place is not convenient for them to enter——this is what Sir meant.

On the next few steps, Olivia walked in with Mengmeng.

When Olivia came back, most of the restoration work had been done. Many buildings are new and under the background of these new buildings, only the Idoli Commercial Street, which was buried and not that seriously damaged, looked dilapidated.

Every shopkeeper on Idoli Commercial Street is very hardworking. The walls and roofs of every house are always clean, and there are seasonal flowers outside all year round.

It looked gorgeous.

But at this moment——

After passing by a tattered fence, Olivia arrived at his door.

The door of his house was made of wood. It’s made by Olivia and Mu Gen after buying solid wood during the summer he returned home. The carving was done by the two of them with a single knife and the pattern was drawn by Sigma. It’s very complicated and very difficult to sculpt but the effect was very good. Uncle Alpha even took the initiative to bring back a bucket of paint, which meant that he tacitly accepted their work.

Every year when Olivia comes back, he and Mu Gen will repaint the door, and the color will change, but the door itself never changed.

Mu Gen said that Uncle Alpha and the others liked the door. Uncle Beta even “showed off” the door to the other robots around them.

“When I went home that day, a group of robots stood at the door of our house. Uncle Beta was talking to them about the production process of this door for a long time and the group of robots just silently listened on the side, until one of the robots said that the door was beautiful and only then did Uncle Beta let all the robots leave.” Mu Gen told him this when the falling sun star was reflected in his black eyes. At that moment, Mu Gen’s eyes seemed to have turned into the same golden yellow as his, looking very charming.

“Haha! Uncle Beta actually wanted to hear others compliment our door, but unfortunately, the robots around him didn’t understand his meaning at all, hahaha~” Mu Gen’s voice was a standard baritone and he usually speaks very cleanly and heartily, but as long as he talks to your ear, that clear voice will turn into a seductive bass that’d make your scalp numb.

This guy who grew up with him is “really nice”, “very good-looking”, “smells super good”, and it probably…started from that time, right?

In short, he “suited his tastes in every way”.

And at this moment, there’s a big gap in the door that he made with that person. Staying at the rear, that person and Uncle Alpha and the others, to protect other people, pursued the enemy to an unknown place.

Lifting the door panel gently, Olivia walked in.

Then, he saw Robot Xiao A, who was trying to plant Mugen grass inside. His robot arm was holding the big basket he gave him, and he was sorting the grass on the ground little by little. More than half are still in a mess, but a small half was already neat, looking no different from the original.

Olivia was stunned.

Robot Xiao A was busy for a while, and only when he heard Mengmeng’s “chirp” did he turn around.

When he turned his head, he noticed Olivia quietly standing behind him, and Olivia looked at him with a terrible expression.

A smiley face was typed on his screen as Robot Xiao A generously opened his arms towards Olivia.

“Olivia, you’re back.”

His tone was no different from a normal robot, but…

Olivia’s face immediately softened.

Striding over to Robot Xiao A, Olivia hugged him tightly.

“En, I’m back.”

Until this moment, the man whose aura was as sharp as a blade finally revealed a moment of weakness.

Then they went back to the house and Robot Xiao A took out a dented but clean medicine box, taking out medicine and bandages from inside to treat Olivia.

Robot Stone sat on the chair belonging to him in the kitchen with signs of repair on his body, but his screen remained black. Noting his sight, Robot Xiao A said:

“Four days ago, someone informed me that Stone was found, so I brought him back, but his brain was broken, so he had to wait for Alpha and Mu Gen to come back and fix it.”

A knot was tied at the end of the bandage. Robot A was about to pick up the changed bandage but was stopped by Olivia. Not asking anything else, he just walked straight to the kitchen.

Even if there’s no one at home these days, Robot Xiao A still queues up every day to get food and because of his special status, the distributor gave him food every time, so when Olivia came back, there’s a large amount of food in the refrigerator though only for one variety. Lighting up the fire, Robot Xiao A got busy and after a while, the aroma of food floated out.

While he was cooking, Olivia sat at the dining table and looked at everything in the house. Every corner is clean and the damaged places have been repaired, although the craftsmanship isn’t good——Robot Xiao A is not good at meticulous repairs, but he’s very strong so most are repaired, while some are broken.

Watching all this quietly, it’s not difficult for Olivia to imagine what life was like for Robot Xiao A when they were absent: He’s the only one left in the house. Facing the almost ruined house, the robot, like a worker ant, removed the rubbish inside and carefully cleaned every corner, then began to work hard to repair the broken furniture.

“Olivia, eat.” Bringing a super large plate, the fried rice inside was a bit burnt but full of ingredients.

Worthy of something cooked by Mu Gen’s dad——Olivia suddenly smiled at this moment.

Picking up the fork handed by Robot Xiao A, he took a bite.

Looking at the Robot Xiao A who was sitting in front of him, Olivia vaguely said between bites:

“It doesn’t matter, they will come back.”

He stuffed half a roasted sausage into his mouth. While swallowing, he said: “I saw Mu Gen and Sigma.”

“Mu Gen rescued me when I almost died and also helped me redress the wound.”

“You tidy up the house and wait until everything is alright, I promise they’ll come back.”

I’ll bring them all back——Olivia didn’t say this sentence.

Then he saw Robot Xiao A smile.


Drinking the water in the glass, he only said: “I’ll go back to my room and sleep for a while. Wake me up in three hours.”

Then he went to sleep.

In his room with Mu Gen.

Wrapped in a quilt that smelled like Mu Gen, he fell asleep.

He was very tired and had a fever, so he decided to take a good rest.

After eating food at home, he can rest in his own bed for a while. This way, when he woke up, he’ll have the power to continue fighting!

While Olivia was sleeping, Robot Xiao A lightly cleaned up the dishes, uh…he thought his movements were very light, but it’s actually loud. After all, he’s an engineering robot so doing housework is not easy. However, Olivia turned a deaf ear to the sounds he made. This person who’d wake up with every little sound while sleeping outside is snoring at this time.

Three hours later, Robot Xiao A woke Olivia on time.

Dad Xiao A gave Olivia medicine from Mrs. Bayati, a brand new toothbrush, and a razor left by Mu Gen.

After tidying up, Olivia took Mengmeng to the hover car brought by Jopson, who was waiting on time at the intersection of Idoli Commercial Street, then left.

He went to attend the next meeting of senior military officers. Facing all senior officers present, Olivia gave a very detailed and objective statement of his actions and the results of previous battles.

In the last encirclement and suppression plan, Olivia’s military merits are undoubtedly the highest!

Before he came back, many people thought he’d never come back, and some even felt sorry for this young man, but some also secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

If Marshal Rothsay was like a big mountain that blocked at least three generations, it’s not difficult to imagine that this young Lt. General named Olivia is very likely to become the second Marshal Rothsay.

However, he came back.

And came back with even better military service.

Now that the biggest wave of enemies has been wiped out, the Empire is just waiting to flourish. There are places where people need to send the military, and this is also the topic of this military conference.

All starfields have to be redeveloped and new populations have to be settled in. Local communications must be restored and everything must be prepared one by one——this is a good opportunity to redivide the sphere of influence!

Most senior military officers aimed at this opportunity, and all of them regret that Olivia’s return made him occupy a priority quota. He remained silent for the rest of the time until Marshal Rothsay asked him where he wanted to go.

“There are still sporadic enemies in the Empire’s starfield that haven’t been cleaned up, I request to lead troops and track the whereabouts of the enemy, wiping them out completely!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was stunned.

Some sporadic enemies have escaped. No matter which General was in charge of which starfield, they’re obligated to destroy them, but as soon as his request came out, this meant he wanted to roam the whole starfield of the Empire to eliminate all the invaders to complete his mission.

This…this isn’t something that a young senior officer should do, right?

“Agreed.” However, Marshal Rothsay agreed to his request.

“Understood.” The young Lt. General sat back in his seat indifferently.

The author has something to say:

Thank you as always

Regarding Mu Gen’s choice of abandoning the cub Oli: I think this is in line with his personality. He’s open and generous, kind and considerate to others, and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, there’s another point, his thinking was actually like a robot.

So he would decide very quickly and will never be half-assed. Sometimes, he’ll take actions that others might deem cruel, but in his heart, it’s 100% understandable.

TINA V8C248: Don't Take The Yellow Road
TINA V8C250: The End Of History And A New Beginning

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  1. I think his decision is understandable, rather there’s nothing else he could have done? If he hadn’t left the whole timeline would have been broken and staying near chick oli was also hurting him so there wasn’t really a choice….

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