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TINA V8C260: Chase
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“…a wave came and the young and handsome prince was rushed to the shore. The little mermaid who rescued him only gave him one last look before leaving.” Nowadays, there are lovers everywhere on this island, and most of them have found a suitable partner. Now, they’re starting one-on-one dating and communication.

Sitting on this remote beach and talking about literature are a pair of young literary and art school youths, one of which was telling the other about his newly bought fairy tale book.

“This is a book written by a gentleman named Andersen and it’s said to be a newly restored ancient book.”

The two youths leaned together and looked at the picture book, seeing the beautiful mermaid. The two couldn’t help but shift their eyes to the sea in front of them. At this time, it was showing the beautiful sight of the setting sun. The sea was calm and the waves calm, the clouds in the distance becoming a fiery red by the sunlight.

“It’d be great if I could see a mermaid like the one in this picture book…” Literary youth A sighed.

“Yup! But…most of the mermaids have fish heads, so it’s better not to see them.” Literary youth B followed up.

Thinking of the mermaids that the two had seen, the two youths banded together.

Just at this time——

“The waves are rising.” Seeing the big waves that suddenly rolled over in the distance, Literary youth A stood up. However, when he stood up, he suddenly saw something strange: “Hey…look, is that a person over there?”

His tone sounded a little horrified, so Literary youth B quickly stood up and looked at where he pointed. Literary youth B was also stunned: “It re-really is!”

It’s even a naked person.

The two looked at each other and then hurried over.

The human being washed by the waves was a male and when they saw his appearance, the two literary and artistic youths blushed at the same time:

Gods! This person is so good-looking!

This person is very tall, surpassing the average height of Imperial men. He had no big muscles but his muscle lines are extremely smooth as if every inch was meticulously crafted. Probably because of soaking in the water for a long time, his skin was terribly pale. However, with those exquisite facial features, he looked decadent and gorgeous, and against the sunset backdrop, this man looked terribly beautiful!

This scene was so weird that the two youths were stunned for a long time and couldn’t think of anything. A long time later, another big wave came and wet their clothes. Literary youth A woke up first:

“Let’s, let’s pull him up.” He proposed.

“Okay!” Literary youth B immediately bent down, preparing to move him.

But they were soon embarrassed: This person is so heavy that they can’t move him at all!

Although dinosaurs now occupy a large base of the Empire’s population, there are still quite a few who are not dinosaurs. These two literary and artistic youths happened to be members of those other races. Although they weren’t small, they weren’t that strong, so when they met this heavyweight mysterious man, the two were immediately dumbfounded.

Waves after waves came one after another, but these waves could no longer push the man but submerged him instead. Watching as the situation worsened, literary youth A suddenly made a discovery:

“Ah! Mermaid!” Although he read a lot, he didn’t have myopia, so literary youth A saw the emerald blue fishtail in the middle of the sea!

Following his guidance, literary youth B finally saw it. The two people thought of the picture book story they had just seen.

“Wow! The mermaid really saved a prince…wow!!! Is there really a mermaid?” The two people’s eyes widened at the same time and they held their breath, watching the tail getting closer and closer and then getting bigger and bigger.

Then bigger and bigger…

Gods! This tail is so big!

When the tail was about fifty meters away from them, they finally found something wrong: This tail…seems a bit too big.

No, not seem, it’s really…too big!

Finally, the tail stopped only ten meters away from them and when the tail fin was raised, it could almost cover all of them! And when the tail fin fell, the resulting waves pushed the beautiful man forward by one meter.

The two of them then dragged the heavy beautiful man, who they couldn’t pull up after a long time, but were pushed by a beat of the big tail. Just how much strength does it have?

And the mermaid with such a powerful tail…just how terrifying is its body!

The two literary youths froze, and then, under their horrified gaze, the owner of the beautiful and huge blue tail finally appeared.

Just now, only the tail appeared because it was facing away from the coast. It chose this position for the convenience of using the tail to make some waves, and after doing so for a long time, it’s ready to look back at the results of its labor so it turned slightly in the sea.

With gray-blue skin and huge fangs, a round and flat head, the terrifying sea monster that looked like it had been smashed by a hammer finally appeared in front of the two weak literary youths!

“Mom!!!!!!!” No longer caring about the mysterious beautiful man, the two youths screamed and ran away.

And not long after they left, quite a few real mermaids appeared. Dozens of mermaids with different tail colors jumped out of the sea with their upper bodies humans, but the lower parts a genuine fishtail. The mermaids roared angrily at the blue-gray sea monster. They slapped the water at the same time, trying to slap more water ashore to flush the unconscious man back, but faster than them was the big blue-gray monster. With the help of his fin-shaped upper limbs, he dexterously climbed ashore and by arching his big head, he easily kicked the beautiful but heavy man ashore.

“Xiu xiu~~~~” Facing his companions who could only jump around in the sea, he called out happily.

The two sides confronted each other for a while at the beach and finally, as the tide ebbed, the mermaids could only go to the bottom of the sea. One after another, beautiful fish tails disappeared from the sea and this scene could only be described as magnificent and dreamy.

It’s a pity that the only person who saw this scene was a little non-understanding monster.

After boldly walking a few laps on the coast, he seemed to feel that it’s still not safe so he started slapping the sand on the ground with his tail. After busying on the coast for a while, sand and aquatic plants are used to build a nest that looks fairly solid.

Half of the nest is under the sea while the other half is on the beach.

After making a nest, the little monster dragged the unconscious beautiful man on the beach part of the nest and then went into the sea part to sleep.

When Olivia woke up, all he saw was a big blue tail.

With the slight smell of the sea, this tail covered him like a quilt, but it’s not warm and also quite heavy.

Olivia lightly touched the blue tail and then looked around. Following this tail, he saw the sea from a fairly dry beach, and then at the end, he found the little blue-gray monster sleeping.

Mu Gen…

Olivia suddenly laughed.

Before he fell into a coma, his only concern was that he’d be separated from Mu Gen and that Mu Gen will choose another companion and abandon him, which is what Olivia was most worried about.

And now? Since Mu Gen is still here, it meant that he didn’t abandon him, but those companions who are more similar to him.

Sure enough, no matter what he becomes, Mu Gen still cared about him the most.

Thinking of this, Olivia’s heart suddenly felt a little sour and soft.

Then, he also became a prototype.

The “monster” in the nest immediately became two.

They’re about the same size, but one is black and the other gray-blue; one is on land and the other on water; their body structures aren’t similar at first glance, but if you distinguish them carefully, you’d feel they’re strange creatures of the same kind.

Very strange, but also very real.

The little gray-blue monster also woke up and saw the prototype Olivia. He was startled at first, but soon recognized who it was.

Just as Olivia thought he was “of the same kind” at first sight, he also had the same thoughts, so he happily called to Olivia.

It was a kind of “Xiu Xiu” roar erupting from the water, long and deep, sounding more like a sound wave.

The two little monsters then went to catch fish.

Catching fish in their prototypes underwater is obviously unfair for Olivia, so Mu Gen caught more fish, so they shared the fish that Mu Gen caught.

One ate on the shore, while the other was underwater.

They went to many places together and when they reached the deep sea where Olivia couldn’t move freely, he would ride on Mu Gen’s back and let Mu Gen carry him around.

Together, they would roll to their bellies and bask on the sea.

When Mu Gen finally became interested in the world on the coast, Olivia took him ashore.

When he first went ashore, Mu Gen’s appearance terrified everyone. Fortunately, Olivia on the side is also a prototype. Recognizing Olivia as a Kantas, it’s not that difficult to accept Mu Gen after that.


“A Kantas’ aesthetic is a bit weird.”——this weird rumor spread out.

 ̄▽ ̄

So for the following time, Olivia took Mu Gen to play everywhere.

In the prototype state, Olivia took Mu Gen to eat in all the restaurants they’d eaten before then re-played the projects they could play in their prototypes. Although he had to go underwater from time to time, Mu Gen still had a good time.

They even took a couple of photos in their prototype state~

With shaking hands, Olivia finally couldn’t help but post these photos on the family photo album, then turned off all communication equipment and concentrated on enjoying this trip with only the two of them.

With Olivia and Mu Gen using their prototypes, it unexpectedly drove a trend of using prototypes when traveling on this island~

More and more tourists began to appear on the beach in their prototype states and all the beautiful bikinis and shorts are no longer needed. They appeared freely on the beach in their most primitive and beautiful posture, enjoying the most primitive intimacy that only their ancestors have enjoyed.

There are more and more affectionate couples who didn’t care about anyone’s eyes and they boldly express their simple and direct love to each other.

The island became a veritable honeymoon island.

And the instigator who led this trend——Mu Gen, was still a little ignorant until one day, he was gently guided to the bottom of the sea by Olivia.

And under the deep sea, they practiced what other couples did.

In the deep sea where there was only a lantern lit by an angler, they were finally together.

The author has something to say:

I said that I will light a lamp this time——Angler fish brand!

No matter what the state, they will always be together

A cute little picture of Oli and Mu Gen + light bulb, by 吉祥, jíxiáng


T/N: Guys, it might be subtle, but they did the deed. Just imagine, a bird that can swim and a fish that can breathe ashore, did the deed in the deep sea with an angler fish as a light. You know, I really can’t imagine it. How can female Kantas just evolve from being a bird to a fish?

TINA V8C260: Chase
TINA V8C262: The Planet Called Earth

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