TINA V8C268: The Owner of the Other House is a Local Tyrant

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The two of them wandered around Meng Jiuzhao’s home for a while and it was obvious that this was a bachelor’s home. However, the living room has a large dining table and a lot of chairs, these little details reflect that the owner is probably very popular.

Apart from that, they have no other gains. This is an ordinary residence, nothing more.

Until they swam out of Meng’s house and came to the house next door.

Though the outside is exactly the same, the two are dumbfounded as soon as they opened the door and entered: Scarlet thick fur carpet, stepping on it was the same as sinking into aquatic plants (← because they’re in the water right now); the decorations are classical with the main color of the wall dark red and all the lines golden. Olivia couldn’t help but touch it then confirmed this is currently the extremely expensive cobalt gold due to its scarcity. When confirming it, he accidentally noticed the painting hanging on the wall…

“Isn’t this <<A Tree That Wants to Bloom>> by Master Kermoni?!!!” Although unable to speak, Olivia used punctuation to show how excited he is at this moment!

After carefully studying the painting for a long time, Olivia turned a happy face:

“It’s real!”

“Oli! Wait——don’t just pick the paintings hanged by others!” Feeling angry and funny, he caught Olivia who was about to take the painting and the two continued to look around the house.

After looking at it, the two found that all the furnishings here had great background! Almost all of them are antiques and masterpieces that have been missing for a long time, each of which is invaluable!

“You can buy a high-level agricultural star if you sell the furnishings in this room.” Having settled down, Olivia said very positively.

Mu Gen nodded repeatedly, his artistic appreciation ability was much worse than Olivia’s, and he’d only realize many things after listening to Olivia’s introduction. He knew that Olivia loved art appreciation since they were children so Mu Gen didn’t doubt Olivia’s professional vision in this regard!

“Damn! This vase is at least 1500 years old and the patterns on it are covered by seaweed.” Distressedly picking up a vase from the table, Olivia grabbed the clothes on the chair and wiped the vase. When the vase was wiped clean and all the dirt was stuck on the clothes, he threw away the dirty clothes and carefully put the vase back in its place.

Under the care of the robot parents, the two hadn’t worn any brand-name clothes since childhood so they didn’t know much about clothing brands and had no idea how valuable the clothes he had just thrown away.

The dirty clothes that Olivia used as a rag to wipe a vase and thrown away is a jacket hand-sewn by Master Jack, the most famous clothes designer hundreds of years ago.

In terms of preciousness, just a single sleeve of this coat can buy five vases that Olivia just treated carefully.

 ̄▽ ̄

The most valuable thing in this house is actually not the antiques and artworks in the eyes of Olivia and Mu Gen but the carpet under their feet, the tablecloth that covered the table, the clothes thrown in the room by the owner…

Olivia is still at the stage of trying to save money to buy antiques and art to improve his taste, while the owner of this room has reached the point where he used priceless antiques and artworks as daily consumables while enjoying all the luxuries in the world.

He’s really rich, no need for more explanation.

But even though they didn’t recognize half the goods, Olivia still determined that the owner was a local tyrant from the things he could appraise.

“The person who lived here must be the number one tyrant in the empire.” He vowed and gave an example: “I’ve been to the tycoon Sumei’s house and even Sumei’s house is not this luxurious! See, Mr. Sith is also very rich, but he doesn’t have so many precious paintings~”

After talking about many other people’s homes, Olivia suddenly thought of himself and carefully glanced at Mu Gen: “I have already raised my salary this year so I can probably raise it again next year. In the future, I’ll be better than this person…uh, richer than Marshal Rothsay! At that time, we will hang famous paintings on the walls of our house.” Paintings hanging at home is one of the dreams of this commoner man who came out of the countryside when he became an adult~

He originally wanted to say that he would be richer than the owner of this room in the future but he knew that wasn’t realistic and wanted to take Mr. Sith as an example, but even that’s still difficult when he thought about it. In the end, Olivia used Marshal Rothsay as his target.

“Uh…famous paintings…why not forget it? When Oli raises his salary next year, I should also raise my salary. Let’s renovate the wallpaper at home and the beds together, alright?” The forever realist Mu Gen suggested.

“…okay.” The famous painting was instantly changed to wallpaper, so Olivia felt unhappy but soon found a new goal: “I want to choose the pattern on the wallpaper.”

“Sure.” Mu Gen smiled.

“I will definitely choose a very artistic one.” Olivia was happy again.

“Hehe, if it’s too artistic…I won’t pay for it~” Mu Gen tapped him slightly.

“Don’t worry, I know when to hold back!” Olivia bowed lightly and discussed with Mu Gen: “Since the wallpaper is going to be changed, shall we also change the carpet? I think this is also good. Although it now looks like aquatic plants, stepping on it on land must feel like stepping on clouds. There are so many cubs in the house and there might be cubs in the future, so our floor…should be soft enough, right?”

Mu Gen’s face flushed again.

But the two of them began to discuss the carpet replacement.

The appearance of this house was exactly the same as the one next door, but the layout inside was completely different.

The living room is not that big and the dining table could only cater for two people. There are only two chairs and even the gorgeous tableware has only two sets.

“This local tyrant must have no friends.” Olivia spat out.

Without answering him, Mu Gen pushed open the door of the next room and when he saw the scene inside, he was stunned: This is obviously a studio. Although the decoration is completely unified with the other rooms, there are no famous paintings on the walls here as all of them are architectural photos! Those photos are very familiar and exactly the same as the ancient Earth buildings they have just visited!

There are many architectural models scattered on the floor and desk of this room. It could be seen that it’s made according to the photos and each photo has more than one model. From rough to exquisite, it could be seen that the craftsmanship of the maker is constantly improving.

A thought suddenly appeared in Mu Gen’s mind:

“The buildings outside…should be built by the owner of this house, right?”

“All the buildings here, including these two houses, are made by the owner of this house, right?”

Mu Gen hit on the truth.

The author has something to say:

Today is a little bit short. I’m going on a business trip tomorrow and it took a lot of time to prepare the luggage and some procedures today.

Also, before leaving, I urged my brother to help me get the cover of the new book out.

There are two new story ideas, a story about cultivating immortals and a story about modern cities.

The difference is a bit big but once determined, we will travel to that world for some time in the future.

Any suggestions?

When I look back, just vote on Weibo and I’ll refer to your opinions. However, the final result is probably according to the author’s mood at the time.

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PPS: The birthmark on the butt is invisible when he has fur!

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Okay, go to bed, and catch the plane tomorrow morning.

TINA V8C267: Ancient Earth Buildings
TINA V8C269: Identity

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