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TINA V8C250: The End Of History And A New Beginning
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Mu Gen is on a spacecraft.

Together with Uncle Alpha and the others. They’re now apologizing for the accident just now.

“I’m so embarrassed! Unexpectedly, we happened to hit your mecha, but fortunately, there’s no one on it.” Mu Gen scratched his head and sincerely said so.

“He…hehe.” The few people on the opposite side carried translators. After they understood what Mu Gen said, they glanced at each other and could only hehe.

The scout mecha used to survey the Xinwen Star Domain was originally on a mission, but suddenly, another mecha rushed out and under the collision, their own mecha was hit and disintegrated. W-what kind of technology is this?

Their mecha was the top military scout mecha model!!!

That’s right, the mecha that Sigma unluckily hit was from a Level 7 Civilization, Ulabi…’s military. Just as the discovery of the new starfield was significant to the Empire, the discovery of a new civilization was equally important to the existing civilizations.

New starfields meant new items, then new diplomatic relations, new trades, and even new colonies.

Most of the low-level civilizations were reduced to cheap raw materials and labor supply when they’re discovered by the higher civilizations. In the process of constantly exchanging with the higher civilizations, they learned the other’s advanced science and technology little by little. In the end, when they accumulated to a certain level, they’d become a member of equal standing with the other civilizations.

This is a historically proven process.

Following the Uabisi, the Ulabi’s were also interested in this newly discovered civilization. Based on the advantages of geographical location, they set off immediately after determining the coordinates.

The first to be dispatched was this scout team led by Major General Holly (translated). Although there aren’t many people on the team, they’re well equipped and even had the new scout mecha purchased from other civilizations. When he set off, Holly believed that there’d be no suspense on the result of this mission. Unlike the Uabisi who had more people and less land, their country values economic development more, and their people like to do business with all civilizations. Holly is no exception. He even prepared some worthless gadgets, intending to do a little business with the natives of this new civilization.

The first businessman to deal with this new world is definitely had the most to gain. They could even get extremely precious items at very low prices.

But it’s not easy. They just crossed the star gate when their mecha was damaged by another mecha that came from nowhere!

Talad! (← a curse word, good children shouldn’t learn this) If they go back and find the dwarf next door to repair the mecha, just how many Ulabi coins will they demand!

Holly just wanted to yell, but when he thought that the other party can easily break the new mecha, he temporarily pressed his lips.

“I’m really sorry.” Mu Gen repeated.

“Sorry.” The robots headed by Alpha said together. Noticing Sigma still staring curiously at the others, First Uncle stretched out his mechanical hand and pressed Sigma’s head down.

After they fused, the past flight route and speed change process were called up so Sigma just copied it and flew out successfully. Unfortunately, there were some deviations in the final separation process. A part of his ass flew out and happened to hit a scout mecha. Not only that, it even smashed the other completely!

“Sorry, my ass fell and broke your mecha.” Sigma then apologized very honestly.

The opposite Ulabi: …

It’s okay if they didn’t know, but knowing that their mecha was actually smashed by the other party’s ass, this truth is really——

“Sigma can’t afford compensation, but can find a way to repair your mecha.” You have to compensate for what you broke ← Sigma knew this very well, but he also knew he can’t afford it, so he sold his labor..maybe he can afford it if he sold himself, but he didn’t want to sell.

“Please accept our apologies and let the perpetrator fix the mecha for you.” Uncle Alpha immediately followed Sigma’s meaning and said so.

Sigma was then taken by the other party to repair the mecha and they watched him leave sympathetically. When Mu Gen turned around again, Uncle Epsilon had already taken out a tea set from his stomach, and after rummaging for a long time, he couldn’t find the top hospitality tea in his stomach——the life fruit tea is gone, his screen flickered. Beta immediately took out a handful of hay from his storage space and gave it to him. Eta then asked the Ulabi next to him for a pot of hot water and then gave it to Epsilon. Epsilon, who was ^_^, used the hay to make a pot of tea.

“Please have tea, this is a specialty of our hometown.” Uncle Alpha indifferently said.

Mu Gen: …

Hey…First Uncle, Big Horn, and the others eat Mugen grass every day…but how did it become a specialty of our hometown? Wait——it seems right to call it a special product since it’s only available in our home.

Mu Gen went silent.

After pouring a cup of Mugen grass tea for all the Ulabian’s present, Uncle Epsilon finally poured half a cup in front of Mu Gen.

For this kind of hay that even the one-horned beasts don’t like to eat, how could the robot parents give it to their children? If they had to pour, they must pour less.

But Mu Gen didn’t care. After Epsilon poured it, he immediately took a big sip.

The Ulabi glanced suspiciously at the green liquid in front of them. Regarding the suspicious objects that the suspicious person brought out, Holly originally didn’t intend to move, but the Ulabi next to him, don’t know why, just bowed his head and took a sip!

“Oh, God! It’s so delicious!” When he raised his head again, the Ulabi was full of surprise! “Can you give me another cup?”

“Certainly.” Alpha glanced at Epsilon next to him and Epsilon immediately ^_^ poured another cup for the other party.

With the praise from this Ulabi, the others also took a tentative sip. The expressions on their faces immediately changed after the first swallow.

“It’s…so delicious!” Closing his eyes and feeling the green liquid slide down his throat, Holly also praised it.

“You can soak it many times, so can you give me another pot of hot water?” Carrying the empty teapot, Epsilon politely asked the others.

“Quick! Get three more pots of hot water! No! Six pots!” Holly gave an order and the Ulabi, who was finally sent out to bring water, actually got ten pots.

Accompanied by these ten pots of Mugen grass tea, Mu Gen had a very pleasant conversation with these Ulabi soldiers.

Mu Gen is a very good conversation partner. He can have friendly communications with people and animals of any age, gender, or race and this time was no exception. When they were about to finish their tenth pot of tea, this group of Ulabians was already very familiar with Mu Gen and everyone had taken out their most precious things from their collection, wanting to exchange it for a bit of Mugen grass tea.

“No, I’ll just give it to you since we’re friends!” Mu Gen just waved his hand and smilingly refused.

“Right! Friends! You are such a generous friend!” Holly was very moved!

At this time, Sigma also came back with several other Ulabians.

“It’s fixed!” The Ulabi at the lead happily said, but this isn’t the only reason: “This Mr. Sigma is amazing! He also repaired several mechas that we broke before!”

“Oh, oh! Mu Gen, you are really a good friend to us Ulabians! Great! No need to go back and find the dwarves next door to fix things this time! Those dwarves are black-bellied with their prices so high!” Holly was really excited!

The goodwill for the young man in front of him had reached full points. At this moment, this Ulabi had already regarded Mu Gen as a rare good friend! He even said that he would escort Mu Gen home and buy more Mugen grass tea from his hometown along the way.

It wasn’t until they followed Mu Gen’s prompts and came outside the Empire’s starfield that Holly realized Mu Gen was actually a person from this new civilization they planned to explore!

After slowly following the channel to the star gate, they ran into the other party’s heavily guarded army head-on. The anti-scanning equipment on their spacecraft seemed to mess up at this moment and the opponent’s cannon muzzles were facing them. As if as long as they dared to step into this star field, the other party will blast them to pieces without leaving anything——

Holly swallowed.

Wait! Their plans have all been disrupted! Shouldn’t they first use the stealth technology that’s a few levels higher than the other party to investigate around and then get something good from the local area before going back? Why were they discovered as soon as they came in?! Is the other party’s anti-scanning technology so superb?

Holly thought about Mu Gen crashing his most advanced scout mecha from the beginning and then thought of Sigma repairing the mechas: Yes, although this civilization is new, it’s not necessarily low-level! At least, their technology level is not low!

Bad——This is terrible——

Holly’s face became devastated but his mind turned quickly. Since stealth investigation is no longer possible, then don’t! He can apply for entry in a friendly way! Besides, there’s a local on his spacecraft, haha! And Mu Gen is his good friend!

Holly figured it out all at once.

Then he immediately signaled his subordinates to send the signal for friendly exchanges between civilizations. It’s a pity that he forgot this is a new civilization so they can’t understand the signal sent!

Looking at the other party about to fire, Mu Gen gently walked to him at this moment.

“Mr. Holly, can I use the signal transmitter? Can the operator send it?”

Holly immediately granted his request, only to see the operator send out a series of complicated signals under Mu Gen’s command, and then——

Then the other party changed formations!

The spacecraft in front gave way, revealing White Cloud Duoduo hidden in the center.

“Oli…” Mu Gen said a name lightly.

It’s only been two days, but he felt like he hadn’t seen Olivia for a long, long time.

“What?” Holly next to him didn’t hear clearly.

But Mu Gen just smiled and the robot Epsilon put away the teapot he’d taken out before. They checked each other’s appearance at this moment, and amidst anxiety and nervous anticipation, the Ulabi spacecraft finally sailed slowly into the spaceport on Hengtian Star.

On Day 13, Month 7, Year 410 of the Starlight Calendar, Lt. General Olivia Augustus expelled the last Uabisi on Hengtian Star; also on this day, he became the first senior military officer to receive visiting groups from higher civilizations. On behalf of the Empire, he signed the first friendly trade agreement with the other side, establishing a good beginning for the Empire’s future exchanges with other higher civilizations——this is the description of this day in future textbooks.

But for Olivia, this was the day he finally saw Mu Gen again after waiting anxiously for two years, and also——

“Mu Gen, happy birthday.” The blond-haired black-clothed officer closed his eyes and tightly hugged the black-haired young man who stepped out of the Ulabi spacecraft.

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TINA V8C250: The End Of History And A New Beginning
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