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TINA V8C251: Reunion
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The floor of the spaceport was turned yellow by the orange light, which at first glance looked like a yellow road.

At this time, Olivia was standing in the middle of this road with Mengmeng standing beside him.

This scene was so familiar. The little white chick, who was abandoned by Mu Gen at the entrance of the orphanage, instantly overlapped with the tall young man in front of him, that Mu Gen flew over.

Hearing “Mu Gen, happy birthday”, Mu Gen could no longer help but burst into tears. Tightly hugging Olivia’s neck, he said “I’m sorry” over and over again.

“I’m sorry…” I’m sorry for leaving you in the orphanage.

“I’m sorry…” Sorry for abandoning you.

“I’m sorry…” Sorry to make this decision, but I can’t think of a better way!

A little confused and a little happy, Olivia responded to the hug that Mu Gen offered.

But still, he was no longer the boy who could express his feelings as he wanted. He gestured Todd with his eyes and Todd stepped up knowingly.

“Thank you for sending Mr. Mu Gen back. The unmarried couple who reunited after a long time might have to talk for a while. Please come with me.” Very considerately adding a comment to explain the scene at this moment, Todd then politely guided the Ulabi who was still getting off their spacecraft.

“It doesn’t matter. We are the Ulabians from a Level 7 Civilization, and my name is Holly. I feel very honored that this visit to your country can lead to such a beautiful coincidence.” With the help of a translator, Holly expressed understanding.

He defined it as a “visit”, which was a very friendly signal and the Imperial people present very sensitively received this signal.

“This way please.” Todd’s smile became more sincere.

“Oh! Thank you, I’m a good friend of Mr. Mu Gen.” Holly also took the opportunity to show his relationship with Mu Gen.

Leaving space for the family, Jopson walked at the end and closed the door for them.

“Aiya? How can I…” Olivia should be the more excited person, but Mu Gen’s reaction was so big that instead, Olivia became the one to comfort him.

Feeling Mu Gen’s warm body in his arms, for the first time, Olivia sincerely thanked the gods that might exist in this world, thanking those gods for returning this person to him.

“Olivia.” Sigma’s voice suddenly came from the side. Olivia just raised his head when he felt an extra weight on his back. Starting with Sigma, Robot Epsilon, Pi, and Eta joined them and even Beta, the most indifferent robot, came over.


Olivia saw Alpha, the patriarch, standing silently to the side before moving.

Just when Olivia was worried that Alpha would come and separate him from Mu Gen, he suddenly felt a mechanical hand on his head.

“Olivia, I’m glad to see you again.” The Robot Alpha gently rubbed Olivia’s hair.

For the serious and introverted First Uncle, this is the most intense way for him to express his feelings.

Finally, Mengmeng also squeezed in with his small wings.

The family flocked together, enjoying their rare reunion time.

At this moment, everyone’s heart was very calm, including the robots.

The robots have uniform black screens. From a distance, they’d look dead but only those who understand the behavior patterns of these robots will know: They’re closing their eyes!

Like humans, they closed their eyes.

Quietly and comfortably enjoying the peace brought by the hug at this moment.

Alpha felt very calm inside.

He “thought” that the other robots should feel the same as him, even Beta, with the least developed emotional system, should feel peaceful and pleasant at this moment.

Why is this?

Alpha occassionally thought about such issues.

The body of the robots had no temperature. They can’t feel any temperature by hugging or touching, nor do they have a sense of touch, and even their sense of sight and hearing are just conclusions made by the scanning system.

They were ordinary robots from the beginning. Even with special materials and advanced functions, they’re no different from other robots, they have no feelings or emotions.

So when they first saw the cub, Mu Gen, on that barren star, Alpha felt no mercy at the child who fell and cried.

There’s no such thing as an emotional system in his program.

When is it?

When did it start?

He began to carefully calculate the appropriate strength needed to hug little Mu Gen.

Time and time again, he calculated carefully.

He learned to touch the child’s head with his cold mechanical hand and learned to encourage and cheer him by clapping his palms.

Time and time again, these behaviors gradually became meaningful to him.

Just like now. Alpha’s cold mechanical body couldn’t feel the metal shell of his companions and similarly, he couldn’t feel the temperature of the two children, but even so, he knew they’re in his arms, and this recognition made him feel good.

“Okay, the celebration time is over. Now, Olivia, you need to meet the Ulabi immediately. Here’s some information: Level 7 Civilization, Ulabi, competes with the Uabisi, the second closest advanced civilization to the Empire, resident life forms is a coexistence of physical body and energy body, trade industry is developed…” However, First Uncle is First Uncle, and even the celebration time is strictly controlled in his “brain”.

With an order from the patriarch, all robots immediately opened their screens and left. Even Mengmeng was no exception. Mu Gen and Olivia, who were still hugging each other, immediately looked eye-catching.

As soon as those robotic arms released them, Mu Gen and Olivia, who were originally stuck together, were immediately separated. Alpha then gestured Olivia to the door.

“Now, please go to the meeting.” Uncle Alpha said coldly and ruthlessly.

Taking a look at Mu Gen, Olivia rubbed his nose and walked away.

Okay, the only one who’d dare order Olivia so straightforwardly…was probably Uncle Alpha.

Smiling and saluting First Uncle, Olivia took another look at Mu Gen and then walked away.

The moment he stepped out, his expression immediately returned to normal. Olivia once again became the young senior military officer with a haughty smile on his face at all times.

After gently rubbing the back of Mu Gen’s warm hand, he immediately put on his black gloves.

As the first high-ranking Imperial Officer to independently receive a visit from a high-level civilization, Olivia played the role of a landlord and took them to visit several nearby agricultural planets with distinctive features. During the visit, the two sides reached a preliminary intent on possible trade cooperation between the two civilizations. Mugen grass tea, this kind of Empire-specific tea, became the first batch of trade materials that the Ulabi wanted to introduce. Without official authorization, Olivia signed a supply and marketing agreement with the other party in his name, and to purchase these precious tea leaves, the Ulabians paid with various precious items that they carried with them. As a symbol of friendship, they even provided detailed information about the Uabisi people.

The trade agreement with the Ulabians became a sign of the Empire’s entry into advanced civilization and was officially recorded in history. As the facilitator of this agreement, Olivia’s name once again spread to every corner of the Empire!

The parts recorded in history seem glamorous, full of light and hope. However, only the person concerned knows how difficult it is to get to this point: If Sigma didn’t damage the other party’s scout mecha, the other party is very likely to attack after detecting their true power; if there’s no deterrence brought by the World Destroyer mecha, the other party can just sneak in; if robot Beta didn’t have Mugen grass tea that the other party sought after, this trade negotiation would be impossible; without the deterrence of the Eighth Army led by Olivia and Olivia’s negotiation skills, this negotiation would still be impossible.

As a new civilization that had just stepped into an advanced civilization, the Empire is weak at this time, like an ignorant boy.

But also a clever one! They were so lucky to meet all the conditions!

The trade between the new civilization and the Ulabians was like a signal. After that, people of other civilizations arrived one after another. In the Ulabian’s case, they changed their sneaking attempts into visiting the Empire in the name of official friendly visits. During this period, Mu Gen was responsible for assisting Olivia in receiving these waves of visitors. For the next two years, Mu Gen successively signed trade agreements between the Empire and nine advanced civilizations.

Mu Gen’s innate diplomatic ability has been fully demonstrated at this stage. Just like a friendly messenger, he conquered these visitors who were trying to fight the Empire in various ways and firmly tied them to become friendlies!

At this moment, no one in the Military Department questioned Olivia’s original decision: Olivia is not wrong to give up the option of being stationed in a starfield because, during this period, he became the only person in the entire Empire who could talk directly to other advanced civilizations! Now that the Empire had entered the advanced civilization’s system, there’s no more important territory than this!

Holding the voice of the advanced civilizations, Olivia Augustus——this young officer who’s not yet 50 years old, is now definitely one of the most powerful people in the Empire.

The author has something to say:

I hope that the comment area that seriously discusses the plot every day will come back soon~


Although Olivia isn’t young, for the people in that world, he’s still quite young~

TINA V8C251: Reunion
TINA V8C253: Sigma's "Love"

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