TINA V8C265: Uncle Alpha’s New Ideals

TINA V8C264: Perfectly Legitimate
TINA V8C266: Discovery On The Seabed

After this rescue activity, the little monster Mu Gen’s submarine farmhouse was exposed. When the police strictly abided by the local environment protection law, the illegal building was ordered to be demolished within the time limit.

Mu Gen:· ———– ·、、、

Looking at the black bean-like eyes of the little monster, Olivia couldn’t bear it.

It’s time to show the charm of his power!

With a soft cough, Olivia stood up and said, “Hello, police officers, I’m Olivia Augustus, the Commander of the Imperial Eighth Army. This is my electronic business card.”

He first stated his identity then smiled at the lead police officer: “This house is…a very memorable house. Can you give me some face and save it? Of course, we could pay extra as the cost of purchasing the land.”

Looking at the young Olivia (who is still wearing shorts), the police officer suspiciously accepted the electronic business card and scanned it to his portable brain. The system immediately displayed Olivia’s personal data containing information about him being a Lt. General of the Empire and the middle-aged policeman immediately froze in awe.

“Sir Augustus, thank you for your contribution to the Empire!” He very solemnly paid a military salute to Olivia and just when Olivia thought there’s a way to do things, he saw the other party shake his head.

“However, I cannot agree to your request.”

“Ah?” Olivia was stunned.

“Not just you, even if it’s Marshal Rothsay or Lord Nashkiel who made this request at this moment, I couldn’t agree to it.” The police officer sternly said.

“…” Olivia was completely dumbfounded.

“He’s right, even I can’t buy the land here.” Patting Olivia on the shoulder and seeing him not refuse it, Mr. Sith naturally held his shoulders.

He’s dressed very casually today, which is completely different from the image he used to appear in public, but if you look carefully, it’s not difficult to find his identity. Not to mention that he just said something to prove it.

“Oh, God! It’s really Lord Nashkiel!” Olivia is a popular idol among the youths of the Empire but among the middle-aged and elderly people, Mr. Sith is still more attractive.

The island police immediately rushed up to surround Mr. Sith and asked for an autograph!

Mr. Sith has a very good attitude and signed them one by one according to their requirements, even shaking hands with them. After the island police left contentedly, he met Olivia’s golden eyes again.

“This planet is called Honeymoon Island and is the private property of the Emperor. No one has the right to buy the Emperor’s private property.” Word by word, he explained the reason.

“Ha?” Olivia frowned.

“This is one of the origins of Kantas. A long, long time ago, this is a land of ice and snow, and groups of Kantas lived here. They once hunted and multiplied here. They then became more and more powerful, so they left this place and entered the Great Universe era.

But even if everyone lived far away, Kantas in their courtship period would still come here to find their own companions at a fixed period every year. When the planet became the Emperor’s private property, almost all the Emperors of the past chose this place as the place to spend their honeymoon with their Empress, so it got the title of Honeymoon Island.

Later, the number of Kantas became less and less, that by the time it reached His Majesty Louis, and because His Majesty was unmarried all his life, to not waste resources, he half opened the island. He’d open it once a year for outstanding young people of the Empire to have blind dates. Only young people who met all the regulations and have the best genes are allowed to enter and the one you attended this time is this year’s blind date.”

Mr. Sith spoke slowly. Thinking of something, he suddenly smiled: “By the way, Rothsay met his partner here. At that time…En~ A very interesting thing happened.”

Mr. Sith smiled. He’s smiling so happily that Olivia’s face darkened.

“Rothsay also likes this place very much but he also can’t buy the land and houses here. Olivia, if you want to keep Mu Gen’s house, you know, right? There’s only one way.” He said as his gleaming eyes aimed at Olivia.

“Become the Emperor——this is the only way.”

The golden eyes paused for a moment on Mr. Sith’s face then Olivia quickly turned his attention to Uncle Alpha beside him.

In the end, First Uncle came out to get the matter done.

Using the brain to analyze all relevant legal provisions of the Empire, he was surprised to find a loophole. The local civil servants felt something was wrong but couldn’t tell him. In the end, Robot Alpha was able to lease the land within the time limit. Although not very long, little monster Mu Gen’s house was finally saved.

“You…this is a loophole in the law…” With his mouth open, Mr. Sith looked at the robot in front of him dumbfoundedly.

“Because the existing provisions have loopholes.” Alpha’s voice was mechanically cold as always.

“…thank you for your contribution to the improvement of the Imperial law.” Unable to argue, Mr. Sith had to say dully.

“You’re welcome.” Robot Alpha bowed his head.

As a result, Mr. Sith became speechless.

He decided to go back and notify the Legal Department to hold a meeting and re-examine the currently enacted laws of the Empire. He thought that after hundreds of years of revision, the laws of the Empire have been perfected, but unexpectedly, a loophole was discovered by a robot today, even in front of him, the former Minister of Legal Affairs ← 150 years ago, he had this position.

“Haha! Uncle Alpha usually likes to read books on law and housekeeping! To this end, I also bought a new hard disk to store this information so the information in the brain of the Legal Department is not as comprehensive as First Uncle!” Rarely seeing Mr. Sith this deflated, Olivia smiled unkindly.

Due to their lack of common sense, Robot Alpha immediately began to supplement his “common sense” after entering human society. The most correct common sense in his mind was naturally the national law approved by the highest management structure of mankind. Facts have proved that he’s correct. This “hobby” has helped Mu Gen a lot. Alpha always knew which departments do what kind of things and also knew what kind of government subsidies can be received once meeting the conditions. Strictly abiding by the various laws and regulations, Alpha is simply an excellent representative of good citizens of the Empire!

Incidentally, since the Empire has entered a high civilization society, Uncle Alpha has now begun to study the legislative provisions of the other civilizations! The reason why Mu Gen so easily dealt with other civilizations has something to do with Uncle Alpha’s little hobby.

Mr. Sith looked at Robot Alpha with a complicated expression, then softly said after a while: “Are you…interested in working for the Imperial Legal Department?”

This isn’t a whim. At this moment, Sithili truly felt that such an excellent robot should have the right to work in higher departments.

After asking this, he held his breath and waited for Alpha’s answer.

Once Alpha agrees, there’s no doubt that this will be a great change in the Empire’s government administration system!

“Not interested.” Not letting him wait long, Robot Alpha rejected him mercilessly.

“Ah? The salary is high! Welfare is also very good…” Mr. Sith was stunned.

“First of all, the concept of welfare can’t be reflected in robots. Robots also don’t have the concept of aging so does that mean we have to work for a lifetime? Regarding retirement, do I still have to pay pensions to state agencies until I retire?”

Alpha asked a few questions methodically and then his dark screen flashed a blue light on Mr. Sith’s face: “Take Mr. Stih as an example. He started working at the age of 35 and up to now, your working life has exceeded the average lifespan of the Empire and you’ve paid your pension for hundreds of years, but so far, you haven’t received a cent from it. A race with a long life expectancy means longer working hours, and many years until you can receive a pension, isn’t this unfair?”

It seems…really unfair → Mr. Sith opened his mouth. Living to this age, for the first time, he felt that he was being exploited!

“Also, let me take Boss Tony and the others as an example. They also started working at around 35 years old, but Boss Tony and the others retired after 100 years of working for the country and began receiving pensions from the day they retired, and so far, they’ve received a total of…” Alpha’s screen turned to Boss Tony.

“200 years!” Boss Tony immediately raised his hand to answer this question.

“174 years.” Boss Canaan lightly said.

“300 years.” Granny Maria energetically said~

...no need to say more, it’s really unfair! Mr. Sith closed his mouth.

“…to sum it up, the benefits you just mentioned are very good but in fact, it’s not beneficial for me,” Alpha concluded.

A yellow light flashed on his screen and he said afterward: “Secondly, you just said the salary is very high…but in fact, it’s not true.”

囧←Mr. Sith, who had always been elegant, became completely inelegant, so he lowered his head and thought for a while. When he raised his head again, he cautiously asked Alpha: “Is selling buns…so profitable?”

Robot Alpha nodded is head reservedly.

“In the future, I plan to sell buns to Dekola.” Dekola, known as the higher civilization closest to Level 8, is a country of dwarves and especially rich.

Alpha is a robot with ambition.

Faced with this declaration, Mr. Sith knew that he couldn’t shake him.

After the problem of illegal construction was solved (temporarily), the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street were happily playing again. As the oldest guests ever received on this island, they refused the entertainment equipment for the elderly urgently transferred to the island. Without giving them any face, they rather mingled with the young people happily.

Glancing at the prototype Olivia and Mu Gen swimming in the sea, then at the elderly waiting to use the entertainment equipment, and finally at the little chicks running all over the beach, Mr. Sith sat on the beach with a smile.

After working for so long, in fact, he hadn’t been on vacation for a long time, has he?

Since the parents are quite occupied, Olivia and Mu Gen are still very free most of the time. After reporting to their parents, they can move around freely but the little monster Mu Gen was so popular that not only Sigma but also the group of little fat chicks likes to pester him.

With no other way, Olivia came up with a way that’s also not a way: He pulled Mu Gen and ran into the deep sea.

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TINA V8C264: Perfectly Legitimate
TINA V8C266: Discovery On The Seabed

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