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Olivia led his army to perform a four-year mission so Olivia, who hadn’t taken a day off, finally ushered in his own vacation.

A good holiday starts from staying in bed and getting up until noon. Olivia secretly reminded himself that it would be fine for two days, but starting tomorrow, he had to wake up before Mu Gen, cook him breakfast and even send him to work.

He’s so virtuous when he thought about it~

They said that Todd chased his current wife like this~

Olivia’s right-hand man——Brig. General Todd suddenly handed in an application for an extension of leave, and the reason was a marriage leave! This news surprised everyone!

Before the vacation, he was still single, so how did he become married soon after the vacation?

As the first person to send good news among the current senior officers of the young Imperial Eighth Army, Todd had to come back especially to share this successful experience with everyone.

“…send her to work every day and then pick her up when she got off work. Take her everywhere to eat delicious food and then cook for her when she allows me to go to her house.” Todd didn’t hide at all.

Todd, who had always been low-key, rarely made high-profile actions and went to his marriage leave amidst blessings of envy.

Since then, more and more sergeants have applied for transfers. In addition, Mu Gen returned to Bailu Star to report on his duties starting last month, so Olivia couldn’t help but also submit his application for leave. After being approved, Olivia even gave White Cloud Duoduo a holiday. The ship was full of gifts for Miss Dolai, and after confirming that the star map on Duoduo’s body was correct, only then was he relieved to let him leave.

Then Olivia went home with Mengmeng.

After taking a shower, Olivia washed his and Mu Gen’s dirty clothes, and while hanging the clothes in the yard, Big Horn was lying on one side and watching. The sunlight at noon was so strong that Big Horn was about to sleep. Behind Big Horn lies a group of Crescent Dragons of different sizes, their posture, and state similar to Big Horn. The hottest time at noon is when these dragons can take a nap freely without work.

At this moment, footsteps came from outside.

All the Crescent Dragons opened their eyes in an instant, stood up collectively, and surrounded the gate ← the door has now been repainted by Olivia and Mu Gen, and the location of the hole has also been repaired and decorated so the previous damage is no longer visible.

“I’m back.” Accompanied by a very polite mechanical sound, Robot Stone came from outside while carrying a basket. Too late to say hello to Olivia, the Crescent Dragons, who had been waiting, surrounded him at the gates! One after another, they stretched out to lick Stone to express their affection.

“Hello everyone, today’s special is carrots. Everyone gets a snack this afternoon, so who will help me pull the cart in?” After stroking each dragon one by one, Stone immediately said so.

“Mo! Mo! Mo!” The Crescent Dragons, who were narrowing their eyes upon being touched by Stone, immediately yelled!

The call was from a small one and should be a little dragon born after the war. He barely reached Stone’s calf but his voice was loud!

The little guy obviously received a good education from his parents and he’s well versed in the truth that “people who don’t work can’t eat” and since he likes carrots the most, he screamed then rushed out the door. Seeing the cart full of carrots outside, he immediately tried to drag the car in!

D-drag force > 0!!!

Olivia couldn’t help but laugh——

The cart was eventually dragged in by a larger Crescent Dragon, and the little one also helped, so after the cart stopped at the yard, Stone distributed a carrot to each Crescent Dragon.

While they chewed on the carrots, Stone stood by and watched them eat.

After the war, Stone was discharged. He’s not a military model after all so compared to driving a battleship, he prefers to do housework at home while raising the Crescent Dragons.

“Olivia, good afternoon.” Putting away the remaining carrots, Stone greeted Olivia.

“En, hello Stone.” Olivia also greeted him.

Using the ingredients Stone brought, the two carefully prepared dinner together and as the pot simmered over the fire, Olivia glanced at the time.

“I’m going to pick up Mu Gen.” Thinking of Todd’s words, Olivia decided to start today.

“Please pay attention to driving safety.” Sitting on his flowery chair, Robot Stone waved at him.

Dressed meticulously and sprayed with some perfume, Olivia very happily drove to pick up Mu Gen who’s just getting off work.

The Imperial Capital Ifadia is undergoing a comprehensive restoration and before the restoration is completed, Bailu Star temporarily became the administrative center of the Empire, and Mu Gen is now working there. Because of calling in advance, Olivia received Mu Gen very smoothly.

But he also received Sithili Rho Nashkiel at the same time.

“I heard Mu Gen say there’s a free ride today, so I told my driver to leave work early.” Mr. Sith smiled.

Olivia: -_-||| Am I a free driver then?

But when Mu Gen looked over with questioning eyes, Olivia had a gentle smile again.

Mr. Sith then smiled even more.

“Ah! Mu Gen, I still have a few chicks to pick up, would you mind staying with me?” However, as soon as he got in the car, Mr. Sith suddenly remembered something.

He was referring to the few little chicks attending kindergarten and elementary school in Bailu Star. After the war, Mr. Sith finally released his Kantas cubs and allowed them to accept the education process of other ordinary cubs. As a result, a few right-aged little chicks went to Bailu Star’s schools.

In fact, it’s the nearby community kindergarten and community elementary school~

It’s mainly for the cubs of residents and professors from the nearby Academies. There’s no special education and it’s just a place for the cubs to learn while playing.

After so many years, ordinary civilians once again saw Kantas cubs who are almost symbols of the Imperial royal family in their lives. The sensational effect can be imagined, but under the control of Mr. Sith’s iron fist, the content of the news report all met his requirements, so the lives of the cubs were not disturbed.

However, that didn’t mean this incident have no effect at all: The price of Bailu Star’s land rose again and everyone wanted to buy a house around the school district in Bailu Star so that in the future, they can send their cubs to become the Kantas cubs’ classmate.

But this matter was also controlled by Mr. Sith. Right now, Bailu Star’s household registration is strictly controlled so it’s extremely difficult to apply for resident status in Bailu Star, almost comparable to the previous Pendra!

“Sunflower Kindergarten is really good, the teachers there are physically strong and very professional.” While standing outside the door waiting for the children to leave school, Mr. Sith smiled at Mu Gen standing beside him.

“Ah…really?” For a kindergarten he’s completely ignorant about, Mu Gen can only smile.

However, Mr. Sith didn’t intend to let him go. He analyzed the advantages of the kindergarten facilities one by one, before finally smiling and asking his final question:

“You and Olivia are very lucky, both are natives of Bailu Star so there’s no need to buy a house specially to send the cubs to school.

Such a good kindergarten, won’t you and Olivia want to send your cubs to school in the future?

What I mean is——when are you two going to give birth?”

Mu Gen looked at him dumbfoundedly.

Olivia was refreshed and immediately became excited from his uninterested look before. While Mu Gen was stunned, he began to take the initiative to chat with Mr. Sith!

If he thought that Mr. Sith was a big light bulb before, then he has a completely different mindset this time!

Regarding the kindergarten’s cub course, Olivia and Mr. Sith had a lively chat. Fortunately, at this moment, the cubs finished class and the fat chicks from Mr. Sith’s house are the fastest runners. When they saw the tall figure of Mr. Sith, the little fluffy chicks immediately went approached him, then they saw Olivia next to Mr. Sith…and Mu Gen next to them!

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!” And so, the little fluffs immediately rushed to Mu Gen upon seeing him.

One chick on the left, one chick on the right, one chick on each underarm, with another one on top of his head, Mu Gen struggled to take the cubs back to the car.

“Mu Gen’s stamina is really good, so you can consider giving birth to a few more cubs in the future.” Mr. Sith stroked his chin. “Also, is he really an ape-man from Ancient Earth?”

“I think so too, but, Mu Gen is indeed an ape and the people of his species will not transform…” Olivia accidentally said what was in his heart. Coughing, he changed the subject.

“By the way, has Rothsay talked to you before? How did you consider his proposal?” Seeing Mu Gen put a bunch of small fluffs into the car properly, Mr. Sith suddenly asked Olivia.

“…” Olivia didn’t answer and Mu Gen happened to call them at this time, so Olivia strode over.

With the corners of his mouth curled slightly and looking at the pair of young people not far away, Mr. Sith made a meaningful smile.

After picking up the little fluffy chicks from the kindergarten, they went to the elementary school to pick up the slightly older cubs. Olivia’s car was instantly full and the originally planned date for two instantly turned into a process of taking the children home. The car was full of the cubs’ excited chirping, not to mention, Olivia would be clawed by the little chicks from time to time.

A bit noisy and a bit annoying, but…

Suddenly thinking of a certain scene that might happen in the future, Olivia’s mood instantly became happy.

Touching a little cub who just clawed him, Olivia continued to drive everyone home.

The author has something to say:

I promise that this time, the content of pulling the light will be “lighting the lamp”.


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