TINA V8C262: The Planet Called Earth

TINA V8C261: A Lamp
TINA V8C263: Kantas Nest

Mu Gen’s family has a family photo album on Starnet.

This photo album was first opened to share photos with the neighbors in Idoli Commercial Street. Later, due to traveling together every year, this photo album was saved, and gradually, aside from the travel photos, there’ll be more photos unrelated to travel in this family album: For example, the graduation photos of Mu Gen and Olivia~ Or a photo of the sprout that Robot Stone planted!

Or the prohibited weapons that Beta secretly purchased from Black Star…almost every robot secretly inserted a few photos that they like very much into it. The one who uploaded the most is Sigma, however, because he’s a poor robot just squatting at home, the most he photographed was that one acre of land at home: The other robots at home will naturally not cooperate with him and his brother is very busy so the only ones who volunteered to be his models every day were the one-horned beasts in the family. Big Horn appeared most often under Sigma’s lens, and of course, there’s recently been a group of fat guys who loved having their photos taken. ~\(≧▽≦)~

Before departing, Mu Gen smiled and asked Alpha and the others to “take a lot of pictures” so Alpha took this sentence as a task to execute. Every time he went to a scenic spot, he’d take pictures very seriously and then upload them to the family photo album.

He did take pictures but his expression and movement are exactly the same from beginning to end. It almost looked photoshopped and not just one or two of them, there are hundreds of them so Robot Alpha’s photo album looked creepy.

“Alpha, your profile looks very nice~ You can try taking a side view next time.” The person who broke this curse is Mr. Sith: “Actually, my left eye has a better shape than my right eye, so I’m used to letting photographers take pictures of my left-side face!”

“Ah! Look! That cloud is so beautiful~ The chubby one looks like a newly born chick. Alpha, you can try stretching out your hand and holding it! That’s the pose! 3…2…1…Good! Sigma, take a photo of me in this pose too, thank you!”

As a veteran model who had been in the major authoritative media of the Empire for hundreds of years——Mr. Sith was truly experienced in taking pictures. After subtly persuading Alpha to change his posture, Alpha then took more natural photos than before. After Boss Tony helped him with a few poses, he suddenly found that these poses introduced by Mr. Sith made you look very tall and straight so he imitated them and also took a few photos. Under his demonstration, the neighbors in Idoli Commercial Street all learned the poses introduced by Mr. Sith, which is good. But even though there are many different poses, if everyone took a photo in the same place and used the same pose, Alpha’s family album now looked…

It still looks weird.


“This photo is not bad, so can I upload it to the family photo album?” Since Mr. Sith often helps them take pictures, for the convenience of uploading and under his suggestion, Alpha opened up the family photo album permission for him. Then he added the photos of himself and the little chicks along with the original photos. More and more people are now included in the family photo album of Mu Gen’s family~

“Okay, thank you.” Alpha nodded.

“You’re welcome.” With a perfect smile on the corners of his mouth, Mr. Sith was preparing to upload the photos when suddenly, the interface of the family album prompted that there are new photos. The other robots also have upload permissions so it’s not unusual to have a new photo at the same time, but when Mr. Sith glanced at it inadvertently, Mr. Sith, who had always been calm, instantly opened his mouth.

This is a batch of very weird photos with the protagonists two huge beasts. One of them was a Kantas that Mr. Sith recognized as Olivia at a glance. At that time, he also sighed with emotion: The height and width of the scales are all better than the highest level of current adult Kantas. Olivia is really awesome~

However, his mouth didn’t open for that.

The little gray-blue monster next to Olivia was what made him crazy!

“This, this looks like…” Like Olivia, relying on the instinct in his bloodline, he recognized at a glance that the monster was Kantas! But how could Kantas grow up like this? It even has fins, almost like a fish…


His eyes widening suddenly, Mr. Sith thought of the record he had seen before. Carefully recalling every word, his mouth finally opened up!

“Is it a female Kantas?! How can that be? How can that be? How can that be!”

Repeating it three times in a row, Mr. Sith was completely stunned by his own speculation!

His gaze slid across the photos one by one, focusing on the contrast of both Kantas. However, the more he compared, the more frightened he became. It wasn’t until the end that he noticed the title on these photos:

“Eating with Mu Gen”, “Swimming with Mu Gen”, “The fish that Mu Gen caught”…

The photos were sent by Olivia and the male Kantas in the photo was undoubtedly Olivia, so the female Kantas…

“Alpha, what race is Mu Gen from?” He repressed the trembling in his voice as hard as he could.

“Ape and all the people on Earth are the same.” Alpha immediately said.

“But…but…what is this Kantas?” Pulling out the photos in the family album, Sithili urgently asked.

For the first time, ellipsis collectively appeared on the dark screens of Mu Gen’s robots.


“Sure enough, as early as the first time we went on a trip, the child said that there are half-fish in his hometown, not the kind of mermaid with a fish upper body and a human lower body, but a mermaid who has a human upper body and a fish lower body, which is exactly the deformation that a female Kantas has! At that time, I said he might be the offspring of female Kantas, but you didn’t believe it. How about now~ Didn’t he transform?” Boss Canaan, who had always been taciturn, talked for a long time!

“I just want to say that Mu Gen doesn’t look like a monkey at all. I hate monkeys the most but I like Mu Gen very much.”

He even accidentally told his little secret.  ̄▽ ̄

“But…but Mu Gen’s eyes aren’t the color of Kantas’ eyes?” It’s still the owner of the bookstore, Kerry, who refuted him and who’s also a paleontology lover. However, the research directions of the two seemed completely different so they’d quarrel every time they encounter a problem~ “And you said that’s for female Kantas, but little Mu Gen is obviously a male. I even took a shower with him!”

“I remember that troublesome little mermaid was also male.” Granny Maria suddenly yelled and at her reminder, all those who had experienced that trip remembered the fantastic school of mermaids that they saw on that island.

“But…but…” Boss Kerry wanted to refute, so he looked at Mrs. Bayati for help.

Mrs. Bayati pushed her glasses and finally said:

“Yes, Canaan’s guess should be correct. Do you remember? When the patient was finally given a blood transfusion, who were eligible for blood donation in the end?”

“It’s Tony, Canaan, Olivia, and…Mu Gen.” Boss Kerry blankly said.

“Yes, that’s right, Olivia is Kantas.” Mrs. Bayati pushed her glasses again.

“Ah?” Boss Kerry immediately looked at Boss Tony.

“I’m Kantas too.” Boss Tony smiled.

After being stunned, Boss Kerry looked at the last person.

“En, I’m Kantas too.” Boss Canaan calmly said: “As a side note, your prototype, triceratops, is the favorite of us Kantas~”

“…” Boss Kerry had nothing to say.

Mothereffer! No wonder I’m always so afraid of Boss Tony and even don’t want to match up with that old Canaan! We’re natural enemies——

Note: Triceratops is a very gentle medium-sized vegetarian dragon with full muscles and a thick layer of fat as well as an underdeveloped sense of sight and smell, and slow movements. In ancient times, it’s one of Kantas’ favorite prey. To avoid being killed, they chose to live in the harsh cold zone, so they’re also called the “snow” dinosaur.

“After that trip, I asked Mu Gen and borrowed all the information on Ancient Earth and I found that long before they traveled to outer space, there were many legends and fairy tales of monsters on that planet. There are fish and dragons, and various other animals that turned into human beings…any legend that can be passed down is impossible to compile just based on imagination, so I think it’s very likely that it happened in the past. With this logic, Ancient Earth might have been visited by various alien creatures at various times and either settled on Earth or left offspring. Then, in the long historical process, their blood relationship faded step by step and finally became an untransformable Earthling. However, as long as the gene fragments are still there and after undergoing corrections, they’re very likely to regain their bloodline.” Mrs. Bayati told the results of her research.

“For Mu Gen, that little mermaid’s blood is the strongest correction fluid and when it flowed into his body, it merged into his blood little by little, repairing and strengthening the original Kantas genes in his body. Then, under a certain opportunity, he finally transformed…”

Following Mrs. Bayati’s explanation, everyone seemed to see the blue planet in the distant starfield and the Earthlings living on it. Such a small planet once had 6 billion people at one time, which is an unimaginable number!

“I once recalled the records of foreign-related marriages to Earth after the era of the Great Universe. Almost all the people from Earth who intermarried with foreign races gave birth to pure genetic offspring. The most outstanding point of their ape-man genes is in their <sealed storage> ability. There are countless genetic possibilities in their bodies. Even if they cannot achieve the revival of their genes, this hope will be passed on to the next generation through them until one day, there’d finally be a child who can reproduce the prosperity of their ancestors. In a way, it’s a terrible race~” Mrs. Bayati suddenly laughed and shook her head: “It’d be great if we could find that Ancient Earth. I think we might be able to find a lot of pure gene fragments of extinct races there. In that case, many genetic diseases caused by missing genetic chains can be treated…”

As a geneticist, Mrs. Bayati saw the hope of the entire mankind. However, for Mr. Sith, what he saw was the hope of the entire Kantas race!

He couldn’t stop looking at the gray-blue little monster. When he raised his head again, his face was filled with a kind of vitality that only young people could have!

“We…shall we go to Honeymoon Island? In fact, I still have several invitation letters for that island!”

Mr. Sith innocently blinked.

The author has something to say:

Yesterday, the author lighted the anglerfish lamp in the deep sea.

Today, the invisible female anglerfish told me:

“I’m an anglerfish in the deep sea. Although I have a glowing eye (?), I actually can’t see anything. Although I didn’t pull the light for all, I still can’t see the majority of the readers throwing “salt” ♂X♂

The author knelt.

Then the Weibo section:

First Floor:

@Stuffy_Sith: @Little_Louis_on_the_lawn, WTF?!!!!

@Popular_Mengmeng: ⊙ω⊙ en! In the picture above, the one on the left is a bald cub and the one on the right is Louis as a cub, so cute!

@Stuffy_Sith: Oh? Really?

@Popular_Mengmeng: ⊙▽⊙ Dad, I have a grandson, I’ll give you one!

@Spring_Planting_Mugen_Grass: Hehe, wanting to fool me to work overtime again!

@Little_Louis_on_the_lawn: →_→ they don’t even want to get a promotion or raise their salary.

@Stuffy_Sith: It’s been a long time being a Dad, time to be a grandfather, it’s a pity that a certain bear child doesn’t cooperate. What to do, waiting online.


@Black_Washed_White: Therefore, children can’t be spoiled. If your environment is too superior, it’s better to go through the ancient coming of age ceremony. When Louis and my baby came back, they laid eggs for us ╭(╯^╰)╮

@Little_Louis_on_the_lawn: Just roll back to work if you don’t want to take maternity leave [#robotic bye bye]

@Eighth_Army_Official_Weibo: Boss, you can do it~ Your fiancee is so cute~!

@Not_Single_Dog_Todd: ~\\\\(≧▽≦)/~ Boss, you finally did it, the future is long~~

@Stuffy_Sith: For you who had the golden eyes, for the hope of the empire (lay an egg for me to play with). My Thomas spent a lot of money on a luxury double tour for you and you actually slept in the spacecraft! What a great, sleep! [#robotic bye bye]

@Spring_Planting_Mugen_Grass: It’s hard to remove a bunch of light bulbs but the daughter-in-law is an incomprehensible realist. QAQ, so annoying [#weeping] [Candid photo of Mu Gen’s sleeping face]


@Your_Uncle’s_Vest: Selling Olivia’s various life photos, who wants to buy it

@Eighth_Army_Official_Weibo: [#doge face] Selling Lt General Augustus’ work photos, who wants to buy them? Also, what the hell □□.”

@Lian_Liang: Am I the only one who cares about their companionship?

@Oli’s_Sticky_Wrapper_Fan: Right!! Hello, waste!! [#crying]

@Fantasy_Flight_Attendant: QAQ! Damn it, why did I wake him up today! I even saw his abdominal muscles!! I actually told him those words, it’s even repeating in my head awoooo [#crying]

@Lt_General_Olivia_PRPRPR_Association: Original PO!! This is Lord Olivia!!! Did you want a photo with an autograph!!! What companionship are you talking about!!! [#panic]

@Little_Meng_On_Vacation: Today I went to the beach and met a handsome guy QAQ~~ The person is handsome and gentle, even taking pictures for them, but unfortunately, the other party has a companion!!! He even helped his partner cover his eyes to block the sun, so spoiled~~ #Handsome guy ##Sweet pampering# [Candid Olivia][Photo taken with Olivia’s help][#kisses]


@Your_Uncle_Alpha: It’s time to get together again, and the original PO, you’re the ugly one! That’s my family’s, young, cub! [#angry][#angry]

@Great_Black_Nangma: You’re ugly! That’s my brother! [#angry][#angry]

@High_And_Mighty_Emperor: You’re ugly! The grandpa on the right, that’s not your great-granddaughter, it should be your grandson’s heir (?) from my fellow villager and your friend’s wife! [#pissed off]

@Popular_Mengmeng: You’re ugly! That’s my great-granddaughter! [#angry]

@The_Overtime_Dragon_On_The_Lawn: You’re ugly! That’s my wife’s student! [#angry]

@Sith_Hearbroken ^_^: You’re ugly! That’s the hope for the golden eyes of the Empire!! [#angry]

@Spring_Planting_Mugen_Grass: You’re ugly! That’s my daughter-in-law!! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ [#angry][#angry]

@Little_Meng_On_Vacation: Scared this baby to death QAQ. When I went to play with my dearest today, I saw a big sea monster, it’s so ugly and terrible wuwuwu, dearest~~~[Mu Gen prototype photo]


@Louis (real name authentication VIP14, this news comes from Imperial Capital – Ifadia): @Sithili



Nth floors~

There are other follow up reports from Anglerfish, which will continue tomorrow~


T/N: There are many more comments but it’s taking too long to translate this so I gave up. Go here to read it. It’s quite interesting though there are many references to the previous book.

TINA V8C261: A Lamp
TINA V8C263: Kantas Nest

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