TINA V8C250: The End Of History And A New Beginning

TINA V8C249: Olivia Is Home
TINA V8C251: Reunion

“Olivia…Lt. General Augustus, you stay.” After the meeting, Marshal Rothsay stopped Olivia who was the first to get up to leave.

The other officers left one by one. Olivia stood there for a while, then finally walked in Rothsay’s direction.

“…a long time ago, we acquired a battleship in a newly developed starfield. I got a batch of blueprints on that battleship and it was some drawings of robots. The technology of that battleship was higher than the Empire’s battleships at that time, so some people immediately realized the value of those blueprints!

Someone improved the existing robots based on those drawings and the Empire’s robotics technology has since advanced by leaps and bounds. However, there are still some drawings that cannot be produced according to our current technological level and for a long time, those blueprints can’t be realized.

Until one day, Sumei Mechanical Research Institute produced those robots.”

After speaking, Rothsay frowned.

“Until now, I still can’t determine whether this matter is right or wrong. Those robots are very good military robots and their mission completion rate is unprecedentedly high. In the beginning, we thought this was a great improvement, until one time, the dispatcher discovered that the robots seemed to…be beyond the reach of human control.”

He seemed to be lost in thought. For a moment, Olivia thought that he should say something, but then pressed his lips tightly. Marshal Rothsay then raised his eyelids: “That’s not what this era should have so we decided to destroy them.”

“However, merchants will always be merchants. Sumei Mechanical Research Institute postponed its plans to destroy the robots. They only wanted to destroy the brains and then use the materials to make other mechanical products. But then, the robots escaped and before leaving, they brought the last robot built by the Research Institute according to the blueprints…”

“Their escape skills are very professional but the people in the institute didn’t care because those robots have self-destruct programs inside them, but then…”

Rothsay’s blue-gray eyes looked at Olivia.

“You should know the rest. When I saw them again, I realize that they have become another entity.”

He paused, then said: “I’m not explaining for myself, but, before I left with my troops, your robot named Alpha talked to me.”

He knocked on the door politely and held a cup of life fruit tea in hand, which was very in line with human conversation habits.

“What did you talk about?” At this point, Olivia finally spoke to Marshal Rothsay.

Rothsay looked at him quietly, then suddenly smiled slyly:

“That’s a conversation among adults, so I won’t tell you!”

He laughed so happily that he accidentally moved a part of the muscle that was hit by Olivia, then he screamed in pain, without the demeanor of a Marshal at all.

“…please allow me to leave.” Olivia nodded slightly and then left with big strides.

Just before his palm was about to touch the automatic door verification machine, Marshal Rothsay’s voice sounded from behind him again:

“Olivia, do you think I’m wrong? Do you want to judge me?”

“However, your current rank cannot judge me. If I want to pursue the matter, I’ll just do what you just did and don’t need to take action. Anyone with a higher position than you can give you a dangerous task and you’ll be finished.

While I’m still intact.”

“Even if you are promoted to a General, you still can’t judge me. Even if you become a Marshal, in the end, you still can’t judge me.”

“There’s only one position that can judge me, you know?”

After listening to his words and not stopping at all, Olivia’s fingers firmly swept across the verification device. He then walked out of the heavily guarded conference room door.

The moment Olivia walked out, he returned to his usual appearance. Seeing him finally come out, Todd and Jopson hurriedly walked toward him.

“The Eighth Army is ready.” Jopson respectfully said.

“In terms of logistical supplies, Marshal Rothsay’s approval is all in place.” Todd then whispered.

“En, thank you for your hard work.” Olivia just nodded slightly then walked to the newly repaired White Cloud Duoduo not far away: “Our mission this time is to chase down the remaining enemy. It sounds like a thankless mission, but don’t worry, I promise I’ll give you a good future.”

“You can rest assured that every soldier under the Eighth Army will not question the task you have taken.” Jopson hurriedly said.

Smiling and replying to the greetings of the soldiers on duty along the way, Olivia immediately stepped into White Cloud Duoduo’s cabin. His expression remained the same, even a little serious until he entered his room and there’s only Mengmeng left.

“Duoduo, we are going to see Mu Gen!” At that moment, Olivia smiled.

He smiled happily.

Where Mu Gen is, he didn’t know;

How many starfields he need to search, he didn’t know;

He didn’t know how many years this process would take, and how many difficulties and obstacles he would encounter.

But Olivia only knows one thing: He’s now on his way to see Mu Gen.

In the next two years, the Eighth Army led by Olivia skimmed almost all the stars of the Empire.

Finally, on Day 13, Month 7, Year 410 of the Starlight Calendar, in a certain starfield near Hengtian Star, Olivia personally destroyed the last intruder and the enemy’s passage at the same time.

This history of the Empire being invaded ended this year.

And it was in this year that the Empire reached the standard for entering a higher civilization. In the process of pursuing the invaders, the Eighth Army found a way to the outside world.

The first spacecraft from a higher civilization is at the end of that channel at this moment and it drove leisurely towards White Cloud Duoduo where Olivia was.

And at the same time——

Mu Gen was on that spacecraft.

The author has something to say:

I can only write this much today since my mood is full of ups and downs. I’m sorry, I can only write so much so I’ll make up the rest tomorrow.

Some readers already know what happened in the past few days and some might not.

Actually, for me, JJ is a place where “I write stories for everyone to read”. I hope to tell you my stories, not my gossip.

However, this time, I do want to say something that has nothing to do with the story.

But it can’t be said to be completely irrelevant.

Because ‘There Is No Afterlife’ and ‘Primitive Once Again’ have been copied.

Some readers mentioned it in the comments a long time ago, and then the readers who read the two stories said that they weren’t the same. I didn’t care about it at the time and let things pass.

Then this happened.

When it appeared in front of my eyes, I knew immediately: the other party plagiarized my work.

Yes, others might not know it, but I bet the person who plagiarized and the person who was plagiarized will know the story the moment they see it.

I have no way to remain indifferent because my story has been changed from time to time and used in a different background.

Then, please forgive me for using the word “plagiarism”.

For a creator, “plagiarism” is an insulting word, but I insist on using it here.

The other party is very clever, they “plagiarized” the character, the plot, and the details.

If you don’t look carefully, most people won’t see it, but if you’re a little more careful, you can immediately recognize it if you’re familiar with the framework of There Is No Afterlife.

I’m a good-tempered person. Bad things are solved in 3d. In 2d, I’m a quiet person who only does what I like. Because I like it, I will update no matter how tired I am from work when I got home, and even update in the early morning.

After I came to JJ, there’s a more relaxed environment where I could write longer stories, so I began to concentrate on structuring the worlds in my mind, and I wanted to write stories that happened in the framework of my own world. There are happy things and sad things. Everyone knew everyone and the readers can watch them grow up, knowing what shop they often go to, which store’s features are the best, and whose cake is the best…

This is my ideal.

However, the characters in this frame have changed genders, changed names, and moved to another unknown place.

At this time, I was a little at a loss, but still not angry.

As mentioned earlier, most of the time, I’m a good-tempered person, and it’s not easy to make me angry.

Until I saw a reader’s comment.

Someone went to the other party to post a comment and exposed the other party’s plagiarism, and then these readers were scolded?!

Then someone asked me to restrain my readers from doing such bad things?

Bad things?

Are you kidding me?

If someone on the bus stole something and the passersby called out to get everyone’s attention, isn’t it the thief who should be stopped at this time? Why should we order those who are righteous and brave to be silent?

Isn’t that the logical thing in this world?

What kind of readers are there. Everyone’s stories reveal their three views and readers who like my story should all agree with the three views shown in the story, and for them to read the same story, they can be good friends.

So there are so many comments, so many like-minded readers who are willing to discuss the story together, and everyone can chat about it.

Yesterday, a reader posted a comment on the other party’s article.

The tone was very good and soft, but she said her feelings after comparison, and then was attacked. I clicked on the reader ID and took a look. I recognized her. Yes, I remember every reader who often left messages to me. She’s a very cute girl and usually discusses the plot with everyone in a proper manner. I think she shouldn’t like to participate in this kind of thing, but she went there stupidly, hoping to remind the other party. I feel that she has no malice at all.

However, she was attacked. A group of people attacked her with vicious language.

I guess she must be uncomfortable at that moment.

At least, I’m now tearful while writing about her experience.

Then I didn’t see her comment yesterday.

I don’t know if she’s discouraged, but I know she must be hurt.

I was really angry at that moment. And still am.

At that moment, I decided that this matter shouldn’t end like this.

Deliberately creating an image of a lowkey writer, and all voices are made by the readers. You say I’m sick, but why can’t I call you out?

I almost didn’t want to write about their disgusting behavior.

But then I remembered a story. Two mothers were holding a child to the judge at the same time. They both said that the child was their own. The judge was unable to determine the truth, so he ordered the two mothers to pull the child’s arms together. Whoever pulled the child over is the mother.

In the middle, the child cried, and then one of the mothers let go. The judge immediately ruled that the child was hers, and the reason: Only a real mother would feel sorry for her crying child.

This is the same thing. Because I wrote the story, and for him being taken away and misused, I almost stopped writing out of disgust, but the other party was able to write more.

That day, I told myself that I couldn’t lose, and it’s not worthwhile to influence my mood for this kind of person.

So I persevered.

In fact, what makes me sad is: The readers who have been following the story said that the two stories are different. I would like to ask you to read this story again, and then think about it, is the other party’s plot similar to this one?

Some readers say that they didn’t care if the author plagiarizes, they just like the article. Then, I’ll clearly say that the author who was plagiarized cares!

I care!

Writing this novel is like creating a child. If every time my child is snatched away, even after working so hard to bring him to this world just to be snatched away again and again?

Sorry, I can’t do it.

I wrote for my own ideas, for the readers who wanted to read my story, but not for others to copy it.

Thanks to everyone who helped me defend my rights, and everyone who discussed the plot and cared about the characters in my story.

I “might” also thank the copyist. She let me know that although I haven’t been here for a long time, and although I’m still a newcomer since it’s only been a short year. However, in this short year, I have made a lot of good literary friends who are willing to roll up their sleeves for me at critical moments.

Maybe you like to read my novels, otherwise, you won’t put the key points of my three books in one story.

But sorry, please stop reading my story in the future.

Finally, I’ll announce the name of the copyist: 两颗心的百草堂.

Thank you, 两颗心的百草堂, let us never see you again.

This matter is over. JJ has now determined the other party’s plagiarism and asked the other party to clean up the plagiarized parts.

Due to this incident, the comment section might not be so friendly these days, so I would like to say sorry in advance for the discomfort that this might cause the readers.


Translator’s Note:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a real drama that happened years ago when the author was writing this. First time for me.

Though it’s worse on this side since the copy sites are just copying the whole thing. Haha.

To think that the author’s note will be longer than the chapter itself… Sorry if you guys didn’t care about the author’s rant on this chapter, but I think there are many points there about us translators also.

When we translate a novel, we try to recreate the world that the author made into our side of the language barrier. Some parts might be different (lost in translation) but we try our best to keep it whole and to share it with the others.

Those aggregator sites and unhelpful negative comments are really bringing our mood down and discouraging us to translate. But anyway, the author really said it beautifully:

“I wrote for my own ideas, for the readers who wanted to read my story, but not for others to copy it.”

Eh, but who cares, just click the next chapter to get your next fix. It’s a reunion scene this time.

TINA V8C249: Olivia Is Home
TINA V8C251: Reunion

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  1. Thank you Translator for translating this story.
    I read every comment that Author put in the end of story because sometimes it make you understand the story more. Or give you hope (in this there is no afterlife story).
    I wish all the best for the author and translator.

  2. stealing is bad! the vexation you feel when someone else takes away your project and hard work–!

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  3. Thank you for translating the stories and also the author’s notes! This is probably the first time I really felt the connected to the author and what they are trying to share through the story so thank you for not leaving that out!

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    Sad to hear about the terrible things that have happened (and in other ways still happening).

  5. I’m glad that at the very least, the website judged the other party and took action against them.
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  6. In here, seems like my assumption that the diff in Sumei Ge’s before and after rebirth is the escape of the alphabet series, right. If Sumei Ge somehow influenced his family on the destruction of the robots by preserving their parts instead, that’s when Alpha and the rest would have decided to escape, meet Mu Gen and go on with the rest of the story. 😅 Yeah, I’ll just read on in case there’s still further deatils.

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