TINA V8C264: Perfectly Legitimate

TINA V8C263: Kantas Nest
TINA V8C265: Uncle Alpha's New Ideals

The ugly monster Mu Gen also found the group of people in the nest.

Those ghastly eyes mainly aimed at the crowd.

“Don’t get close to him. It’s his first time transforming so he might not have human consciousness!” Just when the robots were about to approach, Mr. Sith stopped them and with his body language, he expressed “danger”.

“And because of the courtship period, any other creatures approaching will be judged as a signal to fight for a mate, so they’ll launch the strongest attack——” although he had never practiced it, Mr. Sith’s theoretical knowledge is obviously very rich.

However, he stopped Alpha but not Sigma. As soon as he saw Mu Gen, Sigma happily rushed over and the moment he was about to touch Mu Gen, the monster Mu Gen opened its mouth and at that moment, everyone saw the sticky mouth that couldn’t be covered by the sea!

This is bad…Mr. Sith’s mind went blank for a moment.

What happened next was completely predictable! Either Mu Gen bit Sigma or Sigma broke Mu Gen’s teeth. Either way, it’d be a family tragedy of the brothers assaulting each other.

Mr. Sith’s eyes widened when he saw Mu Gen open his mouth and then, stick his tongue out…

Uh? Tongue?

He saw Mu Gen stick out his tongue and lick Sigma.

(⊙o⊙) Ah!

Mu Gen’s tongue is very rough and any metal materials would have a layer of paint licked off! Fortunately, Sigma is made of good materials!

The huge Mu Gen then gently clamped Sigma’s head with his teeth (←Attention! This action is dangerous! Before becoming prototypes, Earthlings must remember not to imitate!) then put him in the pit next to Olivia.

Then, everyone noticed that there are several pits nearby with the depth varying in sizes but the layout was no different from the ones by Olivia’s stomach. It’s just relatively shallow so they didn’t notice at first.

After setting up Sigma, Mu Gen swam back with his tail wagging and then, Alpha, Beta, Eta, Pi, Epsilon, Robot Xiao A, and Stone were placed into the pit. He didn’t even forget Mengmeng.

Although the pits were roughly made, they’re almost the same size as each robot. For Mu Gen, who’s now very big, making these small pits was much harder than the big pits for Olivia.

After the robots were put in the pits, they discovered that this isn’t a cage, but the “home” in the heart of the little Mu Gen monster~

Because they’re family, Mu Gen dug a hole for every member of his family.

After setting up the family, little monster Mu Gen’s small eyes caught a glimpse of the remaining neighbors so after leaving two fishes from what he had just caught, all the others were pushed in front of everyone.

This…is this offering them dinner?

W-what a really a polite little monster!

The elderly of Idoli Commercial Street was confused but still ate the fragrant grilled fish.

While they were eating, Mu Gen was beside them gnawing on raw fish.

That’s right…nibbling on raw fish…

“Is this kid conscious?” Looking at the fish and then at the little Mu Gen monster with only his tail on the surface, Boss Tony looked confused.

If conscious…Mu Gen would rather eat raw fish than grilled fish, but if unconscious…he still knows to build a house for his family.

But…the house being built in the sea, is this fine?

“Sure enough, he still has no human consciousness. It’s just instinct.” Mrs. Bayati came to a conclusion, wiped her mouth, then reached out to Boss Tony: “One more piece of grilled fish, this kid caught really fine fishes.”

Well, whether it’s the human Mu Gen or the monster Mu Gen, for these old people who grew up watching him, both are the same.

This is true for these neighbors and even more so for Mu Gen’s robots.

Mu Gen, who had become a prototype, seemed to be more naive and now keen on playing a very scary game: Putting Epsilon in his belly~

With his big mouth, Epsilon would be gone in a biu, and when he opened his mouth and made a biu, Epsilon would be vomited out.

(⊙o⊙) Ah!

Boss Tony and the others would applaud and whenever this happens, the gray-blue monster would make a “xiu xiu” laugh.

Robot Alpha was also swallowed by Mu Gen once and when he came out again, his body was full of slime along with some shells and seaweeds. The originally clean robot looked like a mess but the green wavy lines on his screen represented that he’s extremely happy at this time.

Seeing Mr. Sith hesitating to speak, Robot Alpha actively explained: “When Mu Gen was young, we lived in a desolate place and there were no suitable items for human cubs to play with. At that time, Epsilon would put him in the storage compartment in his abdomen and let him play games.”

Love means putting you in the belly——the happy memories from long, long ago are deeply imprinted in Mu Gen’s memory. When he found that he had grown bigger, even when he lost his human consciousness, he still remembered his feelings at that time, so he gave back to the robot parents who raised him in his own way.

Although only a few words, Mr. Sith easily inferred the possible experience of the Mu Gen family from it.

A group of ignorant military robots and an ignorant child.

They just grew up together.

“Not bad.” His mouth opened and close but Mr. Sith only said these words.

Alpha nodded reservedly.

Then he started painting waterproof paint with the other robots.

“You are…” Mr. Sith asked, noting the paint’s waterproof rating, and suddenly had an incredible thought: “Are you going to live in the sea with Mu Gen?”

The robots all nodded.

At this time, Mr. Sith felt really emotional.

He’d seen some people pet a child, but he’d never seen someone spoil a child so much! When their child live on land, they lived on land, and now that the child became a deep-sea creature, they actually planned to move to the sea?

“There’s a place where we can live and we don’t need to breathe. We just need to adjust some parts and just in case, paint again with the highest level of waterproof paint.” Alpha explained.

“…thanks to you being robots, ah.” Faced with such a robot, Mr. Sith could only feel so emotional.

Alpha paused and didn’t immediately respond to Mr. Sith.

When? Just when did it start?

He once really hated the term “robot”.

In the eyes of human beings, they’re obviously just machines, so why bother adding the word “person” just because of their appearance? (TN: For context, robots in Chinese are a combination of the words machine + person.)

They obviously didn’t have rights like other human beings.

So when did it start…when did he no longer reject the term “robot”?

After living with Mu Gen, right?

They’re organisms living in this world in the form of machines. During their days of living with Mu Gen, little by little, their concept gradually changed.

It’s only now that Alpha suddenly discovered that he can exist in this world as a robot, which is really great.

So, Robot Alpha nodded: “Yes, fortunately, we are robots.”

Because he’s a robot, he could accompany Mu Gen to any place so it’s great.

After cleaning up the trash on the beach and watching the neighbors go to the hotel, Alpha and the other robots returned “home” with Mu Gen.

So when Olivia finally got enough sleep and woke up, all he saw were the robots “sleeping” in the small holes next to him.


He was stunned for a moment and then quickly became guilty. Just when he didn’t know how to face Uncle Alpha, Alpha suddenly turned on.

“Are you hungry? There’s fish here so eat.” From the “storage room” next to him, he took out a fish much larger than him and handed it to Olivia.

Biting the big fish in one bite, Olivia floated to the surface and started eating. While eating, Alpha quietly watched beside him and it wasn’t until the whole fish was eaten that Alpha suddenly spoke.

“Before I came here, I misunderstood that you and Mr. Sith teamed up to deceive us, getting Mu Gen to this place in an attempt to ——beep—— him, so I’m a little angry.” Due to Imperial legal restrictions, robots are not allowed to speak any uncivilized language, so the word got censored but Olivia understood the meaning!

Olivia felt the scales on his back stand up! This is bad——Uncle Alpha was really sharp and found his careful thoughts all at once!!!!!

Bad——This isn’t something that can be solved by a spanking——

His tail began to swing uncontrollably.

Strangely enough, he’s obviously very skilled since he was young, even becoming a Lt. General that holds a lot of power but Olivia is still afraid of Alpha.

Mysterious authority——from Robot Alpha.

Olivia didn’t say a word and carefully pecked the fish bones on the ground, trying to delay time.

“…but after coming here, I think I misunderstood.” Just when Olivia didn’t know what to do, Alpha continued: “It’s not you but Mu Gen. Mu Gen forced you to do things you don’t want to do.”

Hearing these words, the fish bones in Olivia’s mouth suddenly fell out. With big eyes like yellow light bulbs, Olivia looked amazed.

The next words were simply a turning point! Before Olivia found an explanation, Uncle Alpha had already concluded the matter and found a solution.

“…since his current state is not suitable for communication, when he wakes up, I’ll hold him accountable for what he’s done.”

(⊙o⊙) Ah?

This…no need to be spanked?

“Accountable”? Could it be…did his dream come true?

Robot Alpha caught the fish bones that fell out of Olivia’s mouth and threw them into the recyclable garbage disposal before touching Olivia’s tail.

“It’s getting late and you’re tired so let’s go back and sleep.” Saying so, he turned and walked towards the sea.

“Roar~~~~” Olivia hurriedly followed up.

As they walked farther and farther in the sea, their silhouettes gradually submerged.

This scene looks like…

Like suicide!!!

“Ah! I saw two people commit suicide by throwing themselves into the sea on the coast ahead!” Tourists not far away who were watching the sunset with binoculars suddenly yelled.

Under his mobilization, the police on the island all acted so in the middle of the night, all young and old who were sleeping or shut down on the seabed were taken out.

The author has something to say:

Photo of the little monster Mu Gen, uploaded by 余萝酱, YuLuoJiang.

Regarding this photo, Oli said: There are no ugly girlfriends, only boyfriends who can’t take pictures! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

The author feels very complicated: Aima! If this is put on a blind date website, this, this is a scam!

Puppet here said: Aiya…the head is so small??!! It’s taken by a beauty camera!!

Innocent Duoduo ~\(≧▽≦)/~: This photoshop technique is worthy of Mu Gen’s signature steam bun advertisements.

The victim, who was deaf in his left ear, made an angry comment: The feeling of being deceived by the wrong version, bad review (*`Ω?*)v, refund!!!——A married netizen.

Finally, here’s a professional comment by the beauty camera expert: No need for frontal photos so the teeth and pits can’t be seen when looking down from the sky…




It might be confusing but think of the nest as something underwater. It’s still near the beach, but on a level where Oli’s head, as a Kantas, can reach the surface to breathe. Mu Gen made pits beside Oli’s pit to put the robots in. That meant the robots are fully submerged while Oli only has his head visible. Sorry if it’s confusing.

TINA V8C263: Kantas Nest
TINA V8C265: Uncle Alpha's New Ideals

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