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As the only country that has peacefully integrated into the higher civilizations for nearly a thousand years, the Empire is thriving. The development of trade drove the enormous growth of the Empire’s economy and it’s because of this that the Empire could quickly complete its post-war reconstruction work.

“…however, the main component of the Empire’s current exports are still mostly agricultural products and the sales of handmade products sold to the Ulabi last month are also good…” Mu Gen carefully read the latest data report sent by the Ministry of Trade and then summarized the above chart briefly and concisely.

The Empire that used to be a big country can only make a living by selling agricultural products and handmade products at the moment. On the contrary, the technological products they’ve been proud of for a long time are very ordinary in higher civilizations, which is a manifestation of their weak national strength.

Fortunately, it’s only weak, not truly “weak”.

“However, Mugen grass, which accounts for the largest share of our foreign trade, is a luxury product with a very high unit price. Since Mugen grass can only grow on Empire territory, this trade will continue to prosper with the other civilizations pursuing Mugen grass tea, especially the Dekola, whose military technology is very advanced. They like the Mugen grass tea very much. Next month, we will have a meeting with the Dekola people. We hoped to get a batch of weapons from the other party and it’s recommended to start with Mugen grass tea.”

After speaking, Mu Gen sat down.

There was silence in the conference room, and the big men on either side of the long conference table had different expressions with the vast majority frowning.

This is currently the highest level meeting of the Imperial State Council.

In the disaster, some people who were supposed to be sitting at this conference table unfortunately left, but the vast majority are still there. After the State Council resumed operations, the missing seats were immediately replenished and now, the participants of this meeting included a total of 42 leaders from the State Council with an average age of over 260 years old.

This is the result after Mu Gen’s age lowered the average.

As the youngest and most junior member at the conference table, Mu Gen is now at the end, directly facing Mr. Sith who presided over the meeting in the middle.

Sithili silently observed the performance of the people at the conference table. This report was sent to everyone at the same time and the moment they saw the report, almost everyone frowned, but following Mu Gen’s explanation, a considerable number loosened their brows.

For these old guys who have held great power for most of their lives, even after the war, it’s still not easy for them to be at a disadvantage, but they easily accepted Mu Gen. After stepping onto the State Council stage in the chaos of war, no one won’t approve of Mu Gen nowadays. The only thing he needs to think about is to use what he has now to seek more benefits for the Empire.

“Dekola…I heard that they’re very difficult to deal with. Although their weapons are well developed, all civilizations that dealt with them had a very low evaluation of the Dekola people.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jodra, frowned deeply.

“The Dekola has very short stature and their physical fitness is not high, but it’s because of these defects that their military technology is so advanced. Relying on this military power that’s second to none in the advanced civilization, Dekola is recognized as the richest among the Level 7 Civilizations. It’s also the one closest to a Level 8 civilization.” Mu Gen’s voice was as calm as usual, and the information he learned about the Dekola people from Holly spread to everyone on the table.

“By the way: Due to their diet, it’s said that the Dekola people are very easy to…uh…have constipation. Because of constipation, their skin is not so good and their breath not so fresh which is very detrimental to their national image building~

It’s said that they paid huge bills to other civilizations for related services every year. However, after drinking our Mugen grass tea, it seems like many of their symptoms have alleviated~” Mu Gen said, raising his brows.

With these words coupled with his actions, many serious-faced bosses in the conference room laughed and the atmosphere relaxed for a while.

Sithili drank a sip of tea placed on the table——nowadays, their usual drink is Mugen grass tea. After Mugen grass tea sold well in other civilizations, the value of this tea also doubled in the Empire.

“En, constipation is really uncomfortable~”

“Easy to have bad breath, then their fart will also be particularly smelly!”

So, in response to the troubles of the Dekola people, in the small dark room that no one knew, the big figures of the State Council had a very dirty discussion about constipation and then shared some tips for coping with it.


Seems that even for big people, they’re also ordinary people who’d eat, drink, shit, piss, and sleep.

“Our current spacecraft technology still can’t get to Dekola’s level, but according to reliable sources, the Dekolas are already on their way to the Empire, and we can expect to receive their applications for visits in a few days.” When these big guys had enough discussions about constipation and the atmosphere became silent again, Mu Gen then smiled and provided another message.

Then the direction of the meeting was redirected to serious business.

After the meeting, Mu Gen was surrounded by a group of ministers. Waiting on the side until the end was the current Minister of Foreign Affairs——the task of negotiating with the Dekola was assigned to him.

“It doesn’t matter. You can send your secretary over later and I will sort out all the information about the Dekola people that I know to him. Then about the venue layout, I will also participate…” Facing the old minister with white hair and beard, Mu Gen was very humble, not like a young man in a high position at a young age.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs then left contentedly. Before leaving, he was still thinking: This young man is really nice~ Is there any great-grandchild in the family, I think there’s a great-granddaughter with no partner? It’d be nice to let these two meet!

Many people have the same mindset as him. Mu Gen is now 42 years old and in the Empire, this is the age when you can legally fall in love and get married!

Graduated from a prestigious school, no mother-in-law at home, good looking, a down-to-earth personality and polite, plus he’s in a high position at a young age…the future of this young man is more than you can imagine!

And so, where Mu Gen didn’t know, he has been targeted by almost all ministers of the Imperial State Council.

But since the people who are focusing on Mu Gen are all big men who are grandpas, their performance is still relatively subtle, but that’s not the case at all on Olivia’s side:

Olivia is now the idol of the entire Empire!

Graduated from a prestigious school, no mother-in-law at home, gorgeous looks, good breed (-_-|||), young and in a high position, understands art (has a poem collection), an imperial hero…when all kinds of gorgeous auras are put on a person’s head, Olivia can now bring his own light when going out ~\(≧▽≦)~

Olivia, who had just grown up (← there’s no mistake, Kantas adulthood is at 40 years old), is now the most wanted male in the entire Empire to marry! Even the idol singer who was voted as the male most wanted to marry before made a public comment saying, “I want to marry Lt. General Olivia!”

It’s said that because of this sentence, his fans quarreled with him on the spot over who would marry him and his fans dropped to an astonishing degree.


However, for idol singers to have their jobs back is also a manifestation of the Empire’s restoration of their past prosperity.

The fascinating Lt. General Olivia has so little personal information that people can only guess his life in various ways. The most unified view at present is: Lt. General Olivia’s parents are one of the best dining tycoons in the Empire, and his family has both Imperial and political backgrounds. His home is particularly luxurious and large, which is almost comparable to a second Hogbysburg! It’s said that Lt. General Olivia was originally going to become a domineering and cold president, but to pursue his ideals, he chose to join the military to serve the country and now became the Empire’s Hero! However, Lt. General Olivia, who became a soldier, is still so cool!

Lt. General Olivia, who was rumored to be arrogant and cool, woke up.

And woke up in a small room of only 12 square meters at home.

First, he habitually held the quilt and rolled for a while, then touched the other warm body in the quilt, closed his eyes, and hugged him, just about to kiss him when he heard Sigma’s voice.

“Olivia, good afternoon.” Sigma, who was tightly held by him in the bed, “lovingly” told him.

Don’t ask how he could see something as profound and complicated as “lovingly” from the face of a robot. In short, when he realized that the person he’s holding and rolling around with was Sigma, Olivia had black lines on his face.

“Sigma, good morning.” He first responded to Sigma in accordance to the habits of robots, but——

“But Sigma, you’re already so old and I’m also old, don’t you think it’s bad to still drill into my bed every day?” Olivia couldn’t help protesting.

“But this bed is not yours. You’re already so old and brother is also big, but you still drill into brother’s bed every day, isn’t that bad?” His screen flickering, Sigma asked him innocently.


Lifting the quilt, he jumped out of bed.

“Olivia, did you pee your pants? Sigma can help you wash your underwear.” Noticing something, Sigma immediately rolled out of bed and continued to “kindly” look at Olivia.

“…don’t!” Olivia flushed to his ears and then took off his underwear. He immediately pulled out a pair of clean underwear from Mu Gen’s closet and put it on, then quickly got dressed. Looking back, he saw Sigma seriously folding the quilt which made Olivia helpless and puzzled.

Don’t know what’s wrong, but after returning from that time, the robots, headed by First Uncle, became very good to him. No one blamed him for drilling into Mu Gen’s bed anymore but it got replaced with all sorts of weird concerning things.

Uh…let’s call it “care” alright?

For example, Sigma used to like to drill into his brother’s bed and liked to snatch Mu Gen from him, but now——

Waking up every morning, Olivia always finds himself unable to move from Sigma’s arms, then Mu Gen, whom he wanted to hug, was sleeping beside him with a comfortable face.


For example, Uncle Pi will find cartoons for him from time to time.

This…although he doesn’t hate cartoons…it’s weird to watch cartoons every day at his age!

For example, Uncle Beta would give him more food when he was eating!


Uncle Alpha actually gave him a red ball one day.

Holding the fiery red ball, Olivia was confused.


Who can tell him what happened?

But after discovering that Mu Gen was also treating him better, Olivia decided to ignore it.

The author has something to say:

I saw a comment from a reader, from Wendy:


This family worked very hard. They fought for each other and were proud of each other.

No one here exists alone, and they’re each other’s savior.

“Need” and “needed” coexist at the same time.

The need to work together is the most positive kind of relationship.


That’s great!

This is the relationship between the Mu Gen family.

Even if they’re wanted robots at first, even if they later became the hero and savior of the Empire, this isn’t important to them.

Regardless of various incidents, they are always a family striving to live their own lives.

They need each other and grew together.


PS: Although he’s a lot older, Oli has just grown up.

This chapter has an important clue and it can be inferred from this clue: Boss Booney, the relics you left before…turned out to be for minors to watch that and that ahhhhh!

You old bastard!

TINA V8C252: Rise
TINA V8C254: Ordinary Life

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