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Mr. Sith originally wanted to live on Idoli Commercial Street, but unfortunately, there’s no spare shop for him to buy so he had to consider other houses nearby. Mr. Sith, with his group of cubs, now lives on the street behind Idoli Commercial Street, only a fence away from the backyard of Mu Gen’s house and next to the Crescent Dragons. It’s said that Mr. Sith is working hard to divide the land to be part of the Idoli Commercial Street.

Since most Kantas cubs run around in the backyard every day, chirping around, as a result, many passersby outside the walls had a wonderful misunderstanding:

The newcomer has chickens: ←.←

In other words, when will this roast chicken be sold?

Mr. Sith, the real Chief Governor of the Empire and a fake chicken farmer, knew nothing about this new identity. He just talked to Mu Gen with a smile and then suddenly went “ah” when they’re about to reach home. When Mu Gen asked, he said that he forgot to buy groceries today with some embarrassment and when Mu Gen warmly invited him to have a light meal at home, he happily agreed.

Completely ignoring Olivia’s black face.

But Mr. Sith still knew how to be a guest. When their car drove to Idoli Commercial Street, he got off and bought Olivia’s favorite ice cream (but First Uncle always limited it) in Granny Maria’s shop. When he got in the car, Olivia smiled more sincerely this time.

Mr. Sith: ^_^

“There’s no one in Granny Maria’s shop just now, so I just took things but left the money.” Putting the big box out of reach from the little chicks, Mr. Sith said.

“That’s true…the street is so empty today.” Mu Gen nodded in agreement.

But they soon knew why:

After driving a little bit forward, a crowd of people suddenly appeared in front of the small supermarket on the commercial street! Many passers-by gathered there with a look of excitement! Looking closely, you’ll find that all the shopkeepers of Idoli Commercial Street are there!

“Attention, all guests! With today’s shopping receipt, you can participate in the lottery draw!!! As long as you buy something, you can participate in the lucky draw! A drink is fine too! The highest prize is a luxurious eight-day tour to the famous resort of the Empire!!! Those passing by, don’t miss it!!!” The person standing in the middle of the crowd shouting hoarsely is Boss Jella, the owner of the small supermarket. He mentioned that his shop wasn’t doing well a while ago and decided to think of a way to promote sales. Seems like this is the “method” he came up with today.

“Oh? Can I draw a lottery just by buying a drink? Then I’ll go buy too.” Mr. Sith stood in front of the huge event commentary board with great interest and read the event description again. He took out a coin and bought a drink in the supermarket. He then happily participated in the lottery with his shopping receipt.

“Only the elderly will participate in this kind of activity.” Grabbing the car door to block the little fat chicks from eagerly getting out of the car, Olivia curled his lips.

“But, Boss Jella achieved his goal, right? Look at so many people here…uh, I seem to see First Uncle’s figure.” Smiling at Olivia’s opinion, Mu Gen suddenly said so.

“Ha? First Uncle? How can that be? Uncle won’t be interested in this kind of activity——damn! It’s really First Uncle!” Olivia was retorting but then, First Uncle’s tall body came into his eyes.

Standing in the middle of the crowd, First Uncle’s mechanical hand also held the stub of a small ticket, obviously, ←he also participated in the lottery.


Olivia was silent.

This big parent is so authoritative~

With so many people on the street, the car obviously couldn’t drive past. Moreover, Mr. Sith and First Uncle were here waiting for the draw, so Olivia and Mu Gen also stood by and waited.

Accompanied by the exciting music, Boss Jella started to draw prizes under Boss Tony’s supervision!

With a burst of cheers, many people received their prizes from Boss Tony. Mr. Sith even drew a bag of green rice! When the handsome-looking Mr. Sith stepped onto the stage to get the green rice, the audience burst into the most enthusiastic cheers in history!

“That old man’s looks are quite deceptive.” Olivia curled his lips again.

“Mr. Sith is very handsome.” Mu Gen shrugged.

“What? Do you like his looks?” Olivia was about to ask again, but Mu Gen immediately clapped loudly with the other audience, disregarding the question. When Mu Gen looked at him again, what he saw was a little downcast Olivia, but Mu Gen soon had no time to care for Olivia: Mr. Sith came back carrying the rice.

“This is the most valuable price I have ever won!” Putting the rice in the car, Mr. Sith said happily.

Mu Gen: Uh…Mr. Sith, did you just expose something? “Since ever”?

Mu Gen’s stunned expression clearly pleased Mr. Sith. He tidied up the cuffs he had just messed up, smiled then said: “Actually, I really like lottery draws~ I’ll participate in a lottery on the roadside but every time I win, it’s only the lowest prizes.”

Looking down at the big sack of green rice, Mr. Sith said happily: “Although I still won the lowest prize this time, Boss Jella is very generous. Such a big bag of rice can last three days!”

Three days…

Looking at the rice bag enough for an average family of five to eat for half a month and thinking of the number of days that Mr. Sith just said, Mu Gen felt…

Mr. Sith, you seem to be revealing something again…

One prize after another was given but most of them didn’t leave: The biggest award has yet to come out! Everyone was waiting anxiously for that, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not them, they just wanted to see the super lucky person!

Therefore, with the climax of the background music, this event also reached its climax: The time for the first prize draw has arrived!

“I announce that the winner of the special prize for this event is——” Boss Tony unfolded a small note, glanced at the name on it, then smiled as he said:

“Mr. Alpha! Congratulations on winning the highest award of this event: A luxury eight-day tour to the famous holiday resort of the Empire!”

“Mr. Alpha, please come up to accept the award!”

Mu Gen and Olivia in the audience were stunned.

Robot Alpha was also “stunned”!

He got stuck at first and found that everyone’s eyes were focused on him. For a moment, he wanted to run home immediately, but he held back.

Then, he heard extremely warm applause and whistles!

“Yo yo yo! Alpha, you lucky guy!”

“Alpha, go and accept the reward!”

“Alpha, you have to treat, ah!”

“Mom, the winning uncle is robot uncle!”

“What a lucky robot!”

In an instant, all kinds of encouragements were received by Alpha, from those who knew him and those who didn’t know him, but…

The attitudes of these people are very friendly.

Granny Maria, who was standing next to him, whistled loudly and then pushed him hard. As a result, Alpha walked stiffly towards the front podium.

Then there were even louder congratulations and music!

In the cheerful atmosphere of the celebration, Alpha took the light travel confirmation form from Boss Jella.

“Good job! Keep the goodies within the family!” While embracing Alpha, he heard Boss Jella whisper beside him.

After bowing stiffly, Alpha stood on the stage for a while under Boss Jella’s arrangement and when the crowd began to gradually disperse, the event was over.

“Jella, to organize this event, you lost a lot of money! What you gave out is completely disproportionate to what you earned.” While helping Boss Jella pack things up, Boss Tony added up the total.

“So long as they’re happy! Besides, isn’t the most valuable prize won by our Alpha? Hey hey~” Holding the broom and sweeping the stage, Boss Jella smiled slyly.

“Yes, but where is that place?”

“It’s Coplow, I want to go there myself!”

“Ah? Coplow!? I also think so! Wait——let’s add things up again!”

Boss Tony chased Boss Jella and Alpha stood beside them for a while, silently putting away the big things on the table, then he saw Mu Gen and Olivia waiting on the side.

“First Uncle, congratulations!” Mu Gen smiled.

“Congratulations~” Olivia clapped his hands.

This scene was actually seen by the two children! Robot Alpha froze for a while, and his screen quickly flashed several colors, then he silently got into Olivia’s car.

“Go home.” Sitting in the front passenger seat with two small fat chicks on his mechanical legs, Robot Alpha stared straight ahead.

“En! Let’s go home!” Olivia immediately bowed to that order.

While carrying the luggage, Olivia didn’t forget to look back and exchange a glance with Mu Gen, motioning for him to look at the glass in front.

Uncle Alpha is still monotone, but his expression was clearly reflected on the glass in front of him.

At this time, in a place that he thought other people couldn’t see, Uncle Alpha’s screen was showing ^_^.

Uncle Alpha is very happy in a place he thought other people wouldn’t see.


The moment they got home, the robots at home immediately started to get busy. Hot meals were put on the table and robot Stone quickly added a few more dishes when he noticed the temporary new guests.

The table was full of dishes and people.

It didn’t matter if the robots don’t eat since they’re very busy now, after all, with so many little fat chicks who don’t know how to eat, they need someone to feed them~

During the pleasant mealtime, Olivia announced the good news that First Uncle won the prize, so the atmosphere on the table became even more pleasant.

But after receiving everyone’s applause and congratulations, Alpha said that he didn’t want to go.

“Mu Gen is very busy lately, so I can’t leave, but Olivia is on a holiday and can go on a trip.”

Olivia: First Uncle! Are you driving me out to travel alone? I finally went home but you actually want me to travel alone? Even without Mu Gen?


Just as Olivia was trying to persuade Uncle Alpha to give up this idea, Boss Tony suddenly called.

“…everyone wants to go to Coplow! So I just thought that this year’s collective trip for our Commercial Street is Coplow! We haven’t gone out to play after the war!”

Boss Tony’s words gave the family a new idea: Olivia is on holiday now and the robots at home can also walk away, it’s just that Mu Gen…

So the screens of a few robots and Olivia’s golden eyes all aimed at Mr. Sith who was eating ice cream.

“Uh…why are you looking at me like that? Do you want me to give Mu Gen a holiday?” Mr. Sith took a bite of ice cream then fed the next bite to the cub next to him.

The screens and big golden eyes flashed together.

“Sure!” Mr. Sith took another bite of ice cream.

“I’m also very interested in Coplow. I wonder if I can join your trip this time? Besides…”

“As far as I know, Coplow is a holiday destination for us parents, so young people might not like it. I just have two other tickets to another resort here which is more suitable for young people. Does Olivia and Mu Gen want to go there to play?”

Looking at the robots on the opposite side, Mr. Sith smiled slightly.

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TINA V8C254: Ordinary Life
TINA V8C256: Go On Vacation

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