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“In ancient times, we Kantas had a tradition: That is, when the cubs reach adulthood, they’d be released by the parent for some time. They have to go through a long journey alone to reach the breeding ground, grab the right to gain a companion then lay eggs and raise cubs.” Mr. Sith suddenly talked about a Kantas tradition, looking far away. He seemed to show the icy and snowy landscape with his own words.

“Some cubs died on the journey and some cubs finished it, but can’t find their way home again. After this process, Kantas who can meet their parents again is very very rare, but as long as the Kantas, who have experienced all this, can survive, they will become true Kantas. They’re extremely strong and are the best creatures of that era. Only a Kantas that has gone through this process can claim to be an adult Kantas.”

Listening to Mr. Sith’s story, the robot parents were silent.

“That’s the custom for Kantas, but the Ancient Earthlings were very particular about four generations living together. When the male cubs get married, they live with their spouse at home and the parents are responsible for taking care of the cubs. The cubs only need to work hard and give birth to more cubs.” Robot Alpha made a disagreement.

Olivia: 囧! Do you really want me to go out and complete that damn adulthood ceremony journey by myself!? Also——why are the customs of Ancient Earthlings so annoying!

Mr. Sith’s eyes lit up: The parents are responsible for the cubs of the cubs? The customs of Ancient Earth people are very worth learning and keeping!

Seeing that Mr. Sith meant to move closer to First Uncle and the others, Olivia could only try to save himself:

“First Uncle, I don’t want to go to Coplow. That’s the place where parents took their cubs, so it’s embarrassing to go there with my parents when I’m already so old…”

Just when Olivia thought it would take a while to convince First Uncle, Mu Gen suddenly spoke.

“First Uncle, don’t worry about me and Oli, just go play.”

“Don’t waste such a rare chance since you won a lottery. First Uncle won this lottery against the entire Commercial Street, right? Enjoy this holiday.” Looking at Alpha with a smile, Mu Gen’s eyes were full of encouragement.

Only Mu Gen understood the concerns of Robot Alpha from the beginning.

Concerns about this family were one aspect, but Uncle Alpha’s biggest concern should be his robot identity.

In the final analysis, First Uncle actually has “inferiority” in his heart.

It’s not entirely correct to call it an inferiority complex, but First Uncle has a set of clear standards in his heart: What a robot should be, and what a robot shouldn’t be.

In First Uncle’s mind, robots shouldn’t leave their masters to have fun alone. This is an iron-clad rule.

In Alpha’s “heart”, he’s always a robot, and even though the surrounding humans made him feel very close to a human, he had always positioned and bound his own identity in his “heart”.


“First Uncle, have a good time! The other uncles will also go. Oli and I will pay for your travel expenses, which will be our gift for you.” Mu Gen pushed him again.

Alpha’s dark screen was firmly aimed at him, and Mu Gen’s smiling face was faithfully reflected.

“Really…is it really possible?” Alpha didn’t speak, but Mu Gen seemed to understand the message that was silently revealed on the black screen.

Mu Gen nodded firmly at him.

So Alpha also nodded.

“Please grant Mu Gen the holiday and we will accept your gift.”

“Oh yeah!!! I’ll call Boss Tony!” The happiest was Olivia, who immediately left the table to report to Boss Tony.

Looking at the soldier with a smile, Mr. Sith left after eating the last bite of ice cream.

Boss Tony arranged the trip very efficiently in the early morning of the day after tomorrow, so the preparation time left for them was only one day. Every previous trip, a robot would prepare the luggage for Mu Gen and Olivia, but this time, Mu Gen insisted that his robot parents write their travel plans while Olivia and he will prepare all the luggage.

“First Uncle, you have to take photos! Sigma and Stone are good at taking photos, aren’t they? Don’t just take pictures of the scenery but also help First Uncle and the others take more pictures.” While putting a bottle of atomized waterproof gel into the suitcase, Mu Gen told Sigma.

“However, Sigma doesn’t want to travel with Alpha.” Sigma was still trying to save himself, but Olivia hurriedly lifted him away.

“If you travel with Uncle Alpha this time, I will buy the new camera you put in your shopping cart for you.” Olivia immediately put forward a condition that Sigma could not resist, and then——

“Sigma will take a lot of photos of Uncle Alpha with the new camera.” Sigma graciously accepted the bribe.

The day after tomorrow, Olivia got up very early. Climbing out of the bed with Sigma, who had been hugging him, he first checked the luggage of the robot parents, then checked the hover car before waking up everyone in the family after making breakfast. After breakfast, he and Mu Gen escorted them to the bus from the travel agency.

“Have a good time!” Standing outside the bus, Mu Gen waved to the uncles and neighbors on Idoli Commercial Street in the bus.

The neighbors also waved at him vigorously and driven by the atmosphere, the robots also waved their hands. Although a little stiff, they were in line with the atmosphere.

Mu Gen smiled and watched them leave.

Mu Gen didn’t realize what an incredible thing he did again: He sent a group of robots to travel! Even sending them off like they’re humans!

Although his robot parents would also travel before, it was with Mu Gen and Olivia every time. Their travel is not for play, but more like protection and companionship. But now, they’re really taking a trip of their own! For pleasure, it’s real traveling!

“I regret not going with them…” When the vehicle disappeared, Mu Gen’s shoulders collapsed.

But how could Olivia make him regret it?

Reaching out and covering Mu Gen’s shoulders, Olivia led him home:

“Hurry up and get your luggage, our flight is this afternoon!”

The itinerary given by the richest man in the Empire, Mr. Sith, is truly super luxurious! All the spacecraft they’d be traveling in are first class! There are no economy seats at all! The meals are all provided by the most famous restaurant in the Empire, and each trip will have a chef from the restaurant accompanying them to provide the tourists with the most delicious meals throughout the journey. The tourists around them would obviously be super-local tyrants, so in short, this is an obviously local tyrant tour group.

“Ah…this tour group looks very expensive, and Mr. Sith gave us this itinerary. Is it really okay to go on a trip without the neighbors from Idoli Commercial Street?” Boss Tony is a very frugal person so every time, he’d buy economy class, never business seats, or even first-class seats…unless the travel agency delivers it for free, it’s absolutely impossible for Boss Tony to buy it!

Mu Gen asked Olivia, who looked like he hadn’t heard it, in a low voice, so he had to get into his ear and ask again.

Hot and humid breath sprayed into his ears, making goosebumps spread all over Olivia’s body, but he suppressed his excitement and then also leaned into Mu Gen’s ears.

“He must be embarrassed to join this tour group by himself so he gave us this opportunity,” Olivia whispered and with his mouth, he motioned for Mu Gen to look to the side——

They were surrounded by young people the same age as them and many were in pairs. The ambiguity between the pairs could be seen from their expressions and words, and the entire spacecraft exuded a thick hormonal message.

“I see.” Turning his head and looking around, Mu Gen took a calm sip of water, then pulled on the blanket and went to sleep.

That’s right, pulled up the blanket and went to sleep.

Among the pink bubbles full of hormones, Mu Gen fell asleep!

Looking at Mu Gen, who fell asleep in a second, Olivia felt the corners of his mouth twitch. Finally, he chose to pull the blanket for him and then also pulled up a blanket to sleep.

After several years of endless busy work, they’re both tired.

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TINA V8C255: Travel
TINA V8C257: Golden Sandy Beach

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