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TINA V8C262: The Planet Called Earth
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The next day, when the lovers were so sweet and acted like there’s nobody else present, a group of uninvited guests suddenly came.

For example, when a pair of little lovers were licking each other’s necks excitedly and were about to enter a world unsuitable for children, suddenly, one of the parties noticed a little cub next to the sand pile. A chicken was curiously looking at them at the moment.

“Ahhhh! Whose bear kid is this!” Accompanied by a scream, the sweet air between the lovers abruptly ended.

“Sorry, this is our cub.” Mr. Sith hurried over and when he picked up the little fat chick, he also especially encouraged the disturbed couple: “Young man, please continue and lay a lot of eggs, the Empire needs your strength!”

He left after speaking, completely unaware of what happened to the couple after he left.

“…forget where those mental cases came from, honey, shall we continue?” Although they’re interrupted, they can still make eggs~

Thinking so, he rubbed against his partner, attempting to return the atmosphere to before. Who knew that even after rubbing for a long time, his partner didn’t respond and when he looked at his partner’s eyes, he was dumbfounded!

His partner’s eyes are now firmly fixed on the man who just left with the pupils almost turning into red hearts!

“So handsome…like a model! Did he come here for a blind date too? He looks like my idol Lord Nashkiel!” As his partner sighed like this is a dream, the man suddenly had an “ominous premonition”.

“Hey…he already has cubs! It’s the one that peeked at us.” The man tried to interrupt his partner’s daydreaming. It’s a pity that his efforts were not worth mentioning in the eyes of his partner and was knocked away. His partner…no! He’s no longer his partner so he ran away.

The same scene happened in all the places where Mr. Sith passed. The lovers who had been emotionally sublimated a while ago changed hearts when they saw Sithili passing by. Due to the mass breakups, this was later officially named——

“Singles Day”.

Sithili Rho Nashkiel, you sinful man!

Countless lovers broke up because of him, and at this moment, the culprit responsible for all this——Mr. Sith, didn’t know. Thinking of everything he had just seen, he sighed inwardly: I still have the talent to be a matchmaker~ I’ve been in office for hundreds of years, surrounded by almost all single dogs (all close subordinates of Mr. Sith are from the State Council). Even if they weren’t single dogs, they’ll become single dogs (his guards) as long as they’re around him. On the contrary, as long as they left him, they’ll immediately become successful (Rothsay)! This is almost a curse in Sithili’s eyes!

Okay, Mr. Sith who’s amazing in political affairs is emotionally ignorant. With a group of cubs, the elderly group marched towards the sea while wearing colorful bikinis and shorts. According to Mr. Sith’s inference, Mu Gen and Olivia should be by the sea right now.

“…in ancient times, the male Kantas wanted to catch the female Kantas living in the sea, so they’d build a nest on the beach before the high tide and put a variety of deep seafood in it to lure the females. The nest is very delicate and once the female comes in, they can’t get out. In the end, they could only become a mermaid for an easier escape and at that moment, the male Kantas will also become humanoid.”

“There’s no helping it, at the same developmental age, the female Kantas is three times the size of the male, so they must become human to mate.”

Mr. Sith was probably too happy as he began to popularize the unknown knowledge about Kantas in great detail. Probably every Kantas has read related textbooks, but unfortunately, none of them have the opportunity to practice. After all, the female Kantas have long gone extinct!

“…it also can’t be said to be extinct, but more like they had become a completely different creature from the male Kantas. The mermaids you saw should be the offspring of female Kantas and they already had males of their own during the long evolutionary process…but it turns out they’re still there. Female Kantas hasn’t been found for many years but it’s also useless to find them since we can’t lay eggs with them now, not since long ago.”

Mr. Sith babbled to the people from Idoli Commercial Street and even the little fat chicks behind him. He’s not an old-fashioned parent, so it’s best if the cubs can fall in love early!

He didn’t notice that the dark screen of robot Alpha had completely changed from green to red.

A sign of danger——

Did the child from his family get kidnapped to do this kind of thing? Captured? Lured?

First Uncle is angry!

The most direct manifestation: Alpha immediately withdrew the family photo album administrator privileges previously given to Mr. Sith.

At the same time, they were standing on the beach closest to the deep sea where they saw a strange-looking “house”.

“It’s a Kantas nest!” Mr. Sith raised his voice excitedly! However, after carefully examining this “nest”, his expression suddenly became strange:

“This nest…why is the entrance into the sea?”

According to Mr. Sith, to capture the female Kantas, their nest should be cylindrical with a wide entrance facing the sea. There must be a certain distance from the sea and shouldn’t be submerged by the seawater as it becomes thinner and thinner as the length deepens, then finally sealed. A Kantas female has a huge body and fins so they’ll get stuck when they go in and can’t get out again.

At that point, the entrance must be above sea level to trap the female when the tide is low, but right now, the entrance is obviously under the sea. This way, once inside, Olivia can’t trap the female Kantas, right?

“This is bad! Mu Gen won’t run away to the sea and leave Olivia in the nest, right?” Feeling anxious, Mr. Sith hurried to the sea! But Uncle Alpha ran faster than him, worried that something might happen to Mu Gen, so they went to the sea at the fastest speed.

And so, there were only the neighbors from Idoli left on the coast. Everyone was like, I look at you, you look at me:

“This…is a family matter, right? Is it okay for us to watch?”

“Let’s go. The parents are gone and Alpha is obviously going to beat Oli. Oli’s too heavy so we have to pull him out if something happens.” In the end, Mrs. Bayati gave everyone a reason, so the group of elderly happily ran away with the young people~

 ̄▽ ̄

As the sun set, a group of people in colorful swimsuits ran around on the beach. That scene was very beautiful~

Uncle Alpha and Mr. Sith were the first ones to dive into the sea and swam across the entrance of the nest. When they saw Olivia’s round butt and two hind legs, they all got stuck.

There was only the Kantas Olivia in the nest and no female Kantas.

Upon seeing this scene, Alpha’s dark screen immediately turned orange and Mr. Sith is a little disappointed.

Following Olivia’s figure on the sandy beach, they saw the part with water. Up there is a dark roof but there’s a hole in the center of the roof, obviously for breathing convenience.

Mu Gen can breathe in the sea so this hole was naturally reserved for Olivia.

With his upper body above the water and his lower body below the water, Olivia snored, and there’s even a small rock beside him (this nest is built with rocks). The moment they saw him lying by the rocks, they also saw a lot of leftover fish bones beside him, two bananas, and even a large bread soaked in seawater.

Bait——the moment they saw these things, Mr. Sith and Robot Alpha had this idea in their minds.

It wasn’t Olivia capturing little Mu Gen, it’s little Mu Gen trapping Olivia. If so…everything in front of them can be explained…

Setting up a nest when the sea is low tide and putting delicious food in it, lure the males in, and the males will naturally be unable to get out when it’s high tide. To allow them to breathe freely, the females even gouged a hole on top of the nest~

Is the truth like this? 囧!!!

For a moment, Mr. Sith looked at Olivia with complicated eyes.

At this moment, in his eyes, Olivia is already a veritable real male Kantas born winner.

Under the historical background where their ancestors couldn’t get a female, the charm of this guy was so great that the female trapped him!

A winner! No need for more explanation!

Just when Mr. Sith reached such a conclusion in his mind, the most favorable proof of his speculation appeared:

Mu Gen is back.

Mu Gen, a little monster with a mouth full of fangs and his head looking like it’s been hit by a hammer several times, is back.

He even had fish in his mouth, looking like he had just come back from hunting.

Oh, God! Is this a female Kantas? Do the males prefer this appearance?

The moment they saw the little monster Mu Gen, almost everyone thought so, including Mr. Sith, Boss Tony, and Boss Canaan, who are also male Kantas.

It’s because of this appearance that they need to trap the male Kantas, right?

For a while, everyone looked at Olivia who was sleeping soundly with sympathy: Olivia was obviously overworked and he had a “devastated” look all over him.

Uncle Alpha obviously thought the same way as his dark screen suddenly turned into the most peaceful green. Moreover, he secretly restored the permission for the family photo album for Mr. Sith that he had just canceled.

The author has something to say:

Happy Singles Day~

Thanks for the picture of Dragon A


T/N: There’s a follow-up report on the comments on Weibo, but I’m not going to translate them for the time being since it’s too long.

I’ll translate it later….maybe?

TINA V8C262: The Planet Called Earth
TINA V8C264: Perfectly Legitimate

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  2. I’m so confused. At first I thought he transformed into a hammer head shark. Then they mentioned the mermaid form. So is he some huge shark that can then go to mermaid form and also go to humanoid form?? Or is he some shark-mermaid looking hybrid? Like arms and the upper torso of a human and a fish tail at the bottom, but a hammer head shark theme going on for his head? 🧐

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